How to install Galaxy S4 firmware I9500 & I9505 with Odin? (Video)

How to install Galaxy S4 firmware with Odin? I can’t install latest I9500 XXUBMEA firmware udpate using Samsung Kies and OTA method due to custom kernel. Samsung won’t let you upgrade firmware using official way if you already done the unofficial way previously. Anyway, it is fairly simple to use Odin to install Galaxy S4 firmware. In short, just download firmware first. Then install it. That’s all. Still don’t understand? No worry, just read on to find out…

Note – upgrade firmware should not bring any issue. All applications, data and settings will be there. But this is not the same for firmware downgrading, you need to factory reset. Else bootloop issue might be occurred.

How to install Galaxy S4 firmware with Odin?

  1. Make sure that your SGS4 is either I9500 or I9505 model.
  2. Boot into Odin Download Mode.
  3. Connect USB cable to your smartphone.
  4. At PC, extract firmware .tar (or .tar.md5) file that you downloaded to Odin3 folder.
  5. Then bring up Odin3.
  6. Click on PDA.
  7. Select the .tar (or .tar.md5).
  8. Click Start then.
  9. Remove USB cable from SGS4 after Android OS loaded
  10. That’s it.

Download Odin3 v3.07.
Download official Samsung Galaxy S4 firmware.

  • Is this gonna work even though your rooted?

  • hTC

    Hi Jayce,

    After flash I9500XXUBMEA with Odin, KIES can’t connect with the phone, but PC is working fine, can access both the internal and external drive. Are u the same ?



    • But first time took long long time, tried second time no issue then.

  • Ahmed

    Well i have a KSA CSC and its taking way too long to get the update so can i flashed suppose india’s firmware directly with the method above

    Thank you

    • Hi Ahmed, you should be able to install any region firmware as long as the model is matched.

      • Ahmed

        Thank YOU!!
        LOVE YA!! ….bro love

  • ahsan

    Hiya if i flash the ubmea firmwate on my i9500 in the future will i be able to update ota or via keis or will i have to manually flash the new updates with odin??? And also is the device status still “offical”???

    • ahsan

      Forgot to mension my phone is all stock atm there is nl custum kerna etc not rooted or anything its just stock

      • Yes, if that’s official firmware.

  • andy villa

    jayce if i flash an official rom in my samsung s4 the stock recovery will come back due that i have twrp now?

    • Yes, andy. You need to reinstall TWRP again.

  • zeee

    Hello Jayce.
    I bought brand new s4, for some reason after the last update I cant update my device any more with OTA and KIES. My device status is “CUSTOM”. Its a brand new phone and its not rooted. Will the above mention method help me resolve my problem? And will my device status return to official and remain official after I update it through Odin?
    I have I9500.

    • Hi zeee, since you did not touch anything unofficial, better ask Samsung Service Center to solve it for you.

  • Zain

    My device is not rooted but device status is showing custom and I cant update my phone with OTA and KIES. Help

  • Zain

    Will I be able to update my phone with the above given method? Will it turn device status to official and stay official?

    • Did you install anything through Odin before?

  • Zain

    Nothing at all its a brand new phone just bought it 2 weeks ago. I didnt even knew what Odin is until yesterday.

    • Don’t touch Odin then. And ask Samsung Support for help.

  • Zain

    Okk.. but can you please tell me why can’t I update my phone and why is its status custom? I have not tried anything unofficial..

    • This is normal because Samsung does not allow users to update using its tools if it was modified unofficially.

      That’s why I asked you to consult Samsung Support in this case. By right, official update won’t turn your status to custom.

  • Zain


  • gelo_psx

    Hola donde puedo descargar el firmware i9500 tar o md5?

    • Hi gelo, please refer to the download link in the article.

  • temka

    Hello i’m from Mongolia. I really need to change SHV-E300k to GT-I9500 on Samsung Galaxy S4. So this guidance can help me? Is my thinking is possible? Sorry for my bad English

  • will kirby

    hi m8 im tryin to unlock my phone from o2 to voda an iv tried the 0011 way but it wont let me into the second menu please please help

  • will kirby

    jayce could u get back to me as soon as please

  • will kirby

    ok thank you very much

  • Prashanth

    Hello Jayce.

    I tried to install custom rom (cm10.1) to my samsung galaxy S4 i9505 as shown in this youtube video , The installation failed and the mobile is now bricked. I am getting only the samgung logo and nothing else
    My computer is not recognizing the phone when I connect it through the USB. I tried to bring it back to factory settings by using the Power + Up volume rocker + Menu but it shows that it clears the chash .. and gets back to the logo … Could you help me to recover my phone to factory settings please.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Prashanth, factory reset in recovery first. Then install stock firmware with Odin.

  • Jonny

    Hi Jayce I have a question. How can I enter download mode when I have TWRP installed? At the moment I do not have an OS installed and all I have access to is the TWRP recovery mode. My attempts at flashing a rom through the recovery from my external sd have failed. I wish to try and load a custom or stock rom using ODIN, but my Galaxy S4 Gt-i9500 is not recognized

  • Jonny

    Yes, I know. I followed the directions of the guide. When I hold the three buttons it boots into TWRP

    • What happen when you press volume up?

      • Jonny

        When I replace volume down with volume up I just get a black screen because there is no OS installed. When there was one installed it would go to the factory test mode

        • Sorry Jonny, you can’t use Odin to install firmware if can’t load Odin download mode. You need to use TWRP to install ROM in this case. Try to consult TWRP Support for help.

  • devon

    My galaxy S4 just went to a black screen with (Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500) flashing and it wont go any farther. I cannot access boot recovery and when I tried to reboot the rom using the correct firmware in odin it says there is no PIT partition and it fails. I also does not connect to Kies.
    It is a brand new phone only 3 days old, please help.

    • Hi devon, you can still load recovery or Odin download mode?

  • devon

    I can still load odin mode but not recovery.

    • devon, try to reinstall your original stock firmware.

  • devon

    when i tried to install original stock firmware (I9500XXUEMJ5_I9500SEREMJ5_SER) it keeps telling me that there is no pit partition and fails.

    • Try other firmware for your country see.




  • Rits

    Hi Joyce:
    I have a SGS4 At&t, unlock, rooted, 4.2.2, baseband I9500ZSLMDL, I wanted to upgrade to 4.3 the one from India with Odin3 v3.09 but is unsupported. What should I do.

    • Hi Rits, wait for AT&T version. Should come soon…

      • Rits

        Thank you for you reply. One more question, I’m no longer using a At&t sim card, neither I’m in the USA, My kies doesnt update the firmware due different CSC and I cant change it neither because At&t doesnt support multiple CSC, Do you think I can still update the firmware via OTA once is available

        • manoj

          Hi I have also same Problem I am also using unlocked s4 from tigo (argentina)
          I also stay in India so can I update manually to 4.3

        • Nope, you need to manually upgrade with Odin.

  • Puthirin

    Can I update here in Cambodia? which region firmware should I choose for I9505 device? do I need to root? is there any risk?

    • Yes. Up to you as long as it is I9505 firmware. No need to root. Yes if you don’t know how to do so.

      • Puthirin

        how about kitkat 4.4 is it available to update without rooting yet?

  • jekyl

    hello sir Jayce…i also have a problem here,..i rooted my samsung galaxy s4 and i tried to install rom 4.3 google play edition..after that i upgraded to cynogenmode 4.3 edition but after installing it..i was stuck in samsung logo..could you help me with this one?.is your tutorial here could do the trick to make my phone usable again? phone is in TWRP recovery..thank you so much..

    • Hi jekyl, I did not use TWRP. Not sure this will work or not. But you can try. Factory reset in TWRP, then install stock Samsung firmware with Odin.

  • Sharif

    Hello Jayce, i have a korean clone of samsung galaxy s4. Can you help me by telling procedure to upgrade firmware in that device. I really need it please help me, i will thankful to you. Thanx.

    • Sorry Sharif, I have no idea on this clone device.

      • Sharif

        Its Ok Jayce, thanx for reply. Take care.

  • Seven

    Hi Jayce,

    please help me with this:

    i try to instal this:

    but now im my phone is down 🙁
    i make a backup but i lose my card…and i cant restore software
    it.s block on samsung logo


    • Hi Seven, are you using I9505 model?

      • Seven



        • Then you should be able to install it. Just follow the installation guide there.

  • Seven


    it.s ok 🙂 work now
    but how can i use my old software …was 4..2.2 .. in my old soft. i have more aplication
    with this version 4..4.2 is.t only basic aplication and she has some bugg ( restart on i put to charge )
    Now is not i9505x—is i9505G
    It.s posible to put another firmware to phone ( my old 4.2.2.)
    my bootloader is I9595XXXUAMDE_LLK


  • Seven

    and cant you give me a link were i cant doanload new firmare ?



  • samer

    hi jayce ,, i got sam i9505 and i from egypt i cann’t find my frimware

    • It should have. Where did you get your phone then?

  • faze

    Hi Jayce, having an issue with my S4 – dropped it and now when turning on it just brings up the root commands (Android System Recovery) presuming the firmware has been wiped which is why I’m here!

    However trying to follow the instructions and it mentions to click PDA in Odin. The version of Odin I have downloaded however from your page doesn’t have a PDA option it has the following: BL, AP, CP, CSC and a blanked option UMS.

    Any suggestions on what option I should be using?


      • faze

        my apologies. i should have searched first! I take it I need to use CP (Cell phone?) Also on pressing the power/volume/home button it does not give me the downloading screen that is shown on your video it stays at the root command screen… will this still work?

        thankyou again!

    • ries

      sir if my s4 i9500 is lollipop all ready i do same way in you video ? or what???

  • ries

    sir if my s4 i9500 is lollipop all ready i do same way in you video ? or what????

    • You want to install new firmware?

      • ries

        no my s4 is all ready lollipop and i want to install same firmware lollipop also …. i do same thing in you video or what please help me

        • Why do you need to install same firmware? If you want have a clean start, just factory reset will do.

      • ries

        or if my s4 is lollipop already can i do the same thing in you video??

  • Ivan

    Hi Please help I got this message in odin
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    I9505XXUHPK2_I9505OXXHPL1_I9505XXUHPK2_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:32)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!
    FAIL! (Auth)
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  • Darius

    i did the exact thing but my Samsung i9505 is just showing the Samsung symbol and its not loading to OS, help

  • Darius

    I did the same thing the video but once its loaded through odin the Samsung symbol comes on and boot theme song plays and the Samsung name just keeps looping and doesn’t load the os to GUI

    • Try factory reset see. If still cannot, try another firmware.