Download official Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 (Odin)

Finally, the wait is over. Here you are ~ the very first Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread firmware for Samsung Galaxy S II officially (leaked). As usual, this is Europe firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2 as Europe is always the first region to get the latest stuffs. But it is okay to install it on other region Samsung Galaxy S2 as long as it is using the very same hardware GT-I9100. Okay, let’s find out how does this new firmware XXKI3 performs…

Android 2.3.5 XXKI3 for Samsung Galaxy S2

Wow… Quadrant score at 4k. Well done, Samsung. There is no CF-Root for it yet. But I managed to root it with CF-Root for XWKI4. Hmm… Any other new features on this XXKI3 release? You let me know…

Quadrant score
TouchWiz Launcher
Software information

Note – This is a WIPE version. It will delete all applications and data on your phone. Or you can try Frankenstein non-wipe version at XDA.

Installation guide ~ How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 with Odin?

Download official XXKI3 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread ROM here.


    right now im using leomar Rom. if i flash with this XXKI3 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread ROM. all the data will lost and my phone will be like new right ?.. original samsung TouchWiz Launcher.

    • Yes, it will wipe everything.

  • yemi

    Since im in stock DXKI1 if i flash this new firmware using odin can i restore my contact with Kies?tq

    • Sorry, I am not sure because I don’t use Samsung Kies. I heard people complaint that it is not stable some times. I prefer to use Titanium Backup.

      • jocom6036

        as long as u pc can detact u phone, u can still used samsung kies..

  • aladin

    >This is a WIPE version. It will delete all applications and data on your phone
    all applications including all samsung stock apps?
    what is the easiest way to back up all apps and data?
    can I simply copy all of them to my PC before I update?
    Please advise.

  • aladin

    thanks Jayce,
    now mine is dxkg3 CF rooted, if I update to this fw,
    will it mess up my CSC ? I am in Indonesia.

    • I have no idea. But my 3G is still working.

  • Vedanta

    Does this have the USB host functionality and Jig feature enabled ?? Please do lemme .. know ..
    and .. will this have the Yellow Triangle too on boot up ??
    is this version stable ??

    • Not sure about USB host functionality. But this is with old bootloader so USB Jig is working. No yellow triangle when install Samsung official firmware.
      Stable? No issue during my testing. πŸ˜‰

      • Vedanta

        Thanks Jayce….. πŸ™‚

  • Tobias Gustafsson

    Does this work on the Chinese version of the phone?

    • China version cannot. Hong Kong version yes.

  • john

    my stock is DXKH2 unrooted, if i flash into XXKI3 it will root my device or not?
    Sorry for ask, just to ensure

  • aladin

    have you tried frankenstein non wipe version?
    do you know what is the difference with stock, beside wipe and non wipe?

    • Nope, did not try it. Personally, I always wipe my phone even it is non wipe version. Don’t want existing system conflict with new one.

  • mazda

    Hey friend
    what you think about battery life??

    • Did not test it long enough to find out battery life performance. But I read other said it is good.

  • Dony

    Hey Jayc .. well am soooo confused about the root thing and now i have become worried bout the ROM
    so the story is :

    my GSII is a 2.3.3 Gingerbread with Kernel JPKH1 .. Can i change it ot 2.3.5 with Kernel XXKI3 ?? and if i can is there any steps to do before changing ??

    Plzzzz inform me cause am SOOO EXCITING about it !!!

    • Just install it will do. Rooting has nothing to do with Odin firmware installation.

      • Dony

        so u r saying i can change it ??

        • Why not? My original firmware is XWKF1 (Malaysia) also can install it. πŸ˜‰

  • Dony

    That’s Great πŸ˜€ … Ok one last question :
    hw is battery peformance , is’t better and can last looong ??

    • Did not test it long enough to find out battery life performance. But I read other said it is good. πŸ™‚

  • Dony

    OoOoK.. Thanx πŸ™‚

  • Jayce, if i use wipe version, must i wipe my phone by myself? or i just use odin and it will wipe automatically? if not, how can i wipe my phone before use odin? thanks…

  • Iggy

    Is it possible to flash this firmware but using a different CSC?

    • Should be. Just flash the CSC that you want later.

  • kelliee

    How to change from XXKH3 to XXKI3 (step by step)?
    Is it conflict for malaysian phone?
    My Kernel version now =
    build number = lite’ning rom v6.1 XXKH3

    i try to downgrade from 2.3.4 to 2.3.3 but the phone won’t on and keep restart.
    so i go back to XXKH3.

    • The installation guide is in the post.
      Conflict? No, it can be installed. But not upgradable with Samsung Kies.
      As for boot loop issue, you need to wipe data and cache when downgrade firmware.


    I want to upgrade but dont want to lost all the apps and date. any suggestion and need to do step by step

  • DON

    hi joyce,

    i downloaded already 2.3.5 XXK13, what i need to know is do i need to root my firmware, i’m using 2.3.4 XXKG2 which i already updated from previous stock firmware.

    can you please tell me what is the requirements in updating the firmware


    • Please follow the installation guide in the post. Do own backup first.

  • Kelliee

    Can I put lite’ning rom v6.1 to XXKI3?

  • aladin

    Jayce, some people say that for us, indonesian or malaysian users, using european csc like in this fw, is going to drain the battery.
    is this true or not?

    • Hmm… I am also not sure. Any website link that mention about this?

      • aladin

        I read it in a forum, some people say it but others disagree.
        As for mine, it is getting better with 2.3.5,
        I can get up to 17 hours now.
        Before, with dxkg3, only about 12 hours.

        • Then it is not true based on your own experience. πŸ™‚

  • Norman

    Hi Jayce,

    I have been following your site for some time, but so far i didn’t see any post saying bug regarding galaxy s2. I have galaxy s2 from the day it launch, and i facing so many bug seen. I have done read thought many site and i find that update the firmware will solve the problem. the following are my galaxy s2 bug:-

    1. 3g/2g signal = often drop and can’t go back online. need to turn to flight mode than reverse back.
    2. most of the game hang, done search on net and it say is due to soundpool error.
    3. voice echo when call to user, user can heard echo sound which very bugging them

    my question are :-

    1. did you face any off this problem before?
    2. if yes, did the update xxki3 solve the problem?
    3. if no, than i guess i have to send for warranty than.
    4. what sim card did you use? 64k sim? (my are old sim from digi 64k)

    sorry for posting this long but i really can’t take it anymore with this bug. and thanks in advance. by the way, love your site πŸ™‚

    • 1. Nope.
      3. I think so.
      4. I am using Celcom. Not sure it is 64K SIM or not.

      • Norman

        wow…thank for quick reply… i guess have to send for warranty than T_T

  • mazda

    hey friend
    can i install it thru cwm??????

    • No, but you can find other custom CWM ROM to install.

  • kelvin

    Download official XXKI3 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread ROM here. then it show up to multiupload & megaupload i confused??????

    • The firmware is stored at those file sharing sites.

  • DON

    hi jayce when i downloaded 2X the the rom in 7zip file its only 64 MB,, it should be 260 MB right? do you have any other alternative link or torrents instead..


    • Yes, it should be 258.79 MB. Nope, no alternative link. All 7 links there are not working for you?

  • DON

    yeah may be that i might having trouble with my connection,, anyway than you again

  • DON

    its not working to me i downloaded for 4 times when i reach about 245 its getting stock, you have any link? thanks

  • DON

    jayce how do i install stock kernel for k13

    • Install it with Odin just like firmware.

  • DON

    thank you jayce i made it successfully the update, but one thing when i rebooted my phone it says force close, i manage to follow your installation guide

    • Look like a bad installation. Try to install it again. Remember to wipe data and cache.

  • DON

    how this is application that i need to install..thanks

    • What application?

  • DON

    to wipe the data and cache

  • DON


  • DON

    appreciate the changes…thanks

  • DON

    jayce i want a new rom what is the latest update aside from gingerbread k13? at least Stable rom ha

    • XXKI8 is the latest one. But I did not test it yet.

  • DON

    jayce i tried to install darky rom and i did’nt like it so i go back to k13 and wipe the data/application and cache, but i’m in trouble all my application was deleted but take note i do back up using cwm and now i’m trying to restore using cwm also “restore existing back-up” and “i reboot clock work mode recovery” i see my old back up in sd card but i cant update go through this to restore all my application…how can i get back all my application.

  • DON

    when i reboot to CWM Recovery it show in the list one option is apply update from sd card when i go there i can see all my previous application but what i dont know how to load it again

    • Err… Did you restore the backup? Follow the guide that I gave you just now.

  • DON

    i try the two option…

    • You should get your backup apps and data back then.

  • DON

    no chance may be,, but anyway i will try to download it again… thanks,,

  • ricky

    Hi i have a uk tmobile samsung galaxy s2 running 2.3.3 it is rooted using this guide

    can i upgrade to the 2.3.5 firmware you have available for download? and also once this is done can i root my phone again using the same guide as above thanks

    • ricky

      hi i upgraded using the new 2.3.5 ang buy following you tutorial many thanks, can you just confirm is this the official 2.3.5 release or is it beta version?

  • ricky

    Hi ignore my above post keep it simple

    1. is this official firmware
    2. can i root my phone if so how
    3. also after this upgrade i still have my music pictures and videos i thort everything would get erased?

    • 1. It is leaked official firmware from Samsung. But can’t upgrade through Samsung Kies.
      2. Use CF-Root.
      3. Yes, this firmware does not touch all the contents in sdcard. But no harm to make a backup copy to PC.

  • jr

    PDA:KI3 / PHONE:KI3 / CSC:KI3 (XEO) this is what many sites are saying is the official firmware
    when i connect to kies it states PDA:KI3 / PHONE:KI3 / CSC:KI3 (KOR)<<<<< the letters here are different does that matter

  • dinker

    i try to install 2.3.5 in the same way you showed but my handset keep on restarting. any help?

    • Hmm… What do you mean that restarting?

  • dinker

    restarting mean itz not comming to main page. samsung galaxy s2 logo kepp on comming agian and agian. itz not going to home screen. and thnks for such a quicl reply.

    • Try these…
      – Turn off SGS2.
      – Press and hold down Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
      – Release all buttons when you see SGS2 Logo.
      – Android system recovery will be loaded then.
      – Select wipe data/factory reset. Then Yes.
      – Select wipe cache partition. Then Yes.
      – Reboot system.

      • Doomed

        U dont know, but u saved me. thought my sgs2 got bricked after i did a custom rom and my phone started this unending restart thing. as a final try i did above thing and all set to go..
        Thanx a million

  • dinker

    Yup it worked after i done what u said. thanks a lot. u r genious.

  • fx

    Hi Jayce,

    I only got a quadrant score of 3306 after updating to xxki3 (stock, unrooted). Why is there such a big difference to the score you obtained above? Thanks in advance.

  • Flying Field

    I was upgrading my S2 firmware to 2.3.5 as mentioned but after clicking start button on odin3 there was no progress bar visible even after a long time. So I unplugged S2 and after that neither i can start it nor it is booting to any mode. In other words it’s just dead. Can you tell what’s wrong?

    • No progress bar… Did the install start?
      If you can’t boot your SGS2 == brick.

  • Flying Field

    there was no progress bar so i suppose install didn’t start. now wt abt warranty or something can’t it be clamied or just i lost it?

    • Should be no problem to claim warranty if you still in stock firmware previously.

      • Flying Field

        unfortunately no πŸ™

  • Zeke

    Damn,i just about to install the firmware..then this flying field SII have problem with it.. Damn it, should i continue upgrading..?

    • Flying field SII??

      • Zeke

        The comment above me,his phone seems brick doing that.But, It will be a waste for root user like me not using this latest firmware..

        • Oh, I see. Install or not is up to you then… πŸ˜‰

  • Zeke

    The rom is in exe file right? i thought only tar.type of file can put in PDA(odin)..?

    • Extract it first. You will see the tar file then.

      • Zeke

        I’m already root my phone before using CF Root. Will CWM interrupt this process..?

        • Sorry, don’t understand you…

          • Zeke

            oh it’s ok,just finish update it.Thx bro,keep us update with SII news..:)

  • vans_ed

    y my quadrant only scores 3290…???any idea…???

    • Run few more time see.

      • vans_ed

        still got the same score…how come…???

        • Hmm… Try to wipe data and cache. Then reinstall XXKI3 firmware again.

  • Beginner 85

    If i send my phone to Samsung using this firmware,is it still void..??? Reply ASAP brother..

    • This XXKI3 Android 2.3.5 firmware?
      What is your original stock firmware?

  • Beginner 85

    I’m malaysia so 2.3.3 i guess. My version WXKI4..

    • Never heard of WXKI4…

  • Beginner 85,currently using this official 2.3.5 firmware,anyway,is it still void..?
    P.S there’s no more yellow triangle but Malaysia latest firmware is 2.3.3.

    • Yes, warranty void if you using XXKI3. You need to restore back stock firmware XWKF1. I told you already, right?

      • Beginner 85

        But i dont know to do that,can you give me any shortcut or instruction maybe..? plz reply.. It’s really frustrating.I can access internet or open youtube but i cannot download any apps from market android..Plz reply asap..

  • @Beginner 85: Officially, your phone need to be in official firmware. With no custom binary download counter. Else warranty void.

    From what I heard, Samsung Malaysia (certain service center) does not care and still service for you even your phone is using custom firmware.

    • Beginner 85

      You mean even if my phone is rooted..?

      • Yes dear…

        • Beginner 85

          Fuhhhhh,that’s very made me feel better Jayce!!! thx!!!

  • gs2white

    I’m using gs2 with DZKI1 (Malaysia) and my gps doesn’t work accurately even thogh i have enebled wireless network and it wont work if i’m not enabling the wireless network.

    Do u face the the same problem this XXKI3?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Nope. Better check with Samsung Malaysia.

  • mj

    thanx jayce .

  • Raviraj

    hey Jayce,
    two questions.

    1) I bought ma phone from India, its xwkf3, I updated to ke7
    after ma succesful update I went to ma “about phone” and checked if there was any higher official update available, and there was, so ma phone started to update and after the completion ma phone came back to xwkf3. So I wanna know what happen? did i downgrade ma phone and again updated it?

    2) About this update here 2.3.5 which is leaked, is it safe to do it? or shall I wait for the official realease coz they might add somethin more to it? if i update from “the leaked” will i be able to upgrade it officially after that?

    please help.
    very confused.
    I love this blog. Thanks for helping us android lovers.

    • 1. Yes, you downgraded then upgraded it.

      2. I tried it. No issue so far. The version here is a leaked version. Can’t upgrade through Samsung Kies. But you can try the official one at XDA. That can be upgraded.

  • Raviraj

    hey joyce,
    thanks for the reply,
    I jus learned that there is a 2.3.7 upgrade?
    is it out yet? or it jus a rumor?
    and please send me a good official link (xda) for 2.3.5 upgrade or 2.3.7 whichever yo thimk is the best. I’m never sure where to really download from (i’m skeptical). I want ma phone with the latest updates.
    help! please.

    • Not sure about 2.3.7. Anyway, you can get the latest firmware at XDA. Link in the post.

      • Raviraj

        I am not able to find the link brooo!! please send it, i am waiting to upgrade ma phone to 2.3.5 official!! cant wait….
        also shall i download darkysrom2? is it a cool tool? do i have to root ma phone for it?

          • Raviraj

            thanks man, now the website has these packages… i think i had to download kI3 but then i found more (KI4, KI8), so which package do i download jayce? sorry if i am being annoying. am i?

            Android 2.3.5

            This original (unmodified) Wipe Package with new bootloader has: PDA: XXKI3| Modem/phone: XXKI3| CSC: OXAKI3


            These packages have the new bootloader removed and repacked with the old ones so you can safely reset the binary counter with a Jig. πŸ™‚

            If you’ve already flashed a full package from elsewhere and cannot reset your binary counter using the Jig just flash this package in the PDA or Bootloader (Yes both will work) section of Odin to replace the bootloaders and then you can reset the counter:

            This Frankensteinβ„’ Non-Wipe package has: PDA: XXKI3| Modem/phone: XXKI3| CSC: XEUKD1

            XXKI3 Stock Kernel:
            Password: intratech@XDA

            Android 2.3.5

            This package has: PDA: XWKI8| Modem/phone: XXKI4| CSC: XEUKH2

            XWKI8 Stock Kernel:
            Password: intratech@XDA

            Android 2.3.5

            This package has: PDA: XXKI4| Modem/phone: XXKI4| CSC: XEUKH2

            XXKI4 Stock Kernel:
            Password: intratech@XDA

            • Decide yourself which firmware that you want to install. Download the firmware, not the stock kernel.

            • Raviraj

              ok but i donn know the difference between XWKI8 and XXKI3, to a layman like me sure XWKI8 seem the best. coz of the 8 in the end than 3… but i am not sure. πŸ™
              so which one do yo suggest please?

              • Samsung does not provide change log between versions. So you need to test them yourself to find out.

                FYI, I am using custom firmware based on XXKI4 now. πŸ˜‰

              • Raviraj

                I mean its a sgs2 I9100 from India, it says made in China. Yo know I am so excited to see the 2.3.5 update on ma nu phone but I have never been so confused in ma life before. I think I am gonna download this XWKI8 thingy coz it sounds latest to me, unless the great jayce has somethin else in mind.
                help me father!! show me the light

                • Raviraj

                  and what is this fancy lookin thing under : Individual CSC packages –

                  India ODDKE2 CSC:

                  India ODDKF3 CSC:

                  Poland OXAKF2 CSC:

                  Middle East OJVKE4 CSC:

                  Middle East OJVKF3 CSC:

                  MultiCSC OXXKE2:


                  are they any help? if i download this India thingy!!

                  • CSC is the consumer software customisation and is specific to geographical region and carriers. It contains the software packages specific to that region, carrier branding and also APN settings for data connection, MMS etc for your service provider.

                  • Raviraj

                    ok then! thats it.
                    i am downloading “XWKI8” and “India ODDKF3 CSC” as soon as yo say “ok dude” i’ll start the downloading!

                    • Just start it when you are ready. No need to wait for me.

                • Just pick the one that you like.

                  • Raviraj

                    ok so i have downlaoded XWKI8 and “India ODDKF3 CSC” so i first update with XWKI8 and then the CSC right?

                    • I did not install custom CSC before. No idea…

                    • Raviraj

                      jayce whats a network locked device?? how do i find out.?

                    • Raviraj

                      Hey Jaycee,
                      I have some applications which are not purchased from the market and I wanna upgrade them without making the purchase. Is there a way to that Mr. Android Genius?
                      Please help!

                      Galaxy s2

  • Raviraj

    I didnt get any link. please send it again.
    please copy paste!

  • ezzo

    Helloo jayce
    im from indonesia . actually i just upgrade my firmware from xkg3 2.3.4 , to this firmware 2.3.5 . I found out it drained my battery very fast.maybe it will last just for 6hours.
    My question is :
    I want to downgrade again to xkg3 2.3.4 ,should i do some procedure or i just do like when i was update the firmware?thanks jaycee

    • You need to wipe data and cache when downgrade. Installation is the same.

      • ezzo

        Hmm .just wipe data and cache then?ok!thnks jacyee.i will try

  • mich

    Hello Jayce,
    This is a great site, congrats!
    I placed an order @ Amazon UK for a SGS2 a few weeks back but it turned out that it’s from Hong Kong.I think it’s not a big deal, but some languages I need is missing (Hungarian), which can be found in the EU versions.
    Of course this can be fixed by flashing an EU ROM to the phone, however, I read that the firmware version I’m flashing should match the phone’s firmware. On another site I also read that it’s ok to flash ROMs from a different region as soon as the hardware matches.

    Would you please confirm that:

    1) flashing a ROM from another region should not result in my device being bricked (unless something goes wrong during the flashing procedure), the worst thing that could happen is that the device becomes unstable but I should be able to flash another ROM.

    2) SGS2 devices from different regions should have the exact same hardware (right (?)), so my device should be able to run basically any ROM out there (?).
    Details of my phone:

    Baseband version:

    Kernel Version:
    root@ubuntu #6

    Build number:

    I still have the option to return my phone to the seller, but if you think there’s a way I can use an EU ROM with my phone, probably it doesn’t make sense…

    Thanks for your help!

    • Yes, no problem to flash other region firmware as long as it is same hardware model I9100 (except for China I9100). Hong Kong SGS2 model is the international model. I am using Europe firmware on my Malaysia unit now. πŸ™‚

      • mich

        Woww, thanks for the quick response.
        Great, then sending the phone back doesn’t make too much sense…

        You rock man!

  • kyle

    Hi Jayce, i found your link to download the XXKI3 is 528MB but the one in is only 8MB. Erm… which one should i use? thanks

    • Use the one with 258.8 MB in size. 8MB one is just kernel. Not firmware.

      • kyle

        your one 528MB also work right? just finish to download it, cannot wait to try… hehe

  • mich

    It worked! πŸ˜‰
    I don’t see Hungarian as a swype language, but I must have flashed the wrong ROM… Anyway, it does work.
    Thanks again.

  • @Raviraj: You can only use that particular telco SIM card only if the phone is network locked.

  • Raviraj

    hmm… I updated ma phone with XWKI8 successfully and its workin well on ma sim, so i guess I meet their expect.
    I donn see any difference from 2.3.3 to 2.3.5 yet. but there is one thing I’m hating, I use tethering and portable hot spot alot and this upgrade doesnt allow to make any changes in configuring Id password –
    Network SSID – AndroidAP
    security – WPA2 PSK
    password – 823e3d04966
    which is unchangable, cant change is ssid name of password of security type. it changes temperorily, I use “open” security in ma room.
    it really sucks. I am irritated.
    is there anyway we can change it?

    • Sorry, no idea as I did not use XWKI8. Try to ask others at XDA.

      • Raviraj

        ok so yo are using XXKI4 right? does it have this problem? i think i am also gonna upgrade it to xxki4 if it doesnt , i tried to post ma problem on xda forum but it say something about posting 10 comments first only then i can quote a post… uff!

        • No issue on XXKI4.

    • Raviraj

      one more thing,
      next i am downloading the Indian CSC .
      how do i upgrade a kernel? is it the same way how I upgraded ma phone from the firmware via odin?

      • Depend on the kernel that you plan to install. There are CWM and TAR format. Check with Kernel developer for more info.

    • Raviraj

      I upgraded ma phone to XXKI4 but the problem mentioned above still stays… i though yo said that XXKI4 firware doesnt have this problem, yo said “no issues on XXKI4m wrong, there is. do somethin i want to use ma hot spot as “open” without any password.
      help!! jayce!!

      • Yes, I don’t have issue with hotspot on XXKI4. I can set security as Open and WPA2 PSK with my own password.

  • abeshkc

    Hi, I just flashed my GALAXY SII and now the data network mode will not show. wifi works. i,ve done factory reset, still no luck. my phone’s not network locked. any ideas??

  • Joe

    Hi Jayce,

    Does the new firmware fix the problem on low mic volume, most of the people i called using the headset mic complained that my voice is very far and low. I have sent my phone to the service center and the service tech informed me that he has changed the mic and etc but still facing the issue. I have read on the XDA forums that firmware upgrade solves this issue.


    • Is the problem caused by your headset? I don’t have low mic volume issue even on stock firmware.

  • Joe

    I’m not sure, if they have changed the mic and problem still persists than i think it could be the firmware. Only have this issue with headset, if i’m using speaker or Bluetooth no issues. I have read in XDA forums some people have face this problem and some had replacement to fix the issues and other firmware upgrades to 2.3.4. I just upgraded my firmware to DXKI1 which is still on 2.3.3 but it did not fix the problem. Wondering if any other Malaysians is having this issue as well.

    • Oh, you mean phone internal mic, right? Headset ==

      You can try to upgrade to Android 2.3.5 if you want. Not sure it can fix your issue or not.

      • Joe

        Yes sorry its the phone internal mic not the headset, i will try to update and see if it fixes the problem.

  • Hilmesh

    Dear Jayce,

    I updated my S2 with GT-I9100_XEU_I9100XXKI4_I9100XEUKH2_I9100XXKI4.tar (2.3.5 XXKI4 Release). I have used Odin and it is just a firmware update. Not Rooting.
    So in case i have to go to Samsung support all i need to do is reset everything and update again with the latest India Firmware. Is it correct? or Will i need the USB Jig? Please advise.

    • Yes. No need USB Jig if you don’t have yellow triangle.

  • kamal

    hi jayce.

    I have updated my sgs2 to xxi3…. Probably i downloaded this fw from android advice ( i don’t remember exactly, it came probably from )…. Its camera display has gone darker as compared to one i previously had (2.3.3)….Is it normal ? Can i again flash it with xxi3 using your link ? How can I do it ?

    if i wanted to get back to 2.3.3? will i have to use only pda file or all three files using odin ?

    Please reply.

    • I did not use firmware before. So no comment.

      You can install XXKI3 firmware again. Just follow my installation guide in the post.

      I only use 1 PDA file. Firmware from XDA.

  • kamal

    thanx for extremely speedy reply………you are amazing mate. :-)…………….you haven’t commented on camera pics qualities after xxi3 ?

    can i improve this camera display…..and brightness issue……….any recommended fw……way to go up from this xxi3 ? Thanks

    • I don’t use SGS2 camera much. So no idea. I am using XXKI4 now.

  • kamal

    kindly give link to this xxki4………………..can i go up from this present xxi4 ?

    do i have to wipe my data anc cache before going to xxki4 or reflashing with xxi3…………sorry dear for bothering you but please guide ………..

    • XDA link in the post. No need to wipe data and cache when upgrade to XXKI4. But I usually do wipe it myself to make it a clean installation.

  • kamal

    thanks jayce….

    1. couldn’t find link to xxki4 in your post……kindly paste it………….is it better than xxi3 ?

    2. In case, i also wipe cache and data……should i also wipe partition ?

    3. What is clockworkmod recovey ? and how is different from android recovery ? I have android recovery on my cell…………how can i bring or install clockworkmod recovery ?

    4. I don’t have an sd card …………can i still use titanium back up ?

    I am sorry for these too many questions……….but these emerged in my mind after reading various threads after reading in your this very informative blog…. Few things are too technical for me to understand as I am a beginner………….Kindly guide ..

  • Gulam

    Hi Jayce, In case you have mentioned the advantages / benefits of 2.3.5 over 2.3.3, can you please paste the link. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 which runs on 2.3.3. Looking forward to upgrade to 2.3.5. Your Blog is great :-)..

  • kamal

    thanks for the link jayce…………It says , it’s for poland…………will it be still in english ?

    Well I read at places that while wiping cache and data , there is also some re partition or stuff that which is wiped off while phone in the recovery mode……..I don’t know much about it my self…

    so hopefully , it would just be pda file which I would need to put in odin and flash………Is that it ? nothing else , I hope ?

    • Yes, it has English as the screenshots above.

      Don’t do the stuff that you don’t understand especially re-partition.

      Just follow my step by step guide and video…

  • kamal

    hi jayce……… we need to root our cell as well after flashing with kki4 or is this inbuilt ?

    I have just flashed my cell with this new fw but how is different from xxi3…….? i couldn’t find any difference at all…………..even my all apps and settings are intact…… about phone ,how ever information is changed to baseband 1900xxki4.

    • Root it if you need to use apps that require root access.

      I also don’t know because Samsung does not have change logs between builds.

  • kamal

    thanks dear………..I mean, you too have it on your mobile right now right ? did you find any diffference…….? Any thing which gives it an edge over xxi3 ?

    titanium back up need root access…………how did you root it ? what is link to the relevant CF file , the one you might have used ?

  • kamal

    hey jayce

    In one of your threads………which now I am very fond of browsing as they add wealth of some very useful and “honest” stuff to my knowledge…………I read that you were using some checkrom revolution hd rom ! I was just wondering ,you are using xxki4 or this above stuff………..Which one is better.?

    Asking you because I have become kind of fond of following you πŸ™‚

    • Custom firmware is better than official one. πŸ˜‰

  • kamal

    so are you on ? checkrom revolution hd ?????????????????

  • Praveen

    My SG S2 is 2.3.3 DDKE4, XWKF3. Also I had the low mic volume problem and pink spot in camera, no noice reduction cancellation button too. An yellow tint in left of the screen from top to bottom. Please tell me which update fixes these all problems. I found these are common problems for all s2 users.

    • Sorry, I have no idea…

  • Praveen

    Is 2.3.5 update good for 2.3.3? Could I proceed with the update to 2.3.5?

    • I am using XXKI4 (Android 2.3.5). For me, it is better than Android 2.3.3. Update or not is totally up to you. πŸ˜‰

  • Praveen

    No, No Iam first in updating, My question is, Is there any 2.3.4 update need for 2.3.5? My phone is not rooted. Need rooting for this update?

    • You can skip / jump version to upgrade. Same apply to downgrade. No root access is required to install firmware with Odin.

  • Praveen

    XWKI4 or XXKI3, the link is XXKI3.

    • xda-developers link…

  • kamal

    sir……………..didn’t get you at all…………… say you are on xxki4 ( in reply to praveen above ) but then you say ,you are on checkrom revolution hd……………………Oh God……………y can’t I understand plain English ?

    • CheckROM RevolutionHD v1 is a custom ROM based on XXKI4 firmware. It is like enhanced version of official XXKI4 firmware.

  • kamal

    so now as I have had xxki4 official firmware…………I can further update with checkrom revolution hd too ???? and if i don’t have xxki4, I can’t put checkrom on ? Is this what you want to say……..?

    If I have understood you correctly, please tell me how to install now this checkrom………Please give links………..

    Plus , today I ran antutu benchmark on my cell ( you have mentioned it somewhere in your blog), and I got pathetic 5921………and I was no where even in ranking ………..What does this mean? situation was not so bad on quadrant where my cell was at top after all…..

  • kamal

    Oh I see…………..dear……I didn’t even know of this asus transformer stuff…………It seems to be something really powerful…………….So take my words back…………I was really wondering what is this which excelled my sgs2…………..but this is tab ,not a mobile, right ?

    you’r our encyclopaedia jayce ……….thanks.

    • It is a new tablet.

  • ezzo

    I want to claim my warranty
    so iwant to unroot change to my original firmware
    my question are
    When i downgrade my firmware to its original .do i still need to do the unrooting stuff again or its already unroot?
    And if you need to unroot firmware nw are xxkg3. i want to go back to my ori rom which is are dxkg3..
    Thnks jaycee.. sorry to many questions..

    • Just downgrade will do.

  • Praveen

    can you advice for a latest update which consume low battery drain?
    One more question, need to remove the sim while update to 2.3.5?

    • Get the latest firmware from XDA (link in the post).
      No need.

  • Praveen

    I installed 2.3.5 successfully, thank you.

  • kamal

    dear jayce.

    Updated from 2.3.3 to xxki3 and then to xxki4 official ….following your guideline…..Now there is a problem……….sometimes “message ” application doesn’t just open and a small window pops up saying that it will force close and sorry ……….every time I try to open it, the same happens unless I switch it off and then reboot………..Only then problem resolves………..Besides I have “buddy” widgets” on my home screen with their photos……..during such crashing /hanging, these widgets also go blank with no photos……………..

    Please shed some light , why is this happening……Is it fw or some other issue……or is just normal hanging of this phone. ? Please suggest some solution………..

    • Look like you need to wipe data and cache in CWM to solve this force close issue.

  • kamal

    I don’t have CWM………..should I still wipe data /cache from android recovery which is there by default ?

    • Yes, you can use that.

  • MeHDi

    Hi Dear Jacye
    I have a galaxy s2

    Is gingerbread 2.3.5 support Arabic language for messaging?

    • MeHDi

      Sry dude i wrote wrong ur name. i’m already Sry

    • This firmware is Europe version. No Arabic language support if not mistaken. You need to install Arabic firmware.

  • MeHDi

    Some More Question Jayce πŸ™‚
    im Amatur in android.
    Whats Rom? Whats Darkyrom And Lite’ning And Whats Hyperdroid?
    Which best for my device?
    Whats firmware?

    • Try Google to learn it. Or get basic information from XDA. πŸ˜‰

  • kamal

    thanks jayce…….i have wiped data/cache and now would see if it crashes again…………will keep you posted πŸ™‚

  • kamal

    jayce……….do you use any screen protector on sgs2………..isn’t its gorilla glass scratch resistant………….do we need any protector at all ?

    • Nope. It is scratch resistant but still can be scratched. So do be careful on handling it.

  • kamal

    one more thing……………usually while playing games, in excitement, one tends to press buttons or touch screen ins galaxy little harder…………..can it spoil its touch sensitivity or it’s strong enough and purpose built to bear such stress ? how careful should we be……?

    • It should be strong enough to take normal finger touch stress.

  • MeHDi

    Jayce ; i Need Persian Or Arabic Firmware
    Persian is Better
    Can You Help Me Please?

    • JPKI1

      • MeHDi

        Tnx a Lot

  • MeHDi

    where r u man? πŸ˜‰
    What time is battery life of samsung galaxy s2 in power save mode and general mode?

    • I did not benchmark both mode. No idea…

  • MeHDi

    Which softwares you advise for galaxy s2?

  • kamal

    hi jayce…………

    I removed my cache/data as you advised to overcome force closure issue with my cell…………to remind you , I updated it from 2.3.3 to xxki3 and then to xxki4 following your procedure……….Sometimes while opening any application, that doesn’t open and rather get stuck and then messages pops up saying that sorry and now it would force close………………
    I repeat ………… it normal “hanging ” with such phones………….if not , should I downgrade to original fw or update to some new……………..????? Please suggest and guide >

    • Better restore back to original stock firmware since you face issues.

  • kamal

    dear jayce.

    I downgraded to original version that is 2.3.3………..GT-I9100_ORA_I9100BVKG3_I9100BVKG2_I9100ORAKG3.TAR was the file………….before downgrading………i wiped data /cache as advised……………………now there is strange problem……….phone is just not starting…………there is logo of orange company then flashes the “S” of samsung on the screen and that’s all………….it repeats again and again…………..what should i do now ?

    • Try to wipe data and cache again.

  • MeHDi

    When I Rotate My Phone Orientation Not Switching
    What Should I Do?

    • MeHDi

      Auto Rotate is On

    • Rotation is not working in which program?

      • MeHDi

        orientation must be switch when i roate phone. true?
        its not working in every where
        Watching Video
        Every Where iN Phone

        problem depend to firmware?

        • Look like it. Try factory reset.

  • kamal

    yes jayce……………it worked………..after re wiping cache/data…………..can i upgrade direct toxxki4 or xxki8 directly from 2.3.3….????

  • kamal

    sorry i mean xwki8 and it’s nordic update……….is it available in english ?

  • kamal

    thanx jayce……………one last thing…………….after downgrading………….my kernal version is still slightly different from what i originally had ………………like b4 , I had root@DELL 103#2 and now i had root@DELL103#2.

    does it make any difference and if it does, how can i find out original kernal .?

    • XWKDD is not original kernel for BVKG3 firmware. BVKG3 should be the original kernel.

  • kamal

    thank you so much jayce .

  • kamal

    hi jayce.

    I reverted to stock fw which I had to find out on xda developers site as I didn’t have any back up. Assuming that , it was my original stock fw,I flashed it……………It was GT-I9100_ORA_I9100BVKG3_I9100BVKG2_I9100ORAKG3.TAR…………. Now please suggest some way to root it……….I mean what is ,in your expert opinion closest CF match………

    2. When I bought cell………… already had a yellow triangle while booting and a superuser box in the menu…………though when I installed titanium back up app, which demands root access..the application didn’t run saying that cell was not rooted……….So was it rooted or not ?? and if it already had yellow triangle, did it mean, it was a used cell ?

    3, Can I back up the firm ware and all the operating system on removable memory card, not the inbuilt SD card……….. and then can I restore this on my Cell using this removable memory card in another mobile ( SGS2 )???

    Please guide dear, especially your opinion about this last point will be invaluable to me …


    • 1. XX_OXA_KG3

      2. Not rooted. Using custom firmware / kernel. Can be said that it was used.

      3. CWM v5 support backup to external SD card. But you can manually copy the backup files from internal SD card to external SD card on CWM 4 too. I do that all the while.

  • kamal

    hey jayce………………thanks for very useful replies………..

    can I get back to original stock recovery mode , I mean , can I undo clock mod recovery afterwards….

    second…….I flashed stock fw………….There was also given stock kernal file with it…………should I flash it too……..?? will this be like rooting my phone. ?

    • Yes, install stock kernel back.

      No need to flash kernel if you already flashed firmware. Kernel comes with it.

  • kamal

    install stock kernel back , you mean flashing with stock kernel ?????????????right ??

    or re flashing the stock firmware will also unroot it and restore stock recovery mode ???

  • kamal

    jayce , another thing………………… to know ,I have an sd card, I mean ,is there internal one ? my task manager in ” storage” shows sd card = unavailable space…………so I assume, it’s not there . If so, then I can not use CWM ?

    • USB storage == internal SD card.
      SD card == actual external SD card.

      Yes, CWM use internal SD card.

  • kamal

    my device ( task manager ) is just showing system storage 238mb/1.97gb and usb storage 2.34 gb/11.50 gb ………..In sd card…………there is 0.oob/o.oob………………..So is there no internal one. ?and how much is this total memory ?

    • I have 837MB memory that can be used.

  • kamal

    dear jayce….

    I have another sgs2………….with following specs

    Android version : 2.3.3

    Bandbase: 19100 BVKG2

    kernal no : root@DELL 103#2

    Build No : Gingerbread.BVKG3.

    I intend to root it with xx-oxa.kg3 as you suggested above to get cwm…………..then back up its fw on its external sd card…………

    then I plan to remove this external sd card and and put that in my cell and install this backed up fw into my cell……

    πŸ™‚ So is it possible ?

    If it is possible…………..can you guide me to the procedure so I may not falter. Thanks

  • kamal

    dear jayce I told you about the yellow triangle on my cell……….and still it wasn’t rooted as titanium back up app refused to run on it…….you said that it could be a used or tampered cell.???

    What could possibly have been done with this……..An attempt at rooting but which was not successful ? or what do you think is the reason for this yellow triangle if it’s not rooted either ????

    • A custom firmware / kernel was installed on your phone. So you got yellow triangle.

  • kamal

    dear jayce…………….how do you compare sgs2 with new arrival samsung galaxy nexus……………

    I recently dropped my sgs2 on floor………… their any thing , i can check my phone with ………like I used some z device test….that showed it ok except showing temperature sensors………….any thing else in your opinion ?

    • Galaxy Nexus is nothing to me but good in Android 4.0 only. SGS2 hardware is better. Unless you want 720p display.

      What do you want to check? Anything not working now?

  • kamal

    thank you jayce………..apparently there is not even a scratch and every thing is working as b4…..just was being cautious…………:-)…………..thank you again.

  • kamal

    hi jayce…………

    why galaxy note is not favourite with you………….only downside is that it’s not pocketable………otherwise it seems to have an edge on sgs2……….what do you say.?????

    besides I couldn’t understand your analysis regarding its resolution viz-a-viz sgs2……..Is it inferior or at par……………what is subpixel ?

  • kamal

    dear jayce……………….Initially I updated my cell to 2.3.5 using odin……………then I reverted to 2.3.3 using official fw given on xda developers site…………I also wiped all cache data as you instructed……then again I upgraded back to 2.3.5 but this time using kies and officially…………So now it has official fw of orange………..

    Still my buddy widgets sometimes suddenly go blank and application fails to open displaying “sorry” message and informing me that app will force close……………..Is it normal “hanging” of cell or what ? What should I do ????????????? I usually reload my pics on buddy widget after every such incident……

    • You can factory reset your phone if system is not stable.

  • @Raviraj: No. You can only upgrade the apps that you purchased.

    • raviraj

      hey whats up ma android god!
      is it time that i can upgrade ma sgs2 with ice cream sandwich?? is the good firmware out yet?? is the leaked one out yeat?? as is good or should i wait for the official version??
      holla back.

      • Yes. No. Yes. Wait…

        • Raviraj

          jaycee when is the official ICS upgrade for sgs2 gonna happen?

          • Q1…

            • Raviraj

              q1?? whats does that mean?

              • Quarter 1 ~ January 1, 2012 – March 31, 2012.

  • kamal

    happy new year jayce……………….wish to continue to have you as mentor this year as well…………thanks for everything… and look forward to more πŸ˜‰

  • Paul

    hi Aanyone with help
    I have currently revert back to 2.3.3 using Australian stock firmware (xsa) I used to have optus branded firmware, I am looking for 2.3.5 firmware Australian (XSA) but cant find it anywhere it would be something like this

    I have atm
    GT-I9100_XSA_I9100XWKF3_I9100XXKE7_I9100XSAKE3.tar which is v2.3.3
    Missing 2.3.5/ I have had it before but in optus branded and i want Aus stock (XSA)
    GT-I9100_XSA_I9100XWKK2_I9100XSAKK1_I9100XXKI4.tar whicj is v.2.3.6
    I want 2.3.5 because it was the best on my phone dont like 2.3.6

  • Rhoan

    Hi Jayce

    I am new to rooting and flashing my SGS 2 , just wanted to know wat would be there best ROM to use for my phone to make it faster and better,

    PDA :I9100XWKI4
    PHONE :I9100XXKI1
    CSC :I9100OJCKI1

    Kernel Version :


    • Best ROM depends on your own usage. My best ROM is CheckROM RevoHD currently.

  • Rhoan

    Thanks for the reply jayce and tell me can you then install like ics rom and things the same way after i download the kernel you said i should download?

    • You need CWM to install most of the custom ROM. Some use Odin.

  • simplynusser

    how to downgrade the s2 from ics 4.0.3 to 2.3.6

  • Bird

    HI there…. can i know where can i get the official firmware of I9100G android 2.3.5 DZKJ2?

  • Tami

    Hi Im trying to dowload the Middle East ROM from mulitupload site but I cant open the site PLEASE HELp




    • You can restore it if you have backup EFS previously.

  • Charelo80

    Hi Jayce I have a GS2 with Firmware I9100UHKG4 and Kernel I can’t find unsecure kernels to root, please help me what can I do?? Can I just flash any insecure kernel?? Thanks.

  • kamal

    hi jayce

    your views about new sony xperia vs samsung galaxy s2………..would you go for xperia ?

    • I won’t buy Sony phones because they are 1 generation behind others.

  • kamal

    but dear while mentioning specs of sony xperia………….they seem to take an edge over sgs2 like 1.5gh dual core ……….12 mp camera , probably better resolution and latest. In various head to head comparisons…………sony xperia is being rated equal to sgs2 or slightly better…………how then are they one generation behind ?

    • Cresando

      SII is one of the best phone of all time.

    • Hehe… Sony Xperia S should fight with HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3. Not last year model.

  • kamal

    jayce ………….how to clean screen of sgs2………….just a damp tissue paper, cloth or some alcohol based solutions ???

    • Personally, I use cloth (for lens) only.

  • kamal

    so you suggest , a damp tissue paper will probably do ?

  • Raviraj

    hey jaycee…
    Is the good ICS firmware for SGSII available now? is it a good time to upgrade ma S2 2.3 gingerbread to ICS 4.0

    • For me, no yet.

      • Raviraj

        please elaborate … I’ve seen some s2’s online with 4.0 , are they not stable?
        I’m very excited to upgrade it to ICS.
        Guide me, please.

        • Certain apps that I am using do not support ICS yet. So I stay with Gingerbread.

  • Raviraj

    So some of the apps. or most of them? And there are no other problems right? Like with speed an all that… I really wanna try 4.0

    • Yes, certain apps only. No other major issues.

  • Raviraj

    Alright then, awesome.
    Please send me a link to a good lastest 4.0″s latet firmware .
    I’m upgrading

    P.s – I saw a video on YouTube which says that its hard to make and disconnect a call… and some other bugs. But I guess that all solved as yo say there are no major issues.

  • kamal

    JAYCE we have iphone 5, sony xperia s , htc one x and samsung galaxy s3 all locked in very tight competition in 2012………Their head to head comparisons are very impressive and close…………….what will be your choice based on their specs , some out and some still rumoured ?

    • Sony Xperia S out. I bought HTC One X. Will buy SGS3 too. Will buy iPhone 5 only if have new CPU (don’t want A5X).

  • kamal

    hi jayce…………..after very very patient waiting ………finally updated my sgs2 to 2.3.6 from orange through kies…………….but little disappointment,,, rather lots of it…… took me three hours and i am just flustered , what is the difference between 2.3.5 and 2.3.6……’s just the same……….isn’t it ??????

    • Just some bugs fixes if not mistaken. I can’t notice the different myself too.

  • kamal

    jayce…………………have you found kindle fire better than ipad 3…….i was just looking at both……….and this is first time, i started learning about tablets and their specs…….Being a firm believer about your expertise and exquisite choice, i was little surprised that you went for kindle fire while on papers i pad 3 is far superior………..

    • I still don’t have the new iPad yet. Can’t compare them. But they are in different OS ~ Android and iOS. Choose the platform that you prefer.

  • kamal

    hi jayce.

    just upgraded my sgs2 from 2.3.6 to ics 4.0.3 through kies. my kernel version reads something like this. 3.0.15-19100BVLPB-CL310231dpi@DELL151#3. how to root it………??? could n’t get any relevant file .

    Also tell that once rooted through odin…….wouldn’t i be able to use kies again ?

    • Hi kamal, I am also not sure which CF-Root can you use. Try to consult others at XDA website.

  • kamal

    jayce…………….following your advice I posted this question at xda forum…………..and someone suggested me to use
    SGS-XX-OXX-LPB-v5.2-CWM5 by chainfire……………….what do you say ? If it didn’t work , would it spoil my phone ?

    • Hi kamal, I have no idea because I did not test it personally.

  • kamal

    thanks jayce for your help and guidance………..sgs3 released…………what do you think ….are you buying it ? Isn’t it a bit disappointment compared to speculations about it. how do you compare it with htc one x ?

    • SGS3 not a perfect phone just like HTC One X. Lack of HD Super AMOLED Plus is a big disappointment for me. Buy or not? Still thinking…

  • Raviraj

    I’ve a samsung galaxy s2, I’m fom India. Is it a good time to upgrade it to 4.o?? If yes please send me the odin updrage link so that I cam update.

    • Hi Raviraj, upgrade or not is totally depended on you.

  • Raviraj

    I just wanted to ask its the bugs are fixed and if it would slow ma phone down.? Say somethin nice, ma confusion dossnt solve if yo say it up to yo…plwase help

    • Not all the apps support ICS yet (this depend on the apps that you use). So you need to try it yourself to find out. πŸ˜‰

  • Raviraj

    hey dude,
    I’ve decided to upgrade! please send me a link to the “official Indian ICS” Odni firmware link!
    I’ll be ready to rock as soon as yo send me the link…
    I’m very excited.

    • Sorry Raviraj, there is no official ICS firmware for India yet.

  • Raviraj

    And please tell me one more thing that… as I wont be upgrading ma phone though Kies … but this will be an official Indian ICS upgrade… so will I be able to get 4.4 or 4.5 and on… upgrades later through ma mobile carrier?
    I hope I made ma point clearly comprehensible to yo.

    • Yes, if you install official firmware.

  • Raviraj

    Can yo please send me the link please.

    • Raviraj

      there is an official firmware. I’ve heard about it. I’m sure. But I rely only on yo links and suggestion coz yo are a pro bro. πŸ˜‰

      • The official firmware (other region) has India CSC but it is not released in India officially. Just check with Samsung Kies and you will know.

        • Raviraj

          I’m jus waiting for the official kies update… please lemme know as soon as it realizes…
          I downloaded the firmware which was said to be the official firmware for India, it was on XDA. They said that it was gonna be officially launched by kies.
          Its alright, there are 2 small problems, with wifi on-off and I cant change the wallaper on ma home screen… it force closes.
          I’ll wait till ya gimme a green flag waving. πŸ˜€

  • Hey Jayce,

    I’ve updated from Kies the official ICS 4.0.3 version. I never rooted or flashed my galaxy s2 so far. This official update that I’ve installed on my phone is very buggy (Twlauncher crashes all the time, some times the touch screen is not as responsive as it was with Gingerbread, battery draining a lot quicker, etc.) and I have to do something about that. My questions are:
    1. Can I downgrade to the previous official firmware I had installed without rooting the phone?
    2. If I do that (Question 1), my warranty will be voided?
    3. Can you give me the link to download the latest official Gingerbread? And some quick instructions on how to install it on my SGS2?

    P.S: Please note that my phone has never been rooted and/or flashed. Thanks.

  • Raviraj

    Hey. JAYCEE !!
    Are we ready to upgrade our s2 to 4.0.4 yet? Is there a good firmware yet!
    I really want the HDR and burst camera mode in ma s2!

    • Hi Raviraj, I did not try out other Android 4.0.4 firmware on SGS2 yet. You need to try out yourself to find out…

  • Raviraj

    Ayyy!! Come on… this is not fair… yo are the android guru here…
    Yo need to do it first and then guide us if we should or not… im reading on some websites that it has lot o bugs… so I came to yo…
    Enlighten us! Please!

    • Then you need to wait until I am free to test it.

  • Raviraj

    Waiting is not a problem dude,
    But please keep me informed.


  • deividinho

    Who can help find XXK13, please

    • You can try to find it at SamMobile.

  • raviraj

    Hey jaycee!!
    Yo have still not informed me about 4.0.4 for Samsung galaxy s2 weather its ok to upgrade to it or not…. and now jelly bean 4.1 is available too… is the review good for jelly? Is it time to upgrade? πŸ™‚

    • Sorry raviraj, as you can see I am still not free to test it on my SGS2. Just try it yourself to find out… πŸ˜‰

  • raviraj

    Ok then please send me the link to the awesome jelly bean!!!

  • Raviraj

    just one more question they have APOK & XXDLH4 file downloads for 4.1.1 firmware update… so which one should i go for… if yo have the knowledge about it.

    • Where do you get these ROM?

  • raviraj

    Random sites… I find xda very confusing … there is so much on there…

    • Don’t simply get from random sites. Else you might brick it.

  • js

    can it support chinese ??

    • Yes, you can install Chinese input.

  • Imran

    Sir, i have bought new SGS-2 and by mistaken i install custom rom which was name tim… after that the phone battery timing goes only 25 minutes. and also ther are some bugs. now i want to download from your given link the stock rom for S2 but there is ilivid video down loader. i have tried many many times and many different websites. stock rom is only at your web. Please provide me any link where i can easily download the stock rom. its just 4 days ago i bought it n don’t wanna lost it so early.

    Best regards

    • Hi Imran, you can get it from SamMobile.

      • Imran

        I have checked all version there are up to 4. (4.0, 4.1) etc. I have downloaded the Odin3-v1.85 From your web but can’t download the Rom, every time ilivid down loader appears. I just need now 2.3.5 stock rom for Samsung Galaxy S2. Please if you can assist me. or i can give you remote access of my PC its 24 Hours connected you can access it any time if you like.

        Will be very grateful for you


  • Imran

    Also I have tried the custom Rom (Leomar75 Rev) Path not found on next page. not downloading. πŸ™

  • aniks

    i downlpoad now

  • khaldun

    hi please I need help my phone is galaxy s 2 gt-i9100 I update its softwere by odin but it is dont work and still do restart

  • farhan

    hey can i use this rom ? im from malaysia .

    • farhan

      im using G version .

      • No, you need to use firmware for G version.