How to disable Samsung Galaxy S II camera sound?

Don’t like Samsung Galaxy S II camera focus sound? And want to turn off camera shutter sound when taking photo? Here is the way to turn off the camera focus and shutter sounds. Or reduce the sound to lower volume. We don’t want to wake up sleeping baby when taking photo, right?

Samsung Galaxy S II Camera

How to disable Samsung Galaxy S2 camera sound?
Basically, the camera sounds are controlled by System Sound (at Settings – Sound – Volume – System). You can reduce or turn off the system sound completely. Then, you will not have to hear any camera sound at all. However, it also affects feedback sounds like audible touch tones, audible selection and screen lock sounds because they are considered as system sounds too…

  • kenneth

    Well that dident work :s kinda anoying such basic thing isent posibel to turn off. :/

    • Hmm… It works for me. Maybe you can try to ask Samsung Support for help.

  • Michael Biermann

    Worked for me, too (Galaxy S2, black, 2.3.3, Baseband version I9100XXKE7, Kernel … (manuell von Vodafone Branding befreit).

  • Jeff

    It did not work for me either. ๐Ÿ™ Strange that it works for some and not others. It did turn off that annoying little sound when the phone turns on though.

  • L.Loh

    It works on my S2, thanks!

  • Sean

    my S G S II camera dont work. everytime i switch it on, a message come up on the screen reading WARNING, Camera failed.


    • Are you using stock firmware? If yes, try to hard reset. If still got issue, please contact Samsung Support.

  • Louise

    didn’t work for me either ๐Ÿ™

  • Miranda

    Well, i don’t see any explanation “how, how to” for getting off the annoying sound in your article?

  • Mike

    Did not work for me, still the annoying sound! I have the sprint version, just purchased 10/31/2011

  • Steve

    Do not work for me, HK, KG2 version.

  • lisa

    You need to root your phone or use an app to control system volume to achieve this

  • alex

    I hate sgs 2! such a small thing, why cant they fix it? Im going back to ipbone.

  • Adrian

    How to disable the camera sound in android 4.0 in s2? please help

    • If above method does not work, I have no idea too.

      • Adrian

        In android 4 , there is no system files option to choose. Currenly use camera 360 to replace it

  • I just put my finger over the speaker. Doesn’t mute it completely, but quiets down significantly. Enough to matter….at least for me. Not much on ‘sneaking pix.’

  • No more Samsung

    Samsung P/L in Korea or ???? any idea or just give your M shut

  • It doesnt work .. the only way to do it seems to be rooting the phone and pasting files in some directory .. I`m not happy at all

  • Doug

    Folks, in the USA the camera is legally NOT ALLOWED to be silent. Stupid but true….the military is worried that somebody will use their smartphone to take pictures of classified information, so they passed a law that ALL cameras must make or simulate a sound when they’re used.

    They’ve even succeeded in suppressing the selling of apps in the US market which don’t make a shutter sound, or even have a sound that can be disabled. The only workaround is using one of the out-of-country apps which are available.

  • Talm76

    Another simple way to take a silent picture is to put the phone in silent mode.

    • asdf

      That doesn’t work!

  • Phil-T

    Before you open the camera app just turn the volume down or press the must button. The same controls that mute the ringtone also mute the camera sound.