Download & Install ClockworkMod Recovery for Kindle Fire

TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) catches all the show as the first touchscreen enabled recovery for Amazon Kindle Fire. However, it does not stop developers from create ClockworkMod Recovery Touch (CWM) for Kindle Fire too. XDA Developer, Hashcode developed touchscreen supported CWM based on Koush’s ClockworkMod Recovery As usual, CWM supports Rom Manager integration for flashing .zip files and auto rebooting. And USB mounting via recovery is supported as well. A perfect combination for CM9 ROM.

ClockworkMod Recovery

There are 2 ways you can install ClockworkMod Recovery for Kindle Fire ~ installation via an existing recovery and Recovery.img flash via fastboot. Be sure to study more at XDA website.

Download ClockworkMod Recovery for Kindle Fire here.

  • kyle

    Hi Jayce, CWM and TWRP, which one is better? My kindle currently installed TWRP, so how do i switch from TWRP to CWM? Thank you.

    • Hi kyle, both of them are good. Just personal taste to choose which one to use. TWRP is preferred though as most developers are using it.
      Just install CWM zip with TWRP.

  • CHHIN Senghong

    Dear Mr. Joyce,
    I’m very wonder why HTC HD7 can not install Android on it?
    Could you give me any idea that I could install Android on it? because Window Phone 7.5 is not good for me. Another thing, I used to use Android due to it’s easy for use and a lots of free apps.

    Please advice me for best way about android.

    Thanks for your time and reply me.

    Best regard,

    Senghong CHHIN

    • HTC HD7 is a Windows Phone. So far I did not see any Android ROM on it yet. So no Android ROM for HTC HD7.

      • CHHIN Senghong

        Thanks very much Jayce, I hope it would have Android for HTC HD7 soon.

        See you next time.

  • CHHIN Senghong

    And one thing, I show HTC HD2 uses Window 7 but it can be installed Android so I ask you like this.


    • Yup, HTC HD2 is the best multi platform OS phone ever. But not HD7. 😛

  • smyat

    Please help me. My kindle is can’t boot and screen appear ‘kindle fire’. I tried anyway but I can’t. So I would like to help for your suggestion. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi smyat, what had you done until you got this issue?