How to move applications & games data to external SD card?

Not enough internal USB storage disk space on Samsung Galaxy Series smartphone like Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III? There is around 11 GB internal USB storage disk (sdcard) on Samsung Galaxy S3 (16 GB version). And some of you might face running out of sdcard disk space issue sooner. Even with external micro SD card, you can’t install applications and games directly on it. Luckily, you can move applications and games data to external micro SD card with Directory Bind. Note – root access is needed.

Move applications & games data to external SD card

Directory Bind Features

  • Aimed at specific functionality and features.
  • You can create any number of Data to Target directory pairs, mount them manually or choose to mount them on system boot (checkbox does that).
  • On / off switch controls whole mount-on-boot function.
  • Diskette icon indicates if mount operation was successful, by taping it you can mount / unmount entry.
  • Icon changes if application is using mounted entry.
  • Directory Bind can tell what application is using this entry (tap at entry in use).
  • Long tap on entry (disabled) brings edit/delete window.
  • App auto unmount all entries on USB connected and remount after USB disconnected.
  • App shows notification and vibrates if auto unmount on USB fails.
  • If mounting all checked entries (ex. on boot) app is waiting specified time (def. 60 sec) if data directory is not available.

How to move applications & games data to external SD card on Samsung Galaxy S3?
I take my Samsung Galaxy S3 as example. It should work on rooted Android phone with external micro SD card. Old Gameloft games data are stored at /mnt/sdcard/. However, latest Gameloft games data are stored at /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/ just like other Android applications and games. With Directory Bind, you can move one folder by one folder to external storage at /mnt/extSdCard/. I won’t move all applications and games data in Android/data folder to external micro SD card because it is much slower compare to internal memory. Therefore, I only move those unimportant or less frequent used applications and games to external storage with Directory Bind.

Moving gameloft folder
List of folders bind to external storage

Above are some of the applications and games folders that I moved to external SD card from internal storage. Thanks to Directory Bind, I can use internal storage disk space for more important stuffs. By the way, do study more about Directory Bind at XDA website.

Download Directory Bind v0.2.0o here.

  • Akiyoo

    Hi Jayce,

    Look at your example, why you put source data with extSdCard and target with SdCard ?
    Should it be the other way ?

    Correct me if I’m wrong. TQ

    • I am asking the very same question myself at first. But it works this way because data is actually store at external SD card.

    • Akiyoo

      OK….is my mistake.
      Another question, do I need to turn on the Directory Blind every time before I use the program that already transfered to SD Card ?

      • No but you need to enable Bind on boot in Preferences first.

        • Akiyoo

          I don’t know why this app is not working for my S3.
          My real racing 2 and Let’s golf 3 will request to download additional data files after I moved to extSDCard. Previously it working fine on internal SD card.

          • Did you enable it ~ green diskette icon?

            • Akiyoo

              I have a strange thing here…
              After I transfer the files to SD Card…I can see the screen shot as your last example with all the S and T folders with “tick”
              But after I exist the program and go in again. All become empty ….is it normal ?
              I can’t see any diskette !

              • Seem like this is a bug of this app. Try to make a database backup after added new entry. Restore database if entries are gone.

                • Murshyne

                  Akiyoo, the easiest way around you’re issue is creat a back up with the app, just from menu, tap More and back up database and when you reboot your phone the whole setup for some reason gets wiped and this is where the back up comes in pretty hand, instead of creating the whole directory all over again just restore the back up turn root on and it stays that way as long as your phone is on, but after each reboot you need to do the restoration again..

                  I hope that helps..btw Jayce thanks for the posting, I’m still playing around with it to see if I could creat my entire internal memory directory to run off the extSD…

                  • Asakura

                    I have the same problem. I moved asphalt 7 to sd and it did successfully, After reboot, entries were gone, but game files are still on external sd, so entries just dissapear from Directorybind. Will backup database now, thanks for the tip

                  • Akshay

                    O thank u so mush it works…

                • Akshay

                  O thank u so much it works…

  • claire

    wow. thanks for posting! i wanted to send my SII in for repair once so i tried moving some of my favourite apps into an external SD card. it didn’t work and they screwed up completely even when i put my sd card back into my phone. tech-idiot here >_< thanks for sharing your procedure! 🙂

    • anas

      i cant find directory bind on my galaxy s 3 .. can u help me in steps to get it pls ?

  • chee

    i tried, it not work for my samsung S3, after i created the bind link, it appear with disk color with green. when i exit the program.. and come back to directory bind app again, the created link disappear.
    Directory Bind not work at all for my samsung S3.

    • Dear Chee,

      May i know is your device rooted ? and if rooted which type of rom , kernel or mod that u are using now ? Currently i am also searching for solution for this issue and so far XDA also havent come out wif solution beside the directory bind apps and Mr Jaycee seems ok with directory bind.

      Dear Jayceooi,

      Please suggest and clarify on this matter. Thank you for your help and advice as it is very much appreciated

      • It is working on my SGS3. But there is a bug which entries will be gone. So make a database backup after added new entry. Restore database if entries are gone.

        • Dear Jayce,

          Thank for your reply , would u mind explain in more detail about “entry” and sorry i am totally new in using android phone. Thank you

          • Those entries are bind directories (virtual one).

            • Dear Jayce,

              Sorry, i cant really understand about what u meant by bind directories (virtual one), do u mind to explain in simple example ? Anyway, will this work out with any root regardless of CF root , and any other roots ?

              • I have example in the article. Yes, just need root access. No matter how you root it.

                • Dear Jaycee
                  Thank for your reply n I suppose the article that u meant is the page that u wrote ?

  • redtex

    i just want to ask if the international version of galaxy s3 supports 4g lte? coz i want to buy s3…


    • Depend on which region you buy it. My Malaysia unit does not have LTE.

  • Works like a charm! I’ve transferred all my big game data to external sd, ie shadowgun,six guns, asphalt 6

    For those of you having problems,
    – Please check the box ‘Alternate dbase mgmt’ under ‘preferences’ and then reboot.
    – Check the box ‘Handle USB connection’ under preferences and reboot.
    – The target(T) file should be /sdcard/Android/data/whateverfolder, NOT mnt/sdcard/Android/data/whateverfolder(this worked for me after first few failed tries)

  • david

    Hi to all,

    first able thank for this apps which one work fine on my GS3, i got only one question :

    my phone eis rooted and run omega v7, for some game i can’t find them in the android/data folder
    some they are there some not ??

    do you know why ??


    • some gameloft games like Let’s Golf 3 is under /sdcard/gameloft/games

  • david

    one more things i doesn’t have any thing showing up in directory bind ??

    can you tell me which option i have to select or remove in setting, thanks.

  • What Jayce meant when ‘restoring database’ was that sometimes the phone forgets the bindings, and they disappear. To fix this, when on directory bind, press menu and tap on ‘backup database’. The next time your bindings disappear, just press menu and click ‘restore database’

  • But make sure your bindings are there when you press ‘backup database’, or there’s nothing to restore to later on. So
    1) Do all your bindings
    2) press ‘menu’ button and click ‘backup database’
    3) Reboot
    4) If bindings disappear after reboot Check the box ‘Alternate dbase mgmt’ under ‘preferences’, and go back to main page and press ‘menu’ button and press ‘restore database’ and then reboot again.
    5) Your bindings should be there, if not press ‘restore database’

    • However faster the internal memory is in loading games, I would only strongly recommend this to hardcore gamers who have at least 2-3 HD games stored in the S3, and are equipped with either a Class 10 micro SD card, or Sandisk’s new Ultra level 6 micro SDXC card(which i’m using now :D). With that, they run equally as fast as in internal storage(no hard evidence though, just my observation).

  • david

    ok so i got my file under directory bind window, but two games i can’t find it :

    samurai 2 vengeance and cogs i instal it by CWM but i can’t find it with directory bind explorer or even with root explorer, any idea ??

    nothing in sdcard/android/data and i can’t see anything in the whole root, weird !!

    thanks for the help 🙂

    • I’m having the same ‘problem’ too, I’ve just installed Wiki Encyclopedia Offline(3.6GB) and would really appreciate it if anyone shares where the data is stored on the phone.

      *WARNING* DO NOT REMOVE SDCARD AFTER YOU DO DIRECTORY BIND, IT MIGHT MAKE YOUR SD CARD FAULTY AND YOU HAVE TO REFORMAT, solution is to backup your entire external sd card on a HDD once in a while.

  • chee

    Finally, it work! wow, it work for my samsung S3 after applied below setting:

    -check the box ‘Alternate dbase mgmt’ under ‘preferences’ and then reboot.

    Thanks alot!!!!!

  • anas

    thanks alot for ur help , but i couldnt find directory bind on my galaxy s 3 :'(
    pls help me in steps to know how to find it , and thnx

    • Download link is in the post.

      • anas

        thnx alotttt jayce

        • anas

          i downloaded , but for sorry saying ”root access failed”

          • Have you rooted your SGS3?

            • anas

              i dont know what rooted means and how can i do it

                • anas

                  jayce i have downloaded adon and CF-ROOT
                  but i still cant do root , i would like to add u on msn then i could send u team viewer numbers to let u come and try to do it for me if u can
                  my msn email:

                  • Sorry anas, I don’t provide support through Team Viewer for the moment. Let me know what is your issue through this blog.

                • Anand

                  I don’t have SGS3, i have smartTab with Andriod 4.0.4.
                  i installed directory bind, message: root access failed

                  • Find a way to root your smartTab.

  • Vu

    So I installed this and setup everything and it seems to work. I disabled the bind and game stops working, so I assume the binding works… but when I check the folders under myFiles or via USB connection to the PC, I still see the game data locates under the internal card… what am I missing? was it supposed to be moved to the external SD? anybody sees what I see?

    • You still can see them if Directory Bind is active. Else won’t if my memory serves me well.

      • Vu

        Yes. I figured it out..all works now. THANKS.

  • Eric Tseng

    It seems that my problem is unique here.

    I CAN’T install this Directory Bind app. How come?

    I downloaded and copied DirectoryBind_0.2.0o.apk onto SD card.

    When I installed it from Root Explorer or CWM, I got an “Not enough space” error.

    Can help?


    P.S. I just found that some APPs installed from Google Play have the same space problem.

    • Eric Tseng

      Forgot to leave my phone info.

      My S3 infor. –

      Product Code : GT-I9300MBDBRI
      PDA : I9300ZSALF1
      CSC : I9300OZSALF1
      Phone : I9300XXLEF

      Rooted with Odin3 v1.85.exe using CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4.tar.

    • How much disk space do you have now?

      • Eric Tseng

        By checking the Setting->Storage

        Internal 9.89 G free
        SD card : 22.30 free.

        I just installed Line Birzzle without this issue. This game takes up 22+ M space.

        • Sorry Eric, I can’t duplicate your issue. Did you remember install anything that causing this issue? Else you can always factory reset to start fresh again. This should solve all issues. 😉

  • Eric Tseng

    Hi Jayce,

    Problem is gone after reset.

    Thanks again.


  • Dear Jayce,

    will this work on CF root Thankz

    • Yes, but I did not try ExtSd2InternalSd personally.

      • Chuan201

        Dear Jayce,

        Thank for the infor and i still wondering will next update like Jellybean solve this and also if after rooted wif CF , can we still get update from Samsung ?

        • I don’t think Jelly Bean will have this feature built-in. Yes, you still update firmware after rooted.

  • Chuan201

    Dear Jayce,

    Is that means rooted device will only having issue on warranty voided but normal update still can be in progress (what i meant update is the update like Jelly bean and also maybe 4.2 + PLus those OTA update from Samsung or android ) but not from CF or other root or mods ? Please advise


    • Upgrade firmware through OTA is not possible. But still can by using Samsung Kies.

  • chee

    Hi Jayce,

    Did you encounter game laggy especially “real racing 2” ? during real racing playing, most of the time “directory bind message” appeared on screen , while the message pop up on screen, i can felt games is laggy until message disappear.

    Possible to turn off the message of “directory bind message pop up”?

    Please advise,

    • Hi chee, I did not move Real Racing 2 data to external SD card. So no idea about this slowness.

      As for the notification, just turn off the Show notifications at SuperSU app.

      • chee

        Thanks Jayce. i will try out.

  • Chuan201

    Dear Jaycee,

    help needed, how come after i binded the data being transfered but the disket is in red and then i cant opent the file that i binded ?


    • Tick the disket to become green.

      • Chuan201

        Dear Jayce,

        i ticked it already but still in red and do i need to do anything at SU or CWM or setting inside the Directory bind

        • Did you grant root access to Directory Bind?

          • Chuan201

            Sorry , in my SU , i do see the directory bind Access Grant

            • Sorry Chuan201, I have no idea then. Try to consult others at XDA website see.

  • Chuan201

    Dear Jayce,

    Currently i m transfering the data file for Amazing Spiderman and it succed to transfer but it seems to be cant be mounted wif red diskette indicator and i cant run the game but after i move the data files back to my phone original place then the game can be run just i am not sure is DirectoryBind_0.2.0o version not compatible or what ?

    • No idea here also as I did not try Spiderman game.

  • Chuan201

    Dear Jayce,

    Is ok thank for your advice

  • Chuan201

    Dear Jayce,

    I m suspecting it only can recgonise certain game, i managed to make the things works for shadowgun. Anyway, thank for your help and advice


    • Chuan201

      Dear Jayce,

      i uninstall and install the bind back and everything seems ok now and managed to save some space for the phone and get the phone working. Thank for your advice , i wonder if those games that require titanium backup to install and run , will the bind still applicable. Thank in advance


      • Sorry Chuan201, no idea about this as well. Just try it yourself to find out.

        • Dear Jayce,

          It seems all working well for me now (i only root the phone but i didnt flash to new rom or kernel). However, i was wondering if Samsung has next update like “Samsung Galaxy S3 XXBLG1 Firmware Upgrade ” Or Jellybean , Can i still update the phone through Samsung Kies and if can , is that means i only need to reroot it again (repeat the same process) . Lastly, after the update and do u think this directory bind and CF Root 6.4 still compatible with next update like Jellybean ? Thank in advance

          Chuan 201

          • Yes, you can upgrade firmware with Samsung Kies even rooted.
            Yes, Directory Bind should work if no SD card file structure change in future firmware.

  • santo

    Dear Jayce..

    Currently i install the directory bind to my s3.. But, why the root access fail? Actually, i’m already root my s3 before install the directory bind..

    Another question, is apps s3 just using the memory phone? can’t we install the apps in sd card?



    • Is root access only fail in Directory Bind app? Or all?

      Can. Depend on the applications that you installed. But most of them will store in internal SD card. Not the external one.

      • santo

        Yup.. The root access fail just in directory bind app.. I don’t know the problem 🙁

        Why, in application manager, there is no sd card change, same with s2?


        • Sorry santo, I also don’t know. Mine is working fine here. You might want to consult Directory Bind developer at XDA website.

          No SD card change… What do you mean here?

          • santo

            Ooo.. okey..

            I mean that, there is no option to move on sd card in s3.

            I want to ask bout to upgrade CWM, after root in s2.. Does it matter? (i mean, no need to unroot the last version)…

            • No need to unroot. Can upgrade directly.

  • jerickaqua

    just use GL to SD app its much easy for me

  • Inam

    Am I supposed to delete the files in internal SD disk after having them copied to ext. disk? Thanks in advance.

    • Yes Inam. Else you won’t free up any internal disk space.

  • White Hawk

    This simply wouldn’t work for me. Everything seemed to be fine- files moved, bind active (blue highlight), yet the game tested (Asphalt 6) re-downloaded its files. Every time I re-checked the bind it was back in grey and had to be bound again. Tried leaving the program running, or quitting before testing, but the bind never holds. SGS3 with Darky ROM v3.

  • farhan

    Hi jayce. How can we make ext sd card as destination folder for downloads. N how can i move data from int memory to ext sd card. My device is not rooted. Can i use this bind directory stuff. Is their any simpler way ? Other than this. Btw i could not down load it through link u provided. Any other link. Sorry for so many questions. But my int memory is packed n i want to offload it .

    • It needs root access. Come back again after you rooted your phone. 😉

      • farhan

        dear plz guide me to that cf file with which to root ?

        • Hi farhan, please take time to study my guides. All the info are there…

  • karen

    hey jayce…

    i don’t know what i have done.. this is my first time using directory bind.
    and now i cannot find my whatsapp images which i desperately need for work.
    data was path was /sdcard/external_sd/
    and target was /sdcard/
    i think i checked “transfer files from target to data” and clicked add.
    i not sure if i have moved/mounted any directories yet. cuz it got stuck at 100% and i pressed cancelled.
    after which i tried to connect my cable to transfer the photos from whatsapp and it says device storage cannot be accessed and somethin bout the screen being locked and to disconnect and try again.
    i did. and screen was unlocked but it still says i can’t do it.
    then i looked up some help and did this
    1) data path – /sdcard/external_sd/
    and target path – /sdcard/whatsapp
    and now, there are NO images in whatsapp when i connect via android transfer!
    is there anyway to reverse whatever i did and start afresh?

    • Hi karen, remove Directory Bind. Try to find the files at both internal and external SD card. If not found, they was deleted during the transfer.

    • Murshyne

      If you did a Nandroid or titanium backup, I’m 100% sure ypu will get the images back when you restore depending on how often you do a Nandroid or Titanium back up..

  • rajit

    hay i have tryed this but there are no effect….. please help me.. please

    • What do you mean by no effect?

  • Thanks Jayce OOi
    Ivan from installing Magdlr on Htc HD2, Cookie Home Tab on HTC HD2 and now directory bind. why can’t i never not see this site? man it solves my everyday htc leo probs thanks dude
    PS thanks and how did u ever become a computer geek ?
    i do inspire

    • You are most welcome, Ivan. Just take time to learn and you will become one too. 😉

  • farhan

    hi jayce

    updated my cell to android ics 4.0.4 using kies.
    my phone specs are now as follows

    base band version….19100 BVLPE

    kernel version……..3.0.15-19100BVLPH-CL969772dpi@DELL127#3
    SMP PREEMPT Mon Jul 30 15:28:47 KST 2012

    build number ….IMM76D.BVLPH

    how to root it ? please help.

  • Dedin

    I have a Samsung galaxy s3 16gb and I am in low space warning. i have bought a 16GB external SD CARD and put it in my galaxy s3. and now when i go to settings/application manager/ and select a game to transfer it to the sd card, I cannot see the MOVE TO SD button…. any help please how to fix this?. Thanks

    • Hi Dedin, above guide did not help you?

      • Dedin

        nope Can you do it without rooting please?

        • Nope, unless the application or game itself support move to SD card feature.

  • Dedin

    hmmm so If I root my phone I get the button in application managaer “MOVE TO SD” ?

    • No, but you can use Directory Bind like above.

      • Dedin

        Sorry I`m asking, Why my friend have the button “MOVE TO SD” in his samsuung galaxy s3? and he bought it from the same shop I bought mine?

        • Mine also don’t have that. What firmware does your friend SGS3 uses?

          • Dedin

            mmm don`t know. I will ask him

  • Melvin

    Hi Jayce,
    I just got my S3 today. I haven’t rooted it yet, one quick question. Since some games have large installation files S3 will install this to internal mem (sorry I haven’t tried it yet) then after installation I can move it to SD and use this app to point the game files from SD?

    and sorry but can I throw this question:
    -I think this international version of S3 that I got is from UK and I’m currently in the US. Software update notification appear and during software update I selected US then it failed in the update is there any chance to select region maybe I should select UK to received the update?

    thanks again Jayce! 🙂

  • xian

    total newbie here just got my s3 a few days ago
    i already rooted my s3 by following the direction you showed on your video
    now what? haha how do i put this apk and install it in my s3?

  • ghengis

    I installed directory bind on my galaxy tab 2 7″ and everything works just fine. One big question though, I still see the directory in the internal memory with all the files still there and duplicated over to the sdcard. Is it there in the internal memory as a dummy files and not taking any spaces? Just wondering cause I was about to just delete the internal memory one and found out it also deleted the directory bind one as well.. lol

    • Yes, once Directory Bind activated on that folder in internal memory. They are dummy files which do not take internal disk space. Delete them will delete the SD card content as well.

      • ghengis

        that’s what I kinda figured… genius programer! Thanks Jayce for the response.

  • Tommy

    Hi Jayce,

    I just want to move my Pictures and WhatsApp into my external sd but after the moved I got redundant albums in my QuickPic. Is it meant to be like that? I try to hide one but it hid both the albums.

    • Yes, I believe so.

  • kirtash

    This download link doesnt work on my phone do you have a nother download link where i could download it? My phone is an xperia go.

    • Hi kirtash, try to use PC to download it. Else get it from XDA Forum.

  • Shubham

    hi, I have just upgraded my Sgs2 to jellybean but USB storage is not detected. please help.

    • Hi Shubham, please consult ROM chef on this issue.

      • Shubham

        thanks Jayce. but I have no idea what you are telling about. please explain. thanks again.

        • Ask the person where you downloaded Jelly Bean ROM.

  • Dharmesh

    hi, DirectoryBind work on samsung s7562 ?

    • As long as it is rooted, it should work.

  • Michael MacDonald

    Sounds like it just creates a symbolic link, which is why the target and source seem weird. It’s standard syntax for ln -s.

    • If life was that simple, we wouldn’t be posting here.

      Sdcard filesystems are most commonly formatted as fat/fat32/vfat, which are Windows compatible filesystems, which do not support relative paths. They support absolute paths. Which is why we have to mount entire filesystems inside another filesystem’s absolute path.

      Also worth noting: your “standard syntax for “ln -s” is not the only place where source/target works this way. So does every other properly built setup. Its user error to look at it the wrong way because on setup, what you have is data, and this data needs to be redirected in a way. But one should look at any location serving data like a database. It’s static data sitting there, waiting for a SOURCE to TARGET it…

  • mzbeg

    I want to use this for my Samsung GT-S7562 Duos. Is this compatiable with my phone ?

    • Just try it to find out… 😉

  • Dharmesh

    Hi, How to create exSdCard partition on samsung s 7562.


    • That’s your external SD card path name.

  • Calvin Lee

    Hi Jayce, is there any other MOVING APPS for SGS3?

    • There should be. Try Google see.

  • Mohit

    Hi how do i boot my Samsung S duos, should i try CF root or some other software to root it.

    I just want to save all apps to my SD card instead of internal memory, is there any other way to do that

    • Sorry Mohit, I have no idea about Samsung Galaxy S Duos.

  • kishore

    Hello Buddy, Is it possible to install apps directly or Move apps on to Micro SD card on SGS3 / SGN2 [Jelly bean] with out rooting and voiding warranty. If so how to do it, thanks…

    • I don’t think so, kishore.

  • yawar

    hi guys plz help me out hear. i am using nova hd custom rom on my lg optimus 2x.i installed directory binding and moved the data to external sd card and even played the games everything worked fine. but now i don’t know for what reason it is not working . the diskette icone does not turn green. it keeps on the red color . please some one help. all thought thanks for the developer who came up with such a wounder full application

    • Hi yawar, do you still have root access on your LG Optimus 2X?

      • yawar

        yes brother i have root root access on my LG Optimus 2X

        • Sorry yawar, I am not sure what went wrong then. You can try uninstall and reinstall Directory Bind. See it help or not.

          • yawar

            even did the uninstalling thing did not worked .. i think now i have to do all the process from the start i mean installing the games on internal sd card and then moving them to external sd card via directory binding but that is so time taking

  • yawar

    ya i was also thinking the same but that is not the solution, this is a common problem and lot of my friends are facing the same. the problem here is that i am not able to mount the data which is moved on the external sd card. May be directory binding is not able to access the external sd card or may be something else. i am searching and will post the solution if i found one and u also do the same brother. thanks for ur concern .

  • Tareque

    everything is going right. now i can move all of my data files from internal sd to external sd but i have a problem, after i install directory bind my phn becomes laggy now. and everytime when i connect my phn to pc i have to restart my phn, if i don’t do this after sometime it becomes too much slow even sometime its not enter in menu option. plz help my phn is sgs3 (rooted)

    • Hi Tareque, don’t move everything to SD card because SD card speed is slower.

      • Tareque

        thanks bro for reply.. but bro i’ve only 11.35gb in my internal storage.. only 4 big games can be install on my internal sd.. but i want to play a lot more games.. what should i do? and how much games should i move on my external sd?

        • Hi Tareque, follow above guide to move big games files to external SD card.

          • Tareque

            ok bro, i’ll try it again with your instructions.

  • henry

    Good morning Jayce. How To Transfer Apps From Internal Memory To SD Card in Android.
    Kindly guide me I am using Samsung GT-S5670.
    Thank you

    • Hi henry, this guide does not help you?

  • aman

    while installing software it shows message insufficient storage

  • aman

    pllllllllllzzzz help jayce m using galaxy s duos

    • Hi aman, do you still have much disk space left?

      • Raghav

        Hi jayce i am facing the same problem while installing this software or any other software which could move apps to sd card it shows insufficient storage and after this msg i almost deleted apps covering 500 mb but still the same msg plz help me. I am using Galaxy Grand.

        • Sorry Raghav, I have no idea then. Try to consult the developer at XDA Forum.

  • Felicia

    hey when you are getting that message, insufficient storage its when most of your phone memory is used up.

  • Felicia

    you can store app on your SD card but that requires rooting and directory blind

  • farhan

    dear jayce.

    could not understand how to use it.

    rooted my cell with siyah kernel has still stock rom ics..

    now it decide target as sd/android/data/any folder and then create one on ext sd.
    and then tick transfer and press add……it transfers….well fine…diskette on left remains grey and then i press it and it turns green ( i don’t know what it means)..but i do it.

    as someone suggested above I have also checked boxes as advised…

    now once transferred …supposedly and then when i reboot my mobile and press that app…it simply is gone….i mean , it asks again to be installed…where is it gone…and how can i put it to work again ????? when i try to remove that folder from int card…it simply does not..

    I mean how this whole stuff works really…and at point do you back up…while files are being transferred, there is no back up option…
    please explain a bit …..i am totally confused about this….for now have totally uninstalled two apps after so called unsuccessful transfer !


    • Hi farhan, are the binding still active?

  • Hans Aldrin Antonio

    Directory Bind: Root Access Fail.

    Any solutions here?

    • Hi Hans, do you have root access?

  • Surajit

    Hello, I have a xolo q700(rooted).Tried to use directory bind on Rayman jungle.even got the green diskette but the game still asks for additional data.

  • Jay

    Hi Jayce is this app can be updated or even in playstore ? or it is latest ?

    • Jay

      My Handset Now is S4 Mini Duos .. Just Finding Out if this App can Help me ? Because .. i have strange feeling in my Phone because it offers Change Home Directory button .. that means Literally all device occupying memory will move to my sd .. i have 32gb of sd .. but the bottom line is it isn’t working .. it is in grayish lighting like saying im fucked up on my phone .. please help me :c

  • Henry

    hi Jayce,

    This can work on Redmi?

  • Henry

    hi Jayce,

    This can work on Redmi?

  • bettyboopbevb

    States “Root access FAIL”. How do you get root access to a V7 running android version 4.1.1? Thanks