Download Odin3 v1.85

Odin3 is a PC application that was designed to help us update Samsung Android phone firmware. You can install stock firmware and kernel with Odin3. You can also use it to root Samsung Galaxy S II too. Therefore, you are able to flash CF-Root into Samsung Galaxy S2. It is a must have tool if you like to try custom firmware. And get more juice out of your Samsung Android phone.

Odin3 v1.85

Note – Do ensure Samsung Kies is not opened or loaded in system tray when using Odin3.

Download Odin3 v1.85 here.

  • Mr.Tan

    Hi jayce,
    How to root Samsung Galaxy S II with this Odin3 ?

  • my my pc cannot exe odin, help me plz im using w7

    • I have no problem to run it on Windows 7 64 bit. What is the error message?

  • xmood

    Helo ,i finish download odin but cant open it application

    • What is the error?

      • Ram

        Windows 7 64 bit error Odin3.ini

  • xtaaaal

    Hi there, do you have any ideas about rooting Galaxy S2 i9100T on Mac ?
    This problem has been baffling for a long time.
    As my i9100T is different from i9100, there are less methods for rooting it.

    • Sorry, nope as I don’t have both of them.

  • How can i download the ICS firware?

  • leon d

    thanks soo much for your help i had to switch from my macbook to a pc, now the only problem im having now is that the odin3 starts, small box appears in a diff lang, and then the screen that im supposed to make the option of pda blinks and its gone? im on win 7 service pack 1 do i need to switch something-thanks in advance for your help

    • Sorry, I have no idea on this issue. Try to ask others at XDA website see.

  • leon d

    ignore the last comment i spoke too soon ive rooted the phone and now im searching for roms to increase batt life any suggestions? thanks for helping me out!

    • No idea as I don’t have SGS2 SGH-T989. Please look at XDA website for more info.

    • Ali_F

      Hey I’m having the same issue when I try to open Odin. Small weird language box and it appears and disappears. How did you fix issue? I can’y seem to find the Odin.exe just the Odin App

  • Trampas

    Everytime i open Odin it flashes to open and disappears. Any reason why?

    • No idea. Maybe you can try it on other PC see.

      • RC

        I have the same problem too. I tried to run it as administrator and every time i did, it would open and close right away. I have windows as well. please help and reply to my email.

        • Other PC also produce the same problem?

          • Gerardo

            Hello: had the same sceario and realize all i needed was to extract eh exe and ini file to a folder, worked just fine… now is there a way to get the original firmware for a galaxytab g7300? I’m trying to restore it after a failed upgrade.

            • Try to find it from

            • tgivens1

              how do you do that

  • JunJin

    Hi Jayce, I’ve got a SGNote N7000, here in Phils. The mobile was lock from our local telco (Smart), then I was planning to unlock any idea or steps to do?

    firmware/android is 2.3.6

    thanks in advance.

  • Lasaro

    Hi Jayce, do you have some video about: Root samgung galaxy Y gt-5360 with firmware stock???
    can I find some video to help me installing a samsung firmware stock??

    Thanks a lot!

  • Kenny Li

    Can i Root samsung galaxy s2 .lte (i9210) 4G mobile

    • Sorry Kenny, I have no idea how to root Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE.

  • tom read

    hello Joyce,
    I’m 65 and wondering what advantage to me would it be if root my Samsung Galaxy s 2., or disadvantages if I dont.

    Bearing in mind I don’t know what all the technical jargon means 🙂

    many Thanks ….Tom read

  • shab

    pls can u give the link of new version galxys2

  • L.

    does it work on the galaxy s wifi 5.0

    • Sorry L, I don’t have Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0 to test. No idea.

  • Phil

    I’ve seem to have rooted my S3 successully, but apps such as Superuser Elite, SetCPU, can’t seem to access root still. Can help?

  • thanks so much! but can this version to up rom cook?

    • Err… What do you mean?

  • antonio alvarado

    HI, I have a Tablet Samsung Galaxy GT p1010 and I gorfot the screen password to get into the device… How can I recover or crakc the password???

    My best,


    • Hi Antonio, you can try to boot into recovery and factory reset there.


    HI, thanks.. could you give me the step by step guidance? ALl that I find is aboust Anyother galaxy, but mine….


  • nainesh

    i am on windows 7 64 bit when i tried to flash rom on sgs3 error came incorrect parameters i have selected pda this is corrrect but same thing i did on my win7 32 bit laptp no error and rom flashged correctly…..whats the problrm with win7 64 bit

    • No idea, nainesh. Mine is Windows 7 64 bits too. No issue here. Maybe you can try to format your Windows…

  • JohnJohn

    I am trying to connect my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7500). Odi3 loads alright but there is no way i can see the connexion confirmation when i plug in my tab in download mode. I see download icons on the tab, i have the screen of Odin3 on my laptop, i connect the cable, but no ID:COM box gets any connection ID.
    I tryed it on 2 different computers.
    Any idea about what it could it?

    • Hi JohnJohn, install Samsung Kies (it provides USB driver that Odin needs). Then try again see.

  • Artur

    Hi Jayce,

    I have Galaxy S I9000 with Android 2.1 and would like to update it to 2.3 at least – can be higher if it is possible. I tried KIES but I see that there is no update for my device all the time. What you can advice ?


    • Hi Artur, please consult Samsung Support. There should be Android 2.3.6 firmware by now.

  • Rizwan

    I have SHW M180S. This shows Upgrade on display. Does not go further even if i re-boot it displays the same. Odin does not respond or read the device. Please advice.

    • Sorry Rizwan, I don’t have this model. No idea. Please consult others with this model at XDA Forum.

  • Nick

    how can i root samsung galaxy pocket gt s5300

  • herbette

    ola jayce fui fazer a atualização e meu celular esta travado com um triangulo amarelo com uma esclamação o que posso fazer?

    • Hi herbette, which phone? And can you write in English? So I can have better understanding. Thanks.

      • herbette

        hello my phone is Galaxy SII I try to update my device and gave an error and is locked with a yellow triangle with an esclamação and it does not work at all precisp help to make it work again. awaiting a return.

        • Hi herbette, can you still boot into Odin download mode?

  • herbette

    The mistake was made ​​after the update as I decide?

    • Sorry herbette, I don’t understand.

  • herbette

    au watch your video on youtube I do the same on my phone Galaxy SII and now he is caught with a yellow triangle and a black screen esclamação you have to help me? please.

    • Which video guide? And what is your SGS2 model?

      • herbette

        yes. video odin v1.85

  • herbette


    • Boot into Odin download mode. Then install I9100 firmware.

  • herbette


  • ike

    how do i upgrade my galaxy ace plus to 4.0

  • valshon

    How To Update Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with jelly bean.

    • Just install Jelly Bean firmware with Odin.

  • seohk

    my samsung note 2 can’t be detected by Odin.

    • Hi seohk, install Samsung Kies to have all USB driver installed.

  • saqib amin

    samsung grand duos i9082 wher i get MTP DRIVERS

  • how can i root my samsung sc-02b galaxy (nttdocomo)

  • sivacool

    pls help me..,the odin 1.85 cant detect my fon wen i connect in downloading mode…,im using a laptop with 64 bit .,can any 1 help mee…pls reply me with my email…

    • Hi sivacool, did you install Samsung Kies on your Windows?

  • sukkur

    I need Samsung pocket for pit,csc,bootloader,phone

    • Sorry sukkur, I don’t have them. Try to find them at XDA Forum.

  • saifur

    i download odin …….setup file but i have no phone file….i upgrate my sam s3 mobile in convert jellybean

    • Just PDA will do, why need phone file?

  • prakash

    hi…..need to help your dear i want to root my samsung s2with kitkat 4.4 give gidens.thanku.

    • The custom KitKat ROM should come pre-rooted already.

  • malamadre

    Hey man can you please help me, my WiFi won’t turn on.
    I tried almost everything, i tried to *#*#526#*#* and then i got not set driver loaded [ng]
    can you please help me with my WiFi. THanks

    • Hi malamadre, what had you done until face this issue?

      • malamadre

        I tried restore mobile, backup, air mode on off, i didn’t do flash.
        MAybe flash can help what do you think.
        Please, if flash can help me, can you tell me how flash, or something other what can help.
        My mobile is Samsung Galaxy mini 2 S6500D

        • Hmm… Try factory reset see.

          • malamadre

            I do and that, just i forgot to say, sryyy 🙁

            • Hi malamadre, please consult Samsung Support in this case.

  • Jose Ruiz

    I load the Odin3 v1.85 Software but when I tryed to open it It pops for a millisecond and it goes away. help!

    • Hmm… I did not face this issue before. Try other version see.

  • ibrahim yosef

    can any give me a samsung phone please

  • manjeet singh

    sir how i download odin 3 software

  • Jheric Idea Ilagan

    i download the file and the odin3.ini
    and the pda,modem,csc
    but its didnt work..

    what files are missing to make the odin3 v1.85 respond…
    please help me….

    • Sorry, I don’t understand. What is the issue?


      odin3-v1-85 this one is suitable for more,download & try to this one

  • Xandra Lean L. Pantaleon

    i already have the odin but why there’s no id:com? pls help me

    • Did you install Samsung USB driver or Samsung Kies?

  • sahil

    i download odin but not open

    eror exit


    thank you