How to move Gameloft games data to external SD card?

Gameloft has lot of great Android games. However, most of them are not small in size. Samsung Galaxy S II has only 11.50 GB internal USB storage. Gameloft will store all the games data in /sdcard/gameloft/games which located in internal USB storage. Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD itself needs to store 900 MB data files there. Not to mention if you have lot of Gameloft games like BackStab HD, Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front HD, N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD, Shadow Guardian HD, Eternal Legacy HD… Gameloft Patcher does not work on every Gameloft games. But no worry, here is a free solution to hack and move Gameloft games data to external SD card. All Gameloft games are supported. Note – Root access is required.

Hack Gameloft games data to external SD card

How to move Gameloft games data to external SD card?

  1. Move gameloft folder (and all its contents) from /sdcard to /sdcard/external_sd.
  2. Recreate a blank gameloft folder at /sdcard.
  3. Install Script Manager from Android Market here.
  4. Download here.
  5. Copy to /sdcard.
  6. Launch Script Manager.
  7. Go to /mnt/sdcard.
  8. Then select
  9. Check Run as root and Run at boot (like picture above).
  10. Click Save and then Exit.
  11. Reboot your phone.
  12. That’s all.

Note – USB mass storage is not working properly with this external SD card hack. Please use MTP Application mode to transfer files between PC and Samsung Galaxy S2. script runs at 60 seconds after entered Android OS. Need to wait preparing USB storage and media scanning processes to finish. Else this SD hack won’t work. If everything goes well, you should see Gameloft games data populates at both /sdcard and /sdcard/external_sd. Enjoy Gameloft games with your large 32GB or 64GB SD card. By the way, do take note that the Gameloft games loading speed will be slower because they run on slower external SD card.


    where can i get Gameloft for free

  • ks

    hi jayce,

    will this work on any android phone or just the samsung gs2. thanks!

    • It should work for other Android phone too if the external SD card structure is like SGS2.

  • pcgamer

    Working on GT-I9003SL.Adrenaline 6 & 9mm tested! Nice tool!

  • TEst

    It cannot be used on Galaxy S(I9000)?

    • I don’t have I9000 to test. Are the SD structures same as /sdcard and /sdcard/external_sd?

  • aladin

    please explain more about MTP application mode and how to use it to transfer files between pc and sgs2.
    I always tick usb debugging for transfering files, so that is usb mass storage mode.

  • aladin
    • kentgoh88

      yes,it works on my galaxy w,exit with mounted still can run the game on the main menu…thanks very much..

  • Ahmed

    didn’t work with me on my galaxy Sl……it still says u need to download the data again:S
    any help u can offer?

    • I need to know Galaxy SL SD structures in order to help. Are they /sdcard and /sdcard/external_sd?

  • babycry123

    hi….i dont root my phone and can i move my app to sd card with app called app2sd in market android? will that work..thx.

    • Sorry, no idea. I did not use App2SD app before. You need to test it yourself.

  • Ahmed

    they are like…….”/mnt/sdcard”…….”/mnt/sdcard/external_sd”

    • Hmm… They look the same as Galaxy S2. The SD hack should work.

  • Ahmed

    should my phone be rooted?:O

    • Yes dear.

      • Ahmed

        it doesnt work i rooted my device and still it asks to download the data again:S:(

        • Any error message? And do you have BusyBox installed?

          • Ahmed

            okay first iam a total newbie in using the android software and i dont even kno nothing about rooting but making it on my own risk:D….so i installed the BusyBox dunno what to do with it and still it asks to download the additional data:(

  • Giloser

    Hi, thanks for the tips , but didn’t work for me on my sgs2

    he said : unknown option — -mount: invalid option —

    any idea?


    • Is your SGS2 rooted?

      • Giloser

        Yes he is
        and on a the Criskelo custom rom

        • Hmm… You might want to consult Criskelo ROM chef see.
          I tested on CheckROM RevolutionHD ROM. And no issue.

          • Giloser

            Ok thank you I’ll check with them then.

            Thanks again for your time!

            • Giloser

              just to say it wasn’t working because I didn’t have busybox on my phone.
              After install it I just cheat and prefix the mount command by busybox and it’s working now!

              Thank you

              • Romulo

                Works in sgs2 original rom? I have rooted and installed busybox but still shows unknown option β€” -mount: invalid option when running the script.

  • sirgrimorum

    Hi, is there a way to make it work in an /mnt/sdcard/_ExternalSD structure?

    • Yes, edit file yourself. Any any text editor will do.

  • amulya

    how to undo this hack…it ruined my phone…many of the widgets are not working including twitter and facebook widget….almost all my apps are uninstalled on my galaxy s2…this is really fxxking crazy…plz tell me the solution

    • Uninstall Script Manager. Delete And don’t forget to reboot phone.

  • Eda Nicka

    Brilliant. Thank you so much, you have just saved my life!!I was really panicking because my client wants to check this live tomorrow. Spent AGES trying to work it out, really appreciate your post!Damien

  • lorenzo

    i hv installed, but when i klik run, it say invalid option. rooted galaxy s II 2.3.5…should I klok run or just klik save n exit? tks

    • If you got invalid option, then it might not able to run on your SGS2.

  • Wan

    Hi Jayce,

    I tried this hack you suggested by first putting the script in the empty gameloft folder in the internal sd card memory, rebooted but the games still required downloading because it cant see the datafile stored in the external sdcard. I then tried placing the script on its own in the internal sdcard memory but same results as before. in both cases, I have busybox 1.19.3 installed via busybox installer(install location /system/xbin/) and ScriptManager configured with Superuser permission as per your guide. Could you give any other advise on how to make this hack work? Thanks for time and hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

    • Any error message when you try to run manually?

  • Wan

    Thanks for your reply. Actually running it manually from Script Manager shows no errors. Is there another way to run the script manually? I presume it can be done through the Terminal Emulator? I’m still getting the hang of Android OS, not really played around with Linux before so I am not that familiar with running commands through the Terminal Emulator.

    • Just open file. Run the script there.

  • NOBY

    does this work on Samsung galaxy note ?!

    • NOBY

      does it needs rooted device ?!

    • It should work if /sdcard/external_sd structure is the same.

      • NOBY

        how could i know ?! i just got my note( my 1st android device )today πŸ˜€

        • Take your time to study it then. πŸ˜‰

  • NOBY

    can i use this way as it has easier and clearer instructions ?!

    • Up to you… At your own risk as stated there… πŸ˜›

  • mark adrian

    Doea this work on other apps too?

    • Nope, only Gameloft unless you modify the codes.

      • mark adrian

        thanks dude

  • AC1D

    Hi, i installed successfully this hack into my LG 2X. My question is: is there a fix for the USB Mass Storage mode? MTP mode is really frustating…

    • Nope. Remove all of them to enable USB Mass Storage mode back.

      • AC1D

        I tried to disable all of them (i improved the scripts reducing the waiting time, converted the external sd to main storage, made various .sh files in order to support also EA games and various heavy apps pointing at _InternalSD as access speed is faster while the rest of the apps are installed into the external one) from ScriptManager but the PC won’t recognize the mass memory mode..

        Should i completely delete the script too?

  • Slig

    Hi all!
    I’ve same problem and ended writing small app for this purpise. Here it is:
    I someone’s interested please give it a try and post comments, feature requests or bug reports. It’s my first android app released to public so I can call it my baby πŸ˜‰

  • Jim

    HI Jay,

    i have followed all your steps. Rebooted my phone.

    then, i went to android market download backstab hd. Downloaded, i clicked on it, it didnt change to install the data files to my external memory, it’s still prompt me, saying i have insufficent space in my memory card(is referring my internal).

    What should i do next???? to make it download and install directly to my external memory?

    • I have no idea since you are follow the steps already. Sorry…

  • sushant

    dude i tried but again asking for download data i have samsung galaxy s2 plzzz frnd help me

    • You can try out what Slig had developed. πŸ˜‰

  • Antariksh

    I have galaxy s (model I9003) .the sd cards are Internal Sdcard (1.5gb) & External sd card(16 gb).I want to remove the gamedata from the internal to the external sd card.
    will the sd hack work on my phone

    • It should work if it has the same SD card storage structure.

  • bhd

    It would be much easier by using app GL to SD which can be found in market. This will do the magic

  • KYan

    I have to put the file in the blank gameloft folder or in the root folder?

    • SD card root level.

      • KYan

        i already did all the above.. The gameloft folder in the root level should be empty, but after i did everything and after i start up the game which runs perfectly, i check My files again , the gameloft folder in the root level have all the files again. Is that suppose to happen?

        • Yes, the hack fakes those Gameloft data in internal SD card root level. So you can see it. But actually they are located in external SD card.

  • Snk

    Thanks for the tip …

    However, After this is done … what happens when I install new gameloft games ….

    Do i move the particular games data and do this again??

    • No, move first time only.

  • kentgoh88

    does not work on galaxy w,also have structure of internal and external sd card..after all steps of reboot and scanning media,open the game require to download data again..

  • jungla

    hi jayce.can you ad more lines to so you can do this trick with other games than those from gameloft?

  • saleem

    I can’t download !!!!!!

    • What is the error message?

  • dani

    do my phone need to be rooted? mine is samsung galaxy w

  • shivam

    Well now ea have also big games what about that :'( lol like fifa 2012 in my internal sd there is only 1.52 gb :'(lol

  • Avnish

    This works in samsung galaxy s i9003 but is there any thing to transfer ea sports game to external SD card

  • dani

    Will it work on samsung galaxy wonder( rooted)

    • No idea as I don’t have such model to test. So you need to try it yourself.

  • ngbbank

    shall we run it??or just click save and then exit??

    • ngbbank

      it showed ‘invalid option’
      samsung galaxy w rooted

      • Look like it is not compatible with Galaxy W.

        • ngbbank

          i m still grateful to you

  • Iamaman

    thank you for your advised method. it works in my samsung.GT9003 phone. and still one more question. the internal sd card storage remains the same after this operation. how to solve this? i move the file just because of saving internal sd space, and external sd.

    yhank you for your.kknd assistance.

    • Huh? Internal SD card storage size is still the same after you moved files to external SD card? How can this be happening?

  • kk

    can i know how to root galaxy w??

  • Troubled

    How do I reverse this hack? Would there be trouble with using my sd card if I somehow didn’t finish installing this hack? Because my s2 keeps restarting every 60 seconds or so whenever my sd card is inserted. Works perfectly fine otherwise. Would appreciate your assistance.

    • Just remove Script Manager and

  • eomer

    before I apply your method, the game was working properly. but after apply your method the game asking the internet connection for the license. any suggestion?

    NOTE: sorry for my bad english.
    The game is ‘Dungeon Hunter’

    • Do you have Internet connection after applied this patch?

      • eomer

        no, i’am not

        • Then sure you have this issue…

          • eomer

            sorry, i don’t uderstand. you mean i must have internet connection for this patch?

            • No, the game itself needs Internet connection.

              • eomer

                hmm… OK thank you