How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S II?

Samsung Galaxy S II is not responsive? Facing application frozen or hang up problems? Or want to send SGS2 back to warranty service? It’s time for you to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2 then. By the way, hard reset is known as Factory data reset in Samsung Galaxy S2. Basically, your SGS2 will back to factory setting just like you turn on it for the first time…

Factory data reset Samsung Galaxy S II

Note – Make sure you backup all your application and data before hard reset your SGS2 (if you still can). Just use Samsung Kies to do the backup. How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2? There are 3 ways to do so…

Performing a factory data reset via settings

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Privacy.
  3. Click on Factory data reset.
  4. Check Format USB storage if needed only.
  5. Click on Reset phone.
  6. Finally, select Erase everything.

Performing a factory data reset using phone buttons

  1. Turn off SGS2.
  2. Press and hold down Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  3. Release all buttons when you see SGS2 Logo.
  4. Android system recovery will be loaded then.
  5. Select wipe data/factory reset. (Volume buttons to go up or down, select with Home button)
  6. Select Yes — delete all user data.
  7. Finally, select reboot system now.

Performing a factory data reset using dialpad

  1. Warning ~ no turning back after key in.
  2. Bring up dialpad.
  3. Key in *2767*3855#
  4. Finally, SGS2 will be rebooted and factory data reset.

That’s all. Enjoy your new fresh Samsung Galaxy S II…

  • linda

    Will performing any of these factory resets void the warranty?

    • Nope, these functions are from Samsung.

  • Andrew

    Can anyone give me a step by step guide on what buttons to press if i cannot read the screen? i.e. do I need to press volume up or down. My screen is utterly destroyed, and needs to be repaired, however because of my profession there may well be confidential information in my messages and I want to reset my phone before I have it repaired.

  • Connie

    Hey, thank you for this article! I may have to do this myself but I’m not sure…

    Basically my phone went into a loop of error/force close messages, so much so I had to turn it off. When I turned it back on, everything on my phone was as it was a few weeks ago! Messages, photos etc. had disappeared and some things which I had previously deleted had come back! Now whenever I try to upload photos via USB they disappear from the phone completely. This has happened twice now and I am fed up.

    Is a factory reset my best option or should I do something else, or go back to the shop and speak to them?

    Please help me! I can’t find answers anywhere. 🙁

    Thank you so much!

    • Factory reset will turn your phone into the stage just like you got your phone at the very first time. It is a clean and fresh start. 😉

      • Connie

        I just tried it and my phone is still exactly as it was before I switched it off and did the factory reset…. :/
        Am I supposed to leave the SIM card in, do you know? The woman in the phone shop today said I should take it out but I don’t see that on any instruction online…

        • Your phone cannot be factory reset?
          No need to take out SIM card. Nothing to do with it at all.

          • kaungkhant

            thz much bro.I really thank a lot to u .so happy.ha ha just recover.thz thz thz

  • sepool79

    Jayce,my phone was rooted to android it it will turn to 2.3.3 android after i reset to factory default?currently my phone keep restarting during I’m browsing an internet.need your help on how to get my phone back to ori factory setting.


  • Nadim

    I have tried to overclock my samsung galaxy S 2 but now i want to get it back to factory settings. I have performed the first way, but now the colors are weird and the odin file is still on my phone, is there a way to remove it and make my phone as if it was brand new?

  • Turki

    Hello Jayce,
    I have tried all of theses No one is Working with me
    once my Samsung reboot all my old data come back again !!

    i mean i can rest but with nothing change !!

    every thing will come back again

    plz any help I want to sell my Phone but i can’t because i have my Privet Pic 🙁 🙁


    • Please consult Samsung Support on your issue.

      • Turki

        Thank you but , Do you have the link

        Thanks again

          • Turki

            i called them they don’t no any thing
            the guy i called him ask me to fine a store to fixe it 🙁

            I will never ever buy Samsung

            Thanks big Brother

            • Durka

              User error…

  • Andy

    I have problem with my galaxy s2, the screen is unresponsive especially the bottom right hand corner such as back key on phone menu, camera mode, number 8 on dialer and flipping pages. I just have it a week ago. I bought it off someone so I don’t have the original receipt. Called Samsung Canada they told me the warranty on my phone is void because I bought it off third party. I was extremely disappointed about Samsung Canada policy. the phone just release couple months ago and it broke already. I know I don’t have the original receipt but it’s still Samsung super phone! I will never buy Samsung product again ever!

  • Hilmesh

    I have a sudden problem. everything was working fine and now suddenly my email has stopped working. (Stock Email). any idea how i can get it working back again. I am using XWKJ3

    • As far as I know, factory reset is the easiest way.

      • Hilmesh

        nope still not working. GMAIL app works perfectly. but my office emails i used to download using the email app and now it does not work.

        • Double check your office email settings then. Make sure that the configuration is correct. Else check with your company IT.

  • moore

    hi im trying to hard reset it using the keys but it comes up with a triangle and then a little green robot saying downloading??

    • It is Volume Up, not down.

  • Xavier

    Hi there, I was wondering if I should factory reset my phone will solved my problem. Just bought the phone 1 week ago and these are my problem:

    1) camera constantly freeze or hang, need to restart
    2) Sometime the Phone itself will freeze and hang

    I am using gingerbread 2.3.6 and some told me it is not stable on S2, do you think it is a hardware or software problem?

    • Sorry, I can’t comment much because mine is I9100 while yours is I9100G. 2 different models.

      You can try factory reset it. Consult Samsung Support if still have issues…

  • StewBoo

    Thank you Jayce for sharing your wonderfull imformative and knowledgeable comments here on your blog, a pleasure to have people like you around 🙂

  • Gary

    hi. thanks for the tips.

    I have carrier unlocked my Sgs2 and I’m wondering will it lock to my former carrier if I do a factory reset?

    • Sorry, no idea as I don’t have a locked SGS2.

  • mtd

    hi thank you for the ninfor. I have an issue

    When i am in the recovery menu and press the up or down key to select factory setting my GT-I9100 volume keys are not working?? I can not make the selection? any ideas?

    • Sorry, no idea. Are the volume buttons working in Android OS?

      • mtd

        yes they are working! the thing is I do the hard reset it will ask me for to “confirm pin or password or something like that. when i enter it wrong a few times it will go to the recovery menu that you describe in your method. But the volume keys are not working! iam lost please! my ex-girlfriend change my code and I am lost now ( thats her revenge I think!!)please mate help me!!!!

  • Shahir

    today i downloaded a new software called SGS Secret, using that unfortunatly i did hard reset. i lost my all contacts . is there anyway to get the contacts from my S2. i don’t have any backup.
    please reply me soon.
    please help me..


    • Sorry to hear that. I have no idea how to retrieve back the contacts. Please make sure that you sync all the contacts with Google Account next time. You can get back from there if all are deleted from your phone.

  • Jim

    Thanks so much mate, I was in a real pickle.
    As I didn’t have a wi-fi connection, it wouldn’t let me factory reset via settings (needed to use Samsung password for inbuilt app). I had no data connection due to a bad app, hence the factory reset. Opted for keypad reset in the end, this was he only useful site I found whilst trawling the web. Excellent, thank you.

  • saberi

    hi,,,regarding my dial pad and other problems,,,its still same bro,,,i did hard reset as per ur instructions,,but still the same when i click the soft key for dialler ,,,it goes blank and displays android.process.acore has been stopped unexpectedly. what to do now,,,please advise me,,,,thanks

    • Please consult Samsung Support in this case.

  • Andrew_AU

    Hi Jayce,

    Hoping you can help with a problem i’m having with my Galaxy S2.

    I’ve been locked out of my phone courtsey of a password problem (ie. its been changed and no one can remember what it is)……..

    I’ve followed your insructions above for the factory data reset, but after I complete step 6 (yes – delete all user data)…… i’m still asked for a password.

    Any ideas what else i can try?

    Performing a factory data reset using phone buttons
    1. Turn off SGS2.
    2.Press and hold down Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
    3.Release all buttons when you see SGS2 Logo.
    4.Android system recovery will be loaded then.
    5.Select wipe data/factory reset. (Volume buttons to go up or down, select with Home button)
    6.Select Yes — delete all user data.
    7.Finally, select reboot system now.

    • Andrew_AU


      Ignore that post…… FIXED NOW !

      • Antonio

        i have the same problem, how do you fixed it ?? I tried everything and still asking for the password !!

  • vishal patel

    hey bro,
    I have samsung galaxy S2. WHen I try to switch on my phone in morning it was showing just samsung galaxy s2 GT-I9100 & display disappear it is continuing the same even the I am not touching the phone & unable to start my phone can please advise what is to be done in order to rectify this problem

    • What had you done until you got this issue?
      To solve, factory reset it.

      • vishal patel

        I havent done anything in the morning I just tried to replace the sim card & from then I am facing this problem. After that I tried to factory reset as per the procedure define by you in the video but still the problem is not resolved. Any Idea about the problem.

        • Please consult Samsung Support since factory reset does not help.

  • nikcavalera

    HI..IF HARD RESET BY Key in *2767*3855#



    • Good question. I never try it before. Should be deleted I think…

  • vishal

    Hey bro i tried to upgrade the os in my samsung galaxy s2 i777 and i ended up with two error as mentioned below and i am not able to start my mobile.
    1. Deleting cryption meta data
    2. Kernel panic upload mode
    Now i am not able to put my mobile on download mode as well. Now what is to be done. Right now i am in india i visited samsung service centre in surat but they straight away refuse to repair mobile since i purchased the same from usa with att connection.
    Can you help me out to solve this problem ?
    I will be highly thankful to you if you can.

    • I am very sorry that I can’t help much because I don’t have SGS2 i777. No idea what is the issue here.

      You can try to use Samsung Kies Emergency Recovery. Not sure it help or not.

  • james

    Ok so i try the factory reset but it yet again asked me for a code? i have no idea what it is. any suggestions? ive tried so many other ways but im locked out of my phone. and i really need to reset everythinng..

    • Method 2 does not work for you?

  • thomas

    Hello my. Friend let me ask something when I try to factory reset all it does is blink att world phone what is up with that

    • Sorry, I don’t have AT&T phone. No idea. Please consult AT&T Support.

  • keanu

    Hey, i want to reset my phone but will it lose al the files(messages, foto’s vids etc..) if i do this?

    • Yes, messages will be deleted. USB storage content depend on which method that you use to factory reset.

  • Paul Smith

    Hi I don’t know if people still comment here but here goes.

    my uncle just got the galaxy s2 and as he is a bit older never really had a screen lock password.
    but while drunk one a few nights ago he managed to set a password and put the screen lock on and now he can’t remember the pin.
    we have tried every code that has some meaning to him.
    no luck. is there a way to hard reset to bypass the pin lock code?

    • Can’t the 2nd method work for you?

  • Mike

    Many thanks Jayce, you saved my damn – albeit brand new – phone from being chucked in the rubbish!

    kind regards


  • mick

    hi there ive had my galaxy s2 i1900 for 1 month and tried to flash my phone through odin and i pressed down vol key start key and home key then it came up with a yellow triangle and now i cant do anything not even switch it on i was connected to my netbook via usb but the site i got odin from gave my netbook viruses which caused my netbook problems so i had to restore that bk to factory settings so lost eveything in phone and netbook plz help need to know if my bricked samsung s2 can b fixed phone did say custom binary download 2 b4 it stopped working so warranty voided so need to find a way to fix it if u can pls help any advice appreciated

  • mick

    thanx for ur help all is fixed now it was my bootloader that wasnt workn on my phone once i fixed that i just had to factory data reset my phone then the yellow triangle disappeared so all is well and im well happy keep up the good work lots of people need your help

  • BRAD

    im on checkrom i need to flash stock rom first?

    • What do you plan to do?

  • Fran

    hi, i just got a samsung galaxy s2 off ebay, this phone has been unlocked so can use any carrier, my question is if i do factory reset, will it take fone to be locked to carrier before it was unlocked

    • Sorry, Fran. No idea about that because mine is factory unlocked version.

  • riz

    thank u man i love u i just got my brand new galaxy s 2 and forgot this damn pattern it asked me to enter my google mail i was stuck didnt knew wht to do until i came across ur article
    u rock bless u muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuah

  • pegsnpops

    Hey Jayce,
    Your blog is my S2’s lifeline now… 🙂
    Quick Question: Does Factory Reset, erases everything? I did Factory Reset on my S2, it resets and I had to provide my gmail account details again.
    BUT… Pics, videos and all older folders in phone memory remain as is.
    Is it intended? If yes, how can i delete all user data?
    Does it got to do anything with Settings –> Privacy –> Automatic Restore setting?

    • Perform factory reset using method 1 with Format USB storage. It will delete everything.

      • pegsnpops

        HEY BUDDY,Thanks for prompt reply I did use option 1 to reset factory settings. But no success. Even used option2, but no success.
        I even unchecked automatic restore. Even that didn’t help. Strangely i didn’t find any similar problem faced by anyone else over internet.

        • pegsnpops

          Jayce Buddy,
          Option 3 finally hit the spot. Though after option 3, phone says to reboot after few seconds, I tried with this option twice. In first pass i rebooted phone after few secs and half of the data deleted. In second pass i left the phone after performing option3 (i.e., i didnt reboot) phone rebooted on its own and all data was gone 🙂

          Thanks Man

  • digss

    While resetting my galaxy fit i lost all contacts please suggest me any way to retrieve those contacts thanks

    • Sorry, I don’t think you can recover them unless you backup them previously.

  • Fabio

    Hello, I installed the software via blackmarket phonelocator pro. And the sofware blocked my phone, even though I know the password registered. I sent email to the guy, and he said he gotta buy sotware via the android market. I wish I could uninstall this sotware, but not via Kies (Samsung software, I have a S2) can not access, the connection is blocked. What can I do besides having to pay for this software? The fuck is that I could not test other sofwares security …. this was the first one installed.

    I tried resetting by pressing the volume + Home + power … and security software asks such a password.

    • How can it ask for password in recovery mode?

  • RajRebel


    Just done with the code reset

    Will it void warranty ?

    • No, these are the official ways.

      • RajRebel

        Thank You

  • Danny

    hi i have a problem…my Galaxy S2 was working fine yesterday till it went flat. on charging it i noticed that it never asked for a pin number. when it was up and running i noticed that most of my apps i downloaded and the the factory apps were grey. on selecting them an error message popped up saying that ( this app isn’t downloaded to your phone. so i did a factory reset and the apps came right, however, my phone still doesn’t see my sim card. tried another sim card and its the same story. did the factory reset three times still no luck…pls help don’t want to send it away.

    • Look like your phone IMEI data is gone. Send it back to Samsung for service.

  • TN


    Not sure what’s wrong with my Galaxy S2. Every time I turn off and then turn on my phone, all my widgets in the home screen will be gone, then I cannot open my application page at all. It will just stuck with a blank home screen with the wallpaper.

    However, the ‘Phone’, ‘Contacts’ and ‘Messaging’ button can still be used. Not sure if I should perform a Factory Reset? Is this because of some apps installed that resulted this?

    • Yes, better factory reset it. Might be.

  • meg

    hi,,, I just want to ask if the hard reset will remove the network lock key appearing when i open my samsung galaxy s2. I just got it a month ago it was working perfectly fine with any other sim cards but but yesterday i tried sending messages it failed. so i restarted the phone and it is requesting for e network lock key. It was bought overseas so I can’t just send it for warranty or repair.

    • Hard reset won’t reset your SIM card pin lock.

  • Tj

    After i used factory data reset using phone buttons
    1. Turn off SGS2.
    2.Press and hold down Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
    3.Release all buttons when you see SGS2 Logo.
    4.Android system recovery will be loaded then.
    5.Select wipe data/factory reset. (Volume buttons to go up or down, select with Home button)
    6.Select Yes — delete all user data.

    BUT it is asking me to put in a password now…?
    Please help!?

    • Hmm… I never face this issue before. No idea. Sorry…
      Please consult Samsung Support.

    • Jack

      I am having the same problem, have you been able to fix this? If you have, do you mind telling me how you did it?!

      – Jack

  • Bharat

    Hello Jayce,

    My mobile galaxy s2 was facing hang problem, I reset the mobile?

    Is their any possibilities to get it back my data which is always on sync mode with samsung account?

    Please let me know the procedure?

    • Hi Bharat, I don’t use Samsung Kies. No idea the backup / restore workable or not.

  • Jack

    I am trying to factory reset my Samsung Galaxy S2 and I followed all the steps for method 2 but after pressing, ‘Yes – delete all user data’, it asks me for a password. I don’t know what password it wants me to put in, can you help me?!

    – Jack

    • Hmm… I never face this issue. Try to consult Samsung Support see.

  • armani

    I went through all the steps, they were helpful until the last step. I clicked on “Yes – delete all user data”, then it sent me to a confirm password screen. I have no idea what the password is. I need help.


    • Hi armani, I never face this issue. Try to consult Samsung Support see.

  • Moe Thu

    Hello Jayce,

    My mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 skyrocket facing a problem that I can’t access the market. When I click the market icon, it’s still loading. Sometimes it asks authentication log in. So I put it, then it’s always loading. After a few minutes later, it disappears and go back to market icon. Whenever I try, it’s always like that. I do need your help.

    • Hi Moe, I don’t have SGS2 Skyrocket. Can’t test it on my side. Can you consult Samsung Support? Thanks.

  • Arun

    HI jayce, I have SGS2 ,when i purchase the ph at that time i have paste one gmail id(FREIND ID) just to subscribe market thing, but now i want change this mail id want to put my own one, Please let me know if i can do this other than by factory setting because i dnt want to do factort reset.

    • Try to remove your friend email at Account and sync.

  • Jose

    ok what if when you do all of this it says “Comfirm Password”? what can i do since i found the galaxy s2 a day ago and cant get into it cause it has a word password

    • Hi Jose, no idea about “Comfirm Password” stuff. Please consult Samsung Support. Sorry…

  • sv04

    My SGS2, is rooted using CF-ROOT to v..2.3.5. XWKJ3, Baseband v. BUKI1. If I do factory reset from ClockWorkMod Recovery ? Do I lose the root access ? Does the ROM stay the same to 2.3.5? Will my phone still have an operating system?
    I’m trying to prepare to install ICS, that’s why I’m asking.. What are the best steps I should follow ?

    • Just install ICS with Odin. No need to factory reset.

  • Matty

    Hey mate,

    I have a small problem that i thought you may be able to help me with.
    Basically i have a stock SGS2, few different launchers and stuff like.
    But as off today i cannot add a widget,application or anything to a page by using the long press method.

    I long press to add and in the status bar it says “screen locked”

    Also i cannot switch between launchers anymore via the home button press?
    Long press gives me recent apps, triple press gives me voice control.
    Single press……nothing.

    Any help would be much appreciated mate.



    • It should be locked by your launcher. Play around in launcher settings.

      Suspected you default one of your launcher. You can clear it as default launcher at Settings – Applications – Manage applications – your launcher – clear defaults.

      • Matty

        Thanks mate, ill give it a go now

  • elrick

    after rooting my s2 its stuck on startup with the ‘yellow triangle’, i try to unroot it using odin but fail, now my s2 hang on startup not with the ‘yellow triangle’ picture but with ‘phone without connection to pc’ oicture…..what happen to my phone?……can it be reset… pls

    • Is your SGS2 model I9100G?

  • amh

    My mobile’s speaker suddenly stopped working. That means when someone calls me, I cannot hear it ring! I have tried everything that other forums said, such as testing to see if speaker is working using some code via keypad, uninstalling the most recent apps, etc, but its still not working.

    Should I factory reset and see if this works?


    • Why not? A fresh software is good for troubleshooting.

  • iv tried every reset and format for my samsung galaxy s fone but all my apps keep re appering iv formated internal sd card but keeps coming back with the same apps iv tried factory and master reset and still get the same problems i also went as far as deleteing my google account from google itself still nuthin please please can someone give me any other solution i can tri that i already havent….

    • Hi stephen, please consult Samsung Support on your case.

  • Diegoo

    I installed a few firmware,all officially, and then I broke down my sd card ext. and I think he left something in the phone because when I turn on the screen are some lines,and always I install any rom as I see first option in Chinese language , I live in spain (i try hard reset,factory reset,clockworkmode full wipe…..but all times is sturt in china language)PLZZZ hellpppp!!!

    • Hi Diegoo, install English firmware back.

  • Diegoo

    I installed english firmware,and spanish,and france..etc, but still, same problem(i try full wipe,hard reset from code,reset from settings…:(((()
    Thx for reply Jayce.

  • Julie

    My SGS2 randomly loses connectivity and gives me this message: not registered on network. It can happen during calls, when the phone is sitting doing nothing, when I am using apps…any time. The first one I got the store had no idea what to do with and so warranty replaced it. Within a month the second one started doing it. Many times I can reboot or remove sim card and battery and then re place them and reboot. Twice in the last two weeks I’ve had to do factory resets to get the connection back. Last night it happened again and this time I cannot get it back. Again the store could see it wasn’t working but had no idea what to do, so now I have another replacement coming. Does anyone know what is wrong and would I could do? I’m trying to muttle through with this tiny flip phone the ATT store loaned me.This is all very frustrating…..Juls

    • Sorry Julie, no idea from here too. Hope your new replacement don’t have this issue.

  • Kashif

    Performing a factory data reset using phone buttons worked greatly. Thanks

  • Ren

    i updated my samsung galaxy s2 software from the settings -> about phone ->update software…. however, after updating my phone refuses to switch on. Only “Samsung GALAXY S II GT-I9100G” appears on the screen… I have tried hard factory reset. Even after hard reset, it fails to reboot and gets stuck at “Samsung GALAXY S II GT-I9100G”. what do i do?

    • Hi Ren, since factory reset does not solve the issue, please consult Samsung Support.

  • Woo

    excuse me,my galaxy s2’s wifi is error,any way to solve it?

    • Hi Woo, what kind of error? Any error message?

  • Deyanira

    Hi, i bought a used samsung s2 from my ex, now he kees showing up wherever i go. can I do a hard reset? After this will he be abler to track my phone down?

    • Yes. Should be no.

  • Emma

    I Have ‘firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies and try again’ message on my screen. Kies is not recognising my phone when i connect to the computer. And now i cannot get this message off. I have tried a hard reset. But just keep getting this same message. Please help!

    • Hi Emma, please consult Samsung Support. I am also not sure as I seldom use Samsung Kies. Thanks.

  • Bhargav


    I would like to know how much time does it takes to Hard reset the Galaxy S2 ,


    • Should be less than 10 minutes.

      • Bhargav


        I would like to actually like your help. I have forgotten my pattern lock and now I am not able to unlock the phone. I have also tried by gmail username and password.

        Any option other than hard reseting my phone

        Thanks in advance

        • Hi Bhargav, method 2 also did not work for you?

  • Cafu

    thanks a ton.. this really helped me out…

  • Rick

    This procedure worked (#1 and #2) for the Epic 4G Touch version of the phone I bought used, but I noticed that it didn’t wipe that person’s account info in Status in Settings. Is there a way to get rid of that too?

    • Huh? It should delete everything. Please consult Samsung Support in this case.

  • haziq

    i have problem with my sgs2..when i change the simcard and i need to log in my email and password…when i sign in it cant work…can you tell me how to delate my old email and create new email for my sgs2???need your help…tq

    • Hi haziq, I am also not sure. Please try to factory reset first. If still cannot, please consult Samsung Support.

  • Chetan

    Thanks Jayce!

    The method 2 worked like a charm. My friend is selling her s2 to get a s3. Needed to wipe all data and account links, but she had forgotten her samsung account password. This method worked.

    However, it also means that a thief could have done the same on stealing a phone.

  • Emily

    Hi Jayce,
    Can I reset without a SIM card? I’ve tried through the settings menu but doesn’t seem to work. Should I try toggling the buttons?

    • Yes. Use method 2.

  • Zureen

    Hi! My problem is my Galaxy S2 had some force closures issue (happened after I updated Google Play store). Now all the apps I downloaded (including my Gmail and Google Play, Google search) are grey. Upon selecting them, an error message popped up saying that “this app isn’t downloaded to your phone”.
    My Yahoo mail is however fine. Apart from that, the phone is functioning ok. I can still make calls, surf the net etc. Should I do a factory reset? And should I remove the SIM card before doing so?

    • Try to clear Google Play Store cache data and cache and uninstall updates in Application manager (Settings) first.

      • Zureen

        Hi! Tried to clear the cache, some worked but I can’t clear my Gmail and Google Play. Should I remove my Google Account from the Accounts and then try to add it back again?

        • Yes, you can try that.

          • Zureen

            Ok, tried but got message that GMail account can only be removed via factory reset…So looks like it will have to be factory reset then…

  • red1

    tnx mu firend it is work on my gs2

  • nibx

    Many Thanks for your info, It was very helpful.

    I highly recommend formatting usb in case you upgrade to ics, I had sync problems and high data consumption until I performed factory data reset with usb format option enabled.

  • Miguel

    i seemed to be having the same problem with my Galaxy s2, except, the phone constantly keeps rebooting over and over again, even before the phone is fully on again. at time when it turns of, it just repetitively keeps vibrating every one second. none of the hard reset methods work because the phone doesn’t even let me do any of them, I’m not sure of what to do, the only thing i can think of is taking it to t-mobile and let them check it out. but first I’d rather see if there’s a way to fix it at home if possible.

    • Hi Miguel, if you can’t fix it with hard reset, nothing else you can do (officially).

      • Miguel

        I managed to hard reset it, surprisingly, but it still reboots. From my observation, it seems as if the phone is automatically holding the power bottom, I don’t know of there’s a fix to that.

  • kibua

    hi, i have a SGS2 and have been using it perfectly for approx 6months now. I have recently got a problem its been there for 3 days. i am connected to the internet via mobile network as always and connection status shows excellent but none of the internet linked programs work. whatsapp,viber,email,google play etc all give error message saying ‘not connected’.

    what should i do? should i restore to factory settings though i havent changed anything in this phone , i have been sing it the way it was.


    • Hi kibua, you can try your SIM card on other smartphone to test Internet connection. Else just factory reset. And consult your telco if still cannot solve.

  • kibua

    hi jayce, thanks for the info. I tried various network providers which work on other phones but donot work on my SGS2. I did the factory reset too. Still the same problem exists when i put in the sim card and activate package.

    what can i do now? i want my phone back to normal its an important part of my life you know being a student. 🙁

    • Hi kibua, please consult Samsung Support in this case. Suspect your hardware has issue.

  • kibua

    thanks jayce, seems the phone is abit slow in realising its rebirth!
    i tried restarting and works perfectly.. thanks J. 🙂

  • Christine

    When you do the factory reset via using the phone buttons is a password asked for or confirmation?

    I’m curious how easy it is for whoever stole my phone to factory reset it.

    • I am not sure because I don’t set password. But I don’t think it will ask for password.

  • Jyothi

    Hi Jayce,

    GPS is not working in my SGS2. It keeps refreshing the screen and is very frustrating. So I want to try my luck with ‘Factory reset’. I have the ‘Back up my data’ & ‘Automatic restore’ options checked before. If I reset my phone and would like to retore the contacts, message and log information, how can I restore it?Please help!


    • Hi Jyothi, is that Google backup feature?

      • Jyothi

        Thanks for the prompt reply Jayce. Yes I have enabled the Google back up feature and I would like to know if that stores the contact and other information somewhere on Google servers and if it possible to restore these contents from Google server after reset?

        • My contacts, calendar are stored in Google account. So they can restore automatically. Not sure about other contents. I use Titanium Backup to back them.

          • Jyothi

            Is there a way that I can see the backup data somewhere in order to ensure before resetting my phone?

            • Titanium Backup stores backup at TitaniumBackup folder (SD card). As for Google, in your Google account.

  • libby

    how long is this factory reset meant to take? mines been going for about 30 minutes now

    • Less than 10 minutes.

  • Harvin Siaputra

    I’ve been upgraded my s2 to ics. Can I make it to ginger bread using dialpad code?

    • No Harvin, you need to install Gingerbread firmware.

  • nikcavalera

    hi..can use this method at smsung TAB 10.1 P7500 ?

    • Not sure. But you can try since Samsung firmware should be the same.

  • xbarbarax

    Hai…after having a hard reset on my SGSII,the phone reboot n then nothing happen..the screen appear only the logo…i’ve waited for such a long period, but it seems nothing happen..please help me..

    • Hi xbarbarax, which method did you use? And are you using official firmware?

  • nikcavalera

    noted with thanks

    need to reset for downgrade FRom ics to Gb

    after reset ..can i flash GB stock firmware via ODin for tab 10.1 P7500 ?

    • Sorry, no idea about Galaxy Tab 10.1 firmware…

  • xbarbarax

    No…just a normal hard reset…setting=>reset factory setting..thats all..until now,my phone didnt make any change…still same…any suggestions???

    • Remove battery. Put it back. Then power on see. If still cannot, please consult Samsung Support.

  • hey jayce…
    plz help me…
    i m having a galaxy fit phone wid android 2.2..later i updated to 2.3.
    bt now this software hangs if i us my phone continously and my phone gets switcged off. whn i turn it onn a blank screen comes wid samsung logo and it hang dere. and nothing happens further.
    i have wasted thousands of ruppees on reinstalling this freaky software in care cntr. plz help me m in deep trouble.
    give me solution so i can reinstall android on my pc if my phone further hang or corrupt.

    • Hi angie, please consult Samsung Support. I don’t have Galaxy Fit. No idea.

  • benjamin

    hell.I have a sgs2 and its ubpdated with 4.0.4.After this update my battery its not hod so much.I’m charging it in the mornig and ithe afternoon ot altmost empty some people are saying that if i will do a factory reset the battery will be restored and some bugs wil you have anyy ideea how to increase life battery? do you think that method wil work?I’m quite afraid to do a reset factory.I accept a good adice.Thank you verry much.

  • roxy

    hey bro i have some problem in my galaxy s 2 google account nd any account does nt responding please help me 🙁

    • Hi roxy, factory reset does not help?

  • mrm

    my phone always informs me that has low space in device memory! what should I do?

    • Uninstall some apps to clear up disk space.

      • mrm

        I don’t have too apps on my phone!!!

        • Hi mrm, you can try to factory reset. If still cannot solve, please consult Samsung Support in this case. It is not normal.

          • mrm

            I tried it before but after 3 or 4 months it informs me again!!!

            • How much internal disk space do you have now?

              • mrm

                It just has 203.77 MB available space now.

                • It is normal to show low space in device memory since only 200MB left. Try to clear up some space.

  • Blewis

    Have a question? how do you do any of that if you are locked out of youre phone because i currently am and ned help bad!

    • Hi Blewis, method 2 does not work for you?

  • nicolas

    Hi, I´ve just upgrade to Android 4.0.3 in my Samsung Galaxy S2, through Samsung apps in the phone. But I want to go back to the 2.3.4 that originally came installed. How can I do it? Is this possible with the Factory reset? or Hard reset?
    Thank you very much.

  • Pushpak

    Hi Jayce. During uploading pic to facebook, some series of system error occurred and my phone got hanged. I turned power off and turned it on but its dead now. SGSII start up screen is coming but nothing else. I kept it in charging after 2-3 hours 2nd screen with vodafone & sgs2 came but not moving after that.
    I have tried rebooting by vol up+home+power but nothing happened. No menu, no option..nothing. It just every time showing start up sgs2 screen and hang up. Last month I upgraded to ICS via Kies. Even Kies and windows not able to recognize the phone and not able to connect to Kies. I am stuck, what to do? Please guide me.
    Thank you

    • Hi Pushpak, please consult Vodafone or Samsung Support in this case.

  • grehart

    Hi Jacye. I ve a problem with my s2. It happen whenever i put my phone on standby for more than 5 minutes it will sleep without i cant do anything. Its like forever in standby mode. I can only hard press on the power button to restart it or take off my battery. Any suggestion from u? I tried method no 1 and by using keypad to reset it. Really appreciate if u can help me on this.

    • Hi grehart, please consult Samsung Support. Look like hardware issue since you still have issue after factory reset.

  • Christine

    My phone is stuck on the password page. Was using it and it locked itself and my password is not working. Just tried to do the factory reset but it still comes back to enter password. Please help

    • Hi Christine, method 2 did not help?

  • axcer

    Hi, I got GT-I9100
    I noticed a issue on my phone.
    It has got faint lines on screen (from left to right).
    When I’m using it constantly, lines are almost negligible.
    But when I leave it unused (night to morning time), screen shows dark lines. N then I keep my hand on screen for about 10 sec to make it a bit warm and the lines become faint again…
    Any1 faced such problem… Seems like hardware problem.. Suggestions plz!

    PS: don’t have warranty card

  • Nini

    Hi my gallery says no items is there away to get my pics back?

    • Sorry Nini, you can’t do so after factory reset.

  • fakhiz

    hey jayce im using this kindle fire. i dont know what my fren did, everytime i turn it on nothing come out except !Sorry the application ICS 4.0 Launcher (process android.process.acore) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again. force close button. i kept on force closing and it is still like that. can u assist please…

    • Hi fakhiz, try factory reset in recovery.

  • Farah

    Hey Jayce,

    Love to read your post and your different methods of hard reset S2. My model of S2 is basically same with yours. GT-I9100. Been using it for more than a year already… I am currently facing problem with my baby.. hang, keep restarting. overheated. System reboot (System unperformed). And its totally is not stable especially with my Go Launcher (Not facing this problem when I am still using Gingerbread). This happen after I updated my OS using Samsung official update. Now, I am using ICS. In your opinion, will hard reset let me get my old baby back (miss her with a perfect functioning device). I already backup everything but still thinking whether I should hard reset it or not.. Guess, S2 is not compatible (not stable enough) with ICS (at least I can said it for mine)

    • No Farah, factory reset won’t downgrade firmware back to Gingerbread. You need to install Gingerbread firmware with Odin manually.

      • Farah

        Meanings, I should hard reset and install gingerbread using Odin or just install firmware without hard reset? Days to days, its become worst… My memory seems to be fully used although there’s no other running program… That’s bad..

        • Farah

          and btw, which firmware code that i need to download first to get that .tar file? Would like to reinstall gingerbread.. Thanks Jayce

          • You need to factory reset when downgrade firmware. I am not sure which firmware you were using previously. You need to find out.

            • Farah

              if I am not mistaken, it is 2.3.4 (Because Samsung upgrade it for me a week after I purchased my S2 due to error in memory. Thats the best firmware I guess) Sorry for trouble you so much. I know the wat already. Just cant understand it when u ask me to select the firmware file. Where can I download the file first before open it using Odin (which code?)

              • There are lot of Android 2.3.4 firmware (different region). Again, I don’t know which one is yours.

                • Farah

                  Dear Jayce,

                  I skip the downgrading of firmware step first.. Just done the hard reset yesterday using method 3 (easy, fast and efficient) and my baby turns to be great (so far). No more hang and system unfortunately stopped and so on… Hoping it will stay cool that way.. Thanks for ur method. But, there’s one issue. How come my internal memory just left like 11.5 GB only?

                  • Must be the new firmware is taking some disk space. You need to consult Samsung Support to confirm that.

  • Johnny

    I done this…:
    *Turn off SGS2.
    2.Press and hold down Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
    3.Release all buttons when you see SGS2 Logo.
    4.Android system recovery will be loaded then.*

    My question is…How long I need to wait?

  • Bert

    Hey Jayce,my samsung s2 is having media scanning error,I`ve factory reset my phone but still doesnt help. Any solutions?? Urgent…

    • Hi Bert, are you using official firmware? And using external SD card?

      • Bert

        yes,its official firmware and yea i`m using external SD card.

        • Try to remove the SD card see.

          • Bert

            it`s still the same,when I wanna get into the gallery section,it says `media scanning`…

            • Hmm… Did you format USB storage as well when factory reset?

              • Bert

                Yes,I did.

                • You can try to factory reset again. If still cannot, you can try to upgrade to the latest firmware see.

  • Bert

    done with the 2nd reset,everything`s fine now, Thank you very much Jayce!!!

  • shine_on

    hi there, just reading the past posts, I have just performed method 2, it worked, only the reason for doing the factory reset was because my wifi stopped working about 3mths ago, and last night my packet data has stopped, done factory reset and still no internet or wifi, please help

  • Ricardo Mba

    Great, it work perfectly,easy and fast to do. thank you so much

  • Pidge

    Thanks for code to do a reset using keypad. Worked perfectly when giving my phone to someone else.

  • Lydia

    yea i have a samsung galaxy s2 and i my phone froze so i took out the battery and tried to turn it back on then it just flashes on to the galaxy s2 screen and back off i tried to do a reset and not sure what i pushed anyway ive tooken out the battery and try resetting it once again but now flashes on then when i let go of buttons in yellow writing it says deleting cryption meta data and flashes off and back on to the galaxy s2 screen over and over and over continuously

  • Luke

    Hi, I rooted my galaxy s2 gt-I9100 then selected reset option in the settings menu. Now all I can get is a a black screen with samsung logo in the middle and a yellow triangle with exclamation mark at the bottom. Tried all the different reset methods but still stuck with this screen. Any ideas?

    • Hi Luke, you can still able to load Odin download mode?

  • Tiffine

    I forgot my pass code, it was with the numbers. And I either need to find a way around it, like hack it, or reset it. I tried to reset it using buttons but, it’s still asking for the pass code I forgot. Can you please help me, before I take a hammer to it. :,(

    • Hi Tiffine, you can try to use Odin to install a new firmware on it. But I am not sure it will work or not.

  • Clayton Werner

    In my hard reset of Galaxy S2, it goes into ODIN mode with the little Green Adroid, but it seems to take a very long time? How long should it show ‘Downloading – Do not turn off target!!’?

  • Clayton Werner

    thanks, i was going for well over an hour, so I interrupted it and tried the other method – Vol Up and Menu button, forced the factory reset, which has now been done a couple of times, but the device will not boot up afterwards, it gets stuck at the Samsung boot up logo and will go no further…rebooting, same result.

    Then redo the whole process, same result – there is a message and failure to mount ‘/data’ (Invalid argument)…

    • Are you on official firmware? Or custom ROM?

  • Clayton Werner

    Phone is as per standard

  • Clayton Werner

    phone purchased through a company I used to work for, no papers…its likely about 2 years old

  • Yrmeen Divinagracia

    hi. i need help 🙁 when i open my phone its only shows samsung galaxy s2 and off and on again. and i try to restart it but when i click the power, home and volume button it opens and shows password and when i type my password it just shows samsung galaxy s2 again and it turns on and off again 🙁 pls. reply and thank you 😀

    • Do you remember what had you done until face this issue?

      • Yrmeen Divinagracia

        its charge while its on and its starts getting hot(sometimes it really happens to me) so i turned it off to make it cool and after a while i turned it on and starts on and off again and again 🙁

        • Hmm… It might be hardware issue in this case. You can try to reinstall official firmware with Odin see.

          • Yrmeen Divinagracia

            okay.thank you jayce

  • Lebo Chokoe

    i have reset my Samsung J1 Ace open it again skip Google account when i go back to Google and other staff it says confirm password