Always backup all your important files. Why? You will regret when your hard drive is going down… One of my hard drives failed me. And the operating system was resided on it. There are several symptoms of a hard drive failure. They are the warning sign to inform you to change a new hard drive. Well, I was getting failed to access files issue and very slow when reading them. And frequent Windows system freezes. No high-pitched whining or loud clicking sound yet. And failed to boot into Windows after few days when this symptoms occurred.

Hard drive failure symptoms

  • Slow and fail to access, read or write files.
  • High-pitched whining or loud clicking sound from hard drive.
  • Windows system keeps having frequent freezes or hangs.
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on Windows XP, Vista.
  • Windows 7 hard drive problem warning message.
  • Failed to boot into Windows.
  • Boot device not found or drive cannot be accessed warning message.
  • Hard drive is not formatted message.
  • Operating system not found or missing operating system warning message.

If you get anyone of these hard drive failure symptoms, be sure to backup all your files right away. And don’t shut down or restart Windows. You might not be able to load Windows again. Finally, download hard drive diagnostic tool and diagnostic hard drive with it.


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