How to create ext3 partition on SD card with ClockworkMod Recovery?

GParted Live is not the only way to partition SD card for A2SD+ NAND Android ROM. There is a built-in advanced function in ClockworkMod Recovery to help create ext3 partition on your SD card. And it is easier than GParted Live method but you need to get ClockworkMod Recovery installed first…

Step by Step Guide

  1. Backup your SD card data to PC before start partitioning.
  2. Power on your phone and don’t let go power button.
  3. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded.
  4. Press call button to load 1. Boot AD SD.
  5. ClockworkMod Recovery will be loaded then.
  6. Use volume down button to go down to ‘advanced’.
  7. Then press call button.
  8. Select ‘Partition SD Card’.
  9. Select the ext size that you want (128M, 256M, 512M, 1024M, 2048M or 4096M).
  10. Select 0M as the Swap Size.
  11. Copy back your data to SD card.
  12. That’s all.

Note – only ext3 partition will be created. And 38.76MB used up for 512 MB ext3 partition.

  • song

    after partition SD card to 2 partitions,
    then we can use WP7 and Android in the card and use original winmo 6.5 in HD2.
    is it?

    • No, this is meant for NAND Android ROM that support ClockworkMod Recovery method.

      • KShock

        Is the partition required for HTC HD2 1024 also?

        • That will depend on the ROM that you use.

  • i am not using cloeckwork Mod to create partition now i am using “EASEUS Partition Master 6.5.2 Home Edition”. but i encounter once of my 8g HC sd card cannot create & delete partition at all. i already format ir several time but still cant make it.
    do you have any idea on this issue Jayce? seek yr advise here.

  • gothikserpent

    why is it that when ever i creat partitions on my 32 gb card,the phone doesnt use it as memory.
    i followed alll the steps but i still get the same results why?

    • Which ROM are you using?

      • gothikserpent

        Im using rafdroid 2.3, but I just realised my issue.whenever I partiton the 1gb and I format,then save as ext3 it automatically goes to “other”
        Could the size of my sd card be what’s causing this issue

        • Sorry, no idea on this ROM. Please consult the ROM chef. Thanks.

  • Mike Wong

    Comparitively, would u prefer ext4 to ext3? I read on wiki that ext3 has stability issues. I’m considering it only coz it’s more convenient to make a partition on CWM, and my motherboard (OLD) doesn’t support USB from boot. Thanks.

    • Actually, I do not notice any different from user stand point. 😛

  • ReD


    Why don’t you create a swap partition ? this will help the rom and add “virtual” extra memory.

    • Does swap partition is needed here? I don’t know.

  • Kc

    im having a 8G card, is there any way to make full use of 8G using this method to create single ext3 partition or 2x 4G on SD?

    • You still need 1 FAT32 partition for personal data like music, video and documents. And can’t have 2 EXT partitions. I only tested 1GB max for EXT partition. Not sure the biggest size that it can go. You need to test it yourself.

  • PS


    thanks to your guides, i now have android on my HD2.

    I had flashed TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 v 2.3 ROM using CWM. Then I created a 4GB ext3 partition as suggested above. However, the phone does not use it as memory. Do i need to install anything else or do I need enable A2SD somewhere?


  • PS

    Thanks a lot

    • You are welcome. 😉

  • john_blummer

    thanks for the desprection. I have 8gb sd card. I did it for 2 gb. Is it mean if I install an app it will place on the 2gb partition or the rest or on the phone? The 2gb partiton is necessary or 1 gb is enough? Thanks for answer

    • Applications and its data will go to EXT partition. Partition size is depended on your usage. 😉

  • Ronnie Lim

    Do i need to re-partition again each time if i install a different NAND?

    • Nope. Just wipe the data and cache will do.

  • thanks it helped me alot

  • alvin

    after i follow all your step, i try to put sd card into notebook, it tell me to format the sd card. i cant copy directly the file. coz notebook wouldnt recognise my sd card. should i format it.

    • Note – format will delete everything on your SD card.

  • alvin

    no wonder. so how to copy the backup file to the sdcard?

    • Like you did above – put SD card into notebook’s card reader. But I am not sure what happen to your SD card, it should not ask you to format it.

  • alvin

    try another sd card. whenever i insert to notebook, it will ask me to format the sd card. any idea?

    • Your notebook card reader got issue? Try other notebook see. Or get a card reader to test.

      • alvin

        Try using using different notebook. This time didn’t ask to format. But only see one partition. It supposed to react that way?

        • You cannot read EXT3 partition content on Windows. It is only readable on Linux.

    • V@no

      Try different CWM version. I remember first time I tried create ext3 partition it did the same thing. A few month later I tried again and it worked fine. Since then the only difference I could think of is the CWM version I’ve installed…

  • hugobosslives

    is there any way to delete/change partitions within clockwork (or the phone) i.e not using a computor?

    i want to change the size of my ext2 partition.

    • Just follow the steps above to do so. Note – it will delete evertything on your SD card and create EXT3 partition.

  • Thomas

    Hi Jayce,

    I’m pretty sure I did everything as detailed.
    But even then the internal memory is diminishing when I install applications.

    After I installed NAND 2.7 and Apps2SD via CM Recovery, I installed just 3 basic apps (Adobe Air, Adobe Flash & SPB time) and now I have only 71MB internal storage left.

    Please advise on this.

    Thanks in advance!

  • sfs

    hi jayce, i’m already created ext3 partition on my sd card with ext size 4096M, if now i want to change it to 2048M it is posible to do that?

    • Yes, you should be…

  • R. J.

    What ext size do you recommend?

    • Depend on your usage. Personally, I use 1GB EXT3 on my 8GB SD card.

  • Nic

    hi jayce,

    AFter partitioning 1gb to ext3 on my sd card with CWM.. may i know whats the best apps that can be use to move app to sd?pls help…

    thx so much..

  • Filip

    Hi, i have a problem. when I press Boot AD SD it shows me: SD kernel open failed. I dont know what to do, because I reinstal clockworkmod v1.3 and after instalation i press AD Recovery and I stucked at GO GO GO… please help me.

    • Filip

      I found out how to solve that problem, it works, and i am happy. thanks bye 😀

  • andutzu2005

    hello joyce i have a question for you. i have a htc desire. i have rooted it now i have installed cyogenmod 7.1 it is ok but i have problems with memory. i have rom manager installed. if i make a partition on sd card is gonna grow up the internal memory f my phone? or if not what can i do?

    thank you in advance

  • Sam

    I am having a problem with AD Recovery in the Clockworldmod recovery. it always says that there is no boot loader. What do you think might be the problem.

    Also finding it difficult to instal The clockworldmod recovery on the computer. Any help will do


  • Walter

    Hi Jayce,

    Did the procedures as described above successfully with 2GB as EXT3 partition but after rebooting, internal memory is still the same and hasn’t increase.

    aMAGLDR v1.13 shows under Mounts and Storage Menu:
    – mount /system
    – mount /data
    – unmount /cache
    – mount /sdcard
    – mount /sx-ext

    is that correct or should I change any of these.

    What else must I do to get Android ICS 4.0.4 to recognise the additional ram in EXT3?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Walter, EXT3 won’t increase internal memory physically. But will make apps and data store there if A2SD+ script is installed.

  • Walter

    Sorry Jayce for my ignorance.

    Does NexusHD2 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Beta10 NAND ROM for HTC HD2 have A2SD+ support?


      • Walter

        Thanks once again Jayce.

        Will try out later.

        • Walter

          Hi Jayce,

          Installed and tried Link2SD. Internal RAM total unchanged.

          Yesterday, somehow, I managed to get the total reported Internal RAM to recognise/add the 2GB EXT3 partition on the same ROM but may have also installed some other downloads. Can’t remember how. However, the system became unstable and error message that EMail is no longer working (continuous error message popup) and download from GooglePlay was pathetically slow.

          Re-installed ICS from clean slate.

          • Walter

            Might have been that works but cause the system unstable and with error messages.