Download MiJia 4K Mini Action Camera Firmware (Stable & Beta)

Yeah, I love Xiaomi even more. Thanks for the latest firmware update on MiJia 4K Mini Action Camera. They released both stable and beta version on 6th December. Stable firmware brings previous beta version feature – video colour menus and features, natural, vibrant and F-LOG and improved firmware upgrade process. That’s not all. Latest MiJia 4K Mini Action Camera beta firmware brings 2.5K/60, 1080P/120 and 720p/240 resolutions. Yes, 60fps on 2.5K resolution now. And even more frame per second on HD 720p mode. Can’t wait to try it!

Alright, here are the links to download MiJia 4K Mini Action Camera firmware for both stable and beta at Xiaomi China forum. Do use Google translator if you don’t know Chinese. Cheer…

MiJia 4K Mini Action Camera Firmware
Stable – link
Beta – link


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