Download Multiple Xap Installer for Windows Phone 7

If Tom XAP Installer is not your cup of tea, here is another one for you ~ Multiple Xap Installer. It allows you to select multiple XAP files and deploy them to your phone or emulator. Besides, it includes XAP signing which required by downloaded XAP from Marketplace. Enable it at Settings when needed.

Multiple Xap Installer

As same as Tom XAP Installer, Multiple Xap Installer requires unlocked Windows Phone 7 device, Windows PC with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and Windows Phone SDK. Make sure that your phone was connected to PC with Zune launched. And phone is not in sleep mode.

Download Multiple Xap Installer v1.1 here.

  • girimaker

    Hi Jayce,

    Thanks for sharing!
    I have installed Download Multiple Xap Installer v1.1 but when I add xap files it can not deploy (says could not connect to the device).

    NB: HD2 is only unlocked with Dev-unlocker (is this only for SD or also allows to install apps?).


    • girimaker

      The problem is now that I was able to install to emulator but not to device! However the installed apps are not visible on the phone app list, how to explore there!


      • Sorry, no idea how to fix it. I faced this kind of issue too sometime. And I just keep trying until I give up…

  • fuGGet321

    hi there!
    is there an issue with having the newest OS 7.10.7740.16 and using either one of the XAP deployers? Im using an LG optimus 7 and unlocked it using its MFG menu:

    i had two games successfully appear in the games hub after using the multiple XAP installer to deploy them to my device (with sign xap option enabled). when visiting the game on the marketplace, it is recognized that i have it in my phone (no option to try/buy). i only have one problem: neither game actually successfully launched on the device.. it simply went to a black screen initially and then back to the games hub. suggestions? thanks!


  • Abhilash

    I wanted to know which wp7 devices can be unlocked ???
    I mean the devices which are not registered as developers can they be unlocked ??
    If yes then how can a device not registered as wp7 developer be unlocked ??
    Can u please help me out by sending detailed steps for unlocking !!

  • Bayasaa

    i have HTC HD 2 and it is WP 6.5 pro can iuse this programm to instal xap file to my device?

    • WP 6.5? Or Windows Mobile 6.5?