Download free games for Samsung Galaxy S3 ~ Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Yes, Samsung has another free Android game for all Samsung Galaxy S III owners. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is the star today. Any new feature added to Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for Samsung Galaxy S3? Well, you can enjoy the game as dual screen mode via All Share Cast. Too bad that I don’t have All Share Cast to test. It should be fun to play this first person shooter (FPS) game on big TV…

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Modern Combat 3 full version free at Samsung Apps

So what are you waiting for? Head to Samsung Apps and download Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation full version for free now.

  • Martensen

    Thanks for the info Jay downloading now :).

    • Dezert Eagle

      but where is the download link please?

  • I have downloaded the program twice, bur for whatever reason, it will not start, – I just get Gameloft and then a circle that turns, and then the phone goes out to the start screen? Any Ideas

    • Hi Erik, please consult Samsung Support in this case.

  • Martensen

    Do you have your wifi on whhen u start the game Erik? When I was trying to run it first time I had a feeling it needed the internet connection.

  • Melvin

    Hi Jayce,

    Maybe this offer is based on region? I registered mine in US and I can’t find this game. I saw Real racing 2 and it’s free but I’m unable to download the game. Too bad… =P

    • Yes, Samsung Apps is region based.

      • Melvin


        As you said: “Well, you can enjoy the game as dual screen mode via All Share Cast”
        How do you do this? I tried AllShare for playing music, videos and image by selecting the icon usually in the upper left screen of S3 which shows my samsung tv. I can also open the allshare app and do the same by how to do this in gaming? Are there any specific games that can do dual screen mode coz I want to try it in Asphalt 7 or Dead Trigger.

        Thanks Jayce!

        • All Share Cast is a device. Not an application.

  • Melvin

    Another thing, I want to purchase PS3 controller via Amazon but I saw a lot of fake items, do you have any idea if it still works in S3? Or only original controller work?

    Thanks again.

    • I don’t have fake PS3 controller. No idea…

      • Melvin

        Hi Jayce,

        Any recommended profile? I tried stfudude profile in this link but the problem is that analog 2 is not working. I already try to modify option to match control setup but still encounter this problem.


        • Are you using original or fake PS3 controller?

          • Melvin

            I’m using the original controller. I make sure to have the orig one in Amazon since most of them are fake. Do I need to adjust some sensitivity in sixaxis?


            • Melvin

              Do mind sharing your profile? I tried this using ShadowGun and Dead Trigger and it was flawless! Also tried using the same link above for Asphalt7 and CS portable and it’s working fine. I’m loving my S3 because of this, I already ordered GameKlip and MHL. S3 is the best!

              Thanks for sharing awesome tips.

              • I don’t have time to play Modern Combat 3. No personal profile…

            • Please consult Sixaxis Controller developer then. Should not need to adjust sensitivity.

  • azrul

    I already install in my s3 but cannot open…why??modern combat

    • Hi azrul, please consult game support in this case.