Download MIUI Android 2.3.5 NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2

Yeah… MIUI joins Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread family with MIUI v1.8.5. Therefore, I took JW MIUI build for testing. This build is updated with the latest Tytung GPS Libraries v2.0. And other goodies. Be sure to check them out at XDA website.


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MIUI build is getting better each day. Well done to all the MIUI developers.

Installation guide ~ How to Install CWM NAND Android on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download JW MIUI v1.8.5 [Kernel: Tytung r10] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM here.

  • diogoro

    Hi my android after installed keeps saying, android process closed?

    • Look like a bad installation. Try to reinstall it again.

  • Jeffery

    Hi Jayce,

    Please teach me step by step how to Flash Android system to my HTC HD2. I study all your post, but i still not so sure.

    Thanks for your guidance.


  • Surya Nanggala

    Do we still need install the english language pack for this MIUI build?

    • No, the English pack is included in this ROM already.

      • Surya Nanggala

        one more question, why do like MIUI over another rom?

        • MIUI == Android + iPhone. 😛

  • L1ME

    Installation guide is for 2.08 SPL

    so the guide is the same for this new release as the old but with HSPL4 and 3.03SPL?

    thanks 🙂

    • Android needs SPL-2.08.HSPL. You need to select SPL-2.08.HSPL when install it with HSPL4.

      • L1ME

        oooh nice, this one was the only problem. I could not find anything about this.
        but i have 3.03SPL atm. so i need to select SPL-2.08.HSPL in HSPL4 or need to degrade the 3.03 to 2.08?

        • No need to downgrade. Just install SPL-2.08.HSPL with HSPL4.

          • L1ME

            thank you very much for your help and time 🙂
            i hope it will be working without problems 😀

          • L1ME

            hm i have read the XDA Devs forum. lot of comments about the random restarts in this rom. while they starting applications, using BT or connect the head-set.
            but there is nothing about how to fix or which is the real problem. but everyone said when the remove the battery for restart its hot. so i just wonder maybe the kernel handling the CPU bad and overheats? like with the desktop PCs.

            • Sorry, no idea…

  • adam

    hi jayce.. can u make a turtorial video of how to install this gingerbread version cause i really dunno wad to do next after finish till this step base on this link
    or maybe u can teach me wad to do next so that i can upgrade to MIUI Android 2.3.5..

    • Yes, I have plan to create a new and final HTC HD2 video tutorial with all the latest components.

      • adam

        btw jayce, i just finish install miui 2.3.1 in my 8gb. while im trying to figure how to install miui 2.3.5, suddenly sdbot unable to boot cause my whole phone cant boot in to android and stay in boot menu.. is there anyway i can fix it? i already try to format my memory card and re install but it still unable to boot. or is there any chance i erase clockworkmod and back to wm 6.5 while waiting for ur final video?? ya one more thing, how come miui 2.3.1 have problem in calls?? i cant make any calls and answer calls..

  • Monit

    I am from India My HD2 is on WM6.5, my start up config is

    PB81120 HX-B3
    SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE
    CotullaHSPL 0x40

    Its been 4 months that i had bought this from USA T-Mobile, now my phone gets hang suddenly and goes to startup screen Stick Together. and doesnt get started most of the time. I dont know what is wrong in the phone. It seems this is a normal problem when i googled it but couldnt get an answer. can you pls help.

    • Can your phone still able to load into bootloader? Press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone.

      • Monit

        Yes it loads the bootloader. thats where i got the config that i provided in my post. to on the phone i take the battery out for 5 mins and then start… works for some time and then kaboom.. Stick Together.

        • Good, you still can install other Android ROM in this case. Just follow the latest installation guide –

          • Monit

            is it a hardware problem? thats what everyone says when i google. if i do android this problem will go away?

            • Not sure. To find out. Try to factory reset your Windows Mobile. If problem still occur during stock Windows Mobile without any application installed, then it might be hardware issue. Else it is just software issue.

  • adam

    thx bro!!

  • adidu

    hi i’m having a problem booting this rom..i have HTC HD2 running nand nexus s android 2.3.4. I did everything step by step which was in the tutorial but it got stuck while booting into this rom..i know that the first boot will be slow around 5-10 min but i’m waiting now for about 25-30 min and nothing happens. it stays on the HTC booting screen and that’s it..please help!

    • May I know what have you install on your phone? Please list down all of them, one by one including version. Thanks.

      • adidu

        What do you mean by what have i installed on my phone? The apps , the roms that I have previously installed or ..?

        • HSPL, radio, MAGLDR, CWM, EXT3… Don’t care about apps nor ROM.

  • adidu

    HSPL 4
    dont remember the radio but i’m sure that it was the latest version a month ago
    MAGLDR v1.13
    CWM v3.2.0.0
    about EXT3 i have no idea..
    but i was booting as I said nexus s nand gingerbread version for about a month without any problem.. everytime it was booting as it should be.. now it just stucks on the HTC green letters screen..

    • This MIUI ROM needs EXT3. Please follow the installation guide. Install those components that you don’t have.

      • adidu

        I’ve created EXT3 just like in the tutorial. in the end I’ve copied JW to the SD card trough the MAGLDR SD Mass Storage option. installed it with CWM but the same thing happend absolutely no difference at all.. when the phone reboots it stucks on the htc screen..i can’t understand what am i doing wrong.. btw i did one different thing from the tutorial – 4.Press call button to load 1. Boot AD SD. When I did that it says “kernel not found” or something like that so i went to 8. AD Recovery > Advanced > Partition SD Card etc. but when i connected the phone to the pc i saw that everything was as it should be. dont know what to do now..i cant use my phone until i get it done somehow..

          • adidu

            Yes i am. I’m doing the exact same steps..

            • adidu

              A few minutes ago i tried to do it once again..i formatted the sd card , created the EXT3 again with 512 mb , copied JW and tried to install it trough CWM but it says : Finding update package… Opening update package… and that’s it. it returns to the CWM menu without installing the i’m even more confused..

              • Try other Android ROM if you still face issue.

  • Alex

    Hi. I’ve instaled this Android ROM on my HTC HD2 and i tried to install some apps from market, but every time I get a message that ís ‘not enough space’. I have a 4GB SD card and i’ve made a EXT partion of 1024MB. When i check internal storage show less than 800Kb free, sd card 2,6gb free and a2sd+ aprox. 880MB. Until now i installed only Android no other apps but default. What’s wrong?

    • Alex

      I forget to say one more thing. Total internal storage is on ‘downloaded’ tab says that 6,5MB used with no apps instaled and 800KB free. How is this possible?

      • You are using 400MB CWM partition layout, right? Try 150MB.

        • Alex

          Right 400MB CWM partition. Should i just repeat the steps from “How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3 on HTC HD2?” and “How to create EXT3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery?”, or redo the whole instal CWM NAND thing?

          • Reinstall 150MB CWM. Skip creating EXT3 partition if you already done it. Then install Android ROM.

  • Alex

    Ok. And one more thing. Apps would install on EXT3 partition by default? I mean i don’t have to move them manualy from internal stoarge or to set something to move them on EXT3 or SD CARD stoarge right?

  • can i play apple games here??

    • Nope. It is still running Android OS instead of iOS.

  • mungkeys

    can someone help me.. im new to andoid flashing did my first flash last night but theres something im missing. ive flashed hyperdroid and this miui rom but both cant connect to a network “no service” and when i do try to connect to t-mobile network is says “unable to connect to this network at this time”.. my radio rom is 12.52.11U_2.15.50.14.. please help.. thanks in advance

    • Do you have another SIM card to try?

  • Andy

    Hi Jayce, I asked you before with the NEXUS Nand ROm, that I can`t synchronise with HTC Syn Software. You said, NEXUS isn`t an HTC ROM. OK I understand this.
    Now I tried the above ROM (MIUI Android 2.3.5 NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2). Still I Can`t synchronise with the HTC Syn Software.
    Is there any actual ROM, that I could use HTC Syn?

    Thanks a lot for your answer

    regards Andy

  • Aleks

    Thnx man, works with speed of LIGHT!!! easy and simpl ;); BTW are you prepearing some new tuts for 1.9.2??

    • The installation process should be the same for v1.9.2.

  • rafi

    hi jayce.
    when are you uploading MIUI 1.9.2 ???

    • Hehe… I won’t test it if nothing special on that version. You can always get it from XDA or

      • rafi

        what u mean to say? MIUI 1.9.2 is not good

        • No no. Will test it again when it is using Android 4.0 for example. Or battery life improves a lot on special new kernel.

          • rafi

            ok thanks

  • ntk

    hi jaycee,

    i’ve a few questions about miui rom above,

    1.if i am not wrong, miui has weekly upgrades in fridays. there are some miui sites lile, which makes those upgrades available in english. now my question comes. can i install those uprgrades on the miui rom above. does it cause a corruption or a mix?

    2. my second question is about sound. my device is htc hd2. as you know, after flashing android the sound problem appears on htc hd2. i have used some apps like LouderVolumeHack etc. but didnot see remarkable difference on sound. do u have any suggestion to increase the sound of my device.

    3. and there comes my third question. after i changed battery, ringtone setting disappear. every time i go and set my favourite song as ring tone. is there a way to keep settings stable after every boot.

    4. finally is there any other (and better of course) MIUI Android NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC


    • 1. Better install upgrade from own ROM chef only. Or install fresh new one from other ROM chef.
      2. Nope. I don’t seem to have problem with sound.
      3. Look like ROM issue to me.
      4. They are mostly the same. Just minor apps different due to ROM chef likes.

  • david

    hi , thanks for ROM ,but when i install it , stop on htc logo and don’t start up , please help me ….
    THANKS .

    • Try to wipe data and cache in CWM. If still cannot, install other Android ROM.

  • Cliff

    Jayce, I love this ROM but it does have some issue which easily hang and I need to reboot.
    1. If call in while surfing net, sometimes will hang.
    2. When I disconnect the Bluetooth, Android Phone will hang.
    3. Charging/Discharging the battery will hang and reboot automatically.

    Kindly advice.

    • Sorry Cliff, I don’t know how to solve ROM issue. Try to upgrade to the latest version. It should have lesser bugs and better performance.

  • kc

    i need a free download of a nand android custom rom with sense 3.5 for my htc hd2 plsssss

    • Just search ‘HTC Sense 3.5’ on my blog.

  • kc

    this files are uploaded to multiuploaed which is requesting for subscription fee before u can download, is there no link where i can get it “free”

    • You still can access to MultiUpload?

  • kc

    no, unable to

  • kc

    pls can you help me on how to get s-off on my htc sensation , i’ve tried revolutionary is not just loading on windows 7 and htc supertool v3 is failing and coming out with error message ‘adb is out of date’ pls help

  • kc

    hi, can you suggest a good,fast,stable ics custom rom for htc sensation thanks in avance

    • Hi kc, I don’t have HTC Sensation. No idea. Sorry…

  • sakhawat

    i want start mu htc hd2 and it is start and then error nand kernel upon failed watt is i need to install my phone please help me

    • Hi sakhawat, look like a bad installation. Try to install it again.

  • jazmen

    hi, i followed all the steps but now im stuck in a boot loop. i went back and deleted all the data and cache but my hd2 is still boot looping. what do i do to fix this. thanks -JJC

    • Hi jazmen, which Android ROM did you install?

  • Farid

    Dear Jayce,
    Good morning. At present, I using my favorite “Android 2.3.5 JW rom” on HTC HD2. And it’s working nice and smooth. For your kind information, Installed MAGLDR v1.13 & ClockworkMod Recovery v1.3(150MB) & EXT3 partition on SD card (1024MB) in my HTC HD2.

    I always strictly follow your instruction how to you install step by step. But when needed to phone restarting, it will show DFT MAGLDR Bootloader and stay instead of auto android run. It will run when i press 3. Boot AD NAND.
    My question is How it run in auto without pressing “Boot AD NAND”.
    Thanks in advance and looking forward your nice co-operation always.

    From Bangladesh.

    • Hi Farid, change the AutoBoot settings in Services.

  • Farid

    Dear Jayce,

    It’s work ! Thanks for your nice solution. I appreciate you.

    From Bangladesh.

  • minhaz

    my htc hd2 2.3.5 getting rebooted after removing sd card. Inserted the memory card again but the same happening!
    What to do? Help me!

    • Hi minhaz, try to factory reset in CWM.

      • minhaz

        still problem exists 🙁

        • minhaz

          is it important to unmount the sd card? 😮

  • minhaz

    can you just explain how to do cwm restore, step by step!
    and tell me whether i should unmount the sd card or not for the os to work properly!
    my probs aint solved still! 🙁

    • Load CWM. Go to backup and restore. Select Restore. Choose the image that you want to restore.
      No, leave the SD card in.

  • Sonny

    Hi! I followed your instructions and managed to install this MIUI android version on my hd2 nice and easy. However, I could not get my hd2 connect to my Pc but only as a mass storage, seeing only the SD card and its content. Could you please explain me how to connect with the Pc to be able to sync and explore my device internal.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Sorry Sonny, this is an old article. I forgot that it able to do so or not.