How to enable all apps in Samsung Galaxy S3 Multi Window?

Yes, you can enable all application on one of the great features in Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite Upgrade ~ Multi Window now. More and more Android 4.1.2 firmware is available for Samsung Galaxy S3 like XXELKC, XXELL4, XXELL5 and XXELLA. All of them support Multi Window but only few applications can be used in that mode. Luckily, you can enable all applications in Samsung Galaxy S3 Multi Window with the same mod from developer who developed for Samsung Galaxy Note 2. As usual, root access and CWM are required.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Multi Window
Unlimited apps in Samsung Galaxy S3 Multi Window

Use MultiWindow Complete Control Tool to add more applications in Samsung Galaxy S3 Multi Window. Just put the applications that you want and you are ready to go. You need to install framework hack with CWM first. And install MultiWindow Complete Control apk later.

Installation guide – How to install update zip with ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S3? (Video)

Download MultiWindow Complete Control for Samsung Galaxy S3 here.

  • adrian

    hy,do you have a link for framework hack,please

  • adrian

    i have the answer,thanks anyway…

  • Andrie

    Hi Jayce,

    Happy New Year!
    I follow the link to the framework hack, there are 2 files which are odexed and deodexed.
    What do they mean? and which should I choose to install?



    • Happy new year, Andrie.

      Odexed = stock firmware. Deodexed for custom ROM.

      • Andrie

        Thanks a bunch Jayce!

  • W@r10ck

    Hi Jayce,

    Ive rooted my phone and have not done anything since then. I visited the site for the frame work hack.. im confused on what to download.

    XXELK4 Deodex – Odex
    XXELL5 Odex & Deodex
    XXELLA Deodex

    Now i have the international version I9300
    Firmware: I9300XXEMA2

    Thanks a lot. One reason i wanted to root is because of this(additional applications for multiwindow)

    • Hi W@r10ck, there is no match for your firmware. Can’t use it…

      • W@r10ck

        =( one more question. There’s a lot of omega roms version from xda but are all of them compatible for my phone? lastly will it be possible that there will be more versions of framework hack that would be compatible with my baseband?i hope so :[ Thanks a lot.

        • Yes, if they are cooked for I9300. Maybe if someone create it.

  • Vampirex

    I am very disappointed because I upgraded to 412 my GT-I9300 International only for multiwindows and curiously the only applications eligible for are not useful in this mode. So I am looking for a workaround, my ROM is the French SFR stock ELL4 but it is odexed. Is it a solution ?