Download Nexus 4 User Manual

Google Nexus 4 is going to be mine. Malaysia users should able to get official local LG Malaysia Nexus 4 starting 14 January 2013 with DiGi plan (retail unit might have too). No need to pay for higher price US AP unit without official local LG warranty. As usual, just like other Google Nexus devices, you can get help and support from Google Nexus 4 official website here. Or get the most accurate technical information regarding features, specifications, installation and operation of LG Nexus 4 E960 from Nexus 4 User Manual. By the way, Nexus 4 quick start guide and data sheet are available at LG website too. You don’t want to miss out any features of this latest and greatest Google Nexus phone, right?

Nexus 4 Guidebook

Download Nexus 4 User Manual here.

  • Hassen


    Im abandoning my HD2 with custom roms for the nexus 4 which should be delivered soon, considering you have done the same, I feel good about my purchase and will be looking forward to your ever helpful updates, tricks and customisations for the nexus 4.

    • Good good… Let’s learn it together. 🙂

  • Anil

    You r lucky guy bro…can u pls tell me that how u buy all this gadgets ?? pls pls ?

    • Use my hard earn money of course.

  • hui ge

    So this gadget is worth to have it? The price is around RM1500,right?I saw from Digi website

  • hui ge

    Now only Digi got this phone?because i couldn’t find it from Maxis and Celcom website.

    • Yup, exclusive to DiGi only. But better wait for retail version because DiGi 24 months plan does not worth it.

  • Winston

    Jayce, can buy without contract , bro . just tide to Digi for 3 month with Rm68 6Gig Plan. After that walla , you are free. Advance payment Rm68 refundable. If use credit card can have extra RM5 rebate up to 6 month. the phone RM1499. I am using it since yesterday night. Good, best of the best and fit your palm just nice.

    • Yup, saw the new plan just now too.