Download Triangle Away for Samsung Galaxy S3

Download Triangle Away for Samsung Galaxy S3


Triangle Away is another great product from XDA Developer, Chainfire. Personally, I don’t recommend using Triangle Away unless USB Jig is not working. Basically, Triangle Away can remove the yellow triangle from boot screen as well as reset the flash counter, for a select few Samsung devices that running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich like Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100 & SGH-I777), Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000 & GT-I9220) and Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300 & GT-I9300T). The flash counter keeps track of how many custom firmwares you have flashed and this voids warranty. So Triangle Away helps to recover warranty back if you have flashed custom firmware or kernel.

Triangle Away for Samsung Galaxy S3

Note – Only use Triangle Away for Samsung Galaxy S3 if you know what you are doing. And process at your own risk. Finally, do study more information at XDA website.

Download Triangle Away for Samsung Galaxy S3 free version here.



    USB Jig is a hardware device, right?

    • Jayce


  • Dr.Mosse

    THANK YOU U R Very useful XD

  • Nuj

    Does triangle away work on 4.1.1 version for Galaxy S3?

    • Jayce

      Some users reported yes. Anyway, you can always revert back to Ice Cream Sandwich firmware which Triangle Away is working fine on.

  • asher

    Hi jayce,
    Does the latest Triangle Away ver. 2.0 work on S3 either ICS/JB? It doesn’t seem to read the Current Status of Flash Counter. Can I still proceed to run Reset Counter Flash without this status?

    • Jayce

      Yes (but I didn’t try on JB).

  • asher

    Ok… thanks!

  • Carsley

    how to install the triangle away to s3?

  • Carsley

    Because i want to do update for the malaysia version jelly bean..

  • jimi

    why can’t I download the app

    • Jayce

      What is the error message when you try to download it?

  • Mark Mcilkenny

    Hi great tutorials my problem is this after using triangle… in download mode it shows the counter at 0 binary official system status custom or modified and when I open triangle away it increase my conter by 1 each time I read somewhere that I should do a battery pull after resetting the counter before it boots back up then factory reset from recovery or flash a earlier stock rom and try again im on 4.1.2 jb I9300xxemb5 any help would be much appreciated

  • Mark Mcilkenny

    Thanks for getting back so quick I was just about to do something crazy and heard the beep from your email cheers:-)

  • mark mcilkenny

    thanks i watched this one but i was wondering if i can get every thing official but still keep root will this method work or am i dreaming

    • Jayce Ooi

      No idea, I did not try that. Just refer to those who tried it. But rooting still void warranty if Samsung in your country is strict. So that guide is useless to me.