How to hack Facebook account profile

How to hack Facebook account profile


How to hack Facebook account profile? How to hack Facebook account to see private photo? How to hack Facebook password? All these questions are being asked by many of us. Most of my friends are busy with playing games in Facebook. However, I am busying in finding lot of pretty girls for I don’t know most of the pretty girls in Facebook and need to “add as friend” request. How wonderful if I can hack their Facebook account and see all the photos.


After searching the mighty Internet search engine, Google for “How to hack Facebook account profile“… Saw lot of guides to hack Facebook this and that. Guide to automated Login for Facebook, guide to customize the colour of Facebook account profile, guide to see the album of any private user, hack Facebook password for free… Besides that, you need to install some applications like Firefox, Greasemonkey, Facebook freezer, Winzix etc. to hack Facebook.

Hmm… Based on all the comments replied by readers, most of them are not working. Come on, being an application developer myself. Do you think Facebook programmers are sitting there still and do nothing? All the bugs and security holes should be fixed by them already. So you can stop searching for guide to hack Facebook already. Save your time to meet new friends with this hottest social networking website in the world.

  • Mike

    Where can I find guide to hack Facebook account?

    • artowner

      you should create your own program

  • Arafat Hossain Piyada

    Ha ha..nice word. Yeah those people should stop but I am sure they won’t. They think Facebook programmers don’t have brain or may be they have better one.

    • sallisallu

      eh do u know how to hack facebook accounts

  • Louis Dizon

    With the ever increasing popularity of Facebook, their developers are certainly on track with the security holes and other bugs of the application. Facebook will simply continue to improve.

  • blinkky

    I don’t think any can hack facebook =)

    • James M. @ Track Cell Phone

      Someone could hack Facebook! And that’s the facebook programmer himself. :)

      Here’s what you should do. Befriend the facebook programmer. Then on his birthday, treat him to a drinking spree and make sure he gets really drunk. Then, oogle him into spilling out how to hack facebook. If you’re successful, post it here.

      Thanks in advance. :)

    • artowner

      don’t be so sure everything can be hacked even if this is the most complicated thing

      • axg

        rofl @ james…

  • yroma PR3

    hi, care to x-change link?

    • Jayce

      Sure. Let me know after you added me. Thanks. :)

  • mancai

    my experience, somebody hack my FB account and overlap my all friend. I don’t no how this person do it. Actually i’m not add or accept this person as my friends. “Lucky” my password is save…

  • Basant Singh

    Hahahahaha :) Good sense of humor. BTW I was not searching for hacking FB

  • Gabe |

    Hacking FB is nice tease but none of those things work.

    Just like all those groups that will help you “see who’s viewing your profile” always have tons of people joining every day. They’re all so hopeful!

  • Neo

    Thanks for the lovely site prettygirls. :-P


    • Jayce

      You are welcome. :D

  • Dana @ Online Knowledge

    Yeah — Facebook programmer surely do not only sit in their chair and watch pretty girl. :mrgreen:

  • Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    well said.. every one is a Geek and really dont think that Facebook programmers were dumb to fix their errors.. :D

  • wen pink

    hmmmm i wonder if this is an advertisement for facebook?

    • Jayce

      Facebook does not need advertisement from me. Most of us are playing games in Facebook everyday, right?

  • yroma PR3

    thanks, yours is done. its on my blogroll menu. pls info once mine is done. Thanks

    • Jayce

      I added yours too. Thanks. :)

  • Free Vector Graphics

    It is not that easy to hack FB account. I dont trust any tricks which comes in Google Search. If i want to hack anyones account i will just give a try with Phishing attack and i have succeeded many times :)

    • ramesh

      Phising??how u do that 2 explain

  • Alvin Lim

    Some expert hack Facebook Notes application before. But they can fix it in a very short time.

  • Sahil Kotak

    We will be able to hack FB when there programmers will be mad, lol :D

  • abrablog

    i don’t think its able to do that. Its super hard..

  • willy

    it’s very hard to hack facebook
    nice post bro

  • Food and Beverage

    hi friend.. it’s very nice information.. would do you like give me more information about this.. thx

  • Mathdelane

    Despite security loopholes that could be triggered at anytime, Facebook like any other social networks are adept at countering any security threat in their system and if somebody does breach, would you think they would even have the guts to broadcast what they did online?

  • John Sullivan

    Nice site I see my friend Math right above very cool.
    Anyway who would want to hack FB anyway LOL :)
    Nice site going to have a look around more thanks
    Good luck with the ladies

  • Lee | Money4Invest

    If I can hack facebook easily, I will believe that I’m a super genius in programming and sure FB team will contact me immediately to hire me to enhance FB security. Hehe…Just my dream.

  • Agent Deepak

    Haha ! Nicely said. Stop wasting time make some friends.

  • Sushant

    Thanks for visiting my blog and tricky post

  • reyah

    Correct!…social networking site will do their very best to secure the account of its member.

  • jagoane

    gak jelas ??

  • Marco

    I heard that it was hacked, and the hacker was sending SOS message to seek monetary help and stuff like that.

  • Michael Aulia @CravingTech

    Well a few of my Facebook friends already got hacked, so..I guess some are working :(

  • libraco

    lol….nice choice of post title….tis is hw SEO is?..=)
    Btw i agree that facebook can’t be hack easily….but our account can kena “fishing” away 1…
    “fishing” = Phishing…

    • Jayce

      Yaya… Something like that. :P

  • gagaukon

    This is a tricky SEO post, im sure you get a lot of traffic from search engine for this post, currently in google page no 4. heheh

    want to exchange links? i’ll add you shortly

    • Jayce

      Which keywords did you search? I don’t see it at no 4.

      By the way, thanks for the link. I added yours too. :)

      • gagaukon

        the main keyworks ‘hack facebook profile’ :)
        btw, thanks for adding me hope to read more of you. :)

        • Jayce

          You are welcome. And see you around more.

  • Sire

    Had me going there for a minute. I was getting ready to blast you for even wanting to hack into FB. :D

  • ZXT

    Welll yes if anyone is busy trying to hack Facebook account prfoile then Facebook programmers are busy finding ways to stop it and fill in the holes with plugs.

  • tunepal

    hoho. i believe many people really love to know that tips. its not easy to hac, right?

    • Jayce

      Yaya… It’s not easy to hack. But can. :P

  • Hackerie

    anyone wants to hackk any facebook id contact me i’ll take a 100 $ for each .. thank You

    • Sally Johnson

      Thank you Sir . You are amazing

  • Ching Ya

    It’s a relief that you’re not giving out any ideas on hacking FB acc. Indeed, people should stop asking such questions, invading others’ privacy won’t do much good either. Pray for a safer place in real and virtual worlds.

  • Shelyn

    If there are hackers who can can hack bank account, surely they can hack FB account too. It’s just a matter of time and effort :-)

  • Nepal Travel

    hi friend, i am also wasting about how to hack facebook account but i m not able. now i m not searching and also not trying. i dont thing its possible to hack facebook account

  • Ajinkya

    Well i do think it may be possible to hack but that guy will have to be big dady of facebook founder ,LOL , even though facebook is now more secure , still there can be many loopholes yet to be explored ;D

    • Jayce

      The Facebook founder does not need to hack Facebook at all. He have the ability to browse all the contents. He owns it. :)

    • Suraz(Nelpal)

      hey, it’s an challenge for u all. U all crazy people tell impossible to hack facebook
      N u tell me daddy i can hack the facebook account.

  • Ricky

    Hacking FB account is not an easy task.

    • Suraz(Nelpal)

      ya it’s a good purpose but don’t say that it’s impossible.Nothing is impossible in this world.

  • Marlene

    I don’t think I would wanna do this. It’s not a good reputation to be a hacker. :-)

  • dan2tin

    i am not interested in your internet bullshit , what a waste of time that post was . solutions to problems u make up yourself . stop searching for a reason to do such a thing

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  • Harsh Agrawal

    The most common method which is being used everywhere is Fake page (phishing) method..

  • Desktop Backgrounds

    as you say, I’m sure by the time any “hack” hits the google pages, facebook devs have closed the loophole.

  • sernan

    hacking FB may be possible but i don’t think that person would just publish his hard work doing those stuff and spill it out to the public… No hacker would do that, unless you pay him…. everything revolves around money especially in the hacking world.. remember the movie swordfish? :)

  • Suresh Khanal

    The charm of application security system will vanish if these people stop searching for loopholes and bugs. Let them keep searching and pointing and the other half world will be patching and fixing the errors. That’s how the world remain beautiful. Wish everybody best of luck.

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  • Chandra Wijaya

    You definitely get many traffic because of this :D

  • knightblogger

    i know it not easy to do that. haha..

  • billydiamond

    actually it can be hacked , when group of peolpe hacked the server of the pentagon that’s mean you could hack any site or server in the world just keep in mind that the hackers also have brains as facebook programmer and we know the deffirence between the pentagon and facebook

  • billydiamond

    actually it could be hacekd nothing safe in the inernet when bunch of kids hacked the main server of the pentagon that’s mean the inernet its’ not a safe place and just keep in mind that the hackers also have brains as facebook programmers but sure they don’t use tools for hacking you must have knowlege of c++ then you could do anything even hacking facebook and everbody knows the deffirence between the pentagon and facebook

  • ford

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  • Jake

    hahaha… lol. Facebook very popular now… i have accound in thare. Hackers want your profile data in there but i thinks same you thinks ooi…” Hmm… Based on all the comments replied by readers, most of them are not working. Come on, being an application developer myself. Do you think Facebook programmers are sitting there still and do nothing? All the bugs and security holes should be fixed by them already. So you can stop searching for guide to hack Facebook already. Save your time to meet new friends with this hottest social networking website in the world. ;)”

    Face is save place.. i agree it’

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  • Stephy

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    • kate

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  • nepal tour

    this is a social network so hacking is not faithful work so i dont want to teach like this tricks sorry..heheh

  • staffordshire terrier

    Exactly. I totally agree with you Jayce. Why not enjoy the services being offered by Facebook such as meeting new friends and connecting to your old friends, families, relatives and loved ones around the globe. Stop doing bad thing like hacking facebook because it’s impossible to happen because facebook was created for good purposes.

  • Aahna

    I really scared when i saw u r tittle of this post…

  • Rohit Sane

    I have described the complete step-by-step method to hack a facebook account. Read it here:

    • Jayce

      Yeah… Belated April Fool. :)

  • Raief

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    • Jayce

      I think so. Got my PR4 back. But I also commented a lot on dofollow blogs. That’s help too.

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  • Nisha

    Good one! people should rather spend time in better ways then think of hacking FB!!!! ;)

  • michael

    i found this tools, but i dont know it works or not…you can try..this tools call FB account recover, its use to recover account in fb according to the some question

  • hero

    what if someone impersonated you in fb? won’t you do anything to track it. of course you’ll find ways right? i agree with you that searching for ways on how to hack the account is impossible coz i tried it myself… but fb admin should do something about fake accounts. there are lots of victims out there including me. until now fb can’t do anything about it. as soon as i found out ways to track the fake account i will be deleting my official fb already. so sad. whew. thank you. just want to share my opinion.

  • Career Outlook

    After reading your post, I had gave it a shot and it didn’t work. you are right facebook programmers has already cracked it.

  • Timmmers

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