Download Pdaimatejam Windows Phone 7.8 ROM for HTC HD2

Windows Phone is not my cup of tea. Well, it still can’t impress me. Still lack of apps and games when compare to iOS and Android. Maybe I will back to Windows when Microsoft combines both Windows for desktop and phone into one OS. Until then, Android is still my top choice. But this may not apply to some of you, just me. So there are Windows Phone 7.8 ROMs (still no public WP8 ROM yet) for HTC HD2. Pdaimatejam ROM is based on WP7.8 OS 7.10.8862.144. Basically, it is ported from Nokia Lumia 900. So you can see Nokia applications (Nokia Drive, Maps, Music) and features there. Windows Phone is all from Nokia mainly now, right? And the very important stuff ~ it has automatic activation code for Windows Live.

Pdaimatejam WP7.8 ROM for HTC HD2

Hmm… Maybe Windows Phone is not that bad. Just I did not have the chance to try latest WP8 phone like Nokia Lumia 920. I might change my mind when I try one. So Nokia, do you want to send one over to me for testing?

Download Pdaimatejam Windows Phone 7.8 ROM for HTC HD2 here.

  • Drake

    Hi.I have HTC HD2 EU 16gb micro sd ext4 1GB partition
    When i install this rom
    going to HTC afther that stays on black screen after htc logo,buttons light up if you press them but that is all.

    How to fix that please tell me 🙂

    • Hi Drake, please consult ROM chef at XDA Forum. He knows better. Or try other ROM. 😉

  • nutakor kelvin

    Hi jayce i have htc hd7 win7 and i want to upgrade to 7.8 please help me. t mobile and AT&T

    • Hi nutakor, please consult HTC Support. Sorry, I don’t have HTC HD7. No idea.

  • tiago

    why my htc hd2 dont reconise any sd card afther y instal wm7 ,y dont have any memory
    can some one help me?

    • Hi tiago, did you put SD card in when install WP7?

  • tiago

    no,must y install wp7 again?

    • No but you need to factory reset with SD card in there.

  • tiago

    y have done but de mobile dont find any sd

  • tiago

    d the factory reset must be done in the wm7 self? or on malgr?

  • tiago

    sorry jayce but de mobile still wen y the sd card remove y dont see nothing hapening?
    please what must y do?

    • Hmm… Try to reinstall WP7 with SD card in there then.

      • tiago

        this works now y have 7 gb ,thank you

  • tiago

    do you no why y can not update with zune he say dat no space on telefone.
    my wp7 is in english do you now how can y get laguage pakt

  • tiago

    and y stil have 3 gb on mobil

  • tiago

    sorry do you now how can y more laguage in my mobil download? y live in holland and y dont have dutch on my telefone

    • Sorry tiago, I don’t use WP7. No idea. Please consult ROM chef at XDA Forum.

  • brofaris

    why after i flash this roms i’m stuck at HTC logo

    • No idea. It should work. Try to reinstall again.

  • razZ

    hi jayce,how to consult ROM chef with out any registration on xda

    • No, you can’t do so without an account.

  • Beniamin

    Hey, i have installed the Wp 7.8, but i can’t download apps because i need to activate… Do you please tell me how can i activate the Wp 7.8 ?:D Thanks!

    • Hi Beniamin, get activation code from Microsoft Support.

      • Beniamin

        Thank you!:)

  • Aaron

    Jayce Ooi Hello, I tried to install Windows 7.8 on the HTC HD2, I made a mistake because it appears to me that software Nokia Lumia 900, I want to install Windows 7.5 or 7.8 for HTC obviously all for HTC, but can not find patch I came to your site and I give here Download here. can not download .. please help me, I’m from Romania.

    • Hi Aaron, the file is no longer exist. Try other WP7 ROM instead.

      • Aaron

        I managed to make another version of a software, the HTC HD7, works very well in my opinion, but the only problem as to those who have installed, is that I can not enter a Windows Live account, I get I can call them, but here in Romania is not possible, or I do not know how I can get, please if you can give to me an activation code .. or tell me how to do all the procedure, even not I’m good at that. Thanks in advance, you are a good man!

        • Hi Aaron, try to call other region Microsoft Support. Eg, US.

  • ashish

    during update my hd2 with wd 7.8 sd card should present in my phone.

  • mickey

    i need the activation code for mi htc hd2 but i can’t find it that code i chat with the Microsoft Support. but they don’t give me a code what can i do and sorry for my bad inglish

    • Sorry mickey, I don’t have it too. Try to get from Microsoft Support again.

  • shyam

    Power on your phone and don’t let go power
    2. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded.
    3. Go to 10. Services.
    4. Go to 4. UseLast24NAND.
    5. Press Call button for YES.
    6. Go to 5. USB Flasher.
    7. Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
    8. You should see Wait USB…USB.
    9. At PC, enter
    HD2_Updatable_XBmod_Yuki_v2_native folder.
    0. Right click on DWI.exe and select ‘Run as
    1. Click ‘Yes’ if User Access Control prompt up.
    2. Follow onscreen instructions to install.
    3. Phone will be rebooted after installation finished.
    4. Disconnect USB cable from phone.
    5. Follow onscreen instructions to setup Windows
    Phone 7 settings (time zone, date & time).
    6. That’s all.

    can i use the same procedure here?

    • shyam, what do you plan to do?

      • shyam

        i would like to install Pdaimatejam Windows Phone 7.8 ROM so can i usr this procedure…

        • You can refer to installation guide at XDA Forum.

  • Mahbub

    hi! Jayce, how r u?
    how storage need the win7 for instal
    i have a 4gb sd card when installed the rom my sd card showing only 200mb
    pleas help

    • Hi Mahbub, did you put SD card in during WP7 installation?

      • Mahbub

        ya i put SD card during wp7 installation

        • Factory reset. Then in WP7 you should be able to use around 4GB data.

  • tarun

    hey jayce i need to install wp 7.8 and currently running android 4.1.2 with cyanogenmod 10. can u guide me as i m new in rooting that how can i root it in wp 7.8 ! pls

  • Yushubh Khungar

    Hi Jayce, I want to copy data of my phone to my PC. There are a number of music, videos, photos. So can you help in doing so. Thanks