How to change CSC on Samsung Galaxy S2?

Samsung Galaxy S II has 3 main components ~ PDA, Phone and CSC. PDA == build version of the firmware, Phone == baseband / modem version and CSC == consumer software customization and it is specified to geographical region and carriers. CSC contains the software packages specific to that region, carrier branding and also APN settings for data connection, MMS for your service provider. And you can change CSC if you have Multi CSC packages.

Note – this will factory reset your phone. Do backup before perform this task.

Multi CSC

How to change CSC on Samsung Galaxy S2?

  1. Just type *#272*Device IMEI# at Phone dial pad.
  2. Select the CSC that you want.
  3. Click Install.
  4. Phone will be rebooted by itself.
  5. That’s all.
  • Robin Wan

    Dear Joyce,

    How can I change the currency setting in Samsung Galaxy S2?


  • azman

    my phone baseband was unknow couse cannot use for a call. how to get back baseband? pls hlp me..

    • Is your phone rooted? If yes, is EFS folder still in sdcard?

      • azman

        yes root 2.3.4. EFS? i don’t what is? i’m new in android. first time user

  • help pls

    ive tried this but all my usb storage and sd card applications was erase when my s2 has be reboot! how cant i restore my aplicatios?

  • help pls

    you never say here that the phone will be factory reset omg all my applications and save works and docs are all in my internal memory help me pls

    • It should not delete your USB storage content. But I am not sure about factory reset as I was on blank stock firmware during my testing. My USB storage contents still intact after perform this task. Sorry about that. I will put a note in the post.

      • help pls

        thank you for a fast response. as ive checked all the applications was erase in my system storage although the files from my usb storage and sd card wasnt erase but the problem would be all my contacts and apps were erased. i have to start from scratch again.

  • help pls

    one more thing i choose xtc a while a go when to change my csc.. how can i go back to s2 default csc? thank you very much jayce

    • The default CSC is in the Sales Code (if you still remember). Just rerun the process to select it back.

  • Ma

    What if my CSC is not listed?

  • Sami

    Why is that I only get to see my own CSC (instead of having a list to choose from, it’s completely black)?

    • Look like your CSC is not Multi CSC packages.

  • Boy (Malaysia)

    what is XME stand for??

    • Malaysia CSC code. You need to refer to Samsung for detail.

  • GilaKentang

    Mine XME before.. after install custom RO, now not in list.. how to get it back? lol..

    • You need to restore back to original stock firmware.

      • GilaKentang

        owh ok.. My CSC now is KOR.. it is ok for malaysian user?

        • You have any issue with KOR CSC?

          Hehe… I used my phone with KOR CSC for weeks and I don’t even notice it until I write this post. 😛

          • shrikant

            i want to change my csc from hong kong (tgy) to india (inu) as i live in india
            i tried dis n csc changer but no luck in the list it shows only TGY n BRI
            n no INU what shud i do
            i tried flashing indian firmware but afterdat no calls were coming n going
            i have samsung galaxy s duos s7562
            plz rply….

            • shrikant, flash back your original firmware.

              • shrikant

                but how to change it to india (INU)
                as indian s duos got so many updates compare to hong kong
                n not hang also compare to mine phone

                • Install India firmware with Odin.

                  • shrikant

                    i tried flashing indian firmware but afterdat no calls were coming n going

                    • shrikant

                      n my csc was showing unknown

  • GilaKentang

    haha.. so far no issue yet. how about network or wifi issue? related with this CSC?

    • Nope.

      • GilaKentang

        owh ok.. TQ Bro..

  • sherif

    can u plz tell me which csc suppoort egypt and arabic lang.
    thank u in advance

    • Get it here –

  • sinan

    what the meaning of EGY ?? its mean egypt ??
    which is the best for applications ??

  • Hans

    Hey Jayce, i’ve seen a lot of CSCat xda
    Could you please refer to me which CSC is suitable with my place (indonesia), or can i just choose any CSC file and install it on my phone?
    Or should i matcg it with my kernel (pda & phone)

    thank you

    • Sorry, I don’t know.

      • Hans

        my current CSC is XSE, if i’d like to download the CSC file, can i just download the
        MultiCSC OXXKI2:
        while my build number is DXKH2?
        sorry to bother you Jayce

        • I don’t know Indonesia use which CSC. I know Malaysia is XME. Note – MultiCSC OXXKI2 does not have XSE.

          • Hans

            Indonesia use the XSE Jayce,

            Okay, let assume i have the malaysia firmware (PDA:DXKI2) on it, should i download the CSC file for Malaysia (Malaysia OLCKH1 CSC) or can i just replace it with another CSC file?

            • I am using Europe XXKI4 firmware. And I did not change to Malaysia CSC. My phone is still working fine.

              Why do you want to change CSC in the first place?

              • Hans

                I was confused when I want to install another firmware with Odin, which CSC file should i input at the Odin? Considering I could not find the CSC file for Indonesia

  • EzioAuditore

    Do you maybe have MSR (Sebrian Telenor) CSC???

    I saw a package of 3 multi CSC on page

    (OXXKE2, OXXKF1, OXXKI2) but no explanation what is inside, what css.

  • Yug

    whats the CSC code for indian
    i installd

    • It should be ODD.

  • zharmin

    Can I just flash CSC file that I want using ODIN?
    Currently on custom ROM, with XXKJ3 CSC, and it giving me “Mobile Network not Available” issue quite frequently..

    IMEI and all still intact..

    • Yes, zharmin.

      • zharmin

        Orait. Thx. Will flash it tonight 🙂

  • Augustine

    I need some help regarding baseband in Malaysia

    I dont really get it about baseband but before i installed MIUI, i was on ICS XXLPQ baseband. But when i refer to

    The guide shows to use the version XXKH1 instead. So im wondering which is more suitable for MIUI and does it make any difference.

    I don’t know if im paranoid or what, it seems that most of the time my line bar is at 2 out of 4.

    Does it make any difference for a ROM if the baseband is different?

    • No difference on the ROM but yes to radio signal. You can try other baseband (modem) to have better signal.

      • Augustine

        thanks for the reply
        im looking forward to upgrade to GT-I9100_XTC_I9100DXLP7_I9100OLBLP7_I9100DXLP7
        since i live in malaysia. Im wondering will it make any difference?

        and do you happen to use MIUI as well? coz my i9100 wifi tethering allows my laptop to connect but with the yellow sign(no data transfer)

        • No idea as I did not try it.
          Nope, did not use MIUI on SGS2.

  • i download dis ics 4.03 from xda ..
    India and Sub-Continent MultiCSC (ETR, INS, INU, NPL, SLK, TML): Download Torrent: Download

    but when i ckd my csc it is xeo …i want 2 change but there is only 1 csc xeo nothing else ..please help

  • after dilaing *#1234# than i got -pda i9100xxlpq,,phone-i9100ddlp8,csc unknown,build info -fri mar 9 01:58:19 kst 2012 plz slove my prblm i am form india ..why inu is not my csc

    • Which region firmware did you install?

  • its india

  • how to check the region ??? i am new …build number -iml74k.xxlpq

    • From firmware kernel, baseband and build number.

  • okkk thnks for help baseband ver-i9100ddlp8
    and kernel version in 3.0.15-i9100xxlpq-cl223505se.infra@sep-94#3

    so now tell me it is which region ?? and how to solve csc problem ..india region ics4.03 is out???

    • Can’t verify it now as Samsung Server pulls ICS out. The latest firmware for India that I got is I9100XWKL1/I9100ODDKL1/I9100DDKL1/I9100XWKL1.

  • ok brother according to u I9100XWKL1/I9100ODDKL1/I9100DDKL1/I9100XWKL1 this one is ics4 offcial ??? for india??? if yes than please downloading link.thnxx

    • No, it is not ICS but Gingerbread.

  • hey brother i want 2 download offcial india region firmware meanz this one I9100XWKL1/I9100ODDKL1/I9100DDKL1/I9100XWKL1 if u can than please give me the downloading link thnxx

  • hey bro i am confused which 1 i download becouse according to ur link the file size iz 276 mb approx but according to sammobile the file size iz 336 mb ..…please check this link and it also offcial for which 1 i download?

    • I did not try firmware from SamMobile. No idea about that. But size different might caused by zip compression is not same.

  • ohhh .hey any idea when 4.03 relsd for india?

  • Vijay

    I’m from India and I have a S2. I’m pretty new to this !!!!! The CSC reads XSG. From your forum I have come to understand that this is for the middle east.
    * Which one is for India???
    * Also if I want to change the CSC from the existing group to the Indian group is it possible and How ???
    * What is the best combo of PDA/PHONE/CSC for India ???? Where can I download this combo ???
    I’m asking you this bcoz I want the ICS. Going thru so much material on different sites, I found your forum to be the best guide !!!!!!!!
    Please help !!!

    • India CSC should be INU.
      You need to install India firmware.
      No idea as I don’t use India firmware.

  • Raju

    Hi Jayce

    In January I upgraded my phone from 2.3.3 to 2.3.6 via Kies and at that it was showing

    Latest firmware: I9100XWKL1/I9100ODDKL1/I9100DDKL1/I9100XWKL1 (INU)

    For microphone related issue i took this one to samsung service centre and they reinstalled my OS and after sometime i realized that Kies is now showing firmware version as

    Latest firmware: I9100XWKL1/I9100ODDKF3/I9100DDKE4/I9100XWKL1 (INU)

    Though its 2.3.6 but phone & CSC codes are different. Because of this my kies says “Firmware upgrade is not allowed/possible vis Kies for your device” something like that. Will there any way i can change these 2 codes without major hassels so that my device will be ready for ICS update via Kies.

    • Since this new firmware was flashed by Samsung Service Centre, ask them to fix it.

  • hassan

    Will changing the csc code affect the unlock

    • Sorry hassan, no idea about this.

  • Suresh

    hi i have bought Korian version galaxy s ii HD lte SHV-E120L, I am facing problem for SMS and so many useless korian application. Please advise how to change it to Hongkong or Indian version

    thanks in advance

    • Hi Suresh, I don’t think that you can change because this model is for Korea only.

      • Suresh

        thanks for your prompt reply, just now i heard this mobile is launch for Hongkong also. Is there any luck

        • Never heard of that launch. But you can try to Google for Hong Kong firmware (if have).

  • Satnam

    Hello Jayce,

    I have just bought the samsung galaxy S2, its imported from UK…(Current Location = India)

    My phone is preconfigure according to sales code CPW…
    Addtionally, FM radio application is only showing europe and USA region….

    As per your post, CSC need to be configured…. i tried the same but no options showing in the list…. List is blank…

    My question is: How i can change the CSC from Europe to india/asia?
    and how realiable is changing the CSC? any impact on phone…??

    Thanks in advance… waiting for your reply

    • Hi Satnam, you need to install India / Asia firmware. Correct CSC and firmware combo will allow you to upgrade firmware through Samsung Kies.

  • ks.soon

    Hi Jayce,

    Do you have a firmware is chinese version for galaxy s2 ?


  • Dale

    Hi sir jayce!

    Its me again! I have a question.. Is it ok if i flash a CSC package through odin..even if im on custom rom? Im on Wanamlite 11.7.. and i want to flash a csc package.. because on wanalite its only NEE.. i want the XTC csc. Will wait for your reply! Thanks

    • Yes, it should not be a problem to flash CSC package on custom ROM. But I did not try Wanamlite ROM. No idea about it.

  • Dale

    I should give it a try.. I must tick only the CSC right? Nothing else?

    • Yes Dale, put it in CSC column.

  • Suresh

    hi jayce

    do u get any luck for Galaxy s II hd lte (E120L0 to change csc. I facing problem with SMS and so many useless applications in Korian Language.


    • Sorry Suresh, nope. Try to consult others at XDA website.

      • Parvesh Sharma

        SMS problem solved. update to official jellybean through updated version of kies. your problem will be solved.

  • dave

    i am looking for a open uk version,
    I managed to flash phone last night, but it now comes up
    Current firmware: PDA:LP7 / PHONE:LPS / CSC:LP5 (XEU)
    Latest firmware version: PDA:LP7 / PHONE:LPS / CSC:LP5 (XEU)

    Model number: GT-I9100
    Android Version: 4.0.3
    Baseband version: I9100XXLPS
    Kernel version: 3.0.15-I9100XWLP7-CL340913dpi@DELL134 #3
    Build number: IML74K.XWLP7

    I would like to be able to plug into kies, and get the lasest updates, as and when they are released.

    • Your current firmware is not UK based?

  • Razeen

    Hello Jayce,

    I have just bought the samsung galaxy S2, its imported from UAE…(Current Location = India)

    My phone is preconfigure according to sales code XSG…

    As per your post, CSC need to be configured…. i tried the same but no options showing in the list for INU (INDIA)

    My question is: How i can change the CSC from Europe to india/asia?
    and how realiable is changing the CSC? any impact on phone…??

    Thanks in advance… waiting for your reply

  • David

    I own a samsung galaxy note and I bought it in an online store ( I am trying to follow the procedures: phone and through samsung kies, for the software upgrade to ICS but can not do any of them. Through kies, it says that it is the latest firmware. in changing the country code, i cannot find XTE or any codes compatible for the Philippines. The codes are only for European countries. Can you advice me any steps to upgrade ? as much as possible, i try to avoid rooting or any flash related activity to my phone. Thanks and more powers. 🙂

    • Hi David, look like yours is European model. Can’t change to Philippines firmware without flashing.

  • Ali

    hello there
    is there a way to restore the csc code to its original (mine is LUX) and how

  • shravan

    Hello jayce sirjee. I have a samsung s2 gt-i9100g model. Same story as others. Not able to upgrade via ota nor kies. Tried changing the csc code but it actually didnt change. Can you please tell me step by step on what exactly i need to do? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi shravan, are you using official firmware?

  • shravan

    Pda: i9100Gjpkk1
    Phone: I9100gdzkk1

    Kernel ROOT @ DELL 131#2

    I am from hyderabad india, but bought the phone in Oman and presently staying in Oman.

    I really appreciate your quick response. Thank you.

    • shravan

      Sorry for that new post. Should have replied to the same one.

      • shravan

        Firmware: Pda:kk1 / phone:kk1 / csc:kk2 (xef)

      • shravan

        This is wat i noted down from the kies.

    • Sorry shravan, I have no idea this is official firmware or not. Not familiar with I9100G. Maybe you can ask others at XDA website.

      • shravan

        Thank you.

        Can i load the official firmware? If yes then how? Is there no way by which i can load ics 4.x.x? Will be glad if you can help.

        • shravan

          I can load the firmware which has been released in india right? Pls clear my doubt..

          • Only I9100G firmware.

        • You can use Odin to install firmware too. But don’t use any I9100 firmware on my blog.

          • shravan

            Thanks a lot. 🙂

            one last question. Any idea where i can get the firmware for I9100g? Where do i search for it?

            • From the link that I gave you.

  • Zahid

    Hi Jayce,

    I recently bought SGS2 from a local market in Islamabad (Pakistan). Since it’s sim free phone so might have been unlocked/rooted. The pda, csc and phone info is below:

    Pda: I9100ZSKI3
    Csc: I9100OZSKI3
    Phone: I9100XXKI3
    Build: Fri Sep 23 17:43:22 KST 2011

    It’s currently running andriod 2.3.5. The OTA update shows “No update available.”, whereas the kies says “this device does not support firmware update via kies”. I tried to change the CSC (via *#272*imei#) from default value of KOR to available options of BRI, TWM etc. and that helped to download the ics but the installation failed at 12% multiple times. so my question is:

    1) Should I wait in case the ics is not yet rolled out for my current product code KOR?

    2) Use Odin to flash to a ics firmware for my local region, and if yes which firmware should I download?

    3) Any other option to try out?

    Looking forward to your advice.


    • 1. Up to you.
      2. No ICS firmware for Pakistan yet.
      3. Install other region ICS firmware with Odin manually.

  • ritesh

    o have samsung galaxy s2 honkong firmware i want to convert it indian software in it is it possible as i am using
    it in india having problems using some times getting korean
    language want an india update this is a t mobile unlocked

  • vicky

    Hi Jacee. sir
    from where should i Download

    MDJ Android 2.3.1 Gingerbread v0.5 RAM [kernel: MDJ S8.0]

    there is no available fr dwnlad in inter net

    pls pls pls help me

    • I have no idea too. Sorry…

  • haseb

    Where to get indian csc package and when i press *#7284 n then hit # nuthing happens means the launcher doesnt launch phone utility :(…….even i cant able to put my sgs2 on download, recovery or any mode by pressing volume up,home nd power key…….:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

    • Sorry haseb, you can’t do anything if you can’t load Odin Download and recovery mode.

  • Tel

    i currently have sgs3 locked to orange. if install uk unbranded btu firmware and change my csc to btu will i get ota updates?

    • Sorry Tel, I have no idea on this because mine is factory unlocked version. Please consult others with same model at XDA Forum.

  • praveen

    my device has EGY(egypt).it shows ics 4.0.3 is latest in india how to change indian csc code.i use *#272*imei# it shows (ABS,AFG,BTC,EGY,JED,KSA,LEV,MAT,MED,MID,MMC,MRT,MWD,OTU,PAK,THR,TUN,WAN,XSG,XSS) whish should i use.need to update 4.0.4.
    help plz.

    • Hi praveen, you can install India firmware with Odin directly.

      • praveen

        will my device get rooted when download in odin.there is no other way without root my device.

        • No. This does not root your device.

          • praveen

            can i downkoad this package
            India and Sub-Continent (ETR, INS, INU, NPL,
            SLK, TML) ODDLP7 CSC.for infian region.

            • You can install any region firmware as long as it match to your SGS2 model.

              • praveen

                then can i change csc code from EGY to PAK which can i update 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 .will it support for india?

                • No idea because I am not in India. But it should work.

  • praveen

    thanks for help jayce.i will try it.

  • Antonio

    Hy ! When i try to change my CSC it only shows me CPW, and nothing else. What do i have to do to have more CSC codes where i can chose from ?
    thnx !

    • Hi Antonio, you need to install other region firmware with Odin in order to have other CSC.

  • Plamen


    I would like to ask if this procedure requires rooting ? Is there a way of doing it without rooting my GS 2 because I would loose my guarantee ?

    Thanks in advance !

  • yogesh

    i have galaxy s2 tmobile usa. I am using it in india & unable to use portable hotspot.
    I have tried to change csc code but it only shows sales code installed is TMB and no options are available.
    please help what to do.


    • Hi yogesh, what is the error when enable portable hotspot?

      • yogesh

        it displays that “mobile data is not available or invalid sim”.
        while data connection works on mobile.


        • Sorry yogesh, no idea on this. Please consult Samsung Support.

  • Nitin


    What is the difference between XWLSD and XWLSJ firmware for Samsung GT-I9100?

    • Hi Nitin, please consult Samsung Support to find out. I have no idea too.

  • Terence

    Hi, I’m from Msia, I just installed the latest china official firmware 4.1.2 (I9100GZCLSF_I9100GOZHLSF_I9100GZCLSF_HOME.tar) on my SGS2 I9100G phone. I would like to know that is it possible to change the CSC? I’ve test with the *#272*Device IMEI# method but I receive the error “Connection problem or invalid MMI code”…

  • Vinoth

    Hi friends,
    i already updated my os but it’s asked to me ” SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN ” Is this help for my problems??

    thank you

  • Aranit

    Hello, i want to change my gt-i9100g CSC code, but when i type *#272*imei code# it shows to me as Unknown application. i can not get in to change csc code.

    please help me

  • sameer

    I own a Galaxy S2 with CSC OJP( middle east). As JB update for OJP hasnt come via OTA i have planned to change to XSG (UAE) cos XSG has an offucial update of JB. Will i recieve a JB update if I change my CSC from OJP to XSG via OTA??

    • Yes sameer, if the combo for XSG is correct.

      • sameer

        And What Exactly do you mean by COMBO?

        • PDA, Phone and CSC.

          • sameer

            So how can we make all the 3 components in perfect combo? Okay if we Change CSC to XSG wont the other two change on its own? Or do we have to change it?

            • Install official firmware with Odin directly. Or change CSC if your current firmware has Multi CSC packages like mine (as per screenshot).
              You can’t change the other two.

  • @shrikant, try other India firmware see.