Download NoDoFollow Add-on for Firefox 6, 7, 8… until Firefox 50

A loyal Firefox fan? Here is the updated NoDoFollow Add-on for Firefox 6. This should be the last modification NoDoFollow Add-on for Firefox installer from me. I don’t expect Firefox get updated so frequent. Therefore, I updated NoDoFollow Add-on for Firefox installer to support Firefox 6, Firefox 7, Firefox 8 and up to Firefox 50. It should be enough for Firefox fans years to come.

Download NoDoFollow 1.5 Add-on for Firefox here. Allow it to install when Firefox prompt you. That’s all. Enjoy…

  • Thank you again !

  • Doug

    Life saver Jayce! Thank you.

  • You are simply great!

  • Thank you, you are great !

  • Thx alot Jayce!
    Really appreciate it.

  • Great stuff from you Jayce. But, this is realy support for next version of FF? i try this on ff 6.0.2 and work perfectly.

    • Who know… Let’s wait and see. 😛

  • Newbie

    How it work? How to use it?


    • Just click on the link. Install it when prompted.

      • Newbie

        Yes I have already installed it, I mean how this add-on work. when I open a site, how the add-on can show that the existing links in those sites dofollow or nofollow?

        • Right click on FF. Then select it.

      • hans

        There are red highlights link and gray highlight link, which one the dofollow backlink?


        • Purple = dofollow.
          Red = nofollow.

  • Reza

    Not working on firefox 8 beta………………

  • perhaps you should update this plugin. I try it on FF8 and not working.. please i need this plugin.

    • Weird… It is working fine on my FF8. What is the error that you got when install it?

  • Hello Jayce
    You have provided a solution for me, when I have a problem with a link dofolllow. Thank you for sharing

  • wow … this is what I been looking for, you actually provide a solution for me. thank’s
    I have read some of your posts, really informative and useful for me bro. One sentence for you “good job and improve.”

  • Thx Jayce, very useful

  • rif

    wow.. thank you…

  • This is great information on jayceooi. I’ve been looking for some information about it.

  • lora jackson

    i m really glad to install nodofollow at firefox. thanks

  • Thanks this is a good add -on.

  • Jayce! Thankyou. This addon is brilliant! I’m in luv with my new toy. Thanks.

  • bermanfaat banget gan>

  • Thanks its very usefull software… nodofollow… tq