Download & Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean CM10 ROM for HTC HD2

I love the legendary HTC HD2. That’s the main reason that I love HTC. But HTC One X, unlock HTC bootloader void warranty and poor HTC Support make me stay away HTC products from now on. But lot of developers is not still not giving out on getting latest and greatest Android ROM for HTC HD2. So you can download and install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean CyanogenMod 10 ROM for HTC HD2. By the way, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is quite new on HTC HD2. So do expect bugs flying around here and there…

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean CM10 ROM for HTC HD2

Software Information

Personally, I did not able to try this ROM because my HTC HD2 is far away from me. So I have no idea on the ROM performance and features. Do try it out yourself to find out more.

Note – Do refer to XDA website for more info on how much CWM layout size (system partition) that you should use.

Installation guide ~ How to Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download Android 4.1 Jelly Bean CM10 ROM for HTC HD2 here.

  • Souvik

    Why jayce ? where is ur HTC HD2 ??

    • Loan to my brother in law. πŸ˜‰

  • William

    Hi Jayce. thanks for your infor. im trying it now.

    Last few months i install the ICS 4.0 which is your post , my HD2 Tmous cant use the rotation untill now, The GSM signal keep losting and cant reconnect, it took very very long only connect back to GSM ( Im from KL using Maxis ) .

    • I’m using NexusHD2 rom… so far so good… πŸ™‚

      • William

        I already install this room. Everything is fine is just that it dun have wifi tethering. My Phone still cant use the rotation like normally, doesn’t understand why ? πŸ™ GSM sighnal sometimes is lost and took times to recover back. I have try many many type of ROMS but still cant resolve it. Someone if you see this post pls help me ( Screen cant Rotate normally) Thanks in advanced.

  • zivai

    hie my wifi is having a problem. it can pick up connections and get connected to networks but it just cant logon to internet. the signal bar remain grey and does not turn blue. my email is . help me pliz

    • Hi zivai, try connect to other Wi-Fi router see.

      • fraz

        hi jayce unfortunately i have installed the wrong rom on my htc nexus one the rom was this NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich_Beta10 its the rom for hd2 .now my fone automatically goes to recovery mode and does not booting any rom drom recovery i had try a lot of rom but its not booting plz helplz
        plz help me?

        • Hi fraz, just install Nexus One ROM back.

  • Hoang Le

    I am using this ROM on my HTC HD2, T-Mobile, so far so good. But it’s sometime slow.

    Thanks Jayce!

  • Line

    Is it possible to remove the ekstra menu-bar-thing on the screen? πŸ™‚

    • No idea, Line as I did not try it. Please consult others at XDA Forum.

  • mehdi

    hi jayce

    thanks for your useful site. I installed it .it is very good but I cant connect to internet through can recognize the available wifi around bot when i click connect,ther is no action .can u help me in this regard.pls .

    Thanks and waiting man

    • Hi mehdi, please consult ROM chef at XDA Forum. I have no idea too.

      • Michal

        I have same problem…

  • Zhiming

    Hi Jayce,

    What widget you used for the analog clock above?



    • Hi Zhiming, you need to consult ROM chef as I did not try this ROM. No idea.

  • samuel

    hi Jaycee
    good day,
    I installed the above jellybean successfully and so far no bugs..
    only issue is the enough space..
    i used cwm partition 245 and 5m cache..
    Im not sure where i went wrong..
    pls help

    • Hi samuel, this is normal as the ROM does not support A2SD+ feature which can use SD card use part of internal disk space.

      You can try other Android ROM if you want.

      • samuel

        10.Oct.2012][ROM] NexusHD2-JellyBean-4.1.1-CM10 V1.0 [NativeSD]
        how bout the above version.
        is that also same..or can i try to install it

        • That’s SD card version. Not NAND.

  • samuel

    oh ok thanks

  • samuel

    so i wait for NAND version..
    thanks a lot jaycee

  • Junaid

    Hi jayce! wheres the link for the rom?

  • kristian

    Joyce, I’ve read all of your post and XDA site as well as many more. The installation/flashing of the phone looks strait forward. However, once I install the MAGLDR (any versions) then the phone will never boot and it will be stuck on the logo and will not go further. I have tried with the power button where I aged few hours holding it, I tried with cLK 1.4 where I had to hold the back key for as long as I can. Nothing will bring me to the boot loader.
    I followed the HSLP and radio recommendations as per the installation docs, nothing works.
    do you happen to have a trick that will allow me to install the ClockworkMOD Recovery (I think this is the step before flashing the rom to Android)

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    • Hi kristian, my Android 4.0 installation guide doesn’t help?

      • kristian

        I tried all possible flashes and I can not get in the boot loader to finish the installation. it is like my phone will not understand the loader firmware.

        • Which bootloader? Tri-colour one?

          • kristian

            This is the first step. it was fine.
            hspl installed fine.
            magldr will install, but after to get in the boot loader to install clockwork it will never change the HTC white screen.
            cLK was another option, but same effect.

            • So you can’t install CWM?

              • kristian

                exactly. maglrd wil install, but i will never get to the menu after reboot to select boot options

                • Do you have radio 2.15?

                  • kristian

                    yes i do.

                    • Then you should be able to load MAGLDR. Try to reinstall MAGLDR again see.

                    • kristian

                      loading/installing it is easy. i can not go to the next step. this is my problem. any idea?

  • Walter

    Managed to install and run Jelly Bean on my HTC HD2.

    Using the step you have on your website on how to install ICS 4.04 except
    ClockWorkMod is
    and edited flash.cfg to:

    misc ya 1M
    recovery rrecov|ro|nospr 7M recovery_leo.img
    boot yboot|ro 5M
    system ya 220M
    cache ya 2M
    userdata ya|asize|hr allsize

    • Walter

      misc ya 1M
      recovery rrecov|ro|nospr 7M recovery-raw.img
      boot yboot|ro 5M
      system ya 320M
      cache ya 2M
      userdata ya|asize|hr allsize

      320M instead of 220M

  • KP

    Installed Jellybean using the native SD method and 4ext. Installation was easy.
    ROM Laggy. Fruit Ninja unplayable.
    Probably asking too much of HD2 to run anything after Gingerbread.
    Went back to WP 7.8.

  • @kristian: Sorry, no idea if you are using SPL-2.08.HSPL and Radio v2.15.

  • navin

    hey jayce.. sorry to bother u,bt im not able to install tis rom its keeps rebooting after installation? what should i do?

    • Hi navin, are you using the correct CWM layout size for this ROM?

      • navin

        i partioned the sd card 1024mb n 0swap tis wat ur talking about. ni tink my htc hd2 is just 512

        • No, not this one. I am talking about recovery.

          • navin

            m sorry bt pls bare wif me, i dont understand what layout means? what is aroma installer ?? how to use it?

            • Hi navin, please take your time to study my HD2 guides here. πŸ˜‰

              • navin

                thanks πŸ™‚

  • navin

    is the installation different then installin nand 2.3.5 on to the phone?

    • Process is the same. CWM layout size might not same.

  • Kanaad

    HE Jayce I Have installed android 4.1 Jelly Bean on SD-ext
    but when i am installing apps on it it restart y can u tell sol’n

    • Kanaad

      MY HD2 battery is draining very fast
      do u any sol’n 2 stop draining fast

  • just_kguy

    hey man ! i wanna remove the virtual buttons any ideas?

  • amin

    Hi guys….
    IM using JELLY BEAN rom but i have internal memory problem!!! What can i do! ! How can i release the memory.
    What can i do now? ??!!! My internal memory is 62mb free.

  • Kiran

    Hi Joyce,
    what is the ideal memory card partition for installing jelly bin on htc hd2 via native sd method.
    Plz reply

    • Hi Kiran, I did not try NativeSD personally. Fast class 10 16GB SD card should be okay.

  • Kiran

    Thanks for prompt reply but the following sd card partition is ok?
    Ext4 : 2 gb
    Fat32 : 14 gb

    • Should be okay. It depends on your usage.

  • Ali

    The search bar isn’t active! What should I be doing?

    • Hi Ali, please consult ROM Chef then.

      • Ali

        I’ve enabled the Search bar in Setting\Launcher\Homescreen, but it does not work anymore.

  • firas

    how to install android 4.2 on htc hd2 android 2.3

    • Please refer to installation guide.

      • rohith

        hai Jayce plz send download link of android 4.1 jelly for htc hd2 my mail id is,
        how to download this softweres plz tell me?

        • Hi rohith, the download link is at XDA Forum.

  • Akhilesh


    Can i install this custom ROM on Samsung Note N7000 using the same above steps.

    • No Akhilesh. This is for HTC HD2. But you can use CWM or Odin to install N7000 ROM.

  • ian

    can you provide the link to create a back up for me to be able to got back to my previous rom. ( im using the cyanogen 4.0.4 ) . Not sure if im saying it correctly haha, but i hope you get what i mean.

    • Sorry ian, I have no idea which ROM you were using previously.

  • ian

    i’m using anroid 4.0.4 what should i do to got back to my previous set up os set up.

    • There are lot of Android 4.0.4 ROM. I am not sure which one did you use. Just install like the way you did previously.

  • DTV

    Hey Jayce, question; if your HTC HD2 TMO is running Gingerbread 2.3.2 and want to migrate / update to Jellybean 4.x . Can I download just the Jellybean ROM?

    Or will I have to download everything again: HSPL, LEO_Radio, MAGLDR and ClockWorkMod Recovery again?

    • No need, only install those which version is different. You can skip HSPL, radio and MAGLDR if they are using same version. New CWM layout size should need to install.

  • DTV

    Hey Jayce,

    2- questions regarding HTC HD2 TMO is running Gingerbread 2.3.2 upgrade to JellyBean v4.x.

    1. you mention the CWM layout size. Can I alter this without reloading the Clockwork Mod Recovery? What size do you recommend here, 250MB or..? If I need to reload Clockwork Mod Recovery which I probably will. Do you have a preference?

    2. do you have a JellyBean v4.x preference that I can download?

    Thanks and keep up the awesome assistance.