How to install .apk apps & games on Samsung Galaxy S3?

How to install Android applications and games in .apk format on Samsung Galaxy S III? This is the question that a new Android user will ask. You can get most of the Android applications and games in Google Play Store (previously Android Market). However, certain useful Android applications cannot be found in Google Play Store due to policy issue. And they are in .apk format. You will get Install blocked ~ For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Android Market when tried to install it. No worry, there is a way to install Android applications and games in apk format on Samsung Galaxy S3.

Install .apk apps & games on Samsung Galaxy S3

How to install Android applications and games apk on Samsung Galaxy S3?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Security.
  3. Check Unknown sources ~ Allow installation of non-Market apps.
  4. Select OK then
  5. That’s all.

You can use file explorer (My files) to install Android applications and games in apk format on Samsung Galaxy S3 from now on. Note – only install those apk files that are trusted. Else your device and personal data might vulnerable to attack by those installed applications.

  • hi jayce,don’t you want to say something about HD2?
    developers had released many new hacks for our lovely htc HD2!
    for example android 4.0.4 HWA or Sence 4 on HD2!
    thanks jayce!

    • My HD2 was loaned to my brother in law. Don’t have it with me now so I can’t write anything related to HD2 lately.

  • bibek

    Please help me to install windows 6.5 on HTC Explorer Phone Android 2.3.5, Please send me step by step instructions how to do it
    and please send me the files relating to installation, which are downloadable or valid links
    I will be grateful to you


    • Hi bibek, it is not possible. Sorry…

  • Hahn

    Hi, im using the new SGS3. Is it possible to move installed games to external SD card without rooting?

    • I don’t think so. Unless the game itself supports that.

  • remi

    hi jayce,
    is there a way to move the apps to memory card in s3… or install the apps directly to memory cardd. pls help i’m running out of in-built memory..

  • shani rafiq

    hey my gmail account is not opening can u tell me please i am using samsung galaxy s3

    • Hi shani, you can try to factory reset.

  • John

    when you install a apk game on your samsung galaxy 3, does it stuff your phone up?

    • Err… What do you mean?

      • John

        when you jailbreak a Iphone it becomes slow and starts to lag
        does this happen to a S3 if you install a APK game?

        • Huh? My iPhone and iPad do not slow even after jailbreak.
          No issue on with apps and games apk installation on SGS3 too.

          • John

            and also would i need an SD card to install apk games?
            if there is a way to do it without SD card, please link me

            • No need SD card.

              • John

                but do you do it the same way as you would do it with a sd card? or is there a different method?

                • The process is the same with or without SD card.

                  • John


  • Talha

    Where do i paste the .apk file into my SGS3? Any specific folder or location? (Internal Memory)

    • Any place you want.

  • Sree

    Hi, How do i upload my contact list from Blackberry 9900 to S3 ? Cheer !! Sree

    • Hi Sree, try to load Blackberry 9900 to Google Account (if can).

  • faizan hayat

    Hello brov hw u doing….i have galaxy s3…n i have a prblm dat my aap store is not installing nor updating my apps…can u plz tell me any way caz i search alot but not at all anything waz usefull..thnxxxx …

    • Hi faizan, try to clear data and cache for Google Play Store (Settings – Application manager – All – Google Play Store).

  • Aakash

    hey bro. plz tell me how can i connect my samsung s3 to my pc ………….and how to tranfer files from pc to my s3 via usb

    • Just connect it with USB cable. Then transfer file like usual way. Oh, you might need to install Samsung Kies for SGS3 USB driver.

      • Austin

        If you select “use it as a camera”, you can use the phone as mass storage also.

  • Vince

    Hi Jayce, I tried moving apk files to my SD card (internal) but I just couldn’t install it. I can see the cancel & install buttons but when I did, it gives me nothing. I used file explorer (My files) or Astro file manager to do such but both to no avail. What do you think is the problem?

    • Hi Vince, apk problem itself.

  • Vince

    I kind of figure it out using astro file but need to restart your device on every apk file you installed. But just wondering no shortcut or icon has ever been created on homescreen, is there a way to do it? Appreciate all the help you gave.

    • Yes, create it manually.

  • jason

    i keep getting “parse error”
    any clue?


    • Please consult the APK owner.

  • Xin

    Hello Jayce,

    I accidentally hide my Video player in s3, and I cannot unhide it.. can you please help me? can you email me atleast? thanks

    • Hi Xin, you can unhide it with ‘show hidden applications’.

  • Markus

    Quick question. No matter what apk file it is, when i get to the cancel or install screen the s3 just wont let me hit the install button. Tried it on my buddys phone with same apk file and it worked for him.

    • Hi Markus, try to factory reset your phone then.

      • Markus

        Working great so far, thank you for your help.

  • Crytya

    Hi, i have a question.. ii rooted my S3 and i downloaded some games and copyed them via computer… instaled them.. but on almost all games it askes me too download stuff for the games ex. Fifa 12.

    I don`t have any wifi… and my sim data is over already …

    How can i install the whole game via usb cable directly from the computer…

    • Your computer has Internet connection?

      • Crytya


        • Not sure this will work or not. You can try to tether Internet from PC then.

          • zal

            Download to pc .connect phone to pc via usb .copy game files to phones sd then unplug usb.go in to file manager find the file install hope it help

  • Crytya

    I can`t seem too find how too do that, it seems i can only tether from s3 too pc..

    or maybe i don`t know how

  • king

    when i try to download the content of a game…it says data download authorization error,is the time on your device set correctly…….what is that???
    sorry for my bad english

    • Hi king, please consult game developer in this case.

  • Ramya

    How do i remove the pics on gallery which is synced with picasa.. i only want the photos of memory card and do nt want the pics to be synced with picasa.

    • Go to Gallery. Press Menu – View by – Content in Phone.

  • Medjoe

    Hi Jayce , i have a problem when i copy the apk file to my galaxy s3 i can’t install it via astro file manager and click on it it says file not found .. what can i do to solve this problem ? i got unknow sources ticked so i dont know wher is the prob . ty in advance

    • Hi Medjoe, please consult apk owner then.

  • geeth

    hey sir …

    pls tell me that downloaing apk file from torrents and install for 4n is ok ??
    there are paid apps in the torrents …is it ok

    • No, never download cracked paid apps apk. They might have malware built-in.

  • Romano

    Jayce, I don’t need any questions answered. I just wanted to say you’ve been pretty cool for answering all those questions for people who don’t even research what they want to do. xda developers could have helped them in the gs3 forum. Hats off to you.

  • dannb

    Hi I have the problem where I download a apk app and it says expansion files need to be downloaded to open the app , do you know of any way to sort this or any other options? Thanks

    • Hi dannb, please consult the app developer.

  • Kelly

    Hey, i have a problem where whenever i allow installing apps outside of the android market it still wont let me hit the install button on my GS3. on my old Optimus V it worked just fine. any tips?

    • Hi Kelly, are you using carrier branded SGS3?

      • Kelly

        mines T-Mobile

        • Please consult T-Mobile Support in this case. They might disable this feature.

          • Kelly

            I cant disable it myself?

            • Nope, your T-Mobile firmware disable it.

  • marcelle

    Hello, I have a SGS3. I downloaded some games I want to know into which folder do I unpack the cache file? Do I keep apk file and cache files in same folder?

    • Hi marcelle, please consult game developer on this.

  • Csraikhi

    I am looking for spiderman and dark knight game apk files which works for samsung galaxy S3.
    Send some links to download apk games.

    • Sorry Csraikhi, no warez discussion here.

  • spencerd

    hi, how are you? i have galaxy s duos, i instaleed ‘whatapp’ but when i want to run it it always say ‘ no network connected’ but i can open my gmail. please help

    • Hi spencerd, please consult WhatApp developer for help.

  • Syafiq

    Hello, I have a problem, what was my Samsung Model that called this “G790”? I don’t know, but, I just thought it was “Samsung Galaxy 3D”… I think…
    Please reply…

    • Sorry Syafiq, I have no idea too. Please consult Samsung Support.

      • Syafiq

        Ok, anyway…
        How to install apk apps & games into my mobile phone, that phone…

  • Mayank

    I have disabled application installer in my samsung galaxy s3 which is causing errors in some apps including play store. Can anybody tell me how to enable it.

    • Enable it back like the way your disabled it.

  • shahab

    Hi Jayce. I have a problem with my galaxy s3, I dont know how to copy games or other application installer files on sd card. please help me. i,ve used samsung kies but it just imports music movie and pics , not files like game installer.

    • Hi shahab, just plug in USB cable. Then copy apk through Windows file explorer.

  • shahab

    i have tried that but it didnt work , Erorr occurs .

  • shahab

    i cannot copy anything directly from my pc to my s3. what,s wrong with my s3? cable conection works correctly but i cannot copy anything

    • What is the error message?

    • zal

      Install samsung driver for s3 on your pc ..u can download from Samsung site

  • Sam

    When I download an apk on my GS3, I get an error when opening it. {“INFO”:”failed referrer check”}

    • Hi Sam, please consult apk developer then.

  • M.q

    hi all
    i’m trying to install fifa 2012 and another games
    when installed on my galaxy s3 and try to run the game , i see just a black screen after that the game close automaticaly.
    what i can do ????

    • Hi M.q, please consult game developer.

  • ali rizwan

    sir china k samsung galaxy pe konsi games chalain gi

    • Huh?

      • Souvik

        He is saying – which game will run in chinese samsung galaxy ??

        His language is hindi that’s why u are unable to understand…!!