Gameloft has lot of great Android games. However, most of them are not small in size. Samsung Galaxy S II has only 11.50 GB internal USB storage. Gameloft will store all the games data in /sdcard/gameloft/games which located in internal USB storage. Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD itself needs to store 900 MB data files there. Not to mention if you have lot of Gameloft games like BackStab HD, Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front HD, N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD, Shadow Guardian HD, Eternal Legacy HD… Gameloft Patcher does not work on every Gameloft games. But no worry, here is a free solution to hack and move Gameloft games data to external SD card. All Gameloft games are supported. Note – Root access is required.

Hack Gameloft games data to external SD card

How to move Gameloft games data to external SD card?

  1. Move gameloft folder (and all its contents) from /sdcard to /sdcard/external_sd.
  2. Recreate a blank gameloft folder at /sdcard.
  3. Install Script Manager from Android Market here.
  4. Download here.
  5. Copy to /sdcard.
  6. Launch Script Manager.
  7. Go to /mnt/sdcard.
  8. Then select
  9. Check Run as root and Run at boot (like picture above).
  10. Click Save and then Exit.
  11. Reboot your phone.
  12. That’s all.

Note – USB mass storage is not working properly with this external SD card hack. Please use MTP Application mode to transfer files between PC and Samsung Galaxy S2. script runs at 60 seconds after entered Android OS. Need to wait preparing USB storage and media scanning processes to finish. Else this SD hack won’t work. If everything goes well, you should see Gameloft games data populates at both /sdcard and /sdcard/external_sd. Enjoy Gameloft games with your large 32GB or 64GB SD card. By the way, do take note that the Gameloft games loading speed will be slower because they run on slower external SD card.

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