How to enable 3G data connection on Android HTC HD2?

How to enable 3G data connection on Android HTC HD2? This is the question that I asked myself when I got Android 2.2 Froyo installed on my HTC HD2. I failed to enable 3G data connection and I thought that was an issue with the Android build. However, I was wrong. 3G data connection is really working on Android HTC HD2. Thanks to Razi for letting me know the way to enable it.

Guide to enable 3G data connection on Android HTC HD2

  1. Click on ‘Windows hardware button’ at main screen.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’.
  3. Select ‘Wireless & networks’
  4. Check ‘Mobile network ~ Use phone for data connection when WiFi is unavailable’.
  5. Select ”Mobile network ~ Set options for roaming, networks, APNs’.
  6. Select ‘Access Point Names’. Note – A blank APNs page will be shown.
  7. Click on ‘Windows hardware button’. It will bring up 2 options ~ ‘New APN’ and ‘Reset to default’.
  8. Select ‘New APN’.
  9. Key in ‘My APN’ by clicking on ‘Name’. Note – you can key in any name you want. I selected ‘My APN’.
  10. Key in ‘My APN’ by clicking on ‘APN’. Note – you can key in any APN you want. I selected ‘My APN’.
  11. Click on ‘Windows hardware button’.
  12. Then click on ‘Save’.
  13. Select on ‘My APN’.
  14. You are done.

Try to disable WiFi connection. Your phone should connect to Internet using 3G data connection now. Enjoy…

  • Jerome


    I love your website! Many thanks…I downloaded Android for htc hd2…the only complaint I have is, I can’t hear people on the other line…all I get is a robot type sound on it. Is there a more stable build out there? thanks Jerome

  • yaz

    you also have to flash the radio that helps too

  • PeterHeng

    I cant get through this (Select โ€Mobile network ~ Set options for roaming, networks, APNsโ€™.) Help

    • Nothing happen after you select ‘Mobile network ~ Set options for roaming, networks, APNs’?

  • Rik

    Pity it doesn’t work (at least not with me). HD2, ROM version 1.48, radio version 2.12, two different Android versions (dan1j3l-LeoFroyo-1.0 and HD2Froyo_V2.1). Perhaps because I’m in the Netherlands? I’ve got a preinstalled Vodafone NL APN, with data that’s the same as the WinMo data. Still no luck.

  • Thank you so much! These steps were easy and worked flawlessly!

    -Nick Bradford

  • edie

    Instructions didn’t match exactly what I saw on my screen, but enough to allow me to engage my brain and get it working.

    Now have an interface, style and environment I am luving

  • Matt

    Hey Im running a different rom and it seems my settings are different. What exaclty did you do edie? Any info would be helpful. Thanks

  • edie

    I choose the windows key

    Then chose wireless and networks

    then mobile networks

    clicked data enabled

    then i selected acces point names (or apn)

    I did notice that there were quiet a few entries in there, 4 alone for O2 my network. 2 normal, 1 post pay and 1 pay as you go

    I went back to windows and checked which one was there, went back into android and choose the one that matched that. As soon as I did that, it jumped into life

  • tommy

    is there a program to boot from android back to windows

    • No. Just reboot from Android to go back to Windows Mobile.

  • tommy

    is there anyway to increase the in call volumes and media volume

    • Increase volume to max. If still cannot solve your issue, change to other Android build.

  • Works perfect, thank you!

  • Manuel

    Worked like a charm!
    Many thanks………

  • hatim

    thannnnnnnnnnnnks dude

  • hatim

    dude, is there anywhere to make data connaction faster? cuz i feel by using w/m still faster than android!! am i right ?

  • hatim

    dude, is there anyway** to make data connaction faster? cuz i feel by using w/m still faster than android!! am i right ?

    • Mine is same as Windows Mobile based on benchmark. Try not to sync lot of stuffs in background to reduce data usage.

  • Frank

    Tons of thanks!!!! works perfect!!.

  • AJ

    I have the NAND ROM on it and I did exactly what steps told me to do but I cannot connect to the internet

    • I have no problem on all the NAND Android builds that I tried. Try reboot your phone see.

  • moh777

    hi jayce, i tried the the way you told to enable 3G.but it dosent work. wen clicking on mobile network it says “turning on” then it says connection faild. cant update weathr or play videos,…when ever try it says “u need a network connection. please turn on mobile network.”

    any suggestions? please help’

    • Try to reboot your phone see. Sometimes it helps…

      • moh777

        i did try. dosent work. really frustrating that cant use internet without wi-fi…… please find me a solution. i will b ethankfull….

        • Hmmโ€ฆ In this case, try to get all the detail APN setting from your telco. Or try Google it.

          • moh777

            Got it …………..:) Thankyou so much…….:) Love the android now…:)

  • love-android

    Thank you for your help. This doesnt work…
    I already rebooted my phone. And tried it all again. But still didn’t work.
    I’ve got the dutch HTC HD2, does this make any differences?
    Please help me! Because I don’t wanna go back to windows mobile, that sucks.

    • Hmm… In this case, try to get all the detail APN setting from your telco. Or try Google it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • love-android

        How do I do that? (maybe stupid question).
        But can you explain it to me step by step?

        I hope it works.

        • love-android

          I downloaded android 2.3 on my phone, but I like 2.2 more.
          Can you still explain the steps ? (to get all the detail APN setting from my telco)?

            • love-android

              Doesn’t work either.
              I’m from the Netherlands.. so that are not my APN settings. I searched for the dutch settings. They don’t work either….

              Is there anything I can do to fix it (I searched at google a long time, but can’t find anything…

              I want to keep android (with WM there aren’t any fun apps)…
              Is there anything I can do? (my wifi stopped working too today….. ๐Ÿ™

              • Call your telco to get the info. They must have it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                • love-android

                  Then I get the same APN settings.. so I think android just isn’t working on my htc hd 2.
                  Too bad…. ๐Ÿ™

                  • crystal

                    if you are using t-mobile i can give you what i put in my phone and my 3g data connection is working perfect now ! took me a day to figure it out but finally

                    • Cody

                      Please do put your apn settings here. I’d really appreciate it.

  • Manuel

    What APN aettings are you currently trying?

  • Simpson

    works thanks! feels a little slow though..

  • Matthew

    than you :). but please, help me? i’ve done all of this but whenever someone calls me i hear a robot sound is there a way to fix this ?

    • Robotic voice issue is caused by radio version or the Android ROM that you use. Try other radio version and Android ROM see.

  • Nicole

    I tryed this and i have 4 bars. But when i turn off wifi i try to use the internent and it says data connection failed. Is there any other way to fix this? Please help. also i sometimes get a robot voice when calling sometimes. Can i flash this while the nand is on it? Or do i need to switch back to windows mobile ?

    • Please contact your telco to get the detail APN settings for Internet access. Try other radio version or NAND Android ROM to fix the robotic issue.

      • Nicole

        So, you want me to contact tmobile? ( im assuming that telco is tmobile ) and ask them to get the APN settings for the internet access? & i dont tell him anything about me hacking my hd2 into android correct?

  • bob sanders

    When i did everything it shows the 3g symbol but when i open the browser it says i am not connected to the internet.???

  • Jerry

    hey jayce,
    Well i had a problem doing these steps because when i did them and try to do the 7.Click on โ€˜Windows hardware buttonโ€™. It will bring up 2 options ~ โ€˜New APNโ€™ and โ€˜Reset to defaultโ€™. the 2 options would not show up what should i do. please contact me at

    • Which screen are you at now? What is the error message?

      • Jerry

        im at the moblie network setting and it wouldn’t bring up the 2 options

        • You need to be at APNs screen.

          • Jerry

            heyy jayce well i tried to again and still it goes to the h thing signal.

            • H is 3.5G. I got this one most of the time. And I can connect to Internet with H. ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Jerry

                ok rhank you

                • No problem. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Manuel

    Simply install this ROM and all your issues of MMS, SMS, 3G, battery drain, robot voice, etc, will all go away……i promise. I got tired of trying all those different APNs and then I finally found this!!!

  • Jonathan

    already do it, but mobile network say coneccion error

    • Please check with your telco.

  • Can I add another thing since I got mine working today… if everything fails, just try the “Reset to defaults” option, and redo the settings, this fixed it for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lester

    i thought i was never going to get my internet to work, thanks this really works and the instructions are simple.

  • Kris

    I tried this and it really worked for me.

    Thanks a ton

  • Josh

    TYTYTYTYTY!!!!!!!!!! I too thought the build was broke. But much to my suprize this site pulls through again. Thank you for letting me use my HD2 the way its supposed to be used.

  • nathmags

    thanks, everything works fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • alizeeny

    i do every step and still i cant find my router connection please help me guys ๐Ÿ™ fast as you can

  • alizeeny

    it doesn’t work with me guys i did all steps and still i cant find my router connection network please help me guys ๐Ÿ™ as fast as you can

  • sanam

    my dad has a android phone called samsung galaxy i5500. he has got a three sim only and he has internet but since he brought the phone the internet does not work. i have a wired router. can you help me?

  • Obie

    hi am using an htc hd2 android version i cant use the 3 g network every time i try and edge sympol(E) appears what i should do plz 7eb

    • Force 3G only at Settings – Wireless and network – Mobile networks – Network mode to WCDMA only.

      • Obie

        i dont have the option wcdma on my phone all i can get when i go to network settings is data enabled international data roaaming national roaming and acces point names use only 2 g networks and network operators

        • Consult your telco in this case.

          • Obie

            i consulted my telco they dont know is there a program where i can change networks mode to wsdma,i can download ?

              • Obie

                hi again am still suffering from the edge i had put it to wcdma and the edge symbol is still appearing on my phone can u inform me cuz they are still saying network type edge ๐Ÿ™ can u help me more plz

                • You need to consult telco in this case. They are the one that control Edge or 3G. Tell them that you already set as WCDMA and still getting Edge data connection only.

                  • Obie

                    ty ty ty ty ty ty it worked ty mrs Jayce ty ty ty i cant thank you enought ty :D<3

  • tuny13

    not working for me, I had try several roms and all of them work ok but I have the same problem with all of them the internet/ data doesnt work for me only when I use wifi
    could you help?

    • Please consult your telco for the APN Settings then.

  • Tom

    hey so i did exactly what u wrote, and still doesnt work. where it says proxy, port etc do i write anything?

  • Tom

    hmm still couldnt connect. am using an hd2 on tmobile service with android on it

    • Please consult T-Mobile in this case.

  • Tom

    actually after i wrote that i looked at my phone and it works. THANKS!

  • Hi Jayce..

    Please help.. I have HTC Desire Z.. I lost my mobile connection yesterday.. When I try to select Mobile connection in Settings>wireless&network i got a message CONNECTION FAILED.. I don’t know whY.. Any idea?
    Before that everything works brilliant..

    • Have you change / install anything on your phone lately? If no, please consult your telco see any issue with your data plan.

      • I have installed some application from market.. nottin’ special.. i tried to insert sim card to another phone and Mobile internet works fine.. Definetly is something about phone..

        How can i reset factory settings?? maybe that will help??

        • Not sure how to factory reset HTC Desire Z because I don’t have one. Maybe since you need to reset everything again.

  • Tomasz Zalewski

    This is the same guy that asked weeks ago about the t-mobile apn numbers for t-mobile for the htc hd2 for android. I switched to simple mobile and im wondering if you would know the apns for the android htc hd2. You knew last time so im guessing you would probably know again. Thing is internet works but does not seem to be 3g. ANY SUGESSTIONS PLEASE!!!! I CANT EVEN GET THE FACEBOOK APP TO LOAD THE NEWS FEED!

  • iskn1334

    Thank you the the tip to solve my problems but the results is negative. Many times I tried to reboots,without Wifi on and reset still faults.
    The results is still negative.
    I done many time the 3G/H/E unable, so I could use for internet unless using WiFi.
    Any solution for advice?
    Thank You.

    • Maybe your Android ROM has 3G issue. Try other Android ROM see.

  • steve

    but i dn`t get the 3g network on my android…….
    plzz any buddy tell me what is UMTS AND WCDMA

  • cathie

    wow, it was that easy! it blows my mind. i just got someone’s old HTC HD2 with Windows Mobile 6 on it, & decided, even tho i know nothing about programming, i was going to wipe it & install Jellybean on it! it took me a long time, but i finally did it (2 days, & that’s with watching 3 little kids too!). but i could not get the data connection working. i did what you said, & BAM! it works!
    thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Zoran

    my rom is different, and is the original one, since i just did boot to factory settings . how do I manage to work the 3g? i do not have in the settings the icon wireless and networks… and when i chose the line i have only the option gprs …. help please

    • Hi Zoran, since you are using original ROM, please consult HTC Support.

  • Zoran

    i am not sure is original i just found out that is a MTK HD2 dual sim clone , and not the original htc hd2, but is identical… where do i find new rom for it, of how can i make it to go on 3g? if anyone can help me will be great….thanks

  • Zoran

    to be more precise , is this model , the right one…in the video

    • Sorry Zoran, I have no idea about this MTK model. Do consult MTK Support for help.

  • Queen

    I have a samsungI5500 Android 2.2.I always got internet connection until 3 wks ago I was trying to create sapce after memory full prompt.Deleted some apps cannot remember all but ever since I am unable to get internet connection. However I can get Wifi connection from home.Anyone can please help.

  • wong

    i have htc hd2 and i fallow this steps but unfortunately nothings happen ๐Ÿ™

    • Hi wong, please contact your telco to get all the APN settings details then.