Download Ultimate Droid 3.3 NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM for HTC HD2

Latest build is always the best. Lot of bugs fixes and improvements… Here you are ~ Ultimate Droid 3.3 from Crawlingcity. Ultimate Droid is one of the Android ROMs that I like. It is fast and smooth. Crawlingcity always updated this ROM based on latest UD build and kernel. And this build is based on Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 and using Tytung r9 Kernel.

Ultimate Droid 3.3 on HTC HD2

Quadrant score
Stock 3D Launcher
Software information

SD card partition guide ~ How to create ext3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery?

Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

Download Ultimate Droid 3.3 [Kernel: Tytung R9] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM here.

  • Michael

    Hi .. I tried to install MAGLDR on my hd2 …. and now it doesn’t work anymore .. when i power i up i is stuck on a white screen and HTC … what can i do …. i followed the instructions and came to the ”congratulations” screen in the update utillity ..

    • Can you let me know what have you done in detail? So that I can have a better understanding what went wrong. Thanks.

      • Michael

        Yes … certanly. I followed the instructions on this site … … I got as far as to the part: ”Congratulations! You now have MAGLDR installed on your phone.” then when i tried to restart it it just showed the first screen the white background in green letters htc. I started out with a windows mobile 6.5 installation .. !

        • Based on that guide, you have MAGLDR installed. Continue to install NAND Android will do. πŸ™‚

          • Michael

            It looks ok with the upgrade and it tells me that it is upgraded …. but when it restarts it is stuck in the startup-screen. The one with the HTC on the screen. When I try to make a hardreset, it tells me that the hardreset is complet, but when I restart the same thing comes up .. HTC on a white screen …. πŸ™

            • Are your installed files and step by step same as my video guide here?

              • Mazher

                Hi Michael

                once you installed the MAGLDR it means you dont have any rom installed on ur HTC HD ROM. you have to installed the ROM by getting into the MAGLDR bootloder menu.

                just restart you HTC HD2 by keeping power on/off button after 10-20sec it will get into MAGLDR bootloder menu.

  • ex5

    sigh….another update…downloadinnggg,…..

    now im using UD 3.2.5, intend to upgrade because i saw a Fm radio here,, the previous one don’t hv..(i mean the live radio not the streaming type app)

    will feedback in few days.

  • ex5 to make back up if i want to upgrade 3.2.5 to 3.3 without losing my apps and games..then restore back after finish upgrading..

    Jayce..any link how to do it?…thnx..

    • Just make a backup with ClockworkMod Recovery. You can always restore back if anything bad happen. πŸ˜‰

      Note – you can install this update ROM on top of v3.2.5 if the structure does not change much. But you can always wipe all data and cache, then install clean. After that, try to use Advanced Restore at ClockworkMod Recovery to restore only data and SD EXT.

  • cliff

    Jaycees, is this better than nexus one ROM?

    • Both of them have their own advantages. πŸ™‚

  • Rami

    Jayce….How often does your HTC HD2 freeze? I have MAGLDR 1.13 and Clockworkmod recovery installed on my HD2. I have UltimateDroid 3.3 installed. It freezes at times while I use the internet. Im not sure if should freeze this often. How does everybody elses HTC HD2 work? Did I istall it wrong? What am I missing?

    • Freeze? This term does not happen to me for quite some times. Maybe you can try other Android ROM see.

      By the way, I have HSPL3, radio 2.15, MAGLDR 1.13 and CWM 1.3 on my phone.

    • EdGHosn

      I installed the UD3.3 on my HD2 and all seems ok. The Market force stops frequently. I can seem to access all the feature of the UD in he settings menu. BUt it works pretty good.

  • Rami

    Jayce….Can I start over even though I have HSPL4,MAGLDR 1.13, and CWM 1.3 already on my HTC HD2? Can I reinstall all of it again? Where do I start. It doesnt matter what build I have….it still freezes.

  • Rami

    Does it matter what HSPL I use? Version HSPL3 or HSPL4? Im using HSPL4.

    • As long as you have SPL-2.08.HSPL, you are fine. Both are the same no matter coming from HSPL3 or HSPL4.


    good battery life and is fast….very happy

  • Siew

    hie, installed this Ultimate Droid 3.3 from Crawlingcity. But after loaded my contacts and calender (around 3M), it keeps complaining not enough internal memory.

    Tried to move the preinstalled applications to SD card but not allowed.

    Any suggestions? thanks

    • How much ClockworkMod Recovery partition layout are you using now? This ROM only requires 150MB. You should have around 200MB internal disk space left then.

      • Siew

        I have wipe data & cache with ClockworkMod Recovery using v1.3 and partition SD card ext size 4096M swap size 0M. Did I miss something?

        • How much ClockworkMod Recovery partition layout are you using now? There are 150MB, 250MB and 400MB.

          • Siew

            Dear Jayce,

            I jhave installed ClockworkMod with 400M Partitiion.

            I tried to repeat the above steps with reinstalling the 400M Partition Layout.

            After installing the Ultimate Droid 3.3 from Crawlingcity, I found in setting/applications/Manage Applications – The internal storage in total is only 7.2MB,of which 2.3MB is the preinstalled.

            when I start loading my contacts and appointments, it complains the internal memory is not enough.

            Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

            • Install 150MB partition layout.

              • Siew

                Thanks Jayce…you are right.
                the problem is with the 400M partition layout.

                Thanks alot.

  • Adam

    Hi Jayce,

    Can I restore my apps by using titanium backup that i backup from the Mdeejay Evo Sense into it?


    • Yes, you should be able to restore your apps and data to any Android ROM that you want (if Titanium Backup is working properly).

  • tony

    top flight!!!! i love being able to mod a crapy windows phone into an open source android beast.

  • lueeze

    hello jayce,

    i want to ask, why is it that everytime i download ROM i get like this, ( boot; META-INF; system )
    this 3 files, and i cannot do anything about it.

    Is this the correct file that i get?

    thanks in advance for your reply…

    • Yes, the ROM is correct. ClockworkMod Recovery uses Android ROM in zip format. No need to extract it.

      • lueeze

        Ok, so i will just install it via clockworkmod recovery, ok i will try, hope i can do it.

        thanks a lot jayce, i will inform you if it works on my hd2.

        thanks again

        • ex5

          Sure it can work on yr hd2,,mine works perfectly. Good luck…

  • pparanoid

    Hi again Jayce, after reinstalling again and again, the Froyo build by Cotulla, it still freezes and during boot to NAND, after the 1, 2, 3, 4… Fatal Error occur, so I took the batt out and insert it again, sometimes, boot loader just restart and restart, maybe I’ll try a new build, maybe this time the 2.3 build, the one above, hehehehe….
    Got some question Jayce, how to install this build, to I have to install the pre-requisites just like in the 2.2 build or start installing the build… could you help me again, maybe step by step instruction if you don’t mind…. Thanks a look Jayce!

    • pparanoid

      to add on, hehehehehe, do I really have to partition my SD card, I’m only running a 4gb SD card, what is your recommended partition, Thanks alot!

      • Yes, you need to further install the prerequisites that you don’t have. EXT3 partition is a must for this build. You can try 512MB.

        • pparanoid

          I can’t DL Download Ultimate Droid 3.3, do you have another like.

      • I absolutely love this rom. The Carousel lags a tiny bit from time to time but its pterty smooth most of the time. I use nexus kang for my live wallpaper and minimalistic text for a custom homescreen. Netflix works great too. If you restart your phone and get your icons replaced by a gray version of the app market its because you moved the app into the sd card. Just remove it and replace it. No overclocking kernel out yet that i know of.

  • pparanoid

    Em I Right

    1st step
    SD card partition guide ~ How to create ext3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery?

    2nd step
    Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

    Kinda confious… Thanks!

    • Yes, you need to have EXT3 partition on your SD card before you can install A2SD+ Android ROM.

  • pparanoid

    But you need to install the ClockworkMod Recovery first before doing the partition…? How to install the ClockworkMod Recovery… Super Thanks Jayce!!!

  • pparanoid

    After it…..
    I’ll go on with this

    1st step
    SD card partition guide ~ How to create ext3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery?

    2nd step
    Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

    Then Finish…? Thanks! Sorry for the bother…. (“,)

  • pparanoid

    in this video I’m lost again

    2nd step
    Installation guide ~ How to Install NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

    you install the Jaws not the Ultimate Droid 3.3 [Kernel: Tytung R9] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM.
    how to install Ultimate Droid 3.3 [Kernel: Tytung R9] NAND A2SD+ Zip ROM… please help again, thanks!

    • Put Ultimate Droid 3.3 zip file into your SD card instead of JAWS.

  • pparanoid

    Hi again, do I have to upgrade my MAGLDR1.11 to MAGLDR1.13 because I will using Recoveryclock 1.2…. just a quick question, thanks.

  • pparanoid

    Hi Jayce….
    Still sleepy, coz’ I work it all out last night, but still no luck.
    After installing CWM, doing the partition and so on… I can install NAND Ultimate Droid, can’t access option 1, run AD to SD… so I flash it back to NAND 2.2, still it hands, freezes and keeps on rebooting and rebooting….
    I’ve figure it out, maybe my MAGLDR got the problem, so my next step maybe flashing it back to Winmo 6.5 then install again Android 2.2 but with updated version of MAGLDR, instead of 1.11 will be using 1.13, hope it works and resolve my problem, the freezing and hanging… and stick to 2.2, that’s the only reason why i’m upgrading to Ultimate Droid… Thanks Jayce for the tons of info, I’ll update you if I succeed….. Wish me luck….

  • tonyau

    hey jayce, i finally have been able to boot the nand. everything looks fine except i can’t go into settings. it keeps force closing. also i have not been able to connect to internet or add google accout. and wifi will not turn on. it says that i am in 3g service. is there a cure for this?

  • pparanoid

    No luck…. Install back to WinMo stock ROM, reinstall HSPL, Radio, MAGLDR and back to Android… When booting still got 1E FATAL HIT 1…And still freezes….
    Got idea on fixing 1E FATAL HIT 1…? Thanks!

    • Sorry, it might be hardware issue. You installed everything correctly, right?

  • pparanoid

    Yup installed it correctly…. Bad to hear that if it is a Hardware issue…. tsk…. By the way thanks Jayce for the instructions….

  • pparanoid

    Also heard about task29… Got idea on it…

  • AD

    Hi Jayce:

    Please tell me that how to install Ultimate Droid 3.3 NAND Android A2SD+ Zip ROM on HTC HD2.
    Will the process be same as shown in the above video on this page. Because the files i downloaded from the link on this page are different from the files you showed in video.

    • The installation is almost the same. Basically, you just need to copy the zip file into SD card. Then install it.

  • Jones

    Hey Jayce ive a problem my HTC HD2 go not in the BIOS mode i hhave pushed the power butten the whole time but nothing happens i dont know how i come into this mode πŸ™ ive a Telekom HTC HD2

    • May I know what have you done until you got this issue?

  • sadiadurani

    Hi jayce:
    sorry to trouble you again. i tried nand rom for the first timte and i messed up in the end. when the nand started in android after loading the ultimate droid and before it would take me on setup screen it started given me series of “force close” errors. so many errors that i could not even reboot or poweroff device. finally i managed to poweroff the device, reinstall my win 6.5.
    1) please tell me what went wrong.

    2)also if i want to reinstall a nand android do i have to create ext partition as it was already created or should i format my sd card or you suggest me what should i do . i so want to try this rom
    3) please tell me is it a perfectly working rom or not. i am choosing this because it is running launcher ex and not go launcher am i right?

    thanks in advance

    • sadiadurani

      hey jayce please ignore the above post. I managed to run the other rom through nand. i found out the mistake i was doing. when i created the ext 3 partition it deleted the two files of clock Mode. so after creating the partition added the 2 files again along with the rom zip.

      now i have other queries.

      1) if i want to flash other android nand rom what steps should i take. should i create ext 3 partition every time i use another rom and copy the two files .
      2) i have created 1024 ext 3 partition . what does that mean. is it some thing to do with the data files of the android version that i will install

      i know these are very small issues but lack of technical knowledge of ext 3 partition and stuff i messing up my space or some thing

      thank you in advance

      • sadiadurani

        hey jayce
        i restored my hd2 with win 6.5 but my sd card which is of 8 gb shows the capacity of 6.5 gb. even though it is completely empty is it because of the ext partition and how to remove it

        sorry for the trouble its just that i am using nand for the first time.

        • Try to use GParted Live to delete the EXT3 partition.

      • 1. Wipe data and cache before install other Android ROM. No need to recreate EXT3 partition.

        2. EXT3 partition is for Android ROM that support A2SD+ to store applications and data there.

  • fatimat

    Hi jaycee! I am currently using the Ultimate Droid build but a lower version. How do i
    install this latesr version on my htc hd2? Can u pls provide a brief step. And im just wondering, would it be possible to change the clock displayed on the home screen and remove the android tips? I managed to find custom clock apps in the market but i cant install it. Pls help. It would be a big help agian if you could answer my queries. Thanks a lot.

    • You can install directly from previous version if Ultimate Droid system did not change much. But I usually delete all data and cache before installing a new Android ROM.

      Yes, you can change the clock and delete the Android tips. Just hold on it, then delete it.

      • fatima

        Some of my apps install in phone memory when i download in the android market. Mu settings say though that external memory is the default install location. Why does it install some apps in phone memory? Thanks

        • Certain system applications need to reside on internal memory.

  • kc

    hi~jayce i hv install this rom…i copy that file pass to sd card…when useMAGLDR1.12 (1.boot ad sd)..cant work…can u teach me how..i follow u video not same..coz my file three (1.boot) (2.META-INF)(3.systemοΌ‰at video no this file…can u show me?tQ

    • No need to extract the zip file. Just copy it to SD card will do.

      • kc

        i try already that copy to SD then (boot ad sd)also no work…now i use JDMS ultimate droid,no need reset this rom?or just copy this new rom one?

        • Sorry, I am a bit confuse. What is your current Android ROM now?

          • kc

            now current is DJMS ultimatedroid 2.2.1….so i wan this new 3.3 ultimate ..i got download after that i copy to sd …no working…mybe wan need reset my old 2.2.1 or something else all?

            • Is your existing JDMS Ultimate Droid using ClockworkMod Recovery installation? If no, you need to install ClockworkMod Recovery first. Then install this Android ROM.

              To install new CWM ROM on existing one, wipe data and cache first before install.

              • kc

                ya i don hv clockworkmod recovery…so thats mean me need install the new one? my version MAGLDR is v1.12 noe hv recovery need istall new one MAGLDR v1.13 like that???

                • Yes, you need to install CWM. MAGLDR is not CWM. Please refer to the installation guide on this post.

                  • kc

                    ok~thanks jayce….

                    • kc

                      hi~jayce i install CWM after that i folow the guide…next which step wan me to do? copy the new ultimate 3.3 to sd only?can u show me?

  • @kc: Create EXT3 partition. Then copy back initrd.gz and zImage files to SD card. Finally, install Android ROM.

  • ryu_zab

    Hi Jayce,

    I have UD ver 3.2.0 on my HTC HD2 & working absolutely fine. I would like to upgrade it to the new one 3.3, kindly can u let me know the steps in brief, also do I have to remove my current version & then upgrade it to the new one or I can just go directly. If I yes I have to remove the current version then again need ur help to know how to remove it.

    • Make a backup first. Then upgrade it like you install v3.2. Anything wrong, you can always restore back…

  • ryu_zab

    hi again,

    I tried to install the new version from the zip file (same old procedure), it did installed successfully but as soon I restarted the phone it just showed the android logo & then keep on restarting.

    Kindly can you help.

  • ryu_zab


    I re downloaded the file from ur link but this time the problem was changed: this time it got stcuk on the android logo rather than restarting, so kindly can you let me know whats the issue???

  • kc

    why this ultimatedroid 3.3 no hv youtube app.
    can u tell me how to download

    • You can download it from Android Market. Use MarketEnabler if you have to.

  • ryu_zab

    Hi jayce,

    I have already tried by wiping the data & cache but its the same issue

    • Hmm… Maybe you can try to upgrade MAGLDR and CWM to the latest version.

      • ryu_zab

        ok!!! how can I do that

        • Install them like previous version.

          • ryu_zab

            From where can I download them?? And with this upgrade will it wipe out my NAND or it will just upgrade???

  • Mazher

    Hi Jayce

    i successfully installed the ultimatedroid 2.3.3 its very good rom . i have a problem on home screen its not providing weather updates. could you help me to get the weather updates

    thank you waiting for your response

    • Are you connected to Internet? If yes, try to set the location manually in the weather clock.

  • Cliff Tan

    I have installed Nexus HD2 ROM and would like to installed this one. how did I format previous version and reinstall by this version?
    kindly advice.

  • ryu_zab

    Hi Jayce,

    The 3G problem got started in the “thphoon ROM” also, it worked fine for 4 days then all of a sudden it started again. Don’t know whats the issue? Do u think it could be my phone issue???

    • Maybe it is telco issue. Else is there any changes that you made at your phone that is causing this?

  • tommy

    hi jaycee,please i just installed froyo and i cant browse with my 3g.i have configured it but yet its not working.i also saw your post about droid you think its better?where can i download dis,is it the same procedure?

    • Yes, UD 3.3 is better. Installation is not the same. All info can be found in this page. Just take your time to study them.

  • tommy

    hi jaycee pls can u pls send me anoda location or link were i can download stops half way from the one u gave me

    • Multiupload has several sites to choose from. Just pick another if current one does not work for you. I don’t have other link too.

  • tommy

    i have successfully downloaded it.please sorry to bother you,after installation will it crash if i remove my sd card?and is it better than ultimate droid?

    • Applications that installed in SD card are not working if you remove the SD card. Crash? Not likely.
      Which build is better than UD?

  • tommy

    which one is jaws?is it different frm ultimate droid 3.3?

  • eagles

    Pls I jet installed ultimate droid.I downloaded a theme.pls hw do I use it?thnx

    • Use Theme Chooser for CM7 theme. UD theme should use build in function. Sorry, not so sure.

  • luther

    hi jacey just want to ask you what is the latest version of android? because i want to install the latest one. as you say Latest build is always the best.. cheers! have a nice day

  • Guy Light

    Hi Jayce, this is my very first post. First i just want to say thank you for all the awesome work you do. I was wondering if you can help me out. I had MIUI droid on my hd2 and i wanted to up grade my phone to the latest version of droid so I loaded Ultimate 3.3. Boots up fine, just 2 issues i NEED HELP, please!
    1) A minor one is when I download from the New Android market the App for the market crashes. So i use the older version and that works. But is there anything that I can do?

    2) A Major one. I cannot send Picture mail thru MMS. But the normal text message works. I dont have internet on my phone but that shouldnt matter, right? Because when I had the MIUI it worked fine. Please help on this one! I tried to install a older version, 3.2.5 and CM7 but its the same result. Is there anything I can do? I use tmobile in California USA. Help please.

  • Marven

    Hey Jayce i have a problem with market, works fine the 1st time i use it. But after it asks me about an agreement the second time it just force closes every single time

    • Marven

      I found it i thought i would share

      Go to settings>applications>manage applications>market then clear cache and uninstall updates.

      Come back to home screen then go into market, accept the T&C’s and download your stuff

      In my opinion UD is if not the then one of the fastest

  • ED Ghosn

    I have a HTC HD2 that was running windows. I rooted it to NAND android 2.2 using cotulla with a kernel build number 2.29.405.5 cl293415. and software number 2.29405.5.
    I want to upgrade it to the android 3.3 version. Will the ultimate droid 3.3 work? What are the steps to do this. I have downloaded the file and copied it to the sd card.

    • Please follow the installation guide in the post.

  • ED

    I installed UD3.3. Everytime I run Market it gives me the following, “The application Market(process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” I was restoring all my apps using MYBACKUP PRO (I saved all my backups online) it would repeated say “sparing errors”. I am also trying to do a full install of all the Google Apps but nothing happens. What’s up???

    • Look like ROM issue. Please consult ROM chef. Or try other Android ROM.

  • Dennis

    Hi Jayce, I have this configuration on my HD2 but still I have freezes problem. What do you suggest? do i have to try another ROM, can you give me the latest one?

    HSPL: CotullaHSPL3 (SPL-2.08-HSPL)
    Boot Loader: MAGLDR v1.13
    Android ROM: [27.Sep.2011][MAG/cLK] NexusHD2-Gingerbread V3.1a (GRK39F)(Android 2.3.6)[tytung_r12]

  • tomiwa

    Hi jaycee.please i bought an android tablet pc from hong kong and its running 2.3.3 but it does not recognise my network in nigeria. please what do i can i downgrade it to 2.2 or is there any other advice you have?thanks

    • Do you mean 3G data network?

  • tomiwa

    Yes.and the network bar does not show any has a cross on it.d network bar came at a time but disapeared nd it has not since.

    • Maybe that tablet does not support your country Nigeria telco frequency. Try to consult that tablet company support see.

      • tomiwa

        i have inserted the APN but it did not work.its running android 2.3.3 cant i change it to 2.2 or 2.1?

        • Sorry, I have no idea.

  • Junks

    Hi Jayce

    I’ve tried a few nands recently including this one & keep getting the same problem. I have HSPL4, MAGLDR 1.13 & CWM 1.2. Everything seems to install ok & the nand says complete but on reboot it just goes back into MAGLDR. Tried all the options on MAGLDR but still won’t boot into the nand. I did have Typhoon 2.9.2 installed & working so have managed the android conversion before & have just managed to get Nexus on there but can’t get any of the Desire nands or the latest Typhoon 3.7.0 to work. I must be doing something wrong but what!!?? πŸ˜‰


    • You need to have CWM 1.3. And install CWM type Android ROM with it.

      • Junks

        Thanks Jayce – def the other two nands were glk (which I guess means CWM?) But will download 1.3 & try again. Thanks πŸ™‚

        • Junks


  • Farid

    Good morning JAYCE.
    Before I had a HTC HD2 Windows phone. Then I replaced to Android version 2.2.1 (Jaws -MIUI) from windows phone as per your Vedio instruction. Its really awesome smooth running. You are really great. I salute you, Brother.

    Now, I like to use “Ultimate droid 3.3 Nand” from Android version 2.2.1 (Jaws -MIUI). How can I install it. You have no Vedio guide ! Waiting for your reply.
    From Bangladesh.

  • shyam

    hai jaycee in my hd2 the boot screen is “stick together” does i need to change the boot screen before i should start the UD installation..?? pls reply

  • shyam

    jaycee im situated in india and i have us t mobile leo…. im totaly confused coz i doesnt want to break ma jaycee…!

    • Hi shyam, please try other Android ROM. This one was removed by shared file hosting.

  • shyam

    can u pls say which is the best android ROM now???

  • shyam

    which runs smoothly in my hd2 … with out bugs n fixes… n do i need to change my boot up screen before doing these installations..!?

  • shyam

    tanx bro.