Download NexusHD2-FRG83 (Froyo 2.2.1) Android ROM for HTC HD2

Yes, Android Froyo 2.2.1 is here on HTC HD2. It is using michyprima’s R11+AXI kernel. Thanks to all the developers that make it comes true. How is the performance on our lovely HTC HD2? Let’s find out…

Personally, I think it is slow on my HTC HD2. Faces touch screen freeze issue from time to time (if did not disable “auto-rotate screen” in “Display settings”). Try it yourself. Maybe your HTC HD2 WinMo and Radio combo is better than mine. 😉

Installation guide ~ How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2?

Download NexusHD2-FRG83 (Froyo 2.2.1) v1.2 Kernel: michyprima’s R11+AXI ROM here.

  • Nup

    Does this have a robo voice issue as well?

  • Hi,
    thank you very much for this. On my HD2 it’s work very fine and much faster than wimo65. I just have 2 problems:
    1) when connecting to PC, it dont ask me for HTC Sync and the computer dont reconize the phone.
    2) When i start the phone, it is going on wimo65 and i have to go to the SDCard, in Android folder and tap “HaRet”. Then the phone reboot to Android.
    Do you have any information about this 2 problems?
    Thank you any way for your very nice job.

    • 1. This is Google Nexus One build. So it does not have HTC Sync. 😉

  • I have resolve my second problem!!

    • Nup

      Laurent, how did you manage to boot straight to android?

  • Laurent

    Hi Nup,
    Noway to boot straight to Android. But….
    i used “Jmz-Android-Dual-Boot” to do it.
    So i have to boot the phone, wait until it ask me to enter the Pin code.
    And then i have a screen with the 2 options: boot to Android or boot to Windows.
    It is working very fine.
    A the beginning i would a straight boot to Android and forget WiMo, but….
    The only way to keep my contacts is to translate them to simcard with WiMo and then to get them back from simcard with Android. So now i decide to keep the dualboot. I try a lot of thing with “TouchDownSync” but there is no way (for me) to bring it to work.

    • SY

      Hi Laurent:
      I have exactly the same specs as you have, here is the solution for you. Sync all your contacts and Calender etc using Windows Mobile Device Center and then load your Android and install an Application “Android-Sync (PRE-ALPHA)” , its free… just google it. and then it will sync all your contacts and calender info into your Android phone.

      Hope that help you solve your problem.


  • rock

    3g is not working in my everything seems fine, any fix

    • Roshan

      Thnx for such a pretty rom. I’m loving it. But unfortunately am having problem with my wireless bluetooth headset. It pairs perfectly with the set but whenever an application tries to use it that application crashes. Like, when i try to make a call or receive a call the phone application crashes. I cant hear any music too. Do you have any idea bout it ?

  • omprakash

    I m getting green screen after installtion and when screen goes of it not truning on

      • omprakash

        I have done but it saying ur os rom is not customised flash rom again or contact service center.
        what can i do now i have hd2 from t mobile

        • Did you tried T-Mobile HD2 3.14 ROM? Don’t use international HD2 ROM.

          • Omprakash

            I tried to download it frm but i cannot download. My phone is struck with the screen showing ” Your OS rom is not customized for your hardware. Flash proper rom again or contact service center” .

            • HTC ROM does not support T-Mobile HD2. Didn’t you read this…

              Note: This update is not intended for use on T-Mobile(US) HTC HD2, and doing so may have undesired side effects.

            • So basically, what have you done actually? More detail in order for me to help…

  • Omprakash

    I have flashed Htc hd2 Rom 3.14 after it completes i got the screen with Your OS rom is not customized. Flash proper rom again or contact service center.
    What can I do now pls help me

  • sheena

    hey jayce i was wondering why my bf phone keeps getting stuck on the boot up screen with the green htc logo, iam trying to run android on the hd2 i luckily did it to my phone but his phone seems to have problems any answers??

    • I need more information in order to troubleshoot. What have he done to his phone?

  • Sheena

    well i just put the regular froyo 2.2 i was trying to put the gingerbread(which didnt take) on his phone (froyo 2.2)took for some reason, but i do have another question about both our phones , since i have put android on the phone the connection is in and out, is that normal??

    phone info:
    htc hd2
    1024 mhz
    rom version core cell
    radio version 2.15

    i manually set the apn which is
    port 8080
    password blank
    username blank
    mms proxy
    protocol WAP 2.0
    mcc 310
    mnc 260

  • Asif

    3G not working for me, is it only me? or any fix?


    What do you recommend out of all the ROMs available which is the best working android available. i now have the beta Ice Cream but the phone reboots in the middle of an application.