How to fix slow loading Galaxy S4 camera & reboot issue?

Err… My Samsung Galaxy S4 is not problem free. I heard several users complaint about slow loading of their Galaxy S4 camera. And faced hang, crash and auto reboot issue. I tried to duplicate this issue but failed until this early morning. Yes, my Galaxy S4 rebooted by itself after I switched from rear camera to front camera. Again, I tried to duplicate this issue again but failed.

How to fix slow loading Samsung Galaxy S4 camera and reboot issue?
Nothing much we can do actually. Factory reset won’t help here because I just did that few days ago and still face this kind of issue. So is this hardware issue? Nope. Most likely caused by immature camera firmware because it is not happening all the time. So what can we do? Wait for a new OTA update to fix this camera issue. That’s all. Or you can send back for warranty claim if you want. But I don’t think it will help much unless it is really a hardware issue.

Do you face this camera issue too?

  • mike

    Ive not had that problem yet but my GS4 came with firmware I9505XXUAMDF and when I updated it to I9505XXUAMDM I did notice when I first turned the camera on it said updating camera driver/firmware.

    I believe theres an even newer firmware update for our phones too but Ive not updated to it yet

  • Akash kampani

    Even my s4 reboots when I turn on the camera or an app which opens the camera (cam scanner)… Hopefully Samsung comes up with an update soon

  • Sanjith

    Same as Akash. Rebooted a number of times when any app related to camera is launched. Even Skype doesn’t work well. Its ridiculous that they sell these devices without proper quality check. Imagine the fiasco that was created when iPhone had the signal drop issue? This is even worse than that, but there is no hue and cry about this. Is it because we don’t expect Android devices to be of good quality anyway?

  • George

    I’ve been experiencing the same issue with the camera, either it lags when accessed or reboots the phone.

    I’ve tried disabling the new S4 features such as air gesture settings and smart screen features and I haven’t had any restarts since BUT the app still lags. I went and disable from apps manager samsung push, samsung apps and samsung hubs and the camera started behaving a little better.

    You could try these tricks as they may temporary fix the problem.
    ALSO don’t forget to clear the camera’s cache and data from the apps manager.

  • rhman

    I have sent my s4 to fix the camera and reboot bugs and I’m asked to wait for 3 weeks to claim new device !!! Factory reset didn’t help as mentioned above. Clearly its factory defect
    I wouldn’t recommend any one to buy s4 till they fix it. Not worth it especially if you’re upgrading from s3 .

  • hkawar


    I had the same problem in my S4,


    I did it and the problem was solved, even after that , the cam app became faster, also instagram can stopped crashing.

    Good luck.

    • asad

      Is that happeins to u again

  • James

    i have the same issue and im wondering when will this firmware / software update will be released , if someone already found a solution for this issue please let us know

    thank you

  • kaan

    i’m experiencing the same problem with my S4. It just reboots when i try to turn on camera though it does not necessarily do this every time i try.

  • thanhtay

    Me too.i have same problem with camera issue

  • ADIL


  • asad

    Hey guys I had the same problem but not with the normal camera it is with instagram camera it reboot by it self

    • hoor

      am facing the same

  • Abdulla Eqab

    I solved this issue using the method:

    • Breno

      This is a private video, can u put it again?

      • Don’t bother. It is not working. Just upgrade to latest firmware to fix this camera issue.

        • eug

          I also tried searching for a solution on youtube, but this does NOT fix the camera problem.

          Go to Settings, More, About Device, Software Update, Update… your phone will look for any updates. My phone found none (‘latest firmware already installed’) and I still have the camera reboot problem

  • tgvf

    same problem in my S4

  • Shiva

    I am facing the same issue. Phone reboots if I open Camera from any of the Apps. Don’t think it is a hardware issue. Waiting for a OTA update. Hope it gets fixed ASAP.

  • asad

    Dont worry guyz I had friends facin the prob and I felt good lol and u 2 ppl it maybe let s just the fone memory and stop using memory card and keep using the fone eazy

  • Shreyas Bhivandkar

    Same here guys…
    Having the same issue. My phone reboots when I try to switch between the rear and the front Camera.
    It’s kinda pissing me off because my Nexus never had such problem.

  • ujjawal

    Yeah same on my s4

  • nadim

    Same here .. on both GS4 … not a mature device … I am considering to go to BB Q10 …
    I was expecting more from this device .. .. it ended it has bugs more than my Bold 4 …
    I hope Samsung will read these and send a fix asap … Anyone tried the HTC one ?

  • hamdy

    Same problem with GS4 camera or any appl. Using camera.

  • Tim

    I have the same nightmare, every time i launch the camera my phone reboots, shame for samsung and im mad that I replaced it with the Nexus which was faster and much better. damn this phone…..

  • asif shaheen

    i have the same issue with my sgs4 ….. i cant believe that samsung doing this type of shit……….. they should solve this issue soon…………

  • Daniel

    Same problem with the reboots. At first I thought it was Evernote. But today it crashed and reboot on ‘twitter’.

  • Mike

    Easy to fix. Set the camera to internal memory…

    • pedro

      yeap, that seems to work for me too so far.

  • drew

    I have the same problems with reboots. Everytime I will launch camera. Instagram.etc it will reboot. Im so disappointed that I replaced my iphone 5 for this piece of shit. Samsung not recommending to buy any samsung products to my friends and family..

  • Darryl

    Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 Android Version 4.2.2 crashes nearly every time I open the camera application. I have tried every single solution suggested on the internet, but nothing works! I have even tried a hard reset, nothing works. I am very disappointed with Samsung. I can’t believe they released this firmware version without first testing it correctly. Big thumbs down, Samsung and the Galaxy S4!

  • Roy

    Every time I switch the camera on from the home screen or just navigate to the camera the camera just hangs and shows a black screen it happens at least 75% of the time i.e., reboots my phone. This especially is the case when I am in another application like whatsapp and I want to send a picture to someone and move into camera mode within the app the phone just reboots. I paid top money for this phone and I get this kind of service from it. Samsung NEVER again!

  • Elidor

    that is not fair you order a phone, it comes new 100% new and for the first using of camera it shows: camera failed hard reset don’t work, clear cache either, i update to xxxAMDM still not solve, i try a new camera, still not work oh shit.

  • Sopheachmongkul Meas

    My Samsung Galaxy S4 has this problem. And I lost the motivation to take picture with Samsung Galaxy S4.