Download DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13 for HTC HD2

Yeah… Another version of DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader was released by Cotulla. And this brings it up to version 1.13 now. It is like a Chinese New Year Gift to me. Thanks Cotulla.

What’s New in MAGLDR v1.13?

  • Added support for Android Recovery (AD Recovery)
  • Added support for raw boot partition format (like in native android devices)
  • Fixed USBMassStorage data lost on big transfers
  • Fixed Power-Off-Cable-Plug-Stop. Phone now detects this situation and reboots. Battery controller inside LEO needs runtime control during charge, it implemented in OS.
  • v1.13 still compatible with 1.10 1.11 1.12. Future version maybe not compatible with previous, be warned.
  • Added option “ClearSD MBR”. which erase MBR, so card can be formatted via any program after WP7 boot (“200 Mb problem”).

Future Development Plans

  • Add Haret’s startup.txt support for Android SD
  • Fast boot support
  • Support of fixed partitions layout with ability to reflash any partition
  • WM65 NAND boot with any rom
  • WM65 NAND boot with special designed roms for MAGLDR boot.

MAGLDR v1.13 is not a must upgrade for existing users. But it does bring some new features and fixes certain bugs. No harm to try it anyway. And looking forward for future features.

Download DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13 here.

  • sadif

    how can i update from v111? im using nand android and cannot sync with my pc

    • Just install it like you did with v1.11.

      • Duane

        I want to upgrade to v1.13 as well but cannot install it like I did before because it will not sync with my computer while v 1.11 is on the phone…do I have to revert all the way by to the windows mobile software and start over???? just to upgrade to v1.13…
        fairly new at this so any help would be great.

        • No need to revert back to WinMo. Just load into ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ bootloader. Connect USB cable. Then install from there…

  • Bank

    I tried to run the DAF but it said
    “Readme.txt for this release is missing”
    “An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: Config load failed.
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (725)

    Error Description: CONFIG: can’t open config file
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (304)”

    What should I do about this?
    Thank in advance.

    • What had you done until you got this errors?

      • Bank

        Hi, jayce
        Thanks for your quick reply. 🙂 I did these following steps:

        1. Using HSPL4 to install SPL 2.08.HSPL
        2. Using MAGLDR 1.13 – Rom Update utility to flash my phone.
        3. Trying to use the DAF application then the error occur.

          • Ling

            whenever i click the “here” in Download DFT LEO MAGLDR Bootloader v1.13 here, it asks me to find the file…ir’s ini .rar. can you post it so i can just click to DL?

            • Which browser are you using?

              • Ling

                i got it to work, thanks!!

                • Haseeb

                  How did you get it to work Ling? I’m facing the same issue

                  • ling

                    It’s been a while, but I think what i did was I saved it to my computer first. And then openedIt from there.

  • Bank

    I exactly followed the video.
    The problem is after I Run the ROM Update Utility.
    With the DAF

    • I have no idea then as you can see no issue in the video. Try to run on other PC see.

  • Bank

    Dear Jayce
    I have no issue with installing MAGLDR 1.13, I managed to get the same Magldr menu as well-described in the VDO.

    The next step, I have to use the DFT android to flash my HD2.
    So, I need to run DAF.ext in the MAGLDR 1.13 package.
    The “Android Flasher for HTC Leo” is not working properly…..
    After I click next on the software, the next screen show Readme.txt for this release is missing.
    So, I cannot go on….

    By the way, I tested with another computer, but both of them are Windows7, maybe I should try Windows XP.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Which Android ROM are you trying to install?

  • Jamar

    Im having the same problem as that Bank person . Im pretty sure im instaooing the 2.1 build for my hd2 .

    • Hi Jamar, which Android ROM are you trying to install?

  • nitin

    my HD2 is almost dead. It was dual boot windows and gingerbread 2.3.7 on SD card. Android was running fine !

    I am not able to load bootloader tricolor screen(vol down + end key), nor soft/hard reset it (vol up + vol down + end key), charging led is not glowing (but it is charging as it heats up at the back when plugged in).

    this condition came all of sudden when I was trying to make a call using touch (not key), it got hanged and then I remove the battery to restart it. but it became unresponsive !!

    please guide what can be done to get it working, atleast reply please.

    • Sorry nitin, I have no idea what else you can do since tri-colour bootloader can’t be loaded. And can’t hard reset it too.

      • nitin

        Hi Jayce,
        Firstly thanks for the reply.

        But I was expecting a 100% positive answer from you atleast !! I believed in your huge experience in PDAs. I think my luck is not working in the right direcion !

        once again thanks, please write if you see any light in the matter.

        • nitin

          Also please tell me if you know where I can get help or any person who can do so, if you don’t mind.

  • afroarg

    hi i have this problem: htc leo had wm 6.5 i follow the guide ( installed hpsl4, custom radio v2.15 rom, magldr v1.13 but when i tried to install cwm recovery v1.3 the problem begin first i have error (initrd.gz is missing, zimage is missing) so i copy those files into the sd root i´m using and that fixed that error when i press power button message booting android from sd, android load at 118000000, load zImage, load initrd.gz, load done, 123456 go go go, and green htc logo but if hold red key while starting it boot into magldr then i select usb flasher, message usb wait…usb wait i try to run daf.exe but another error comes init usb and bootloader.exe missing please help i have 2 looking for answer. as you can see i´m not an expert. thanks

    • Hi afroarg, this guide is not for SD build Android.

  • Daniel

    hi does anyone knows how to fix –suspend–

  • Ahmad2

    An error has occurred
    Read below for more information

    Error Description: Config load failed.
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (725)

    Error Description: CONFIG: can’t open config file
    Info: .\RSPL\RSPL.cpp (304)
    help please!

    • Hi Ahmad2, what did you do until face this issue?

  • Tiesiog Meda

    i install it – good. but there isn’t music and apps can’t will be downloaded to SD card, why? please, help

  • Tiesiog Meda

    i install it – good. but there isn’t music and apps can’t will be downloaded to SD card, why? please, help