How to increase Samsung Galaxy S3 speaker volume to maximum?

How to increase Samsung Galaxy S III speaker volume to maximum? Samsung Galaxy S3 speaker is not loud enough for you even on default maximum volume? Then you need to try out this Samsung Galaxy S3 audio hack. This modification will make Samsung Galaxy S3 speaker volume as loud as it can in Ringtones, Messages, Videos, Music Player and other applications… In-Call volume is louder too in earpiece and speakerphone mode. And it might increase maximum volume for headset, Bluetooth, analogue dock, digital AUX and FM radio too. Try it to find out. Note – Root access is needed.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Volume Hack

How to increase Samsung Galaxy S3 speaker volume to maximum?
Copy modified default_gain.conf to system/etc with root explorer like ES File Explorer. Be sure to backup original default_gain.conf file first. Finally, reboot phone to activate volume hack. Or you can use CWM to install the flashable zip version.

Download Samsung Galaxy S3 volume hack here.

  • Ian

    You can do the same with volume+ app from market. No root required.

    • dana

      can you tell me just how to do that? I don’t know what app you mean. Thanks

      • Ian

        Go to and register there. This is the website for the developer of Volume+ application. Once you register, you can download it to the phone and install like any other app.

        Ian B

  • Nitehawk

    Can this be usable on S2?

    • I did not try but I don’t think so.

  • Mister Anthony

    Is there a way to increase the volume on the s2 as well?

  • Mister Anthony

    That worked as well!!!

    Thank you again.

  • chee

    Hi, How to “overwrite” default_gain.conf file inside /system/etc ?
    It prompt me file is active and unable to overwrite the original file.
    Please help?

    • I use CWM to install flashable zip. You can try that too.

      • chee

        I have CWM Manager installed on my S3.
        I only wish to increase the incall volume, it is very sofrt even adjusted to max at the moment, could you please provide me the steps to replace default_gain.conf to /system/etc? or alternate way to increase the “Incall Volume” please.
        Thanks in advance..

  • chee

    Hi Jayce,

    Will this latest July 2012 firmwave I9300XXBLG1 support this “sound boot hack?

    • Sorry chee, I did not try XXBLG1 firmware. Not sure. But it should work.

      • chee

        It Work!!!! on latest firmwave.

  • van1104

    hi. it work for me except radio volume any one have this issue ? pls, help.

    • Hi van1104, please consult others at XDA website. I have no idea. Sorry…

      • van1104


  • junaish

    Hi…Im using samsung galaxy S3 version 3.0.15 i9300XXLFB. Can u please help me to increase the volume in call and also the ringtones are so low. I dont know much abt the rooting procedures and all, that u were talking abt. can u please explain in detail as to how do apply the audio hack…..

    Thanks in advance….

      • junaish

        Hi Jayce… Thank you for ur quick response… i have rooted my phone as the link provided, and it was done perfectly. Bur the volume is not changed when ringing and also remains the same in music player and in calls also. i installed ES File Explorer and also tried to copy the default_gain.conf, into sytem/etc, and restarted, but no changes occured, can u please help me????


        • Try the flashable zip version.

          • junaish

            Will that increase the sounds of ringtones, music player and in call sound???

            • It works for me.

            • junaish

              Wow….THanks a lot mate…works fine…..

              • junaish

                Hai Jayce..everything working fine…but in S voice im not able to get the audio, only the bubbles are pooping up, when something asked…can u please check if this happens……

                • Can’t help to check as I don’t have S Voice on my custom ROM that I am using now.

  • Jaideep

    Installing Volume+ application has reduced my camera shutter sound. It has reduced by 70 percent i believe. Any suggestions !!

  • seng

    when i turn my volume to the max… the sounds is like blowing… very bad quality, why?

    • This is normal as the mod overwrite the default maximum value that the speaker can handle.

  • Simon

    I really like how much my ringer volume has actually increased.

    Just two qualms really;

    I didn’t really want to get rid of the camera sound.

    I also didn’t want to get rid of the touch sound (plays a sound when making a screen selection).

    Can anyone help me get these two features back without actually removing the increased speaker volume?

    I am new to Android so forgive me for being dumb.
    I downloaded the and installed it via ClockworkMod (CWM)

    If anyone can help me out, I will be very grateful to you 🙂

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Simon, try to consult others at XDA Forum.

  • EJ


    let me first express my gratitude for the helpfull info I’ve already received by reading many topics on your website; the explanations you give are very clear even for a beginner like me.

    Ok. Regarding the audio output of the Galaxy S3; I have a rooted GT-I9300 Int’l with stock kernel and JB. I tried all the options that are suggested by you and XDA Developer sites. I even tried to change the file myself with a text editor but to no avail; the file doesn’t permit any changes. For that matter; I can’t even delete it!!!
    I also copied the file to another directory, then changed permissions, edited the file to my liking and tried to copy back to the system/etc dir: nothing changed.
    I also did the flash, but got an abort message. I have BusyBox, Rom Toolbox and SuperSU installed, but none of them can help me. I’m desperate coz some of my older music files have quit a low output and almost not to listen to…
    Why can’t I overwrite the default_gain.conf file while others have it working?

    Hope you or anyone else who reads this can help me out?


    • Which file explorer are you using? Did you enable root access on it?

  • EJ

    Hi Jayce,

    like I said, I have RomToolbox Pro installed and I use the incorporated Root Browser….
    Hope this helps.


    • Never use these two. I use ES File Explorer. Anyway, did you grant SuperSU access to that file explorer?

  • EJ

    What I’ll do first is to use ES File Explorer. But I’m not sure what you mean by “grant SuperSU access”. Isn’t automatically done when you use a root explorer?

    • Root explorer will request root access from SuperSU. As for ES File Explorer, you need to enable Root Explorer feature in Settings.

  • EJ


    something strange is happening. When I open ES File Explorer SuperSu tells me “ES File Explorer has been granted la la la”. Meaning that it has root access etc. When I then go the settings, ES asks me to remember the “allow” access and when I enter yes, it takes a while and tells me “sorry test failed, this feature can not run on your phone”.
    Very strange, since I’m able to do just about everything with my phone.. For example, I have Omega Kitchen files and am able to install the boot animations, custom notification etc. You can’t do that with a non-rooted phone, can you?
    I tried for an update on SuperSu, but I have the latest version (0.99).
    Any suggestions?

    • Installation with recovery and root access is 2 things. Suspect your root access is gone. Use Root Checker to double confirm.

  • EJ

    I followed your suggestion and checked root access with Root Checker and it gave me the result I already knew: I have root access!
    I’m also able to open the default_gain.conf file with the text editor built-in in Rom Toolbox Pro. But whe I try to open the file with the ES File Explorer editor, it comes up with the following error:

    Failed to open the file (

    Maybe this you a clue?

    ps When I open ES File Explorer I miss the usual confirmation from SuperSU: “application has been granted Superuser permissions for an interactive shell”

    It looks to me that SuperSU doesn’t recognize ES?

    Still hope that somebody can come up with a solution.


    • No idea, ES File Explorer is working fine with SuperSU here.

  • EJ

    Hi Jayce,

    I managed to edit the file! But not with ES. Instead I used AntTek explorer and that worked.

    Although now I have to say that I don’t notice any difference in volume…

  • josh


    sorry i know this is old. but please help, my samsung galaxy s3 sch-s968c has no e default_gain.conf. what can i do?


  • josh


    thanks, i found editing files in system\etc\snd-soc-msn folder works too.

  • trudy

    Hi, will the speaker of the Samsung Galaxy S3 be damaged when the volume is set to maximum (default) before the overwrite? What about after the overwrite, will that cause speaker of the S3 to shorten the life? Thanks

    • Personally, I don’t think that it will do so.