How to increase Samsung Galaxy S3 display auto brightness?

I don’t prefer Samsung Galaxy S III HD Super AMOLED screen due to PenTile display. And Samsung decided to save battery life by lower Samsung Galaxy S3 display automatic brightness values. Yes, Samsung Galaxy S3 display auto brightness is much lower compare to HTC One X. And have poor outdoor viewing due to low maximum brightness too. How to increase Samsung Galaxy S3 display auto brightness? Simple, just install auto brightness mod which available for stock XXALE8 and XXALF2 firmware (at the time of writing this).

Samsung Galaxy S3 display auto brightness
Samsung Galaxy S3 Display Auto Brightness

This Samsung Galaxy S3 display auto brightness mod does increase the default values. So display looks brighter at indoor. But don’t expect outdoor display performance will improve as stock value is already at maximum.

Installation guide ~ How to install update zip with ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S3? (Video)

Download Samsung Galaxy S3 display auto brightness mod here.

  • akshay

    are you sure the brightness levels for indoor improve a lot by this patch ?
    i am realy at the verge of dumping s3 for the low brightness it has.. and go for One X.
    Plz suggest

    Akshay T

    • Yes, just try it by yourself to find out.

  • chee

    Hi Jayce,

    After i updated my S3 with latest firmwave from Samsung using kies, and i rooted again after the firmwave updates, i re-appy “auto brightness” again using CW. when the handset reboot, it prompt error using boot up and caused entire phone unable to boot.
    half way boot and stop with error message “boot error process %1 $s….”
    Please help

    • Restore back to your previous backup then.

      • chee

        Yes, i restored previous backup using CW recovery. the firmwave back to old, when i plug S3 to PC using kies trying to update new firmwave from Kies, the Kies say my handset is “not supported” for firmwave upgrade, how to obtain new firmwave from Kies? caused, after rooted, S3 not able to obtain firmwave from OTA.

        Please help.

        • What is your current firmware detail displayed out from Samsung Kies?

          • chee

            When i connect S3 to PC via USB.
            Firmwave information:
            Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies.
            current firmwave version: PDA:LE8/PHONE:LF3/CSC:LE5 (SIN)

            The above all show in kies…

            • Your PHONE needs to be LE8 too. Else can’t upgrade with Samsung Kies. That’s one of the weakness of CWM. It does not restore back phone/modem.

              Try the manual way ~ install with Odin. Get latest firmware from SamMobile.

              • chee

                by doing the manual way update the formwave, will my S3 apps and S3 desktop wallpaper gone?

                • No, if no problem occurs. But no harm to make a backup first.

                  • chee

                    I am sorry, there is so many files inside the url link,
                    Is this file i need only? XXALE8 Kernel

                    • chee

                      sorry, the file name: Kernel_I9300XXALE8.7z

  • @chee: Download the latest whole firmware for your country. Easier. No need to upgrade with Samsung Kies again.

  • zubair

    Helo… how can i delete my internet’s saved pages????

    • Clear them in Internet – Settings – Privacy and security.

      • zubair

        I tried how u told but still saved pages r not deleted….

        • My mistake… Hold on the saved page until a window pop-up. Then select Delete saved page.

          • zubair

            I tried but it dosent work pages r not deleting

  • zubair

    Its not working

    • Please consult Samsung Support in this case.

  • hazry

    hi jayce i got error process error%1$s is not responding please help me

  • hazry

    i download the file at

  • hazry

    after revert still same error

    • I have no idea then. Restore to previous CWM backup should fix all errors (unless you already have error before backup).

  • hazry

    i mean when i push the home button the error will appear..then i cannot go to the setting

  • hazry
    • Start with step 19…

      • hazry

        stuck with no 33…custom binary should be no.. but i had yes…

        • hazry

          ok it’s back to normal now…tq jayce

  • IvanC

    Hi Jayce, does this auto brightness mod compatible with JB Malaysian firmware

    • I don’t think so, IvanC. But new firmware like Jelly Bean should have brighter auto brightness settings already.

  • IvanC

    Thx Jayce