How to bypass file sharing sites block in Malaysia?,,,,,,,, and are not accessible from TM Net Streamyx. I usually download HTC HD2 ROMs from which has 6 other file sharing sites like,,,, and 3 of them are blocked from my ISP now due to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)’s order to combat piracy. Oh well, here go some of my HTC HD2 ROM file sharing sites too. Tested with Celcom 3G connection, can’t access these file sharing sites too. Not sure about Maxis 3G and DiGi 3G…

Google Public DNS IP addresses

How to bypass file sharing sites block in Malaysia?
The easiest and simplest way ~ don’t use DNS IP address from Malaysia ISP. And use other DNS servers like Google Public DNS IP addresses ( and Or OpenDNS DNS IP addresses ( and Check out this guide to configure your network settings to use Google Public DNS.

Note – Don’t upload or download pirated software, application, movie, MP3 or other illegal stuffs with these file sharing sites…

  • Tan

    I am using auto login with the PPPOE on ADSL modem. Should I fix the DNS on the ADSL modem?
    Please advice.

    • Yes, it is better as all other people don’t need to set on their system.

      • Tan

        I did yesterday, no luck. It revert back to auto DNS after reboot.

  • Great info, Jayce…Do we need to change the IP address with the US proxy IP or just DNS server addresses?

    • Just set DNS IP will do.

  • Mark

    Don’t you think VPN would work better when Malaysian Govt. will block the IP addresses of these websites and their servers. I think DNS won’t work then, at least from my experience on censorship in China and Iran. This is also what i found on VPN, which relates to what i said,

  • lim

    hey i need your help here. after changing to openDNS i managed to download files from megaupload. however the next day i can’t anymore! it seems the page can never finish load. sometimes it showed a blank page. and worst thing even mediafire and 4shared and fileserve seem to be having the same problem! anyone, help me please? 🙂

    • I am using Google DNS and it is still working right now. Why not you try it too?

      • lim

        i have changed to google DNS but the problem still persisted. i have even cleared cache and cookies.

        • Try Amichael’s method see – change your DNS IP Address in your ADSL/Wireless router.

          • lim

            i don’t use router but digi broadband modem.

            • Hmm… I don’t have DiGi to test. But I tried with my Celcom 3G on my Android phone. Changing DNS does not work too.

  • Amichael

    If you happened to get an error. The most proper way is to change your DNS IP Address in your ADSL/Wireless router.

  • Stranger

    Errm, will we get arrested if we access the blocked files

    • No, unless you download illegal files from there.

  • hi helo can i change my ip adress using celcom broadband? i mean dns

    • You can try above guide…

  • Blackwidow

    I already followed the steps above for my digi broadband but it still doesn’t work. Help please? And i need to change the DNS everytime i log in. Pissing me off !

  • piexalart

    i have follow all ur instruction to change the DNS…
    but the problem still happend…
    it’s says that the They have a problem with the DNS server……
    another ways please……

  • Charles

    Hi, I’m with Penangfon and i’m suffering the same problem here. I’m using fileserve and the connection interrupted after few megabytes of download. I have changed the dns on my computer to Google dns, but still not working. Inside my router shows another dns and I have no idea how to change it at this point. So, which dns the network actually referring to? My computer’s google dns, or penangfon’s dns in the router?

    • DNS setting does not interrupt connection stability. More info at . As long as you can access to these blocked websites, your DNS settings are correct. By the way, it will look at your DNS settings at your PC in your case.

  • Amichael

    OK.. as for today changing your DNS will work sometime. However to permanently bypass DNS server. Please download the HOSTS file at here :

    Then replace it with your hosts file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

    Good Luck!

    Note : I’ve already add the following IP for megaupload, fileserve, warez-bb in the host file. You’ll need administrator privileged to replace the file.

    Other way. You may delete the original hosts file and replace it with the given one..

    • Mike

      None of the Mega IP’s reply when pinged?

  • Amichael

    For CELCOM, DIGI or MAXIS if you’re using Broadband modem just change the DNS on CELCOMBROADBAND or MAXIS or DIGI connection.

    If you happened can’t change it or don’t know how to do it. Please using my hosts file given above.

    If you are so stuck and still can’t use it. Please use direct IP address :

    E.g For instead typing the use this IP address :

    Try this one :

    Original Link :

    Good Luck!

    • mira

      this was really hepful..thanks a lot

    • Megazord

      how about for mediafire?

      • lolo


    • Jojo

      The download page appeared halfway. There’s no DOWNLOAD NOW link. Only showed the megaupload page that’s all….

  • alex

    here is easy way to bypass the blocked site and work for me in sec guys..

  • o

    I have tried changing the DNS add on my maxis broadband but it keeps changing back after i disconnect and reconnect back… can u pls help??

  • hahahaha

    Note – Don’t upload or download pirated software, application, movie, MP3 or other illegal stuffs with these file sharing sites…


  • kats

    thanks a lot Amicheal and jayce! you guys are great!

  • superbadd

    if use the HOST.. how to roll back to the original if want to??

    • Make a backup first. Then restore it if don’t want use the updated host.

  • Mohd Rizal

    hi this method works on my laptop.

    but how do i make it work when im usrfing on my phone?

    • I tested with Celcom 3G with DNS app. It is not working. 🙁

  • bash

    thanks for the direct IP address. however, i can’t seem to access direct IP address and i’m using a Mac and Maxis broadband… and alternative way to access

  • KH

    hi ,

    Thank you to all who have contributed valuable info on this topic.

    i tried the “HOST” . ok with me.

    i tried the DNS Jumper v 1.0.4 , at i set DNS google , it turn out smoothly.

    I managed to download files from megaupload.

  • YW


    I need help. Right now, i can’t download from MU, FS, or any other location. I use Google DNS, 1mbps Streamyx. I speed test, i get average 900++. But my download speed only 7.6kpbs. I call TM, they only know to reset port.

    I used to get over 100kbps, then drop to 70kbps, then when TM start to block, i use google DNS, i get abt 30kbps, now.. less than 10kbps.

    Any one can help me?

  • Amichael

    Glad to know .. that we can bypass the filtering. However, since this morning UNIFI’s users keep complaining they can’t access to and

    To avoid this kind of thing happen, just go to control panel (WIndows 7). Network Connections. And disable your network. Then enable back.

    By doing this your DNS cache will clear and you’ll getting a fresh one.

    Good Luck!

    • YW

      Hi Amichael,

      I still face the same problem. No improvement. I called TM, the operator said i cannot complaint download file is slow. I can complain if Speed Test below par (600kbps) for 1mb. I do not know what else to do. They also explain the oversea cable broken, so access to oversea will be slow or interrupted. Yet, i found my friend is getting full speed at home.:-S.

      I really blank here. All i can do is just keep calling them, and every time only reset port. That’s it.

  • poppy

    it didn’t work for me at first too,now it does

    before tht i used Hotspot Shield to cover my ip address and surf blocked sites

  • aCegi

    make your life simple.. just go google.. download ultrasurf

    proxy will be in US.. u can access anywhere u like…

  • ashley

    hi, i have tried to change the DNS server as you mentioned above but somehow after i tried to reconnect back to my internet, i could not connect to my internet.btw, i am using celcom broadband.any solution to my problem?

    • Change back to default settings then…

  • Rather surprised to see you suggest the use of OpenDNS. They include a labeling service that many providers use for censoring and blocking. I;m currently on a Panera Bread wireless connection that uses OpenDNS and many file sharing sites are blocked as such by OpenDNS.

    OpenDNS is not a solution.

  • hi guys,
    for those using broadband, there is an easy way to bypass the blocked sites.
    If you have a smartphone which is able to be used as a wireless router(android phones), just activate and use your laptops to connect from it.
    Then, your DNS settings in the laptop should be changed to for the primary DNS. voila..thats all!
    The main thing is to get your laptop to connect to the broadband service via wireless LAN instead of pluggin that darn USB modem directly.


    • ammar

      but how to connect broadband service via wireless LAN??

  • triplevoila

    Thank you very much! I’ve been dying to download my favourite tv anime apisodes using megaupoad!

  • ARIP

    damm.. ultrasurf juz work great!! juz wanna bleaching u know, **** the government!!

  • thomas

    Thank u for your help.
    My problem is that in anyway that I can watch tv series in this web sites in China I understand Malaysia ip is blocked and not able to do anything. Can you suggest how to bypass ip blocked and can watch tv series from that web site.


    • jay

      my problem is same also can’t watch the TV series in philippines

      • jay

        jayce pls.. help us

      • Which program do you use to watch?

        • jay

          i always watch in the tv series is DONGYI last few weeks ago i can watch but now only that show i can’t watch the rest can..what can i do? tnxs..

          • Then might be that website issue.

            • jay

              i used maxis broadband.. but when i used celcom its work..mybe its the maxis how to solve this problem?

              • You need to consult Maxis then.

  • mahmmud

    Hi Jayce
    Thank for the info, appreciate it….it works so great.

    UMNO will hate u if they know this

  • great aCEGI. however ultrasurf need to install.

    just use http:slash²x

    surf anonymous website without install anything on pc. it can browse any website which has been blocked by gomen/UMPRONO sax.

  • Farid

    Hi Joyce. I don’t have experience to using Maxis, Celcom or Digi broadband. But I am using TM Unifi. I believe you can change the DNS settings. Go to Control Panel, Network Connection. Open your NIC connection with display connected. Double click the connected adapter. Properties. Double click TCP/IP, Use the following DNS server address. Preferred DNS server is :
    Alternated DNS server :
    Click OK. Try to browse again pinoy tv. I can open that site without any problem.
    Good Luck 🙂

  • just me

    hi.. i am working in some place and usually using their wireless facility.. but they block mediafire link and i cannot download or upload any files by using mediafire ..somebody please help me??

  • Kathrynkaren

    Why won’t it work ? I’ve already changed the DNS sever addresses and it still won’t work ! Do I need to reboot my laptop ? I’m using Windows Vista.

    • Did you restart your connection? Or just reboot your laptop.

      • Kathrynkaren

        No I didn’t. Do I need to do that ?

        • Yes, as per the guide.

  • raven

    hi….there,,raven…i have tried the ultrasurf…and also settings in dns ipv4 ….but still not working…any solution…pls???

  • nizam

    still not working..movies.2k suddenly be blocked…DNS da tukar me..

  • saraboulos

    The thing is changing DNS servers wont allow in my network environment. So, I found that, malaysian vpn is a lifesaver!

  • Kylie Lopez

    I am using PureVPN to do it working fine with fast sharing speed. Found it very reliable.