How to edit root file on Android the free way?

Root Explorer is the best Android file manager to edit root files. I love to use it. However, it is not free and you have to pay to use it. So how to edit root file on Android the free way? Hehe… I found a free solution after searching for quite sometimes. Basically, File Expert + Jota Text Editor will give you the ability to edit root files. File Expert has root access to system folders and files like Root Explorer. But it does not have built-in text editor to modify files. So Jota Text Editor comes to help.

Edit build.prop with Jota Text Editor

First of all, you need a rooted Android phone in order to access to these system files. Then, enable root function at File Expert (More – Settings – File Explorer Settings – tick on Root Explorer). Then mount as read write mode (More – Mount – Mount As Read Write). Enable write permission to all of the file that you want to edit (Hold on the file – File Operations – Permission – tick all on write).

Enable write permission to all at File Expert

That’s it. You can open the file as text and edit it with Jota Text Editor now. Remember to change the permission back to previous settings after done changing. No a simple way but it is the FREE solution…

Download File Expert here.
Download Jota Text Editor here.

  • John Bera

    Actually I got root explorer for free. I used an app called xxx. You make an account and you search it and download most of the apps on the android market paid or free.

    • Sorry, I don’t encourage pirated software here.

  • Deckard Cain

    Thanks!! I downloaded Jota but later I saw that I already had a generic text editor. The thing is changing permissions!!

  • Arsh

    Dear Jayce

    Jota text editor is not showing the open as text option therefore the file could not be save remarks is appearing I have checked that build prop write all option is ticked the build prop file is showing just one open option.

    • Did you install Jota text editor? Or just use any text editor will do.

  • Arsh

    Yes i have install Jota text editor but the file build prop is not geting save after i make the density 192 to 220 manually. i just cant understand you that should i install some other text editor or what? please clarifay.


    • Make sure that you enable write permission. Use ES File Explorer if File Expert is not working for you.

  • ap

    after follwoing all the steps n using alternative editors n es explorer still cannot save the file

    • Is the write permission enabled?

      • Arsh

        I was also facing same problem and after checking the permission enability and trying ES Explorer i changed the text editor from Jota to 920 text editor and the got saved after the changes.

  • ap

    thanks Arsh i was able to save it with 920 text editor, thanks so very much, also if you can assist me for one more thing is there any way to get the incoming call = blue led light as after installing CM7 RC1.5 it is disabled

    • Arsh

      Sorry AP

      Actually i have not exploure the blue LED yet, as soon as i will have any idea i will inform you.


  • Hi Thanks for this.

    I have a Kindle Fire and need to move an apk file to systems/app/ but I need to make it read write before I can move the file. I click to select the app/ dir and then did the mount but it came back and said it failed.

    Is there another way?


    • You need to root your Kindle Fire in order to do so.

  • Johan

    Thanks it was rooted I then used root explorer to do what I could not do

    • You need to mount as R/W.

  • All done. Thanks

  • imran

    Hey I got mount failed error when I do mount by file what to phone is HTC hd2 with 2.2 Android..pls reply me..

    • Try ES File Explorer then.

      • imran

        I already use es explore..its not working help me

        • You need to enable root explorer and grant SuperUser access to it.

          • imran

            How I can do.. cb u explain me pls .

            • When you select root explorer, SuperUser will pop up. Then select allow it.

              • imran

                Cn u explain me step by step pls…

                • These are the step by step already…

                  • imran

                    Sorry,Testing failed.this features can not run your phone. this error I got in es explorer..

                    • imran

                      Wat to do in Superuser app ..

                    • Your Android ROM might not have proper root access then. Do you have any applications that require root access working?

                    • imran

                      Do dude I don’t have any app..send link..pls

      • imran

        Sorry,Testing failed.this features can not run your phone. this error I got in es explorer..what to do pls help me..

        • Is your Android ROM has root access? Is there any SuperUser app?

          • imran

            Yes superuser app is their..

  • @imran: Which Android ROM are you using now?

  • craig

    File expert keeps force closing when I go to settings and es explorer is no longer available. WTF?

  • Tanggo

    Hi, thanks for the informative post. U mentioned about enabling the root function in File Expert but this feature is only reserved for the pro edition. May I know how u did it or u actually purchased the app for rooting purpose? Thanks.

    • It was free. Try to use ES File Explorer now.

      • Tanggo

        ok, thanks a lot.

  • Amit

    File Expert is also paid now πŸ™ got any alternative??

  • Dark Penguin

    I currently have JB 4.1.2 rooted stock on my Epic 4g Touch, having reverted from CM10.2 a few days ago. I did find ES File Explorer in the Play Store and installed it, but I can’t find the “Other” settings, nor anywhere to enable “up to root”. I can go through the motions to mount / or /system RW, but it doesn’t seem to do anything; I still get permission violations when I try to save the changes.

    I’ve worked through this issue in the past but don’t remember what finally worked.