How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2?

[pull_quote_center]Updated ~ Please see the latest video guide – How to install Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2? (Video) Step by step guide included too.[/pull_quote_center]

Get Android 2.2 Froyo running on HTC HD2 is not a dream anymore. Thanks to all the xda developers that make it happen. We HTC HD2 users can have our very own Android 2.2 Froyo now. There are several HTC HD2 Android builds out there like FROYO BUILD BY dan1j3l, Froyo 2.2 Android Build by Parad0XUA, Android 2.1 Eclair (Senseless)… Choose the one that suite you. I selected mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.7 build as my first Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2.

Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2

mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.7 build is based official HTC Desire Froyo update. I prefer HTC Sense build as I already get used to it.

Prerequisite to run Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2

  1. Flash HardSPL3 on HTC HD2
  2. Flash any HTC HD2 Radio ROM Leo_RADIO 2.08 onward

Guide to install and run mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.7 build

  1. Download zip file here.
  2. Extract contents of zip file to your SD card. Note – Android folder should be located at root level (SD card\Android).
  3. Using file explorer in Windows Mobile, inside the ‘Android’ folder run CLRCAD.exe (to fix audio issue). Don’t worry, it will appear to do nothing, that is normal.
  4. Run Haret.exe.
  5. Enjoy…

Note – Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2 is not perfect yet compare the actual Android phone HTC Desire. Some functions are not working. And I got white and black screen of death (SOD) sometimes. But it is getting better and better each day. Hoping it will out perform actual Android phone out there soon.

Updated ~ Do check out latest post for more Android ROM. They are working near perfect.

  • Wow, never know there is a SOD πŸ˜€

    • Joe

      I wanted to install Froyo (in Android folder on SD card).
      However, it showed a bit of bootup text (some 5 lines) but then hang with a blank screen forever.

      My goal is to run Froyo WITHOUT changing my original WinMo ROM on HD2.
      Did I miss out any pre-requisite to test out Froyo on SD card?


      • Did you install HardSPL and have proper radio ROM?

        • Joe

          Nope, I did not install HardSPL3 and new radio ROM (as you have pointed out above), as I’m worried that this will overwrite my original WinMo OS ROM on the HD2.

          Does this mean that I cannot try out Froyo via SD card, without HardSPL3 and new radio ROM?

          What happens if I don’t wish to use Froyo later, but will this new radio ROM affect my WinMo phone?


          • HardSPL and radio does not affect WinMo ROM. And it is a must install in order to use Android. Not sure about custom WinMo ROM. I installed it because they are better than stock WinMo ROM. πŸ˜‰

        • arran

          hi jayce, i successfully put android on my hd2 yesterday and it was working fine until i started downloading apps from the android market, it wouldn’t let me install them and the once i successfully install became suspended. have i done something wrong?


          hi jayce which radio is the best ??? plzz help i have htc hd2 T8585 model plzz help jayce i flashed it hspl and it my radio is now 2.06.51-07 but i cant launch android plzz help i really need this

          • It is depend on each user configuration (Windows Mobile ROM + Android ROM + Phone carrier). I am using 2.12.

            • Prince

              if i install wrong radio on my mobile whats gona happend my phone will brick ???? i dont wana lose my phone jayce when i download radio rar file i cant see tha commond RUU how to run it plzz help

  • joshua

    Been doing the same as you recently, took the big step of flashing my HD2 with an after-market ROM and appropriate radio rom and started trying the different Android installs. The best I have found for both performance and BATTERY-LIFE is … mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.5

    I even tried the Android market place and 3D car racing games =) … actually makes the Windows Mobile market place look miserable.

    While the android installs such as “FroyoStone Series by darkstone” is technically impressive it is a pig on battery life.


    One thing I have found is ALL of the dual boot programs DO NOT work on the second run, that is the after the reboot on install the selection of Android starts perfectly and all is fine, yet the next time the phone is rebooted the Android load ends soon with a permanent white screen.

  • spideyjo

    Thanks a bunch, Jayce! got it and enjoying it!

  • hey jayce. I got this finally working. Is there no file manager for this? I don’t see any of the default applications that is or even close to a file manager in this build, unless I am blind.

    • Some builds include the file manager. But some don’t. Go ahead and download Astro File Manager from Android Markets.

      • Hi jayce,i got my android installed and it works perfectly. But i can’t open the android Market app,it pops and gone,no messages appears,it just doesn’t anything.what should i do?
        Thx before

        • Which Android ROM are you using? And are you connected to Internet when open Android Market app?

          • I use the one u recommended.and yes the internet was connected when i open it

            • Hehe… May I know which one is that? I forgot already. πŸ˜›

              • Actually i dont really know which one ;D,maybe 1.7?

                • The Android ROM on this page is outdated and not fully functional. You should try other Android ROM on the new guide page.

                  • Could u paste the link?

                    • Link is at the top of the post. πŸ™‚

                    • U mean 2.2 froyo? Yes i installed it..silly me πŸ™‚

  • Nice. Android on HTC HD2 with the big screen. The user experience should be better also πŸ˜‰

  • Stella

    After I install for the first time it works great but once my phone runs out of battery or gets rebooted and I try to load the files I get a white screen. Any ideas of why that might happen? If anyone could help me with that it would be awesome….THX πŸ™‚

    • I got white screen from time to time. I just reboot Android until it manages to get it. A known issue…

  • Bought a 7″ Android Tablet PC from China. Haven’t have chance to play with it yet as the touch screen doesn’t work. Need to send it back for a replacement…..

    • Sorry to hear that. But buying from China got duty charges, right?

  • No duty involve. Really depends on what the sender wrote on the package, if it is a gift, normally it’s duty free.

  • MaK

    Jayce… can you give me another link to download the zip file? this megalaud ain’t working…

  • MaK

    thank you so much… appriciated !

    • You are most welcome. πŸ˜€

  • lunas66

    Jayce, i ve been following up very closely on this Froyo2.2 to HD2. Latest built seems have solved all the bugs.. My HD2 ROM is 1.66.707.1 WWE with Radio version 2.06.. need to up Radio to >2.08 but worried if will spoil my phone. What Radio version u have and how to flash it? safe and no other issues??

    • I am using 2.12 radio ROM. And above are the guides that I did. So far so good.

  • lebrandon

    are these flashes for the US HTC HD 2?

    • It should be. But use it at your own risk. Do visit xda-developers for more details information. πŸ˜‰

  • allan

    y i have no ringtone when i receiving call??

    • Hmm… I don’t have this issue. Anyway, you can set your own ring tone at Setting.

  • allan

    oh yeah! thanks jayce!

    • No problem. πŸ™‚

  • Tally

    Hello Jayce,

    Thanks for the great and updated information you always share here.
    I bought HTC HD2 some 6 months back and the only way I keep my interest in that is through your webpage.
    Btw, I think there are new versions coming for HTC HD2 android (mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.7)…so do you have any updates for those versions….
    maybe few stupid questions….
    -> android is installed on card and windows in on internal memory
    -> also does the windows works normally after the installing android
    -> and is it something like that something like android works over windows or is it complete proper android…..because i have found that we need to run some exe from windows explorer every time to run android??

    sorry for so many queries but i could not find any reliable source and that u r the best to answer these queries.

    Thanks a lot in advance. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Tally, you are most welcome here. πŸ™‚

      I am still using v1.5b. Latest version should be better. Busy with other stuffs nowadays. Will update it when free. Answers for your questions…

      1. Yes. Android is installed on SD card and Windows Mobile on internal memory.
      2. Yes. Android stays in SD card and have nothing to deal with Windows Mobile at all.
      3. Android on HTC HD2 is not perfect. But it is almost working like an Android phone already. You can use HTC HD2 Android Launcher ~ One click launches clrcad.exe and haret.exe instantly.

      By the way, no question is stupid. We ask == We learn. Cheer. πŸ˜€

      • Tally

        Hey Jayce,
        Thanks a lot for ur quick answers.
        One more question that do i need to load windows always, before loading android. Actually the only confusion is that how come we are loading one OS from other. Does this android runs as a process in windows…..or does after launching the 2 exe from windowd the mobile is restarted and android is launched.

        • Yes, we need to load Windows Mobile first. Then load Android. I am not too sure about the technical process of loading Android on HTC HD2. But it looks like Android is running as a process to me (Windows Mobile does not reboot).

  • joshua

    Using mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.7 now, it is really fast and respectable on battery life … though get the appropriate PPP or RMNET version. Basically if internet connectivity aint working properly then try the other version.

  • SDA

    Hello jayce!

    Quick question i got πŸ™‚
    RADIO VERSION: ( HTC UPGRADE)- so itz official.

    I hav HSPL3 on my HD2-



  • anbu

    hi jayce,

    thanks i have succesfully installed android froyo to my HTC HD2.

    i saw a video demo in you tube for flashing hspl3 and ram update…
    that may be usefull for people new to self upgrade to their mobile.


  • Rehman Mansoor

    Hi jayce,

    How are you today, I have one query.

    My HD2 has ROM = 2.13.531.1(90963)WWE and Radio =

    Do i still need to need to perform Prerequisite to run Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2 ?


    • Hi Rehman,

      Try to install Android directly. If cannot work, follow the prerequisite steps. I am not sure that HardSPL play a role in Android or not.

  • MM

    hi Jayce,

    Thanks for all the help. I managed install Android, am also using the mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.5 build

    Occasionally getting SOD.

    Are you using that build as well? or something else? Any others you find more stable?

  • Just got my 7″ android tablet PC replacement yesterday, looks great.

    I have put it up for auction, anyone have interest?

  • Jammie

    hai jayce… i tried to install this android on my hd2… after i run the Haret.exe, the last running said “the superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext2 filesyestem. if the device is valid and it really contains a an ext2 filesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alterna e2fsck-b 8193 ….. can you help me with the rest installation and run the android? tq

    • Hmm… I did not face it before. Try re-format your SD card to FAT 32. And try again. Note – remember to backup data before format.

  • Jammie

    Hi Jayce,
    thanx for the guide… i just re-format and install it again… running smooth!! you are awesome!!! thanx again with the new info!!

    • You are welcome. Enjoy Android on your HD2. πŸ™‚

    • Jammie

      mmmm… i dont know what happen.. after running, they are screen locked feature… but after unlock, it only show HTC green word… may i know why?

      • Jammie

        LOL…. suddenly work fine and amazingly cute!! maybe my hd2 had a shock for moment the android running instead of windows mobile!! wink!! wink!! wink!! thanx again to you Jayce!!

  • Jammie

    Hi there Jayce..
    i just want to ask 2 things:

    1) my hd2 android dont have any sound at all,
    2)how to access sd card via android?

    maybe you or other members could help with me… thanx all!!

  • shawn

    Hey I have Rom 2.13 with radio 2.10 when I run android on the hd2 I get to robotic voices when calling and when I play music it plays really fast. Any suggestions?

  • kelly

    Hi Jayce,

    I’m using darkstone froyo sense, and it SOD like hell .. also, battery consumption is quite bad .. twice if not thrice than using winmo ..

    but the good thing is, it very fast .. smooth .. playing 3d games is even better than playing it on my ipod touch ..

    also, all the functionality that I need is there .. the exchange email, tight facebook integration (i love the friendstream widget) ..

    what is your experience with mattc built? can you share a bit on it .. I might want to try that one if it is as smooth as darkstone built when it came to 3d games .. and less SOD .. πŸ˜€ ..

    thanks ..

    • I did not try 3D games on it yet. 2D games are running smooth. But have touch screen freeze issue (Kernel fault I think). I did not benchmark battery usage yet as I just load Android to play games. Then off it and back to WinMo for normal usage.

  • hussain

    I tryed to install “haret”
    it woked in the biggining then my hd2 freezed
    i tryed to do it again I got this msg
    ” The file “haret” cannot be opened . Either it is not signed with trusted certificate , or one of its
    components cannot be found , if the problem persists , try reinstalling or restorig th file “

    • Try to delete whole Android folder and files. And install back again see.

      • joe

        yeah its happened to my phone as well. i tries again and again and again then freezed.

  • Parth Doshi


    I got my HTC HD2 few months back. need to know from you that, is there any game like teeter which includes just hand moments? it would help me, if i get a racing game or something like that..

    • Yes. Just buy Need for Speed Shift. It supports G-sensor.

  • mm

    Hi. I installed as u said… really nice. Wondering if u know how to move apps to SD card as the ‘internal’ memory running low. Tried settings and apps manager etc, but when I click move apps, it does not work … cheers

  • Jammie

    Hi there Jayce.. my friend used HD Mini…. is it this Android Froyo could be installed as HD2 on HD Mini too? TQ

    • Hmm… I don’t think so.

  • joe

    no matter what i do it won work i dont understand why . i did follow what you said .

    • What does not work?

      • joe

        hd2 to android

        • liam

          Have you updated your radio settings, you will need a version above 2.10 to run andriod, you will need to install a custom RUU installer to flash new radio settings, i have radio 2.10_2.19 and even my 3g works perfectly,

  • rob

    Hi there,

    i am from the netherlands. i want to install android to but it won’t work. i have ROM 1.72 from vodafone. radio 2.09, spl 2.08. i copied the files to my SD card in the map Android. i run the haret.exe and a few rows of text are pop up after then i wil dissapear and hangs.

    i also installed other programs on my SD card. idont know if that is an issue.

    can somebody help me because i dont know what i am doing wrong

    greetz rob

    • Did you install HardSPL3? If yes, try to use custom ROM like Energy ROM that I am using. Might be official ROM issue.

      • rob

        i am sorry but where do i need to install that. i just start that program from my pc and update my radio to 2.09. i dont know if that is correct or do i need to install it on my hd2?

        • Install to phone through PC.

        • rob

          and what do i have to install with hardSPL? the radio rom am i right?
          but that energy rom, could you be more specific? i have the site of that but is it availible for sense? do i need that one?

  • Jammie

    Hi Jayce, i want to know about the sound volume for android… for my hd2 windows mobile to be and have sound for android, i need to mute before launch the android… but the sound seem not as loud as in windows mobile phone and sometime, i cant heard when somebody call (either the ringtone or when others speak)… do you know why? TQ

    • Sorry. I have no idea. Can’t reproduce your issue on my phone. But volume is softer in Android thou…

      • liam

        i had the same problem, go into your andoid mod settings and you can customize all the notification sounds from 1DB ri 9, this should fix your sound issue,

  • PeterHeng

    Usually how long we have to wait for it to boot ? I’ve been wait for an hour and its still booting -.-

    • First boot around 5 – 10 minutes. Time is needed to create image file. Subsequent boot less than 1 minute.

  • mm

    hi jayce,
    am running mattc1.5 – pretty good so far.

    1. any idea how to transfer apps installed to sd card?
    2. i tried mattc1.7.ppp but cannot load….. wsod…. any ideas?


  • Meagan

    So, maybe I’m missing something, but I unzipped everything to the “Android” folder I created on my sd card, but, when I go to the file explorer that folder doesn’t show up. Did I just completely mess something up?

  • Jammie

    Hi there Jayce, i would like to know if you have GPS app. for this HD2 android? TQ

    • Try Papago but it is not free.

  • Jammie

    Hi there Jayce… i would like to know:
    if there any way to open windows mobile app in storage card? i suddenly miss my Garmin in windows mobile HD2….

    • Jammie

      what i mean here is to play or open application from windows mobile to android.. is it any other way to convert it or any program so it can be open? TQ

  • Davionne

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (screaming like a little girl) I f*cking love you dude…..(no homo) it worked! πŸ™‚

    • Puddin

      how long did you wait after you ran haret?? i ran it last night (8 hours appx) and gave up because i forgot to flash radio so i did that and re ran it and it looks like its going to take just as long. Any suggestions to speed it up?


      • It won’t take more than 10 minutes.

  • Ben

    Hi, Android does not come up on my HTC HD2, please help me

  • jada

    is it doing it right its taking a long time

  • Jim

    I already installed the HSPL3 and also the downloaded the HyperdroidV1.6 extracted to the \StorageCard\Android
    However, when i launched “haret.exe” it stucks at the boot loader saying that :

    Failed to find rootfs on SD Card. You need to unzip a rootfs zip file to the root of your SD Card.
    /bin/sh: can’t access tty: jop control turned off

    Anything that i have missed here?

    • Oh, HyperdroidV1.6 installation path is different. Copied from its readme file…

      * Please Copy the HyperDroid Folder to the root of your SD card. Run clrcad (to enable sound) THEN run haret (which will close the WinMo kernel and load Android).(OR do it Automatically by Using Exceller’s Android Loader, which I highly recommend and use myself to Quad-Boot)
      * You want to use another Android loader? Simply rename the folder to Android and change the startup.txt to reflect the change… (e.g. “rel_path=Android”)

  • vamsi

    hi , i installed andrion on my htc hd2 , its working great , i am can listen songs , but when i want make callls i am unble 2 hear sound ,

  • WJ

    Hi wanna ask if the flashing of HDSPL3,custom ROM and installation of Android build must be done using the same Memory card. Cos i had already done everything on a 2GB card and android managed to work on my HD2 .

    But after changing my memory card to a 8GB one, the android failed to mount.

    Any help would be appreciated thx =D

    • You copy everything from 2GB card to 8GB card? Is the new 8GB card formatted as FAT32?

      • WJ

        Copy everything meaning doing the HDSPL3 anf custom ROM procedures again using the 8GB card too ? Yes the 8GB card is FAT32 .

        • Nope. HardSPL3 and custom ROM are installed in internal memory. Just files from 2GB card to 8GB card will do.

          • WJ

            Err sorry if this is kinda dumb question, files to transfer are those system files or those user files ( eg:music ) ?

            Cos actually i wanted to start anew using the 8GB card (Android build in already). The 2GB contains only the Android build and nothing else.

            • If new, suspect your 8GB card Android corrupt. Try to delete Android folder and copy a new in. Start everything new, right? πŸ˜‰

  • fachex

    Is there a way to install Android in the internal memory? is it possible to replace WinMo completely and have Android only?

    • Yes, in the future but not now as the NAND memory installation still in development. πŸ˜‰

      • HY Law

        I installed the hyperdroid ROM, however some of the application doesn’t runs on the full screen. How can i fix that ? I’ve tested same application on my friend’s Android, it really getting full screen..

        • Can you provide the application name that won’t work on full screen? I would like to try it. πŸ˜‰

          • HY Law

            The latest game in the Android market ” Unblock Me Free”

              • HY Law

                never mind i found the solution.. need to disable the ‘compatiblity mode’

                • Jim

                  I have problem installing the “Angry bird” here.. i tried downloaded the .apk or download from the android market… it still doesn’t work for me..
                  some says unmount and remount the sdcard, it doesn’t work for me too..

                  • Try other Android build see… πŸ˜‰

                    • Jim

                      Which one do you recommend ? MDeeJay Desire with Sense?

      • fachex

        Than you Jayce! I can’t wait for that. Also, I bought my HD2 with Android already in it. How so I hard reset so I can erase the info of the previous owner. I don’t find the “privacy” menu on the settings to do that.

        The camera and the flash don’t synchronize, is that a problem with all the roms or just mine?

  • Uploaded the link, took awhile to load phone turned off and will not turn back on. please help

    • nver mind got it on.. but system runs for very long time and will no load droid. I’am running off htc energy but flash is way over 30 mins. and wont finish the upload…

  • jason



  • Desmond

    Can i try to install Andriod on my HTC Mini?

    Kindly send me the link and steps to follow:

    Thank you very much

    • Sorry, it is not supported.

  • tommy

    hey…just wanted to give you and others like you a big THANK YOU!!!!

  • tommy

    one question….when it freezes during start up should i reboot

    • Reboot if it just hang there for long long time (more than 10 minutes). πŸ˜‰

  • Bogdan

    Hi Jayce,

    I like your work. I have done everything as you described and its working great! THANK YOU!

    Is there any way to boot android on hd2 without win mo. I want it to be the only system. As i get it, android is lunched form sd card through win mo… Is it possible to run android from internal storage??? I think it will make battery last longer and system working faster…

    All the best,

    • Hi Bogdan, you are most welcome. NAND Android build is still on development. Sooner or later we will get it. πŸ˜‰

      • Bogdan

        Waiting!!!! πŸ™‚

        I have one problem… When i plug charger into phone it wont charge. Even when turned off or started with only win mo! When i connect it to computer it charges… Have an idea?

        Thank you!

        • Suspect your charger had issue…

  • Bogdan

    Thank you for your answer. It was problem with usb mode (it was in debugging mode-i dont know why) and i set it up to only charge mode and now it’s charging on the charger too…

    Thanks again!


  • Will

    Hey jayce. I have been trying to get android onmy HD2 and some guy “tried” to help me, which I appreciated, but I still get robotic/scratchy voice and I can’t get to any of my setting at all. The verision I believe is Android 2.1 and I want the froyo 2.2. I did the new hspl and the radio but like I said I still can’t make phone calls. Not sure what to do here so any help you can give me would be AWSOME. So tired of the WinMo mobile marketplace especially after having the mytouch 3g and tons of apps. Can you help me???

  • Angela

    I’m not tech savvy at all..I must admit.
    I’ve tried to follow your instructions. When trying to flash the radio rom…I am unable to. Keep getting weird notifications. I downloaded a few of the files you provided with the .rar or .7z and neither of them are working. Of course I did rename the files individually as I tried each to “RUU_Signed.nbh” but no success. PLS HELP!!!

  • Angela

    Alas!!! I figured it out. The unzip extractor program I was using sucked. It’s going through now. Thanks!

  • Like so many others out here, I am completely clueless when it comes to my hd2 smartphone. I would like to install android (as my windows mobile 6.5 seems to hang now and then) on my hd2 but I have no idea what ‘hardsspl3’ or ‘radio rom’ are and what they have to do with the installing android froyostone_sense (come to that I have very little idea of what froyostone_sense is). Can anybody help us with ‘start from scratch’ instructions for installing Android on a HTC HD2 smartphone. You will earn you place in heaven by helping us!

  • rhybo

    None of the games or aps I download from marketplace are saved meaning I can’t even find them to open them? Any ideas?

  • Joe

    hi, I am using Mac .is there anyway that i can install android on my hd2?

    • Sorry, I don’t think so. HardSPL3 and flash radio tool are Windows applications. Try to get friend with Windows PC and install it there.

  • Anyone having Sleep of Death, excessive battery drain or need to install that boot loader (so they can flash their already aging radio) can proceed to the next level here:

  • Anyone having Sleep of Death, excessive battery drain or need Android to run more stably can proceed to the next level here:

  • Will

    IT WORKED!!!! I NOW HAVE THE ANDROID OS ON MY HD2!!! Thank you so much Jayce you are AWESOME!!

    • You are welcome, Will. Enjoy Android… πŸ™‚

  • jason

    can u please help me install a good version of Android on my tmobile hd2. i tryed doing this for awhile now and keep messing up my phone and have to hard reset the whole thing to get it working again. i will donate to u. can u please walk me through from beginning to end.can u call me or i call u to do this.

  • Joe

    Hi, after I download HSPL3 file to my computer and than I tnstalled it and than it’s said the program can’t start because RAPI.dll is missing from my computer. can you plea help me what should I do now.I tried again and again ,it won’t work .please help.

    • rhybo

      Pretty sure this happened to me as well. Think it was because the phone wasn’t synced with the pc correctly. must make sure its synced before you start.

  • Joe

    How do I synce my phone to the computer ? What do I need?thank you so much.

  • Joe

    I would to repeat , so first I have to download (sync) for connect to computer right? And than download HSPL3 and than run it right? And than plug the phone to computer right? And than what should I ? Sorry for asked so many questions cause i’m not good at phone and computer. Thank you if you can help.

    • My mistake… You are taking about Windows Mobile sync. Do download Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center.

      HTC Sync is for Android.

    • Joe

      So download window mobile device centre and than download htc sync for legend-desire and than download HSPL3 and than install it right? When I install it do have to plug my to the computer or wait until it complete install?

      • Windows Mobile Device Center will do. Download HardSPL3. Connect phone to PC. Install HardSPL3. Then install radio ROM if needed. Finally, install Android. πŸ˜‰

  • Joe

    Can you please sent me a link to download window mobile device centre. I am using window 7.thank you.

  • Joe

    Hi,I just downloaded the radio rom now , what should I do with it now? Thank you.

    • Flash it with CustomRUU.

  • Angela

    Quick question…how do I get the apps and internet to work on my mobile network? Seems pointless when on the go since I can’t connect to just any wifi.

  • Joe

    Hi jayce, I give up , i think it’s too hard for me.thanks for ur help.

  • Jennifer

    Hi I was wondering with the new t-mobile rom/radio upgrade (ROM: 3.14.531.1/radio if it still necessary to flash with the HardSPL/CustomRom? I read a few forums that say it wasn’t and the Android did run okay. But unsure which Android was used. So, I just wanted to be sure. Really anxious about getting the Android on my ph, but scared of messing anything up =/

    • HardSPL is a must. Your radio version is okay.

      • Jennifer

        Awesome!! Will give it a try. Thanks for your help =)

  • will

    I am wondering the same thing, Jennifer? I had the Android OS on my HD2 and after flashing the hardspl and was still and the 2.12 radio. I was having problems with sleep of death and alot of apps not downloading from the market place or downloading and not installing. got tired of resetting my phone even though the Android OS is AWESOME, be nice if I didn’t have to reset my phone constantly.

  • Joe

    I already download the radio, now what should I do with it? Thanks

    • Install it.

      • Joe

        Install it on mobile or pc?

  • Joe

    Hi , if I install android how can I get back to winmob? Thanks

    • Android is installed at SD card. It does not replace WinMo.

  • Wsheng

    Hi Jayce

    Succesfully got HSPL and Radio rom flashed. Radio:2.12.50

    I went to mattcleo site
    and started downloading the file.
    In this blog you posted some other android roms. (Are these similar as in you can dual boot android or the other andorid roms replace winmo6.5?)

    I also downloaded energy rom you suggested but havent flash it yet. Do i get android then energy rom or energy rom in then put android in?

    If I somehow wanted to change to other roms after I install energy rom (let’s say..miri) do I have to redo everything (install android froyo sense again and all the games.)

    Sorry for inconvenience πŸ™‚ Your help is much appreciated


    • You can dual boot any Android ROM. Android ROM won’t replace WinMo.

      You don’t need to upgrade WinMo ROM in order to use Android (unless Android have robotic voice issue)

      Android is installed in SD card. As long as your SD card is intact when change WinMo ROM, it is safe.

      • Wsheng

        Thanks heaps πŸ™‚ !!

        Will proceed with energy rom flashing and android installation once its done.
        Really hope it’ll work. πŸ˜€

      • Wsheng

        Few questions…

        In your much recent post, saw you using mdeejay_froyo sense (kernel update post)
        mdeejay 2.7 is it better then mdeejay 2.2? and should I get mdeejay froyosense or mattcleo?
        Energy rom supports mdeejay?

        • Always get the latest kernel as it is better and fix most of the issues. So far, I don’t have any Android ROM that cannot run with Energy ROM. πŸ˜€

      • Wsheng

        Have: HSPL3, radio 1.12.50, energy rom(2/11/2010 WWE)

        i ran clcard and haret/exe.
        the orange batt charging light is on and the screen goes into a crash (black white fuzzi)
        restarted twice…still same…hmm..what should i do?

        • First boot need around 5-10 minutes. Did you wait for that?

          • Wsheng

            working now. Awesome

            Just few problems,
            How to move the applications to sdcard? it all going into internal memory
            (can only install after unmounting the sd card).

  • Joe

    Hi jayce, I did download radio rom and I tries to install it , it won’t let me do it . It’s not work. Thanks.

  • Seb

    Hi jace i have read all the posts that people have sent you and i have come to a conclusion. 1. I need hardspl3 2. I need rom but Im not sure about the installing the rom via custom RUU can u tell me all the things I need for that? then one those are on simple as runnong froyo rite can u just anser my question and also if i want to get back to my original windoes mobile do i just hard reset or soft reset. And if one i have froyo running on my htc hd2, every time i turn phone on and of will it automatically be on or do i have to load froyo again every time i turn my phone on. Also ho do you disable froyo to get back to windows moble 6.5 thank alot.

    • All you need to run Android ~ HardSPL + correct radio ROM. Android is installed at SD card. Every time you start your phone, it will boot to Windows Mobile.

  • Will

    I installed downloaded and installed the froyo_stone sense build version 3.2 and everything else worked except my 3G. So I rebooted my phone, thinking that was the problem, and now Android won’t boot at all. It says, “‘CLRCAD’ cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of the components cannot be found. If the problem persist, try reinstalling or restoring this file.” It says the same thing for the haret file. I reinstalled and still the same problem. I then reformatted and re-downloaded/re-installed it and still the same problem. Do you have any solutions for me? Thanks for any help you can provide…

  • Joe

    Hi jayce, I just download the radio rom that u told me and I installed it won’t work . What do I need to make it run. Please help.

    • Can you show the steps by steps that you did? It will narrow down the issue that you face. So that I can help better. Thanks.

  • Asif

    hi jayce ,
    i installed hspl3,radio 2.12 with custom RUU and mattcleo froyo with sense 1.8 and ALHAMDULILAH my hd2 playin ANDROID STUNNINGLY………….THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS………..LV U

  • Asif

    hy hy hy jayce pleeeeeez help me 1 more tym…
    THE APPLICATION MARKET HAS STOPPED UNEXPECTEDLY………i have tried my tymz,bt no luck, what shud i do now…..pleeez help…thanx…

  • Luke

    Hey Jayce, can you help me out here.. i have got android working, i like it alot.. but i do have to keep using Windows from time to time as i cant set alarms on the android.. i have tried all radios.. 2.08 up to 2.15 and with all of these i no longer am able to get a data connection on my phone when using windows.. the H at the top is greyed out.. any ideas??

    • Sorry, not so sure. Do you face 3G data connection issue on Android? If no, suspect your Windows Mobile got issue.

      • Will

        Yes. I found out it was an issue with my phone. I just did a hard reset and memory wipe, that solved the problem. Is there something I can do to conserve my battery a little more?

        • Glad to hear that it’s solved. Don’t use 3G data connection all the time will help save some of the battery. Try to use Wi-Fi instead of 3G help too. Certain Android build has better battery life, try out to find the best suite you.

  • jaime


    hopefully you can answer my question I download froyo on my sd card but when I run it only freezer never downloads anything I did all the step correctly can you please tell what im doing wrong

    • What do you mean by ‘never downloads anything’??

      • jaime

        well i run froyo but i only see htc logo on m

        • Have you done the prerequisite? And first boot needs around 5-10 minutes.

          • jaime

            do i have to download another folder/program to make froyo run on my htc hd2

            • Nope, just the prerequisite will do.

              • jaime

                i did but is not working

  • jaime

    when i run froyo i get the htc logo on the sreen but i never changes it stays there

  • jaime

    i dont think so well i did the hpsl3 an change the radio on it i try 2.10/2.12/2.14/2.15

  • junell

    i just wondering right after i run the 2 exe.(clrcad and haret) it just turn into some sort of blank fuuzzy white screen? is this normal?

    • Yes, sometimes like that. No worry. But no more than 10 minutes loading time.

  • jaime

    Ok im going to format the sd card an trythanks

  • James

    I Have and HD2 With Chucky ROM, Darkstone FOYO 2.2 and Radio 2.12. I keep getting a touch screen freeze, it is easily fixable by locking the phone, then unlocking it. But it does it about every 3 or 4 minutes….. needless to say it gets irritating.

    I have hear of some issues about this, but nothing from anyone running DarkStone 2.2 .

    some one please help before i flush my phone down the toilet.

  • Samphang

    Hi Jayce!

    I am new with this HD2 stuff and I have been digging your post for the past three days to solve problems that I have in my HD2.

    Details of my device is:

    OS Version
    Manila Version
    ROM Version
    Radio version

    My mobile gets freeze frequently and even when there is a call coming, leaving me unable to receive the call. This is really frustrating. I tried installing FroyoStone_Sense_V3.2.7z but no success. I recall, somewhere I must have read that in Radio version 2.07.51 android can not be installed.

    Can you please help me out. It’s been only two weeks that I have this mobile and already its useless. Is there any solution to fix the freeze or install android? Thanx in advance….

    • Did you install HardSPL3? Android can’t work without it. And you need to have radio 2.08 or above.

      • Samphang

        I did install HardSPL3 without any trouble, but now I cannot install CustomRUU. After installing HardSPL3 the details I have in my mobile are:

        SPL-2.08.0000 8G XE

        Is there any reason that I am unable to install it. Btw I have renamed the RUU_Signed.nbh too.

        • What is the error when trying to install radio? Which version did you install?

          • Samphang

            The version I am trying to install is After ten minutes of displaying “Updating the ROM image in your PDA Phone..” error is displayed saying error[262]:UPDATE ERROR

            • Did you install HardSPL correctly? And see this ‘WE HACKED IT’ after flash it?

              Please refer to this post –

              • Samphang

                Yes I did install HardSPL and saw ‘WE HACKED IT’ on my mobile too. I think it means I installed correctly.
                But the thing I noticed is that while turning on the mobile it still displays R
                Does it means that I have not installed it correctly?

                • You should get ‘2.08.HSPL 8g XE’ and next line ‘CotullaHSPL’

                  • Samphang

                    Thanks a lot for replying my every questions. I have installed and now running Android smoothly.

                    Only trouble I am having is that I accidently happen to calibrate the G-Sensor and I think there is a trouble in windows flip. How can I solve it?

                    • You are welcome. πŸ™‚

                      Try to reboot Android see. If still cannot, worst case ~ delete Android folder and install back again.

  • Travis

    Hello Jayce. I have a problem. I tried to install Android on my phone. I have tried a few version but everytime I try to install it doesn’t nothing. I boot and then it goes right to HTC sign and the HTC sign stay on the screen. I have to take the battery out to get it to go away. I have install Hardspl and a custom energy rom, but I can install android on my phone for some reason. Can you help me out?


    • Which radio version are you using? And which Android ROM did you try? By the way, first boot requires around 5-10 minutes.

      • Travis

        I am using radio version and I tried the Android 2.2 Froyo. Yeah I understand it takes 5- 10 minutes but does the screen suppose to turn black and only have the htc logo on it. Or does something else suppose to show up on the screen.

        • Jammie

          may i know where you download the rom? can you upload the rom or maybe the link here? i think i would like to try it…

        • mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.7?

  • hey there… i think this is the most innovative thing that HD2 have ever been done… can i please ask u a question… ive already installed Radio: ; ROM: kwbr_HD2… but everytime i run the HaRET.exe, the phone reboots the stops with a black screen with a green logo of HTC… i need some help here if u can, it will be much appreciated… Thank You very much!

    • Did you wait for 10 minutes for first boot?

  • if i do this to my hd2 will it delete the contents of my sd card?

    • No. Unless you format / delete them yourself.

      • Schererling

        If it turns out i do not like this (cause i am using this for my all around cell phone, and is that recommended?) how do I delete it the easiest and without losing any of my games, pictures, contacts etc. on my sd card?

        Appreciate a reply, Thanks!

        • Sorry, I don’t get you. Why do you need to delete?

          • Schererling

            I use the hd2 as my cell phone, so if it bogs down my phone or such, how do i delete android?

            • Android is installed in SD card. Just remove Android folder and other folders that create by it in SD card will do. Windows Mobile will run just fine. πŸ™‚

  • partha

    hi sorry but need some help
    i tried using hspl.exe but it keeps on saying RAPI.dll was not found
    pease help..

  • Tronoski


  • Tronoski


    • Can you tell me what have you done? All the steps. So that I can narrow down your issue. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  • sweetcee


    I did all the step but upon rebooting, HTC (in green) just sits there. What do i do??

    • So you did manage to load Android for the first time and failed after reboot?

  • LMS

    Hello Jayce,

    Everytime i run haret.exe my screen goes to the black boot up screen, then my camera flash flashes, then my screen turns to black white with lines. What is this and how do i fix it?

    • Maybe you can try other Android ROM. See that fix this issue or not. And make sure that you have done all the prerequisites.

  • faze

    Hey jayce,
    Im sure you get this a ton but……….I love android on my hd2, its just I don’t know how to fix the robotic voices and sound on my phone even after reading some if your stuff. If it isn’t that big if a deal could I get decently detailed directions on how to fix it please, thank you in advanced!

  • djnadar

    hi jayce I have succesfully completed the prerequisite flash on my htc hd2 T8585 but after running cladclr.exe and haret.exe my cell goes for the booting process but it does’t boot at all for the whole day I even tried the process after formating my sd card but still I face the same problem please help me as I am very much interested in having android on my phone.

    • Running mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.7 build?

  • djnadar

    yeh, running matt leo+froyo w/sense 1.7 build.
    yesterday I repeated the same process but still the same problem please help me what should I do.

    • Just to double confirm…

      1. Do you have SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE CotullaHSPL while holding volume down when phone restart after shutdown?

      2. Do you have R radio on normal phone startup?

      If both yes, try to install other Android builds see.

      • djnadar

        yes I have checked the spl it is 2.08 hspl and radio version is 2.14.50

        • Try this see – I am using it now.

          If still cannot, might be Windows Mobile ROM that is causing the problem.

          • djnadar

            hi jayce,
            I downloaded the mdeejay sense from the above link.
            After extracting all the files and begun to run the two exe files one after another but as the os boots the screen becomes black and green colour htc shows on the screen and remains the same for hours.
            please help , I want the android os running on my phone. Is there any other option please help.

            • Try to install custom Windows Mobile ROM like Energy ROM.

              • djnadar

                how to install custom windows mobile rom, can you send me the link to download it,and also will there be any problem if I install it as I have installed hard spl3. please help.

  • djnadar

    i have installed HardSPL3 v2.08,Radio v2.14, custom Energy Cookie ROM, and installed mdeejay evo sense 1.1 on my phone,
    but still android is not getting started on my phone.
    i am very very disappointed,
    cause i have wasted all my time, my energy, my money and everything to have android on my phone.
    I am totally dissatisfied with your website.
    THANK YOU………..,

  • John

    Hi there Jayce, congratulations on your great website with a lot of support.

    My problem is basically that I’ve extracted my Android ROM into my SD card but everytime I boot it, it just freezes on the white HTC screen. Even after waiting for about 30 minutes, it still doesnt boot up to Android. I’ve formatted my SD card and tried a few different ROMS.

    My radio is 2.15, my SPL is 3.03 (stock without SSPL or HSPL) and my ROM is 3.14. I’ve researched a bit on the XDA forums and apparently I can use my stock ROM if I’m at 3.14 to run Android. I havent done any flashing but apparently Android should work with SPL 3.03.

    Please please help Jayce, its so frustrating as I’ve got my HD2 now but I cant run Android at all. πŸ™

  • sachin

    hi jayce,
    after all the prerequisite flashing my phone’s spl version is 2.08 hspl 8 XE,radio version is 2.14.50…,and also has the energy cookie rom.
    I have downloaded the mdeejay evo sense 1.1 matted and extracted all the files to my sd card.
    but as i run the android launcher from my phone it shows me that clrcad.exe is not found on the sd card and then shows that haret.exe is not found on the sd card.
    But as i run the two exe files from windows file explorer the booting process starts with a black screen in which the htc is written in green colour but it does’t boot up for hours and hours why is it so.
    Is there anything gone wrong. please help me.

    • Which folder did you put Android in your SD card?

      • sachin

        while extracting all files with 7z it asked me where to extract all the files so i made a folder and named it android on my sd card and placed all the files there.

        • My mistake… It should be like SD card\Android (at root level). No double Android folders. Not SD card\Android\Android.

  • hesham

    why is it that whenever i remove the battery and reset the phone (when it freezes), it returns to windows mobile 6.5 again?

    • Yes, this is normal. Android is installed in SD card not internal storage. So we need to boot to Windows Mobile first, then Android.

      • hesham

        oh okay no problem. thanks a lot it works great!

  • chari manlapaz

    Hi Jayce! I wanna install android on my hd2..i have a stock rom 1.66 and 2.07.51 radio i have to upgrade my stock rom before i install android? your answer will be really appreciated πŸ™‚ thanks!

    • v1.66 stock ROM is okay to use Android. But you need HardSPL and at least 2.08 above radio…

  • rob scott

    when i try to run android i see a few lines of code then the screen goes black and remains that way. help please!!!!

  • Mikeny

    Hey d/l and installed. so far works great. a few questions though. The weather shows in celcius instead of farenhite, and also is there a way to port over my info from windows to android. like contacts etc.

  • Mikeny

    Hey d/l and installed. so far works great. a question though.
    is there a way to port over my info from windows to android. like contacts etc.

  • Mikeny

    something is weird, i am able to update weather and download email but cant surf on browser. what could be wrong

  • spetty

    Hey, I’m looking into installing android on my work-phone (HTC HD2)..

    The thing is, I want to be able to easily switch from windows mobile and android, is this possible?

    I need windows mobile for work because of a program, speedycraft, wich only runs on windows mobile.. is there any way to simulate windows mobile on android or something if you can’t swap between the two operating systems?

    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • Booting into Windows Mobile and Android is easy. When we turn on phone, it will load Windows Mobile first. When click on Android launcher (CLRCAD.exe + Haret.exe), it will load Android. If we restart phone during Android, it will boot back to Windows Mobile…

      No worry, Android does not replace Windows Mobile. It is just a add-on to Windows Mobile. πŸ˜‰

  • Noah

    Jayceooi, im trying to get the android working on my htc hd2 but everytime i open up the haret file it pops up a message that says something about a connection problem? do you know what this is about or how to fix it. i also dont quiet understand the radio and hspl3 download. am i just supposed to download it and save it on to my sd card like with the android?

    • There are like upgrade official ROM. Check more detail at HTC website.

      • noah

        same problem.. it says “Launh script file. Default path is the same where the executable lives.” then it has a bar with default.txt typed into it and then a run button so i clicked the run button and it gives me an error message that says it cant open the script file.

  • joeysuf

    hey jayce when i run Haret the program my phone goes to the first few lines of code and flashes the camera BUT then it goes into multiple black and white fuzzy lines which doesn’t dissappear unless i take the battery out/ any suggestions to fix it (new Radio, redownload android)

    btw i have mattc leo froyo 1.8 with sense
    my radio i think is
    i have energy rom

    • Try other Android ROM with latest kernel. They are better and less issue.

      • joeysuf

        when i run android it gets far then says Failed to find rootfs on SD card You need to unzip a rootfs zop file to the root of your SD card

        what does this mean?

        • Which ROM are you using? I did not face this issue before.

          • Joeyuf

            Energy sense 2.5 cookie 2.0

            I got it to work today i had to reformat my SD so i lost like 60 songs and 3 pics but it runs smoothly and boots fine im pretty sure i switched my droid version to mattc froyo 1.7

            O ya have u experienced a problem conecting ur hd2 via usb and the propt saying “unable to connect to unknown device”? It was doin that to me friday and i have no idea how to properly fix that

            • Nope. Did not face that before.

  • ted

    hey i been trying to download angry birds on my htc hd2 froyo 2.2 it allow me to download but when its installing it says unsucessful what should i do

  • Josh

    I have tried 3 different build of android. The mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.7 worked until i rebooted. I keep on reformatting the sd card and have tried ROM version and Each time i try to load CLDCAD.exe and HARET.exe I get the β€œβ€˜CLRCAD’ cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of the components cannot be found. If the problem persist, try reinstalling or restoring this file.” I have also tried the mdeejay and the froyostone builds and they do the exact same thing. I had it working perfects with the mattc build until i tested a reboot and have not been able to reload since. I am using a 2gb micro sd card.

    • Josh

      i guess i can try reloading the tmo leo and see it that resets itself

    • Josh

      Well i reloaded the tmobile leo and started with a clean slate. the mattc build seemed buggy and I had issues with is starting so i went to the froyostone build and it has been working great. have been able to reboot and reload without any issues. using the latest 2.14 ROM.

  • so i need help i followed the instructuons everything worked out and it worked on my phone, then when i was ging through the steps like language all that stuff it froze so i took out my battery then my htc hd2 was back to normal, i tired doing it again by opening CLRCAD and Haret but now it isnt working

    • Delete Android folder and start again.

  • Jason

    i cannot send or receive media messages. is there a way to fix this?

    • You need to set carrier MMS info at APN. Try Google for the info. Sorry, I don’t have it here.

  • AlexL

    Hi Jayce,
    I am running Android 2.2 on my HTC HD2 on my SD CARD and once my HD2 hang I’ve lost the folders and tab’s layout. (Just in case you can’t get me: every time it reboot, it’ll restall its original layouts in my home tabs and the other 6 pages)

    My Question: How can I retain what I organized my current layout every once it hangs/reboots?

    Hope you can solve my problem, thanks alot man!

    • Try to reboot (soft reset) before it crashes to save the settings.

  • ted

    ok two things when someone sends me a picture and i save it it keeps saying resolutin 90×120 how do i change that cause the pictures are extra small i would love to increase that then for my signal it keeps displaying E for services how do i connect to my 3g theres not
    setting to get that or is that normal

  • meg

    how long does the process usually take

  • ted

    i have andriod froyo 2.2

    ok two things when someone sends me a picture and i save it it keeps saying resolutin 90Γ—120 how do i change that cause the pictures are extra small i would love to increase that then for my signal it keeps displaying E for services how do i connect to my 3g theres no
    setting to get that or is that normal

  • sravan

    I am using hd2 Rom version above 3 what shoul i do now to install android

    The present Rom i updated is that i got update from htc web site

  • davis236

    I can’t install it, the little writting on the top left corner first apears, then fades and stays a black screen

    • Have you done all the prerequisites?

  • davis236

    Yes I did everything as it was said above! I also tried the android versions from other website’s but the same shit happens every time

  • and1

    not good for my htc hd2
    i tryed the androys.starts to boot, and then black screen….

  • Joe M

    i still got issues with the voice and i followed the steps

  • davis236

    how much memory card storage will this instalation take up?

    • Sorry, forgot the exact figure. Tried this ROM long time ago. 4GB SD card is more than enough.

  • milo

    am trying to install the HSPL3 and the RADIO ROM. it’s not workin…the HSPL3 stops after 30 sec and the radio rom doesn’t even start… any idea??

  • peter

    where are the android launcher?
    is one icon?
    i cant find in file manager

    • Android launcher? Sorry, I don’t get you…

  • akram

    hi plz how to copy phone book from wind to android

  • akram

    hi plz how to copy phone book from hd hd2 to android

  • sachin

    hi jayce,
    which android 2.2 froyo rom with sense is the best for htc hd2 on sd card according to you as you have tried all the rom and please send me the link.

  • akram

    hi man 10x for every thing plz i wan t ask u did skype work on android

    • Yes, just download it at Android Market.

  • Ben

    Hi All,

    If you’re trying to make Froyo work in NAND ROM on a UK Vodafone-locked HTC HD2, it can be done! Check out my link on xda-developers: post #3179

  • Neelam Ali

    Hi, I successfully installed Android on my HTC HD2, but now when I connect it to my computer, it doesn’t show up. Is there a way I can fix this? Please help me out! (:

  • sub7even


    u got tutorial for HD Desire πŸ™‚

    • Nope, but the installation is the same.

  • Sabawoon

    Hi Jayce brother

    Hope u fine InshaAlh…
    I got white and black screen of death (SOD) . so brother tell me that how much time is need to completing this process ….to build as my first Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2????

  • sapkus

    hey i resently installed aandroid 2.2 on my hd2 evrythign working perfectly good thanks but on adding contacts i dotn no how to add new contacts cos the menu for that is unavailable!!

  • ted

    hey i have htc hd2 froyo 2.2 my phone keeps asking me to up pdate to 2.3 when i click ok and it download it ask to restart phone when i restart and go back its like it never happen and it repeats the process what to do

    • Cool… Which ROM are you using? I don’t have update notification on JDMS Ultimate which is using Android 2.2 Froyo too.

  • Ninski

    how long does this process take?? so we’d know what to expect…. πŸ™‚

    • Which process do you mean?

  • Umang

    Hey . Love ur work. I heard there was this android which replaces winmo. completely.
    No SD card intstal, but straight on Phone memory.. heard its faster that way??
    I dunno what to do. Cant find it. Help!

  • akram


  • Will

    I was running Android on my HD2 but I tried installing MAGDLR on my phone and it did not work only got to the bootloader screen and would not go any further. In order to get my phone working again I had to go back to the last software update. Now, the Android version that I had won’t load at all. I tried a new one and either the 3G/internet worked and I got the robot voice. OR the voices were clear and the 3G/internet was not working, SPL 2.08 and Radio is 2.10. Can someone explain what I am doing wrong now…? I MISS MY ANDROID!!!! Thanks in advance

    • Did you install HSPL3?

  • Nicole

    How do you flash a radio into the Sd Card? & When you unzip the froyo do you place it in the android folder ? Where do you place the radio ? Please Answer ?

  • arturo

    ive installed Android Gingerbread CyanogenMod 7 SD for HD2 and the 2.3 to my problem is that if i leave the phone around 4 minutes, when i try to use it again it doesnt works, the screen doesnt tunr on, but the backlight on the keys is on, can you help me out? what can i do? this is really frustating because i love android on my htc

    • Please consult to ROM chef. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  • Tae

    can you convert back to windows after adding the android program??

  • akram


    • Try other Android ROM see.

  • akram

    hi what the new room and good room android for hd2 to instal to my hd2 10x

    • I am using JDMS Ultimate. You can try that.

  • Mike

    hey first off let me say thanks a million I dl’d this and it works great! The only gripe I have is when I tether my Hd2 and transfer pics/ringtones to the sd card, They don’t show up when I search for them in my phone, I used Astro and it didn’t work so I deleted it and installed Root Explorer and still nothing! Am I sending the files to the wrong folder on the sd card or something? Please help because not having pics or ringtones is making this great android rom unbearable!

    • This is a limitation of this Android ROM. Just reboot your phone and you will see your files there.

  • Joe

    Hi jayce. My hd2 freeze stuck on the green Htc and stay like that forever . My phone need help pls. Thank you.


    i installed android on my htc hd2 but I cannt add APN in my android and connect to internet

  • ketan

    HI jayce,
    i have hd2 with radio and spl 1.66.000. i am going to change my os frm windows to android. Do i really need to change my radio version and spl version can i run harnet.exe file without error. and can i download all the application from android market?
    If i want to switch over android to windows os after unsuccessful workig of os or any other reason can i able to do that. i need your help.
    Thank you

    • Yes, HSPL3 and correct radio are must installed stuffs. I don’t have issue to download apps from Android Market so far.

      Err… Don’t quite understand your last statement.

  • xray

    Hey, at first, I want to thank your for nice guide ! x]] . Well theres my problem – when my android is booting it stucks in the creating data folders and it writes that no space left on device. I read up that android needs only 250~ MB and i have about 800MB free. Any issue what to do?

    • xray

      edit – i tried this like 3times…and the story card gets always full… x[

    • Some Android builds will create 1GB data.img file. Get a bigger SD card. Or delete some files there.

  • xray

    Aw, thank you, now it works, it took like 1,2GB x/ . Realy nice guide !!

  • yuvraj

    my radio version is 2.07 can i install the android on my hd2 using this radio and i dont know where to see the spl version….. HELP ME plzz,…..


    3g Internet is disconnect when screen go to standby … and to activate it I must reset the APN or reset the connection

    what I should do to fix this

    • The must be some power saving stuff going on your Android ROM. Try disable it.

      • HSYAR

        I checked but there is not any option like that in settings … and still the conection cut down when my mobile goes in standye

        • Try to install other Android ROM see.

  • Jerry

    Well, jayceooi i started to do theis and the only thing that apears is a panguien and then it says to unzip roofts and the i have try to do it and left my phone for 5 days out charging and still nothing.Please jayceooi help me with this problem asap it will help me out a lot. If you got help for me contact me at

  • Jerry

    ok, jayceooi it started to work and when i take off the battery it goes back to the originall thing the window and when i try to call from the android i can’t hear nothing

    • Jerry

      please Jayceooi please do thiz asap cuz i hav 2 do this 2 other htcs and i would lik to hav help by today srry 2 b pusse but i do

      • Jerry

        im talkkinq about the question on top of diz 1

        • Jerry

          snytime now you can answer my questions

  • HD2 dilema

    There is a wi-fi router function in WM6.5.

    this function gives me a lot of convenience. any build in android 2.2 froyo still keep this function?

  • Hesham

    There’s a robotic sound for incoming voices, but the person i’m on the phone with can hear me clearly. anyway to fix this?

  • TheBob81

    Hey, Jayce. Something didn’t go well and I want to start the process over. At the moment, I’ve been real busy with Mardi Gras and work so I want to just go back to my stock windows rom until after the festivities when i have more time to work on my hd2. I’ve downloaded the stock rom to my pc, but what do I do after that to go back to original settings? By the way, i can’t do anything from the magldr v1.11 boot menu screen on my phone. I need help please!!!! :o(

    • Just install stock Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM.

  • Jandre


    I have installed Android on my HTC HD2, but as soon as i reboot it reboots to WM… how can i get back Android?

    Then i downloaded a Dual boot, but that doesnt word as well, the Android picture as well as the text at the bottom of the Dual boot screen is disabled… What can i do?

    Hope its not a dumb Q…


    • Just run CLRCAD.exe then Haret.exe to load Android. Which dual boot program do you use?

  • ted

    is there any updated one cause my cell phone keeps trying to update and when i click it
    it restarts and the updates are never there

  • Jandre

    Hi J

    i have installed a few diffrent roms now, but a lot of them needs work, some apps not working etc! It there a stable Andriod rom where everything works? And then i have a sound problem as well, the sound is very low , when talkin to people on the phone as well as when listening to music, I have read you comment about Volume Rocker but i cant seem to get it right… Any suggestions?

    Then the Android market doesnt see my phone so i cant download anything from there, is this because i am in SA or what can i do, i heard something about Android Market Enabler…. Please assist!!!

    Thanks a mil in advance!!!

      • Jandre

        Hi J

        I see on the step by step guide step 8 i think sais “You should see R and D 3.14.xx at bottom of the screen with green HTC Logo” WHAT if i don’t see that after following all the instructions step by step?


        • Yes, since you already have Android running previously. Darkstone build should be working for you too.

  • Jandre

    Hi J

    Sorry me agian! πŸ˜€

    I think i need to update a few things before i will be able to load “darkstone SuperRAM FroYo v1.5”


    SPL 3.03 —– Mine is on 2.08
    Radio 2.15 —– Mine is on 2.11
    Official HTC HD2 ROM v3.14 —– Have no idea where to see this info
    Android 2.2 Froyo ROM —– Have no idea where to see this info

    When i load my phone the following info comes up. (This may help you, I think)

    R 2.11
    G 15.40
    D 1.66

    Please assist!


    • Just try to run it on your phone. Worst case, it cannot boot into Android. Delete Android folder then.

      • Jandre


        I have installed it, Its working, but i cant connect to the internet! APN is correct, Confirmed by Vodacom ZA them self! I tried set to default as well, still not working, ANy idea how i can get this working! This ROM is very fast!! Brilliant!

        • Hmm… I don’t have Internet connection issue after setup APN on this ROM. Try reboot see.

          • Jandre


            After reboot, booted to Windows, go to file explorer, run CLRCAD.

            Now when i run the CLRCAD it sais “The file ‘CLRCAD’ cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components connot be found. If the problem persists, try reinstalling or resoring this file”. The sam happens with ‘HARLET’…… Have no idea what to do.


            • Try to install BsB Tweak ~
              Enable “Allow install and run unsigned applications” with that program.

              • Jandre

                Hi JC

                Got that working but my internet doesnt work on Darkstone superram ROM ?

                Defult APN and tried the Manual one as well but still nothing!


                • Hmm… You need to double check with your telco on Internet access then.

  • TheBob81

    Hi Jayce,
    I’ve finally got it working. I used froyo w/ sense 1.8. But, I’m having a problem syncing my contacts in. I’ve successfully synced my emails (gmail). But, when i go to account sync and put in my account name and password, it takes a couple of minutes, then tells me: ‘Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call customer care.’ I have an unlimited data plan with t-mobile. Any troubleshooting you can help me with?

  • TheBob81

    Hey, I synced it all successfully. Thanks for everything! It’s still a little buggy, but I LOVE android marketplace! I’ll be sending a donation your way soon!

  • Mohammed

    Hey Jayce πŸ˜€
    Sorry for the question, but, I installed android froyo 2.2 on my Htc Hd2 and worked pretty fine!
    After a few days, i was playing angry birds and then, the battery went out of charge. I charged it normally, and then opened CLRCAD, then haret.exe. A message came out for both saying that it will not open for some copyright stuff or may be missing some components! Any help?!?

  • punjab

    hi jayce ,,i m using ultimate droid rom on my htc hd2 ,,,,,its working fine ,,,but i cant read my mother tounge punjabi or hindi language on web pages ,,,,i have a iphone 4 too nd i can read on it easily ,,,is there any solution for htc hd2 to read my languages on web page ….thanx

    • Sorry, I have no idea.

  • brittany

    me and roomate just got htc hd 2 and we would like to convert them to the android but she did it on hers but she couldnt change the ringer (silent) was the only option on it and also if it died it would start up as windows again how do we fix this?

    • Please change to a better Android ROM. Most of the time is the ROM that causing the issue.

  • Amy

    when i downloaded it it does the whole black screen & text scrolling & installing android but then it suddenly stops & at the end it says “unzip rootfs” i have no idea what to do
    help pleez!!

    • Please use the updated guide Android ROM. Thanks.

  • kristina

    I did all the steps except the 1 step I couldn’t get past which is copying the Android folder to the SD card, I copied it so many times and dragged it etc its NOT there it doesn’t work, I’ll copy it, but it won’t say anything. It doesn’t work.

    HTC HD2

    • Please use the updated guide Android ROM. Thank you.

      • Hemant Sawarkar

        could you please let me know from where to download updated guide Android ROM (please give link)

        i had downloaded many SD ROMs from your site and tried. but there were issues with basic features of HD2.

        best regards
        Hemant Sawarkar

        • Link is in the post. πŸ™‚

  • Ankit


    Err..the file cannot be opened. either its not signd with a trusted certificate or one of its component cant b found……showing me while installin Zharet….

    every time i install any software on my hd2 it shows….what to do…please help….:(

  • Ankit Khandelwal


    Err..the file cannot be opened. either its not signd with a trusted certificate or one of its component cant b found……showing me while installin Zharet….

    every time i install any software on my hd2 it shows….what to do…please help….:(

    • Ankit Khandelwal

      and i have tried many times this android….but always this err comes….

    • Please refer to above comment. TQ

  • Joe

    Hi jayce, my hd2 cannot turn on , when I put the battery in the phone getting hot, you have any idea how to fix it? Thank you so much.

    • What had you done until it cannot turn on?

  • Ankit Khandelwal

    Tried to install BsB Tweak

    iits also not working…..when i start bsb tweak setup….it shows ” Installation of bsb tweaks was unsuccessful……:(…

  • om prakash

    hi jayce i have HD2 but the touch is not working well. some time it works sometime not I would like to know how much it cost outside us

    • Sorry, I have no idea. You need to contact HTC Support for the price.

  • Murtaza

    hie jayce howz yaaa…plz provide me wid step by step procedure for flashing a custom rom on my htc device(windown os)…n plz also mention abt hspl…thnx in advance

    • Please follow the updated guide. Thanks.

  • Murtaza

    hey jayce my htc hd2 get stuck whn adroid os is boot???can i hav possible solution for it???

  • jason

    hey i have a htc hd2 running android 2.2 froyo it has the cyanogenmod or something….but i was just wondering if there was a way to fix the audio? anytime i play songs or ringtones the song sounds more high pictched like it was sped up..please help me

    • Please try other Android ROM see.

      • jason

        well sense i already used that build change the rom does the phone need to be flashed or do i change the rom?

        • You are using SD card Android or NAND Android?

          • jason

            SD card that i put the android file on

            • Just delete Android folder and other folders created by Android system. Then copy a new Android folder on SD card.

              • jason

                i tried that and still the same robo voice problem along with sped up audio

                • What is your Windows Mobile ROM version? And which Android ROM are you trying? Try this –

                  • jason

                    ok that worked nicely but how come the android market doesnt work?

                    • jason

                      it says i need wifi all the time now ? because theres no internet connection

                  • jason

                    so do i like need wifi all the time to access internet and what not ?

                    • Of course WiFi connection is needed to access Internet.

  • sridhar

    hie jayce i own a htc hd2 phone which runs on
    manila version-2.5.20
    radio version-
    protocol version-

    i want to get android installed on my phone recommend me which version works well on my phone.and send me link of it.
    –And i have a doubt that can i go back to my normal present windows os,whenever i needed without effecting my phone??
    — does all the features present in the phone works the same after installing android??
    suggest me bro as its my new phone im worried of it.

  • Hey, I have the 2.2 Froyo on my HTC HD2 but the usb debugging isn’t working, I can’t access my SDcard or anything, I have to reboot to Windows Mobile just to use the usb connect for my phone to my computer, Is there an update for this or something I can download?

  • crystal

    I have the htc hd2 t-mobile and i have installed the Android Version 2.2 on it. I just about have everything working correctly except the weather. Its probably 90 here and the weather states its in the 30’s here any suggestions plz

  • Juice

    will this work with a radio of

  • sherzad

    I have installed Andriod on my htc hd2 ,now sound is low,i mean it’s lower than windows mobile,please tell me how can i solve this problem?

  • sherzad

    sorry could anyboy help me,i have htc hd2 that i changed windows mobile to andriod 2.2,is it possible to change it back to windows mobile and how?

    • Just reboot your phone from Android. It will load back Windows Mobile then.

  • dannyw

    aye jayce thanks for the help with putting android on the hd2 but when people call me i cant hear them clearly it sounds like a robot any suggestions?

  • tej

    hi jayce i dropped my idea to install android on hd2 NAND because memory issues..i have hd2 with flash 512 mb somebody told me its less memory for playing 3d games on it..pls tell me if i install android on my sd card then is there any issue for memory & can 2 gb memory card is enough..i want to play 3d games on my thing is more my hd2 ROM version (70315) i need to upgrade my rom for android on SD CARD

  • reena

    hy jay, really your are God man, your are my super hero, as per your guide follow now i upgrade my stock rom to (04666) wwe with SD card, thanks for that but after upgrade the rom my HSPL 2.08 change into i wanna play with some SD card android roms, like HD2ONE CyanogenMod 6.1.1, do i need to install HSPL 2.08 again for this SD card android rom if YES then pls tell me the installation mathod and thanks again jay

  • reena

    hy man my SPL-3.03.0000 dosenot exist in ur link think i need hspl it or not ?

  • reena

    hy jayce can i flash my hd2 with hspl4..because after upgrade the stock rom, now my SPL-3.03.0000

    • Yes… SPL-2.08.HSPL

  • reena

    Hi Jay..thanks for ur nice corporation..yesterday i tried HD2ONE CyanogenMod 6.1.1 sd card rom..but when i click the CLRCAD & HARET file my hd2 give me UNTRUSTED CERTIFICATE after hiting yes some small font numbering start & i think the processor of installing android begun but after 5 sec my hd2 reboot in window 6.5 & nothing happened after that i hardreset my hd2 & format my SD card with fat 32 &a angain try but same result nothing happened..No android there..pls dear help me out where i m wrong..

  • reena

    hi jay..when i click the haret file then my device says the programe HARET.EXE is from unknown publisher run it may possible harm your device..pls give me the solution..

    • reena

      hi install bsb tweak on my hd2 & click on the policies..and again try to install android and when i click the haret file now new msg shows up LAUNCH A SCRIPT FILE DEFAULT PATH IS THE SAME WHERE THE EXCECUTABLE LIVE.. in the box DEFALUT.TXT run START WAITING FOR CONNECTION ON PORT 9999 WHEN U CONNECT YOU LL GET A REMOTE HARDWARE EXAMINATION TOOL & when i hit the RUN tab the msg shows..cannot open SCRIPT FILE\APPLICATION\DATA\VOLATILE\ZIPVIEW\392215\HD2ONE\DEFAULT.TXT..pls jayce help me out to soluve this errors thanku

  • reena

    hy jayce pls tell me how to fix this error SCRIPT FILE\APPLICATION\DATA\VOLATILE\ZIPVIEW\392215\HD2ONE\DEFAULT.TXT..while installing andorid on hd2 sd card

  • reena

    now i try with darkstone rom now the error is applicationdata\volatile\zipview\386080\android\default.txt..pls help me out

    • Try to make it simple. Format your SD card. And just put Android folder there. It should make the whole Android installation clean and simple. This should work…

      • reena

        hi jay..i follow the guide as u suggest me..but the same result here..same error again SCRIPT FILE CANNOT BE OPEN..pls tell me how to fix this fix this error i do the google and see some peoples who have or had same problem like me..check out the link i cant fix the error..pls see the link & pls guide me if u can

        • Is your HSPL == SPL-2.08.HSPL? Radio 2.15 right?

  • reena

    after upgrading my stock rom my hspl 2.08 changed into spl-3.03.0000 then i use hspl4 but hspl4 doest works with spl-3.03.0000..but yah Radio 2.15..i tried the download from ur site where u suggest stock rom 3.14 and radio 2.15 and i have both of them..then why my device gave me error lika SCRIPT FILE CANNOT BE OPEN

    • reena

      pls tell me how can i my hspl i need to downgrade my stock rom..then pls tell me which UK-TMOBILE STOCK ROM support HSPL3 and can i downgrade my stock rom without hspl with method of sd currunt STOCK ROM IS and RADIO IS and SPL IS 3.03.0000

    • HSPL4 does supports SPL-3.03.0000. But you need to install SPL-2.08.HSPL in order to use Android.

      Hmm… I have no idea why you have this script issue. Darkstone SuperRAM FroYo Android ROM is working fine on 3.14 WinMo ROM.

  • reena

    i think sombody misguide me on facebook..where he told me to install android on hd2..first install fosco file explorer then go HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies
    Then go to 0000101a and change DWORD Data value to 1
    Now every thing is perfect and you can open all of your apps..may be he guide me perfect but i think i was done sumthing can i do default all this may after doing default.. i can run android on hd2..

    • reena

      pls tell me how to default registry settings on hd2..because i thing i made a mistake when i change the pls tell me how can i default registry setting..pls help as

  • reena

    i think i done sumthing wrong with my registry so pls jay tell me how to default registry can i run android..pls help me out of this

    • Sorry, I have no idea to reset the registry settings. But you can always hard reset the whole Windows Mobile to have a fresh start…

  • reena


  • reena

    hi jay..first of all good news from my side i have install sd card android on my i told u in my later msgs..when i tab the haret file my hd2 gave me error script file cant be open..then u gave me the suggestion..just put the android folder on sd card then try, after that i delete the others folders & put the only android folder in my sd card..& android run like butter on my hd2..thanks againt jayce,,but now i have another problem..all the games & apps are store in internal memory then i install apps2sd from market but its not working,,pls tell me does SuperRAM_Froyo_v1.7z support APPS2SD features..because SuperRAM_Froyo_v1.7z is the only rom which is able to install on my hd2.. thanks again

  • reena

    it cant install at pc..i tried alot..pls tell me the installation at pc

    • Unzip it with 7-Zip.

    • reena

      ok i manage & install it at my pc..pls guide what to i need to attach my hd2 with pc..

      • Oh, you can find the guide at XDA website. Please refer to it. Thanks.

  • reena

    could u make the Tutorial for me or guide me step by step please..i m new in this please

  • wietze

    yo I have this problem…

    I downloaded android gingerbread on my htc hd 2 vodafone.
    and it works fine!
    the only problem, what is ectually a verry big problem is that my internet doesn’t work.

    so the strange thing is that when i run my phone on windows mobile it works perfectly on vodafone live! but when i run my phone with android it doesn’t work anymore!?!?!

    in the top bar it says G3 but my internet still doesn’t work:S!

    it says vodafone NL in stead of vodafone live!

    and when i go to my mobile network on android there are:

    -Vodafone NL
    -Vodafone MMS BUsiness

    i can only choose Vodafone NL so when i click on that this appears and i think it is correct:

    name: Vodafone NL
    Proxy: –
    Poort: –
    username: vodafone
    password: vodafone
    server: –
    MMS-poort: 8799
    MCC: 204
    MNC: 04
    verificatietype: none
    APN-type: default,supl,mms

    that is all I know maybe somebody knows more?

    If u have any questions for information just ask.
    I Know my english is bad but Ill hope u understadn it:)

    • Try to confirm the settings with your telco.

  • Masrhyem


    i’ve installed both the SPL 2.08 and the Radio 3.14 but the installation of the Android still failed. am i missing something? i’ve done everything step by step following the video.

    • What is the error message and which Android ROM are you using?

      • Masrhyem

        It says;

        The superblock could not be read or does not describe a corr ect ext2 filesystem. If the device is valid and it really contains an ext2 filesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock: e2fsck -b 8193 ,device.

        mount: mounting /dev/block/loop0 on /data failed: invalid argument
        Failed to mount /data
        //bin/sh: can’t access tty; job control turned off

        Thanks for replyin so fast Bro. =)

  • Masrhyem

    I downloaded the ROM 3.14, its running on that now. i forgot to back up everything and lost ALL my data. hahahah….. oh well, my bad.

  • Masrhyem

    I did try to download the Radio 2.14 rar file but it didn’t recognize the file on my HTC.

    • Which Android ROM are you using? And are you using HSPL?

      • Masrhyem

        I’m using the 3.14.405.2 (04666) WWE that i’ve downloaded from your link and yes, i’ve also downloaded the HSPL. What should i do next?

        • Downloaded HSPL. Did you install it?

  • mike

    Hi Jayce, juz got my HTC HD2 T-Mobile, this is all new to me, i was wondering if you could help me how to dual boot my HTC, here is my Software info:
    OS version: 5.2.29020 (29020.5.3.12)
    Manila Ver: 2.5.20212114.0
    ROM Ver: Duttys HD2 FAM (V25) SHIP WWE
    ROB Date: 01/05/2011
    Radio Ver:
    Protocol Ver:
    Mem Card Transcend 16GB Class2

  • mike

    Thanks Jayce simple and easy

  • jmar

    Recently many programs have given me a force close error from nowhere. Looks like “process” i cant updated any apps through android marketplace because this error happens. I am using the froyo 2.2 sd; should i just wipe it and go for a nand install? Not sure what to do.

    • Go for NAND Android if you don’t need to use Windows Mobile anymore…

      • jmar

        What is the best way to wipe the froyo off the phone/sd card so i can install nand

        • Just format SD card with PC.

  • chari manlapaz

    Hi Jayce, My spl version is 3.03 and radio is 2.15..i cannot run hspl on my phone therefore i cannot run magdlr and recovery to be able to run miui android on my phone..please help me πŸ™ thanks!

  • Sai

    HELLO ..
    can u send me the link were we can download use it in the storage using as dual boot phone..As android can be anything like 2.2, froyo,gingerbread..

  • steven

    heys πŸ™‚ i recently did all the steps and it worrked in one go. but when i turn my htc hd2 off i need to re launch android from my normal rom. is there any flash possibility i can turn my phone on with android loading instead of htc quitly brilliant?

  • reena

    hi u been..jay i m the big fan of u & this site..u r the man who teach me that how to install SD android on hd2..yah i install android 2.3.4 gingerbread on my hd2..and taste the all android roms on my hd2..but my problem is that after installing flash player 10.3 my android hd2 gave the full web browsing experience like PC..but the only two sites are not browsing like pc is & the second is please jay help me can i taste these two sites browsing like PC..all the sites open in pc mood but these two sites open in mobile mood..pls help me out..or tell me the SD card rom which gave the web browsing experince in these two and facebook

    • Flash on Android is not as fast as PC. I tested Facebook games on SGS2. They are still very slow compare to PC. πŸ™

      • reena

        i agree with u..but my problem is about only two sites..pls help me out..pls guide me how i browse these sites like pc on my htc hd2 android..first one is facebook and the second is youtube..pls help me

        • For Facebook, click on More then Desktop Site. For YouTube, click Desktop (at bottom right). This will turn into PC desktop view.

          • reena

            where to found option MORE for Desktop because its not shows any option like MORE..when i open facebook or youtube on my hd2 its automatically goes in mobile mood..

            • After login Facebook, you should see More option. YouTube at bottom right. Try to find it carefully…

  • steven

    okay iam a little step further i installed mag there is only oone problem i dont have the normal htc rom i have the energy however i can load android from the eneergy my screen wont go further then the htc logo after installing the magldr .
    and btw thanks so much for making this site it helps alot πŸ™‚


    • Did you continue to install NAND Android? If no, do it.

  • steven

    i installed the magldr but it wont give me the black screen at the start up so i can’t make the next step since a part is missing iam stiill getting the reg/green/blue boot screen if i hold down my volume and the power.

  • steven

    even while holding the pow button it normally starts my win energy rom :$
    yes i followed all the steps above. that brought me to the part where i installed magrdl succesfully to my phone it just wwont give black boot screen at the start after the HTC log.

    • Huh? You should not able to load WinMo anymore after installed MAGLDR.

  • steven

    wel after installing magldr it wont start anything anymore just freezes at energize logo you want me to run magldr again?

    • I am confused. Which article did you follow actually? This one or other one? Can you tell me what have you installed on your phone?

  • steven

    firstly i installed an energy rom for the htc hd2 after that i did hspl3 then the radio then i did froyo android after that i went back to energy rom and then i installed magldr but now iam kinda stuck since nothing happens.

    • Which radio version are you using?

      • unicode

        can it work on samsung galaxy ?

        • Sorry, I don’t get you. What is working?

  • steven

    the 2.14.

    • Hmm… 2.14 radio should be okay. But I am using 2.15.

  • David Nadar

    hi jayce,
    I have two queries (1)my rom is stock 3.14 and radio rom is 2.15, should I need the prerequisites for the android to run on sd card.(2) Also I want to install custom energy cookie rom, how can I install it.

  • David Nadar

    But I have read that the stock rom 3.14 does not support hspl3 ,is it true.

      • David Nadar

        But I have read that android only supports hspl3 that is spl 2.08, then how can I use custom enegy cookie rom and android both.

        • Yes, Android needs SPL-2.08.HSPL. HSPL4 has it. No worry…

          • David Nadar

            that means u say that i can use hspl4 on 3.14 stock rom inorder to use android on sd card and also custom cookie rom right.

            • Yes. HSPL4 was created for WinMo 3.14 ROM.

              • David Nadar

                thanks buddy i will try it and post u the results

  • hai,
    How to install Android tb fusion 3d pe hd2.
    many thanks

    • Sorry, never try this ROM on HD2. Do you have the link to it?

  • harry

    hi i install android on my htc hd2 but my internet is not working can u tell me how can i use my internt

  • harry

    hi thanks man it is working

  • luther

    hi jacey what bootloader did you use?

    • HSPL3 ~ SPL-2.08.HSPL

  • steven

    I tryed everything with my htc but i cant get the automatic startup for android working πŸ˜› anyways i think i might leave it like this now. i can manually boot it already and i also got atached to the energy rom πŸ™‚ thanks for all the support

    greets steven.

  • vladrov

    hi…recently bought a htc hd 2 ,put android 2.3.2on it thx to your site !!can you give me some advice on android with same performance and battery life but with sense?thx a lot…like your site

    • SD Android or NAND Android?

      • vladrov

        nand android!

      • vladrov

        i just put the gauner1986 hdfi and it works good only browser and market dont…is there some bugfix or something ??thx

        • If XDA forum does not have it == Nope.

          • vladrov

            nothing there

  • yulawton

    Please what is solution we my hd2 write error that goes the β€œβ€˜CLRCAD’ cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of the components cannot be found. If the problem persist, try reinstalling or restoring this file.” i av tried b&b tweak but cannot install. please wat should i do……thanks

    • Sorry, can’t help much if you can’t use BsB Tweak.

      • yulawton

        sorry wat i meant was that i tried to install it but was always unsuccessful , i need help

        • Can you install and use BsB Tweak?

  • yulawton

    cant install and use it

    • What is the error message when you try to install it?

      • yulawton

        i get “installation of b&b tweak was unsuccessful’

        • Sorry, I also have no idea in this case. Maybe you can find solution in XDA website.

  • sabbir

    hi bro , i have htc hd2 which is SPL-1.42.0000
    now i want to convert it into android.Which android version is suitable for me ? Because Android 2.3 is not supported in my phone . Could you pls give me the direct download link … πŸ™‚
    thank u

  • carmella

    The superblock could not be read or does not describe a corr ect ext2 filesystem. If the device is valid and it really contains an ext2 filesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock: e2fsck -b 8193 ,device.

    mount: mounting /dev/block/loop0 on /data failed: invalid argument
    Failed to mount /data
    //bin/sh: can’t access tty; job control turned off

    • carmella

      what do i need to do to get my android running..
      this is the message it showing me when i boot it…

      • Do you have the prerequisites installed?

        • carmella

          so I finally got it to boot, and the android is working, the problem I have now is the sound. it’s a werid buzzing sound when i call or get calls… I tapped the clrcad then the haret but it’s still making that sound what does this mean how can i fix the sound. I checked to make sure I was not on silent…

  • manas

    hi,thx to u tht finally i installed android froyo,evrythng is fine but 2 probs,1st tht i dnt hear ne voices while mkng calls or receiving it so cnt talk on the phone,n 2nd is tht while using market,its not connecting to google server and not logging in?could u plzz suggest sme remedies.thx a lot again,u hv really made my htc hd a grt device now frm boring windows.

    • Please try other Android ROM.

      • manas

        hello….i tried the one u gave…..for india,from the htc site itself.or shud i try gingerbread?…..

  • bey

    So I got the droid on my htc d2. Running better than window 6.5 ever did. Today I had to reset the phone and I almost died when it came on with window. I need to boot droid permanently because i do not care for windows.

  • shanky kansal

    hey jayce

    everytime when i switch off my mobile & then switch on the mobile it needs to convert the window mobile in android again & again. i just wanted to ask u that how can i convert my mobile HTC HD2 in android permanantly so that in does not needs to convert again & again.

  • Paras

    Hi Jayce,

    Thanks for your great help.
    I did everything as per directed in your blogs, first flashed hspl, then radio rom, when I ran haret.exe through my sd card it starts installing but it is taking like forever, its been hours now that OS is been installed. Should I restart, is it noraml? This is happening second time. I did a hard restart and then ran haret.exe. What is the work around? please help!!!:(

    • This is old Froyo ROM. Please refer to the updated guide.

  • Paras

    Hi Jayce,

    My install is stuck up at
    Failed to mount /data/bin/sh:can’t access tty;
    job control turned off

    i went through previous comments with same problem, but couldn’t figure out the solution.

    I rechecked that I have installed the prerequistes.

    Please help!!!

  • I have two request to ask you?
    which nand rom for gingerbread is stable for HD2 and how can I sync my hd2 when I m on flash mode for my laptop it seem not to connect. i have both HTC & WM DEVICE.

    plz help

  • My computer can’t read my hd2 when connected via usb. No connection I can’t download the Rom needed.

    • Which OS are you using on your HD2 now? Or maybe you can try to use SD card reader to copy the ROM.

  • My hd2 is running on nand android 2.2. I have both wm device and HTC sync program on my laptop. I’ve noticed when I charge my hd2 I have to press the power button so to begin charging.

    • Is this issue happened on other PC too? If yes, try to hard reset your HD2.

  • HTC HD2 T8585 1024 MB ROM I install android now my rom is 200 mb how re size 1024 mb please help

    • Which Android ROM did you install?

  • hi jayce i am new to smart phones πŸ™‚ i have the hdc hd2 windows 6 mobile and i do not know how to add any decent apps to it the market place that i have been searching does not have much on it. can i turn my phone into an android phone or do i have to stick to the windows 6, if i cant could yu help me to install some decent apps on it.
    many thanks

  • mrX

    hi jayce
    how are you
    I recently istalled android on my hd2 from your site
    but when i take a video from the camera the video
    wont work it says sorry video cant be played and
    also it cant be played on my pc
    so any help please
    thank you

    • Sorry, mrX. This look like ROM issue. I can’t help much. So better change to another Android ROM with working camcorder.

  • Antonia

    I flashed the HSPL 3 and it worked, at least it said so. But my radio is still 2.15? why is mine 2.15? and it does not work to install the rom because of this I think?

    • Radio 2.15 is okay to run Android.

  • Topic

    please let me know if there is a possibility after the installation to go back to windows OS
    And if there is a possibility to loose my data stored on the Device

    • This is SD Android. It does not replace WinMo.

      • Topic

        Hey Jayce, thanks a lot for your fast reply
        one more questiion if you could kindly inform me
        After the initialization how do you go back to windows?
        Just by removing the SD cart or by ending the task?
        what about the speed of the application is it fast enough whaen it is running under Windows

        Thank you in advance.

        • Just reboot from Android to go back WinMo. Speed is slower compare to NAND Android.

  • ravi

    after updating android getting spreech problem

  • ravi

    after updating windows to android 2.2 i am unable to hear others voice from this mobile some disturbances

  • Ali Asghari

    hi jayce thanks for your guids
    which version of android is better now aday to dual boot whith windows mobile 6.5 on hd2?
    give a download link please
    i’m wating for your replay

    • I stopped using SD Android long long time ago. There are new version out there but I did not test them. So no idea which one is the best.

  • Edijs

    hi. i have on my hd2 miui rom. do i need restore windows to install froyo rom..?

    • Yes, this Android ROM run on top of Windows Mobile.

  • nixon

    jayce, i have an updating problem. my htc takes too long to update while intsalling radio. wyhy is it? it takes like forever. can you please help me. i pulling my hair off with this one cuz i don’t wanna bricked my phone. please do help me. tia

    • Do you have HSPL installed?

  • nixon

    this is what it says: error 262: update error

  • orton

    hey that installation link is not working.. plz can u suggest me any other link i want to install android on my htc hd 2 so badly… help me…………. πŸ™

    • Sorry, can’t do much after download site was down. Try other Android ROM.

  • asad

    hi jayce, i need a help, i ve downloaded hspl3 fro your post but when i try to flash my htc hd2 to 2.08 it gives n error that RAPI.dll is missing from your computer, i ve tried to install it from other computers but same error occured. what should i do now…

    • Hi asad, make sure that you install prerequisite software first.

  • asad

    i am waiting for yoir reply dear

    • I already replied you…

  • Azzam

    cannot open browser asked to forse close using darkstone superram froyo

  • thaddeus chibuike

    hi, i want to download the andriod software for my htc hd2, can u pls give me the direct link to download the software

    • Hi thaddeus, the download link is in the post.

  • it’s not about this subject jayce but how do you acess android 4.0.4 internal storage from pc i have rooted it and thanks to you it’s my HTC leo now android
    How ?
    Pls reply ASap

    • Try to enable USB mass storage mode.

      • Ivan

        I mean not the contents of the sd card but the internal storage i am trying to move files from there to my sd card

        • You can try AirDroid if that method did not work for you.

          • Ivan

            Jayce how to sync the phone with airdroid without wifi or bluetooth

            • AirDroid uses Wi-Fi only.

            • Ivan

              it’s ok now but how in the world am i going to acess the rom
              not sd

              • Ivan

                woops got it thnaks jayce

                • Ivan

                  HI JAyce again not about this site but where id the fm on HTC leo i can’t find it anywhere for free or downloadable but it says downloadable on xda-develpoers or is it just htc doesn’t support radios πŸ™
                  PS. on the air not internet fm

                  • Sorry Ivan, I don’t understand what do you want…

                    • Ivan

                      I mean a working on the air fm radio for HTC leo not internet radios

  • @Ivan, no idea about FM radio as I do not use it at all. πŸ˜‰

  • Muhammad Saad

    Hey Jayce,

    The download link is dead and doesnt work…..please fix it!!!


  • ted

    I have an evo 3d and im trying to root it, from sprint network and change it to t-mobile network is it possible

    • Sorry ted, I have no idea as I don’t have this model. Try to consult others with this model at XDA Forum.

  • rahul pandey

    i have a htc leo hd2 t mobile………… is a good smartphone but…..i want to install android on my mobile…… has lots of prince of persis ferrari get evalution…….guitar hero…….transfermors movies………but …..they are not play on my mobile…..while i tried to play it always said please insert a storage card where ferrari gt evalution was installed…and try again…….i cant understand….and its not support any file like jar file jad file…zip file…etc……….plz suggest me how can i make my cell phone better and best……i want android on y phone….plz help me..thanks

  • David

    Hi Jayce,
    I tried to upgrade my stock rom version 3.14 into custom energy cookie rom but the upgradation process was unsucessful, i tried it for 2 to 3 times but it was always showing me a message that there was an error.
    Can u tell me what could be the problem as i have completed all the prerequisite which is needed that is radio version is 2.15, spl is 2.08.
    i think the problem will be with the country region as mine is from India, becoz i had done this upgradation on my brothers HD2 which was WWE. And if you think that this could be the problem than can you provide me the link of any good custom rom that is for India.

    • Hi David, you need 2.08.HSPL to install custom ROM.

      • David

        ya i have already installed 2.08 HSPL

        • Sorry David, I have no idea then. Please consult ROM chef for help.

          • David

            i just want to confirm whether this problem is due to region India, becoz i had seen in the XDA developers site of energy rom that was written for region WWE, GERmany, France, Italy and Newzealand.

            • Custom ROM should be able to install on any region HD2. Not like official ROM which based on region.

              • David

                hi jayce,
                right now i installed android on sd card and its working fine which means my spl version is 2.08 HSPL, then what could be the problem that it is allowing me to install custom energy cookie rom. plz reply.

  • dude i got a problem i am instaled hspl4 2.08. but i am unable to uninstall it and unable to install any rom plz help me when ever i try to install a rom it says update image fail dude plz help me plz :'( …….thanks