Continued from Lover Bridge and boat ride at Genting Highlands

Have you been to Genting Highlands Indoor Theme Park? What games do you like to play? We did not play much indoor theme park games. However, we do wondering a lot inside Genting Highlands. Taking photo here and there. :)

Can I have the whole Genting Highlands? :D

They were not many people wondering around Genting Highlands in the early morning. Most of them still sleeping… And some of them still ‘ganbate’ on getting more money ~ gambling. And we? Took photo. What else we can do?

Gong Xi Fa Chai

We love Chinese New Year == Ang Pao

and him of course == $$$

I prefer Genting Highlands than Sentosa, Singapore. First, the weather is colder. Theme park games are nicer. Most of all, the price is cheaper. I need to earn Singapore dollar in order to holidays in Singapore. :P

Who want to ride?

Weee…. :D

Starbucks coffee anyone?

Why Jayce is so cool…?

Honey, where are you? :P

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Genting Highlands ~ Chinese New Year Trip

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