Yes, you can make full system backup and restore with Nandroid on Samsung Galaxy Note II ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM). The concept is like full system backup with Norton Ghost on PC. Therefore, you can try lot of custom ROMs and restore back to your daily use ROM after testing them. How to backup Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? Before you do so, you need to install ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 first. Have CWM already? Continue to read below step by step guide to find out more…

Step by Step Guide

  1. Turn off Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
  2. Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  3. Release all buttons when you see SGN2 Logo.
  4. ClockworkMod Recovery will be loaded then.
  5. Go to backup and restore with Volume Up / Down buttons (or on-screen up / down buttons).
  6. Select Backup with Power button.
  7. Select Yes – Backup.
  8. After backup finished, select Go Back.
  9. Then select reboot system now.
  10. That’s all.

ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) will make a backup on internal SD card by default. And will store the backup at clockworkmod/backup folder based on date and time. Note – you can backup to external SD card by select ‘backup to external sdcard’ instead of ‘backup’.

Do make sure that you make full system backup of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with CWM from time to time to avoid data loss. Always make a backup before try out new custom modification…

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