How to enable 10 multi-touch points on HTC One X?

HTC One X has 10 multi-touch points on its lovely 720p HD Super LCD2 IPS display screen. Yes, the flagship HTC One X does have 10 multi-touch points. But HTC disables it by default in order to allow 3-finger output gestures which enable HTC Media Link HD output to TV. Most of HTC One X users don’t have HTC Media Link HD. So no point to disable 10 multi-touch points. Playing Fruit Ninja type of games is not fun at all when limited to 2 multi-touch points only.

10 multi-touch points on HTC One X

How to enable 10 multi-touch points on HTC One X?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Then select Display & gestures.
  3. Uncheck HTC gestures ~ Enable 3-finger output gestures and ignore gestures with more fingers.
  4. That’s all.

HTC should disable this 3-finger output gestures by default because HTC Media Link HD does not come along free with HTC One X. Anyway, enjoy 10 multi-touch points on your HTC One X after changed the settings manually. It’s time to slash fruits now…

  • Darren

    Good bit of advice. What are the full advantages of this? Just wondering why it was not enabled from the off that’s all… Thanks.

    • Play Fruit Ninja with kids. And you will know. 😉

  • matt

    nice work you have done here, esp in regards with htc one x..mybe u can help me with dial pad was not functioning well esp 1 2 3 buttons.been reset my phone but still d same..mybe u have come up with a forum to solve this issue.cheers..

    • Hi matt, please consult HTC Support since you still have issue after factory reset. Might be hardware issue.

  • Mcnugget

    Thank you for publishing this!, was trying to play magic piano and couldn’t the fingers wouldn’t work ugh lol

    • Aakash

      same with me too…this just made my day…:D