How to access SD card on Android HTC HD2?

Android is installed at SD card on HTC HD2. The easiest way to access SD card on Android HTC HD2 ~ take SD card out from HTC HD2, then insert into SD card reader. However, that’s not the user friendly way because you need to remove the battery cover. Here is another way by using USB cable. It will mount SD card as a disk drive.

I am using mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.7 Android build. By default, it will charge the phone when connected with USB cable.

Guide to access SD card on Android HTC HD2

  1. Connect USB cable to Android phone from computer.
  2. Pull down the notification bar at the top of your Android phone’s screen.
  3. Click on “Charge only ~ Select to charge USB connection type”
  4. Select “Disk drive ~ Mount as disk drive”
  5. Finally, click “Done”.

That’s it. You can access SD card on Android HTC HD2 as Removable Disk from your computer now.

  • Thanks for the instructions. Do you know what the maximum size is for an SD card that Android will accept? I want to get a 32gb card but I don’t know if it will work with my phone.

    • Depend on your phone max SD card size support. 32GB will do just fine.

  • kalel

    Hi Jayce,
    Q not related to the post above.
    Q:How did you upgrade mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.5 to 1.7?
    Is it fresh installation or upgrade only?

    My hd2 currently with mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.5


    • Fresh installation. I just delete the v1.5 Android folder on SD card. And copy v1.7 Android folder to it. Note – I did not backup anything.

  • dany

    Hi ! I’ve run an android darkstone rom, it worked very well. But, I had to remove that SD card and when i tried to reboot, i did not work ! i tried every thing ! I have to say that i did not modify any files at all ! is there any solution ? I tried to run a mattcleofroyo 8, but nothing ! any idea someone ? please ?

    i tried to format the SDcard, i tried to change all the files, nothing at all, it freeze at the beginning (when the HTC green letters appears)

    • Sorry, too many question. I kinda lost…

      Try to delete Android folder and copy it again. See if that solve your case.

  • Asif

    helao joyce,
    i atlast found you here too……..haha…
    ok, pleez help me, i followed the instructions above…but when i connect my cell via usb , but it only hits a sound 1nce ie when usual usb connected,(that sound)…but further it does not show any thing, neither my cell nor the sd card….pleeez help,what should i do now….pleez…thaaanks…

    • Did you pull down the notification bar at the top of your Android phone’s screen?

  • asif

    Yes. Bt it shows only notifications and whats bein downloaded from android market….. y u askin brooo?

    • Hmm… Just want to double confirm because you should able to select ‘Disk drive’ like picture above.

  • Asif

    helao broo….
    jayce , lemme know if i use sd card reader to insert some songs,apps of android etc…the thing i know that im gona lose my android and will be on winows OS..and wud have to run android again….the thing i wana ask is that either im gona lose all the installed apps via android market …and will i have to download or even install all apps again………………!!!!!

    • No problem to reboot Android. All you need to do is launch it again on Windows Mobile. Everything you installed there still intact. 🙂

  • Asif

    hi jayce , oooook…thanx…. dear my hd2 is now having v v v less battery timing….im much worried about it…..any way to increase the battery timing on froyo????????thanx…..

    • Don’t turn on 3G data connection all the time.

  • hi…i cant see download button how i can download this app please i need help.

    • This is a built-in function for HTC Sense Android build.

  • melvsmeister

    Hi Jayce,

    1. Does it mean that when you are using android, you cannot charge your phone via PC? or you can’t transfer files while in android?

    2. Is it safe to plug your phone via USB while running android without having any files corrupt?


    • 1. No, charging and file transferring are working fine on Android.
      2. Yes, just plug in USB cable to the phone to charge. It works like Windows Mobile.

  • Rich

    Quick question for you if you don’t mind. I am running windows mobile on my HTC HD2 and recently had installed the Android operating system on my sd card. The Android operating system works great, but I am not able to access any information on my sd Card as the program is running off my sd card. Is there anything I can do to save and access information on my sd card while running the Android operating system… For an example I am installing a program on my Android OS that needs data stored and readily accessible from the sd card, but it won’t let me open the sd card to retrieve or store any information.
    Thanks much!!

    • Sorry… SD card Android cannot access SD card storage when you mount it as USB mass storage. You need NAND Android with A2SD+ support to do so.

      • Rich

        Thanks Jayce, I was afraid of that…

  • javed

    hi when i downlod android to my liptop then i can,t open becus folder was on midia plyer pls tell me i can,t downlod drict to my mobil

    • Sorry, I don’t understand your issue. Can you explain it clearly what do you want?

  • Uros

    I was wondering,is there a way to access to my files on SD card without plugging it in a computer?Cause I noticed that i cant put any melody i want to be my notification melody for messages for example,and i found a way around that,but that means that i have to put my new files,if i get some via bluetooth,in folder media/audio/notification,that i created,but if i am not near computer i cant do that..Hope you understand the question.. Thank You

  • help

    Hi! I was downloading that 2.2 nand android thing to HTC hd2 but I failed and know it says that sd card mounted read only. My computer cant find the phone anymore, problem is that I wanna try again but I cant remove the rom cos pc can’t find it. Multiupload is down so I cant download any other ROM. Somehow I skipped the maglrd ad boot thing. I can call and go to net but camera is not working, cant download music or multimedia messages cos sd card mounted read only… help pls 🙂

    • Sorry, I have no idea. Never face Micro SD card in read only mode.

  • paul

    Hi! Sd card mounted read only what now? Computer cant find the phone.. help 🙂

    • Is your SD card write protected?

  • paul

    I dont know :/ I’m kinda bad in this… I downloaded long time ago gingerbread and now I tried my self to change the Rom to that 2.2.. I dont know why but I skipped one part on magl.. ad boot or something like that and now I cant open magl.. to do that :/ (sry for my English)

  • paul

    i cant cos pc dont find the phone O.o

  • paul

    i have the drivers n stuff but my phone or pc (xp) cant find each others. 🙁

  • paul

    I tried now download the MAGLDR v.1.13.. but it not open. phone opens straight the android O.o im really stuck now :/

    • Sorry, I have no further idea if my guide does not help you.

  • carl

    hi jayce .. i successfully installed android on my hd2 ( boxmax s3.5 v.7) (sd build).. the problem is.. although i have storage card or memory card..when i boot android.. it says ‘ please insert storage card’ .. how is that? help pls.. tnx..

    • Hi carl, please consult ROM chef on this issue because I did not try this Android ROM before.

      • carl

        tnx jayce.

  • Ronnie

    Hi! I have joined put Android on my HTC HD2. Worked well on the first day. But now everytime I want to use my camera it says “Please insert SD before using camera”. Strange because the phoen recognizes the SD and I can even watch pictures and videos from my SD using the ES Explorer. On a another note I cannot install any apps to my SD anymore either.

    Please help.

    • Try reboot it first. If still cannot, factory reset it.

      • Ronnie

        Thanks for the advice. Do I have to take out the SD card when rebooting?

        • No need.

        • Ronnie

          Thanks lots once again. It worked the camera can access the SD now. I will try to install the applications and see if it works.

  • Ronnie

    I turned off the phone and now I have again “please insert SD card before using camera”. Tried to reboot and it does not work

    • Hi Ronnie, please consult ROM chef in this case.

  • kfur

    my 16G sd card in my HD2 was working perfectly …. recently it says Mounted As Read Only…. SD Card Manager allows me to see the but not access the folders ….. phone wont let me mount or format the sd card… its a SanDisk sd card…. nothing i have done works …. I’m running android on the phone ….
    Also when the card is in the phone and it is turned on or restarted it wont go past the *Stick Together* screen …. once i take it out it comes on normally…