Download Facebook Instant Messenger for Windows Mobile Phone

Download Facebook Instant Messenger for Windows Mobile Phone


Can you chat with your friends on Microsoft Facebook mobile client? Yes or no? If you can’t, here is a Windows Mobile application called fim that will solve your problem. fim is a Facebook Instant Messenger For Windows Mobile Phone.

fim Features

  • Facebook Chat, Status Feed, Notifications & Inbox Indicators
  • Picture & Video Uploads Directly From Your Phone, Integrated Browser
  • Lightweight, Touch Friendly, All Display Resolutions
  • Support All WinMo PocketPC Platforms (WM6.5, WM6.1, WM6, WM5, 2003SE)
  • No 3rd Party Registration, Free Full Version, AppToDate Support

Download Facebook Instant Messenger for Windows Mobile Phone v2.3.5.7 here.

  • ohmywtf

    can use for BB?

    • Jayce

      I don’t think so.

  • Calvyn

    my facebook photo appear to be there :D

    • Jayce

      Yeah… Hope you don’t mind that I uploaded your handsome face. :)

  • tang

    ok thank you

  • onto…

    Pls help me…i cant cconnect facebook cchat ..i have samsung ooaniaa lite b7300

    • MeHDi

      Hi Onto. Whats Ur Problem Exactly?

  • onto…

    I have windows phone (samsungg omania lite
    b7300)i use (fim)software for facebook..its
    working good…just i have to problem…i cant
    connnect chat..when i login thats tym this messege
    coming(failed conect chat)

  • Amit Kumar

    dear sir,
    i am using htc hd2 windows 6.5 mobile mobile facebook messanger online chaia please reply me

    • Jayce

      What do you want?

  • Ajali Festus

    I NEED FACEBOOK MESSAGER TO enable me chat fast

    • Jayce

      Download it then.

  • Ajali Festus

    Dear Sir,
    I’ve been unable to download facebook messager for
    instant chart online, I’m using htc CEDA100 windows 6.0
    mobile. so what do i do? reply please.

    • Jayce

      Use to PC browser to download.

  • Bernard Acquaaah

    I have HTC radar4G (windows7.5).I have tried several times to download Facebook messenger but was unable. May I have some guidelines pls.

    • Jayce Ooi

      Try to download with PC see.

  • Ynah Juan

    it does not work. it says log in to but already log in