HTC One X is my first NVIDIA Tegra Android phone. Able to play Tegra optimized games is one of the reason that I purchased HTC One X. Zen Pinball THD by Zen Studios is one of the Tegra games that Chainfire3D failed to emulate and play on my Samsung Galaxy S II. But I can enjoy Zen Pinball THD on HTC One X now. The graphics is really nice after HTC patched the slowness issue with 1.28 software update.

Zen Pinball THD

Too bad that only Pinball table ~ Sorcerer’s Lair is available free. You need to pay to unlock the rest of the tables like Marvel Tables. And hope that Zen Studios can update it to solve 3 dots Menu soft button issue on HTC One X. It will be perfect then.

Download Zen Pinball THD at Google Play Store here.

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