Download imilka RAM Desire HD NAND Android A2SD+ RAM Zip ROM for...

Download imilka RAM Desire HD NAND Android A2SD+ RAM Zip ROM for HTC HD2


imilka Stock HD Sense + RAM == imilka RAM Desire HD. Framework dir (/system/framework_r) and some most used apps (launcher, phone, settings…) (/system/app_r) are loaded into RAM. Based on imilka, this new build is “Freaking crazy fast!” :) Does it really that fast? Let’s find out…

imilka RAM Desire HD on HTC HD2

Quadrant score

Software information

Yeah… Based on Quadrant CPU score, RAM build does improve a little bit. In real life, yes, overall performance does improve. ;)

SD card partition guide ~ How to create ext3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery?

Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

Download imilka RAM Desire HD RC0.1 [Kernel: rafpigna 1.7 OC] NAND A2SD+ RAM Zip ROM here.

via: xda-developers

  • Phil

    Are you still using the JDMS Ultimate Android Rom as your everyday Android? I see you post all of these new roms. But want to stick with what the pro uses. :) Would love to see a post whenever you decide to change your everyday rom.

    • Jayce

      Yes, still using JDMS daily. Will let you know if I change it. :)

      • Phil


  • yeahman45

    is the JDMS the most stable rom u have used? how’s call quality? no issues?

    • Jayce

      Yes. No call issue.

  • slxdegrees

    i keep getting a bootloop ie. i used clockworkmod recovery to install the rom, but when i reboot my phone it goes to the black htc screen before rebooting to the white original one. am i missing out certain steps?

    • Jayce

      Do you have ext3 partition on your SD card? If yes, try to wipe all the data and cache then install again.

      • slxdegrees

        ok tried installing from zip again. did the above steps and its working fine now. :)

        • Jayce

          Good good… :D

  • Syndbad

    Hi Jayce,

    I’m back.. someone at a store (very technical person) showed me that his HTC HD2 Leo is ALL Android. No more Windows. He said he downloaded everything from xda developers and they’re a little too technical for me. He referenced HOS-N2 (post #463) which I am unable to locate and said it will provide the NAND Android download..

    1. What do you think or is this is the same as the one here?
    2. Since I already successfully installed Android 2.2 Mdeejay eVo Sense Matted Build, what else do i need to download to make my phone only boot in Android and work just as well?

    Thanks a million.


    • Syndbad

      by the way, the person I met showed me that his NAND (?) Android is also accessing 4G

      Any ideas on that as well?



      • Jayce

        Sorry, no idea on 4G.

    • Jayce

      This the simplest NAND Android installation. You should try this first. –

      • syndbad

        Hi Jayce,

        Well, I tried this 4 times and it will not install the Update. Every Time I launch the MAGLDR ROMUpdateUtility, the windows as you have in the video do show up but it will not update the image.

        I noticed that my image version is 3.14.531.1 and going (backwards?) to 2.0 or something like that. I do have SPL 2.10 and Radio 2.15…

        Any ideas?

        Please forgive the double posting. I forgot to include in the thread the first time…


        • Jayce

          You need to have HSPL3.

  • Blockbuster

    Hey Jayce, I have tried installing this rom a number of times and i keep getting stuck at the black HTC green logo screen. what am i doing wrong?

    -i have installed CMW
    – I have done the partition via CMW
    – Wiped catche and done the wipe data

    • Jayce

      Hmm… Maybe you can try the latest version from XDA website. And try to ask there too.

  • Pete

    Hello Jayce,

    Thanks for all the incredible work you do.
    I alwyas come to your site to learn about new ROM’s.

    I use Outlook contacts and tasks extensively on my PC, and would like to use an Andriod ROM that will allow me to sync them.

    Is it correct that I would be able to do this using HTC Sync if I use a ROM with Sence?
    Or have I got this all wrong?

    Can you suggest a ROM that would be good for me in Syncing Contacts and Tasks with Outlook?

    Thanks heaps!

    • Jayce

      Yes, you can use HTC Sync with Sense Android ROM. Any Sense Android will do. But I am not sure it can sync tasks or not…

      • Pete

        Thanks Jayce,
        I have got one of these ROM’s working now.
        You were right again – HTC Sync won’t sync Tasks from Microsoft Outlook.
        Instead I have started using The Outlook Calender to keep track of Tasks, and HTC Sync will sync the Calender.
        From what I have seen if you designed an application that synced Microsoft Outlook to an Android phone you would be rich:)
        Thanks again Jayce.

        • Jayce

          No problem. ;)

  • kc

    jayce~now i use this rom ~
    but i wan back to wm 6.5 how to install its.
    thks reply.

  • Farshid

    Hi man,

    thank you a lot for your time spending for this useful site. very interesting one.

    i am iranian and i need to know this rom is supporting Farsi (Persian) language or not.