Download HTC Desire HD ROM for Android HTC HD2

HTC Desire HD is not here yet. But its ROM is here. You can download HTC Desire HD ROM for HTC HD2 now. It is using Darkstone Kernel and in beta 2 stage. Some of the things like camera, Ebook reader, ringtones, video playback and LED notifications are not working. But you can try out the latest and coolest HTC Sense. Check out below video ~ HTC Desire HD Demo on HTC HD2.

Installation guide ~ How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2?

Download HTC Desire HD ROM here (beta 2)

  • drjazz

    Hi Jayce,
    great that u got this working on ur HD2 ! Congrats
    Wondering what’s your ROM: ? and Radio: ? to make it work ?

    Did you have to re-format your Storage Card to make this work ?

    Thanks Loads !
    Congrats !

    • 2.12 radio, Energy custom ROM. SD card was formatted as FAT32…

      • Joe


        Wonder if I can try out the Desire HD ROM on just SD card, without flashing the new 2.12 radio ROM, and Energy Custom ROM?


        • Joe


          It seems like I have to always do the pre-requisites — flash the new radio ROM first.

          Is the Energy custom ROM a must? This replaces the original WinMo ROM, right?


          • Yes. Install Energy custom ROM will replace the stock WinMo ROM.

  • Kalimuthu

    I’m tried to install froyo android2.2 in my HP,but couldn’t. I’d download the zip file & follow your instructions all,But couldn’t. I need your kind help to send me the detail process by Process.

  • David

    Hi Jayce:
    last week I installed the rom, it worked well but yesterday I turned off my phone, after turning it on started WM, I ran CLARC.exe and later HARET.exe and not never returned to load Android. stayed on the screen of the HTC logo.

    • Look like your Android OS was corrupted. You need to reinstall it again.

  • gijs

    i have an other rom for the htc hd2

    but i already have everything i want

    can i change it to 4.0 ice cream android?

    or not help me pleasee

    • Yes, you can change to ICS.

  • gijs

    i have the Jaws MIUI