How to enable Multi Window on Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

How to enable Multi Window on Samsung Galaxy Note II? Yes, Multi Window is one of the special unique features on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that can’t find other Android smartphones. It is great because Multi Window really bring the ability to multi tasking. Well, not all Samsung Galaxy Note 2 supports Multi Window at first. But Samsung put this feature in with latest firmware update. So just check to latest OTA software update or use Samsung Kies to grab the Multi Window update.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Multi Window

How to enable Multi Window on Samsung Galaxy Note 2?
Just tap and hold Back button. The Multi Window panel appears on the left side of the screen. Select one application and then drag another application to a new location. That’s it. Enjoy Multi Window on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Be more productive…

  • Shaq

    I have note 2 but it’s not appear when I press and hold the button..

    • Then your current firmware might not support it. Try to upgrade to the latest firmware.

      • chris

        how do you perform this action of updating the firmware

        • Didn’t you read my article above?

  • Curtis

    Yes I did but I have the sprint version and it will not work the function is missin from sph-l900 what can I do

    • Hi Curtis, please consult Samsung Support in this case.

  • Shaq

    Yeah!..update successful with multiwindow!..thanks jayce!

  • Ruth Cochran

    Reading your article on Multi Window … how do you add apps to the tool bar??