How to restore stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2? (Video)

How to restore stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S II? That’s the question that you going to ask before install custom firmware. Or after installed custom firmware and need to send your Samsung Galaxy S2 for warranty service. You need to make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S2 can restore back to stock firmware just like it arrive at your hand in the very first time. Else Samsung Support might not accept your Samsung Galaxy S2 for warranty claim. But some said that Samsung Support do service Samsung Galaxy S2 with custom firmware. Anyway, there is a way to reinstall back stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2. Just follow below step by step video guide. No harm to return everything to stock, right? No question will be asked by Samsung Support then.


  • Odin3
  • Stock Firmware
  • USB Jig

Step by Step Guide

  1. Press and hold down Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  2. Release all buttons when you see SGS2 Logo.
  3. ClockworkMod Recovery or stock Recovery Mode will be loaded then.
  4. Select wipe data/factory reset.
  5. Then select Yes β€” delete all user data.
  6. Turn off your phone after that.
  7. Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  8. Press Volume Up button when warning prompt.
  9. Odin download mode will be loaded.
  10. Connect USB cable to your phone.
  11. At PC, extract the stock firmware .tar file that you downloaded to Firmware folder.
  12. Then bring up Odin3.
  13. Click on PDA.
  14. Select the .tar at Firmware folder.
  15. Click Start then.
  16. Remove USB cable from your phone when you see green PASS! at Odin3.
  17. Android OS will be loaded.
  18. Then follow phone onscreen instructions to setup.
  19. Turn off your phone.
  20. Plug in Micro USB Jig to Samsung Galaxy S II.
  21. Odin download mode will be loaded.
  22. And Custom binary download counter will be reset.
  23. Remove USB Jig and reboot your phone.
  24. That’s all.

Yeah… Your Samsung Galaxy S2 should be back to stock firmware after you done everything as above. No need to worry about warranty claim now.

Note – USB Jig is not a must have to restore back to stock firmware. Just custom binary download counter won’t be reset without it.

Download Odin3 v1.85 here.
Download official Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware here.

  • afnan

    Hi Jayce,

    Need to ask, where do you get the micro usb jig? Can provide me the seller or a place where can i get it or can I make it my self? Another thing is what’s the function of the usb jig? Is it necessary to reset the download counter for warranty purposes? Ouh and if I root the phone what happens to the apps that I already purchased or installed in my phone?

  • chetan

    hi jayce,
    in the above video which custom rom were u using?

    • It is official stock firmware XWKF1.

  • Nick


    Thanks for some great guides regarding the samsung galaxy S2.

    However, I have a question.

    I have rooted my phone using odin, and I am thinking about install lite’ning rom v6.1. But how do I restore to the stock rom? As far as I can tell this only show how to restore the firmware, so the phone is not rooted anymore. I have titanium backup pro on my phone and I have made a backup of the phone, so can I use those files to restore back to stock rom with root?

    Hobe you understand and are willing to answer πŸ™‚

    Best regards


    • No need to unroot or restore back to stock firmware if you want to install custom firmware. Lite’ning ROM should be non-wipe version. So all your apps and data should be intact after install it.

      • nick

        Thanks for the answer. In case i dont want lite’ning Rom anymore and want to restore to stock Rom. How do i do that? So The phone was like when I opened The Box for the first time πŸ™‚

        • Follow above guide…

          • j4960s

            hi i have a lite’ning rom and i want to change back to stock rom you say follow the guide thats only for firmware its not a rom and nick asked the same Q

            • My understanding, firmware == ROM. Google to find difference if you want. πŸ™‚

  • Ryu

    Wow man, thanks!
    Currently on rooted custom rom, so if anything happen in later flashes I’ll have this guide πŸ™‚
    Just ordered a USB jig from eBay.

    All the best from Norway!

  • Ryan

    If I want to restore to the official firmware after root, will my contact and message still remain? Do I need any backup before restore? If yes, what software can I use to backup and how to restore back the contact and message.


  • mikael

    hi jayce. i had lite’ning v.6 and thought of going to v.5. it was ok after i had the v.5 but then i thought i had to do a “recovery” so i did. when my phone rebooted, it usually starts with the S logo, right? the thing is my phone is kind of in a loop–rebooting over and over, & showing the S logo over and over again. i’ve tried to root my phone again to v.5 a couple of times, and then back to v.6 but it still shows the same thing.
    what can i do?

    • Follow above steps to back to stock firmware first. Then install the custom firmware that you want.

  • DM21

    hi Jayce, do I need usb jig if i will be resetting to factory setting?

    • Nope, unless you want to reset the counter.

      • DM21

        ok.. coz i forgot that i have upgraded the FW to KH2. and it’s looping now after i have changed the FW to KG5.. so the next step will be reset to factory setting then install the KG5, am i right?

      • Adeel

        Hi Jayce, what if i don’t use USB Jig? Will I be able to upgrade my phone via Samsung Kies for coming releases of firmware once I restore stock firware using above procedure till step 19?
        Currenly, Kies rejects upgrade saying this device does not support upgrade etc…

        • Your custom binary download counter won’t be reset. It has nothing to do with firmware. USB Jig is not a must have. So you still can get update from Samsung Kies when on official firmware.

          • Adeel

            I just restored stock firmware using your procedure, after that i rooted with CF-Root and restored missing apps and system data using Titanium Backup.

            It worked like charm !!!

            When i connect my phone to Kies, it shows following information under “Firmware Information”:

            Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies.
            Current firmware version:I9100XWKI8/I9100XXKI2/I9100XXKI4/I9100XWKI8

            Could you please tell me how can i avoid this error as I want to upgrade via Kies for coming software upgrades.

            Thanks for your support.

    • mikael

      hi DM21. how’s it going with your KH3? or did you choose KG5 instead?

      i see you’re from the philippines. can i call you?

      • DM21

        haha!! actually i screwed up.. πŸ˜› i will need to reset to factory setting.. πŸ™‚ i’ll be using KG5 since KH3 is still a frankenstein FW, as per Jayce.. πŸ™‚

        • mikael

          i had KH3. twas nice but somehow lite’ning v.6 was crashing some of my apps, & battery life wasn’t any better than the stock rom. i guess i wanna give KG5 a try.

          let me know how KG5 is for after you

          • DM21

            Sure, i will.. just need to check this out first for a couple of days.. I update you.. πŸ™‚

            • mikael

              … let me know how KG5 is for you after you’ve flashed it.

              p.s. you got a usb jig already? wanna know where i can get one.

              • DM21

                nope.. i also don’t know where to get one.. πŸ™

                • mikael

                  i called a certain michael labrador the other night. he’s somewhere from quezon city, i guess. he sells it for P350.

  • Ma

    Hey if I want to send it for warranty do I need the usb jig? I mean will they check?

  • amulya

    how to do this without usb jig????????????

    • No worry, you can still restore to stock ROM without USB jig. Just can’t clear the Custom binary download counter only.

  • Michael

    So what actually does the usb jig part do? is it necesary to revert to stock firmware, does it void warranty if you dont use it (cause i dont have it btw :p)?
    i recently upgraded to the DXKH1 southeastern asia firmware, to get to the point the languages on that version are too limited and i’d like the previous ones back, like most of the european ones could you help me? i also asked this similiar question on the DXKH1 thread so forgive me for being frequent, but i am in a time of great need of assistance!
    Greetings michael

    • USB Jig will reset custom binary download counter. It has nothing to do with firmware. Basically, you already void your warranty when you install custom firmware through Odin. Use Europe firmware like XXKG5 in your case…

      • Michael

        Ok thank you, so basically what i have to do now, is use youre video guide from above, delete my current firmware etc… like you do in the first few steps, download XXKG5 from xda probably, follow the next steps(odin and such), and my problem is solved? i am really inexperienced with flashing and do not want to do anything wrong. anyways you are awesome and so is youre blog!

        • Yup, install Europe firmware will bring back Europe languages.

          • Michael

            And one more thing are you sure its XXKG5? cause its says poland on XDA, yes it is an european country but i dont want my phone to be fully in polish lol ?

            • You can try other Europe firmware if you like. No need to stick with XXKG5. πŸ™‚

              • Michael

                err, dude i followed youre vid above and did all the steps firmware etc, but now my phone keeps restarting is and it wont stop.. what do i do now?

                • Michael

                  Hehe Never mind, got it already, i did the first step again, after using odin, and it works now thank alot again!!! πŸ™‚

                  • tarorod

                    @Michael – dude, how was it? how the battery life? pls. let me know.

                    btw, i’m from philippines also. πŸ™‚

                    • Michael

                      battery life actually improves generally along the time you have the phone, also it has a slight improvement with the update

  • Dave

    Will this allow me to remove the Network start up video, widget etc?

    • If the stock firmware has network startup video and widget, they will be there…

  • Rich

    I got a galaxy s2, because the in-call volume too low, I followed some blog and entered into the service mode menu and tried to set some hidden setting to increase the volume. I think I stuffed up the setting, I tried to preform a factory reset, it doesn’t seen to reset everything. Will I follow your restore/flash guide above, it will fix my problem?.. Please help

    • I am also not so sure because I don’t know what had you done exactly. Maybe you can consult Samsung Support for help too.

  • sepool79


    Just to ask u about differences for the below

    What is Baseband Version?
    What is Kernel Version?
    What is Build Number?

    Currently my phone i using XXKH3 on the baseband, on the kernel and GINGERBREAD.XXKG5 on the Build number.

    • Baseband = modem
      Kernel = main component of Android operating system
      Build = Samsung release naming

  • fabio

    hello….i have a question….i have a galaxy s2 i9100 and there’s the thing….. i have for like 1 week and i installed the kies ….then its ask me to update the firmware to the new one….(this was like 3 days after i have the phone) then i did the update…. the problem is now after that my 4g network doens’t work only the slow one…. i tried to wipe all phone on the ”bios” and it doens’t come to the old firmware…. i’m in U.S. using t-mobile ….. can be the update is from europe when i did on kies!? u have to do this on this video to fix it!? please some help…. i’m going crazy without 4g network ( cuz the phone i had before was galaxy s t959v 4G so i miss fast internet lol )

    • The update is based on the country that you bought the phone. Just follow this guide to restore your original stock firmware.

      • fabio

        well i’m trying to do this now to restore the firmware to the stock…but i see your video here and i have all ready to go…the thing is where i do download the .tar …. cuz i dont find it no where to download :/

        (i got this phone on ebay … and it comes with european plug so i guess is from europe…anyway is working fine till i updated to the new firmare..)

  • sham

    Where to get usb jig?

    • I got mine from eBay.

  • kevin

    may i know why after i do as you said my baseband and build no. is not the same?


    • Which official firmware did you install?

      • kevin


        or, would you mind to give me the right firmware for me to install?

          • kevin

            do i do it the same as the video?
            haha, sorry to trouble you. im still quite a newbie to all these stuff.
            thanks for your help.
            cheers =)

            • Yes, if you want to restore to stock firmware. Note – everything will be deleted.

              • kevin

                yeah, i do know that. thanks i will re-install the apps..etc that i want again..
                thanks for the help..
                many thanks, cheers =)

                • kevin

                  btw, i would also have to use the usb jig device to wipe those custom flash thingy right?

                  • It is not a must unless you want to return it to Samsung for service.

                    • kevin

                      my BASEBAND VERSION IS I9100DXKI1
                      KERNEL VERSION root@DELL129 #2
                      BUILD NUMBER GINGERBREAD.DXKI2

                      may i know if this is the offical firmware that im using right now?
                      also that my Android Version is still 2.3.3
                      and where can i know/ find out more information if samsung is going to have official updates for those stocks firmwares.

                      sorry to trouble you again.

  • Adam

    I did this according to your guide but in download mode there is a odin logo?

  • @kevin: Yes, the official firmware DXKI2 is still Android 2.3.3. Samsung Kies will let you know if there is new firmware upgrade.

    • kevin

      thank you
      so only samsung kies is able to let you know about new firmware updates?
      they wont be able to update/ upgrade your android version?
      no other methods to know about upcoming updates and stuff other than samsung kies?

      • Yes, the official way through Samsung Kies only.
        Samsung Kies can upgrade Android to 2.3.4 or later. But the issue is there is no 2.3.4 firmware in our region yet.
        The unofficial way, you can know upcoming upgrade from XDA and SamFirmware.

        • kevin

          oh, i see.
          so by doing the official way we will have to wait a long time before we get those upates while as i were to do the unofficial way we can updates to the latest anytime when the developer has upload it up on the net?

          ok, i know now.. thanks for all the information.

  • Adam

    Will my s2 still be rooted after following this guide? Thanks.

    • No…

      • Adam

        But it is. I didn’t wipe data.

        • I have no idea then since you did not follow the guide…

          • Adam

            But I wanted to maintain the rooting. Sorry for being a pain.

            • You can root it after that.

              • Adam

                Hi. Are you saying you can root it with stock kernel?

                • Root it with CF-Root.

  • PeterLoyola

    Hai Jay,

    My sgs2 won’t come into the clockworkmode recovery. only it shows volume up for update and volume down to cancel.
    thank you

    • What buttons combination did you press?

  • Khalid

    When I start phone in download mode there is no option to wipe data/factory reset?

    • Khalid

      Do you have to install CWM first on your phone?

    • Of course, Odin download mode does not have it. You need to load ClockworkMod Recovery or stock Recovery Mode.

      • Adam

        How do you load stock recovery mode? When I press volume down/home/power button I get download mode. There are no options there to wipe data/factory reset.

        • You did not read the guide carefully. Read it again… πŸ˜‰

        • Adam

          According to your link you have to press volume up, not down as you have stated in this guide. Thanks anyway.

          • Are you able to load CWM by holding down Volume Up + Home + Power buttons now?

            • Adam

              No. But I can load stock recovery mode.

              • Good. This is normal because you are using stock firmware. You should be able to wipe data/factory reset there.

  • Alonzo

    Hi I need help because the problem is i got an samsung galaxy overseas from the UK and got it shipped here into the USA and it an galaxy s2 factory unlocked and unbranded but i dont know what firmware kernel is the official one for it Below is what shows up in about phone but i dont know if i flashed the right kernel or rom for it
    Model number: GT-I9100
    Android Version: 2.3.3
    Baseband Version: I9100XXKE4
    Kernel Version: root@avad-server #2
    Build Number: GINGERBREAD.XWKE7


    PHONE: I9100XXKE4
    CSC: I9100XEUKD1
    Build Info: Wed May 18 16:08:22 KST 2011

    letting me know what is the right official stock kernel and rom for the phone
    again i dont believe xwke7 or xxke4 where the ones first on here but i could be wrong

    • Hard to tell which one of the official firmware you. Based on the information, look like it is using custom firmware / kernel.

  • Alonzo




    • Failed because you are using custom firmware now.
      You can flash back to any Europe official firmware. No US firmware.

  • Alonzo

    I WILL TRY KF1 seems common among unlocked version if not

    what is the best all around rom
    which is best
    or any others you know of which is the best all around

    also how can you change boot animation im not that advanced with linux script coding
    any easier way to do it

    • The best ROM is depended on your own taste and usage. I am using LeoMar75 Revolution XXKI3 now.

      • tarorod

        can you pls share the link where you downloaded the LeoMar75 Revolution XXKI3?

          • tarorod

            thanks, Jayce. will the triangle logo appear after i install? if it is, how can i remove it without the use of USB jib co’z i haven’t seen a stock kernel on the download link.

            • No, install CWM firmware will not give you yellow triangle. But install custom firmware or kernel like CF-Root with Odin will.

              • tarorod

                ok – i got it. no need to answer my question below πŸ™‚
                thanks much Jayce! More power to you

          • tarorod

            and one more thing – did you install the kitchen app as well?

            • Nope

              • tarorod

                hello Jayce. my current firmware is XXKI3 and already rooted. When i tried to load ClockworkMod Recovery, there is no “Go to install zip from sdcard” option – only “update package from sdcard” or something like that. when i choose it, it brings me to sdcard and ask for file to install. i choose the firmware zip file and install. it fails – error says “invalid signature”.

                question is do i need to restore it back to its stock firmware (KF1)?

  • Alonzo

    MIUI for Looks
    Batisa70 for Performance (1.6ghz) its also unvolted
    Madmack for Tweaks But Closer To Stock
    Lighting Rom for Battery but with little tweaks
    VillianRom for Insane Battery Life
    LeoMar75 for Full Tweaks
    CM7 for Classic android which battery as well as little performace tweaks

    The top two are Batisa70 and Lighting Rom
    CM7 needs stable version
    most roms use it framework like miui

    • tarorod

      Ey, Jayce. would you agree with Alonzo? πŸ™‚

      • Alonzo had done a great study. I am not so can’t comment much. And different firmware version also has different performance. Some might improve and some don’t. You need to try them yourself to find out. πŸ˜‰

        • tarorod

          yeah, I agree. THanks much!

  • LiviuFlorin

    I like your video, I understand, but I not have USB Micro Jig. Is it so important? How do I build one?

  • LiviuFlorin

    Thank you very much for explanation .

  • George

    Hi Jayce,
    I like to say thank you for your support.
    My problem is: I have SG2 from China now I’m living in Europe. The original firmware was ZCKG4 after update fail with Europe firmware now I use ZNKG5 also Chinese firmware. Any chance to bring my android to international firmware in order to have access to android market and other app???

    • Follow this guide –
      Just wondering, are you using I9100 or I9100G? If I9100G, maybe you can try Malaysia firmware which has Android Market.

      • George

        Thaks for your fast reply.
        My device is GT-I9100. The links from xda-developers and where we can download ownmade ROM are dead.
        It’s clear for me at present now chance to replace Chinese firmware with European/International one. Also I suppose are not so many users with devices from China used in Europe.

        • fabio

          i have the same problem that you… but in different country ….i bought a s2 i9100 international and I’m living in US …after i connect to kies it ask me for update firmware and i did it…. after that i can’t get 3g/4g network only i thing 2g… and i tryed already like 15 rooms and i can’t get the problem fix :/

  • George

    Hi Jayce,
    Malaysia/Singapore firmware I9100DXKH2_I9100DXKH1_I9100OLCKH1 is not working unfortunately. Any advice?

  • Nardz

    Hi Jaycee,

    Badly need your help because I’ve happened to bricked my Galaxy S2 phone after using the cyanogenmod 7.1 custom rom for quite a while and trying to install back the GS2 stock ROM. Is there any way I can do to resolve this? Before this event happen though, I’ve been experiencing some problems with the SD card not being mounted and says that it should be reformatted. Does this not cover the Samsung warranty? Does it already void my warranty?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Can you still load SGS2 logo (bootloader)?

      From what I heard, some people managed to claim warranty even with custom firmware loaded.

      • Nardz

        I can see only the the first screen when you turn on GS2 and it will stay only on that screen. Won’t be able to see the screen loader (animation). I’ve already tried to restore to factory settings as well as wipe cache. I can also use Odin to flash firmware and it passes but after it restarts, it still won’t go through the boot loader. Is there stil a way on fixing this one myself? 😐

        • Hmm… You should be able to load stock firmware if the installation was completed correctly.

          Which firmware did you install? And what is the message during firmware installation on Odin?

          • Nardz

            Hi Jaycee,

            I’ve flashed again using Odin and a firmware i downloaded from here are the results:

            Odin v.3 engine (ID:38)..
            File analysis..
            Get PIT for mapping..
            Firmware update start..
            NAND Write Start!!
            RQT_CLOSE !!
            RES OK !!
            All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)

            Now I can get past samsung galaxy logo only and I can see now the Samsung animation/loader screen but it still doesn’t finish loading and will just loop. Hope you can help me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks!

            • Try to wipe data/factory reset with Recovery Mode.

              • Nardz

                I’ve done so, now I’m configuring it all up. πŸ˜‰ Can’t thank you enough! Xie xie.

  • Nardz

    I’ll go and check later and give you the exact result when using Odin as I’m not home at the moment. πŸ˜‰

  • George

    For all wich have chinese android and wish to change into EUROPE rom read the:

  • lily

    hi, i try to update my s2 to 2.3.4 version but no have chinese languege… can i reset back to 2.3.3 before i update?? i am malaysian

    • Sure. Just follow this guide.

      • lily

        but i don’t know which firmware i need to download?? can u tell me??

        • XWKF1 is the first Malaysia firmware. Later are DXKH2 and DXKI2 which have Chinese Language.

          • lily

            ok thx.. i know it , then after i restore can use kies to update next time??

            • Yes dear.

              • lily

                Thank you very much!!!! u are the best!!!

  • ivan

    Hi Jayce,

    I rooted my SGS2 using Odin following the normal steps. However, I tried installing customized theme.
    “using recovery mode via installation through SD card “.
    I am having this two problem:
    TW launcher cant launch at all.
    message issue.cant used at all.

    I try to boot back to original firmware with the aid of your video. but problem still persist.
    Any idea or solution?
    Thanks in advance

    • Did you run through all the steps here? And which stock firmware are you using?

      • Ivan

        Yup. Ran through all. Unbranded firmware at xda forum. Using KI2. Thanks for the prompt reply.

        • Try to wipe the cache too this time.

          • Ivan

            Tried. Still can’t get those two to startup. I think is it the customized theme have corrupted the original launcher?

            • Look like you did not install stock firmware in this case. You should not have anything that you installed previously.

  • Ivan

    Do u suggest I try rooting it again and try ur steps. The stock firmware which I downloaded is unbranded. Is there any issue with that?

    • You should use your stock original firmware.

      • Ivan

        How do I get my stock original firmware? Thanks

        • Sorry, I don’t know what is your original firmware. You yourself know it only.

          • Ivan

            My firmware should be dxki2. Will try again. Thanks

  • Rod

    Hey, man! I’m having a problem here when trying to go back to stock rom. In fact, there are two problems.
    First one is: I have no idea what stock rom I should use. There are lots of them in here ( and I wonder how could I know witch one to install.

    Anyway, I went ahead and tryed the XXKI3 version. Followed all your instructions (just without the jig), but when the phone rebooted, Cyanogenmod was still there! =T

    Any ideas?

    • 1. Can’t help much if you don’t know your original stock firmware. Because I don’t know yours.
      2. Use original stock firmware.

  • Naz

    Hi Jayce,

    Need your advice on samsung galaxy s2. Any way thta i could retrieve my contacts which i saved in the phone after resetting the phone to factory settings? Thanks.

    By the way nice blog you got running here.


    • Did you sync your contacts with Google Account? Or backup them with Titanium Backup or Samsung Kies? Can’t help much if no. Sorry…

  • vans_ed

    y my fon does not shows turn off option after i hv done wiping my data…???

  • vans_ed

    my data on my files are still not deleted…

    any idea…???

    • This guide does not teach to delete SD card contents.

  • vans_ed

    is there any way how i can clear all my data in my files…???

    reply asap..


  • vans_ed


  • patrick


    umm ever since i’ve flashed lite’ning rom v6.1 xxkh3 into my sgs2 the camera’s sound was not working and also the quality of the image is not like the usual it has very low quality πŸ™ .. do you think that if i could restore the stock firmware could get the camera’s sound and quality back?


    • Yes, you can restore back to original stock firmware. Stock camera app will be restored too.

  • Good day Jayce, I tried to reset the binary counter using a home made usb jig but it doesn’t work. I managed to have 308k ohm through an electronic board and also tried simple series resistors through pins 4 & 5 with no success. What are the common mistakes in your opinion when making usb jig?

    • I bought mine. Don’t know how to make it.
      By the way, latest firmware has new bootloader. USB Jig won’t work on them.

  • Thank you Jayce for your quick response, my firmware is XWKE7 (Build date: 18/05/2011) downloaded last week. Is it possible firmwares were updated with usb jig banned?

    • No, firmware released from October onward have new bootloader. Yours is old one.

  • Dale

    hi jayce! i have a question again sir.. is it ok if i factory reset(in the settings) my firmware is XXKI4 CF-Root now. is it ok? and what does it do? tnx!

    • Yes, delete all user apps and settings.

  • chris

    hi mate,,

    pleaese help me if you can,

    i had the miui rom to my phone.. and after trying to put the original kernel of android i couldnt
    upgrade it from kies…it writes that i cannot upgrade the firmware via kies,,
    is this because i didnt use any usb jig ? and just install the xwki4 without usb jig/?

    baseband versio (I9100XXKG2)
    kEernel version ( XWKI4 )

    • Above firmware is a mixed. It has KG2 and KI4. Restore to your original stock firmware. Not kernel.

      • chris

        hi again and thank you,,

        how can i restore to the original stock firmware?

        i tried everything =/

        thank you

        • chris

          my original stock firmware was,,,, XWKI4
          BUT after installing the miui i have deleted everything and i could open my phone
          with the original kernel
          so i install the XXKG2 and now i have this problem with the kies

          thank you

        • Above guide did not work for you?

          • chris

            I did the same thing but i dont have the usb jig…
            is this the reason i cannot upgrade now with kies?

            • Nope, USB Jig just remove custom binary counter. It has nothing to do with firmware.

              • chris

                so what do i need to do so i can upgrade with kies ??

                before putting the miui i have erased everything
                after a week i wanted to put back the original firmware but
                i think i deleted everything because when i was turning on my phone,
                on the screen appeared only the GALAXY S2 logo and then nothing..

                so i tried the above solution and now its fine except kies.
                i cannot use writes that i cannot upgrade firmware via kies..
                what do i need to do?
                how can i install everything as it was from the begining?
                thank you very much

                • As I mentioned above, restore to your original stock firmware. Not kernel only.
                  Kernel is part of firmware. You need to restore the whole firmware.

                  • chris

                    i did this but still i cannot use kies
                    thank you

                    • Which firmware did you install? Show me the download link. See you are using the correct firmware or not…

  • chris
  • Alex

    Once i reload the stock firmware, is the device able to download updates over the air? Or is it locked to the firmware that u put on it? is there any way to totally reboot your device in every way, like manufactural rest the device just as it comes in the box?

    • Above guide will make your phone back to original factory firmware just like you open it as the first time.

  • Lieuwe

    I don’t get futher then step 16..
    my phone just stay on that black screen with:
    Galaxy S II
    but without yellow triangle.
    I have the BOKE3 version.. downloaded the orginal BOKE3 from:

    • Lieuwe

      can you please help me :(:(:(

      • I already gave you the download link for the official firmware in another post. It did not work for you?

  • Lieuwe

    Sorry I didn’t see that, but my phone is working again:)
    I downloaded this one:
    But ‘m sure your one also work you are really pro πŸ˜›

  • Rod

    Hi, i have a white S2 and im from singapore, i root the custom lite ning rom and now i wan to flash back. I cannot remember my stock 2.3.3 version kernel so i dun dare to do the reflash to stock.

    now im on kh3. Which stock firmware must i download?

    • Rod

      I dun get the firmware page

    • You can try the firmware version in my video.

      • Rod

        can u link the version to me?

      • Rod

        and i realise the “SIN” in the brackets, is it stands for Singapore?

  • Betty

    My phone info:
    Android version: 2.3.3
    Baseband: I9100DXKI1
    Kernel: …DXKI2..

    What I found in the, under DXKI2, there’s 2 download links

    1. OLC MultiCSC
    2. DXKI2 Stock Kernel

    Just want to double confirm, if I already rooted using CF-Root (without flashing any ROMs), and want to revert back to the stock kernel, I only need to download “DXKI2 Stock Kernel” and follow the instructions above? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • Yes, but this will only revert back stock kernel not the whole firmware.

      • Betty

        Thanks for the prompt response!

  • Nicky

    So, if I don’t use USB Jig to restore stock firmware, it is void warranty or there are warranty?

    • Theoretically, warranty void if your custom binary counter is not zero. But some Samsung Service Centers don’t care. And still provide service.

      • Nicky

        I see, so if Samsung Service Center don’t care, then you get the warranty. While Samsung Service Center care about it then will lost warranty? And what actually custom binary counter? Sorry for my misunderstand and noob.

        • Yes, they won’t provide free service for you. Custom binary counter is the counter that keep track of how many time you install unofficial firmware / kernel.

          • Nicky

            I see, thanks you very much.

            • Nicky

              Hey, I failed root my SGS2. Did the Custom binary counter will increase? Or any issue / problem i will face further?

  • Nicky

    LoL, i need to take out battery 1st and then replug back. After that just can run the bootloader. Anyway, thanks you again.

  • Richard

    Hey, can i use this method to flash back the stock firmware with the unrooted phone?

    • Yes, root access is not required when install firmware with Odin.

      • Richard

        OK, I see. It is work with I9100G too? custom binary counter will increase?

        • I think so. Custom binary counter will only increase when install unofficial kernel / firmware. Official one won’t.

  • Edward

    Can I use kies for official update after this?

  • Zeeshan

    I downloaded the stock FW as described
    my phone now shows:
    android 2.3.5
    baseband: I9100NEKI2

    KIES Now doesnt show any firmware version and the space is blank. what is all this and how i can fix it to get future updates through kies


    • Where did you download this firmware?

      • Zeeshan

        i downloaded it from http:


        • You should be able to upgrade with Samsung Kies with official firmware at XDA.

          • Zeeshan

            yes i tried to, but there are 100s of them and i just cant figure out which is the official one that i should install so that my phone can get future updates from kies.

            • XWKI8 is one of the official firmwares. But I am not why you got different baseband, kernel…

              • zeeshan

                So if my base band is not the one I should be having then is there any way I can change it
                to the right one. I perhaps did that accidently. Will appreciate if you can guide me through.

                • Just repeat above step by step guide…

                  • Zeeshan

                    Thanks Jayce…..

                    Just followed as you advised and updated my baseband, now kies is showing my current version XWKI8 and is saying that this is the current one, which shows that my phone is recognised by kies and i can update to the next version when ever that is available on kies,
                    So once again thanks.:)

  • VnAo

    Excues me, noob question here…
    If i rooted my sgs2 with cf root
    and i follow the steps above , my sgs2 will be totally back to stock rom and unrooted?

    Green light to service center?

    • Yes dear…

      • VnAo

        thanks you Jayce… you are kind and good person

  • teddy

    do you know how to unlock carier?

  • shameem

    hey thise firmware is bugs i donload many firmware from sam but still bug some time 3g prob some time lockscreen waiking up slowely i give to servise center they will help i hope πŸ™‚

  • murat

    hi jayse android 2.3.5 have a other bootloader and you can not use the jig for it for reset wat must i do flash to android 2.3.3 ?

    • Install old bootloader from XDA website.

  • John

    Before i rooted my phone, i created backup via kies so i could restore last settings made before root should anything go wrong. After root (CF root) and flash custom rom, none of my user apps were seen (I guess this is the case). Now I want to restore to previous settings. I found this tutorial but can’t seem to understand where to get stock firmware?

    baseband ver: I9100XXKI1
    kernel ver:

    Above is as per phone info before root.

    • John

      ok, i somehow managed to answer previous inquiry. Another question: Could i just flash (using odin) XWKI4 firmware directly? It’s not my stock FW though. Would there be problems if i do this? And assuming all is well after flashing XWKI4, can i now use kies to restore previous settings so I can have back my apps?

      Thanks Jayce.

      • Yes. Boot loop might happen. I think so because I don’t use Samsung Kies for backup. It is buggy.
        Use this method to backup / restore once you rooted your phone. Better and easier.

        • John

          Have done as per above. Difference is that when I flash the FW, it took lesser time compared to the vid, much lesser. When it said “PASS!” phone rebooted without “yellow-triangle-warning-sign” symbol on screen and I removed usb cable. Screen didn’t move on from there. Is this what you called “boot loop”? What can I do from here on?

          Pls advice. Thanks.

          P.S. I can’t use as per your advice (Titanium) as I have my backup done already beforehand at KIES.

          • Yes, that’s boot loop. Did you install firmware or kernel since installation time is lesser?

            • John

              Yeah. I guess I flashed kernel since it only took less time to do it in Odin. I found out later that yours took longer because file size is bigger, say more than 200MB. The one that I downloaded and flashed was only like 5mb or so. I might have downloaded the wrong file. Now, I’m downloading a bigger size of the same “numbers and letters” (XWKI4) with longer file name as well :-). Will try flashing this one (>200MB) once download is finished. This should get my phone back to stock, should it not? Otherwise I will ask you for additional advice.

              Let’s say this would bring my phone back to stock, can I restore my apps using restore function @ KIES? Hope so πŸ™‚

              One more thing. Is Titanium a free app?

              • Yes.

                I think so.

                Yes. And has Pro version too.

  • LiviuFlorin

    Song of the video, who sings ? It is very pleasant.

  • Mrbluedingdong

    Hey jayce, thanks for the video.

    My current kernel version is jpkj2 and my question is that I want to flash another stock firmware on it lets say xwke1. could that process brick my phone or it doesn’t matter ?

    • No, as long as the firmware is for I9100.

  • Kjetil

    do i have to have the usb jig? or is it someother way to do it without the jig?

    • USB Jig is used to reset custom binary download counter. You still can restore firmware without it.

  • Samarth Kumar

    Hi Jaycee
    . Thanks very much for the painstakin efforts u took to bring out such fab. video
    I’ve rooted my SGS 2 with an insecure kernel first, then rooted it with s2root application and then flashed the secure kernel to remove the yellow triangle. Since i didn’t had the clockworkmod, i then followed ur method of rooting with cfroot kernel. After that I installed MIUI rom but i want to revert back to the stock rom. Will i have to follow any special procedure to do so, or the one you mentioned in the video is enough?
    Have I done the wrong thing by following the 2 different methods of rooting? I did the root by cfroot kernel the next day after doing it by the first method.
    My firmware version was XWKE8

    • Just follow this guide will do.

      Anything bad happen after you root with your 2 methods? If no, then it is okay.

      • Samarth Kumar

        Well, I had to follow the cfroot kernel flashing technique after my first method because when I opened ROM Manager after rooting with the first technique, it said that I need to flash CWM. I downloaded a zip file of cwm and flashed it with rom manager with the apply update frm sd card technique. After the flashing took place, my galaxy s2 started booted into cwm eveytime i rebooted my phone (during which both my phone and me froze coz GS2 costs a bomb dude and if anything would have happened to it, my parents would have killed me). After that I started praying to God (the only thing which I found feasible at that time) and did all sort of wierd promises πŸ˜‰ Thankfully, my phone booted in the custom rom and I took a breath of relief. You wouldn’t believe me, when this thing happened, next day was my Maths exam. I forgot my exam & started researching to get my phone back to working at any cost. Thankfully, i managed to pass in the exam πŸ™‚

        • Samarth Kumar

          well sorry dude, i meant to say stock rom, not custom rom (in the 8th line) and happy to see that u spared some time to comment on my query πŸ™‚

        • I did not use ROM Manager. I use CWM all the time.

          Glad that you passed your exam. πŸ˜€

          • Samarth Kumar

            Is any custom ROM based on the ICS available now? I’ve tried googling it out but no satisfactory result till now. Should I wait sometime b4 trying a custom ROM based on it?

              • Samarth Kumar

                Hey dude now i’m facing a new problem. In my MIUI ROM, my phone is not showing any reception signal in the top right corner although i’ve tried inserting the sim card properly umpteen times. I’ve also tried restarting it many times but no development either. The most weird thing was that it received the gprs settings message from my service provider although i couldn’t make any calls. Definitely there is no problem wid the sim card coz now i’m using it on my moto L7. Whenever i make a call frm other no. to my no. the ring can be heard on the diallers side but no call shows on my phone. Whenever i make a call, a dialog box shows that turn off the airplane mode. Whenever i turn it off frm the settings panel, it turns on again on itself. What to do???????

                  • Samarth Kumar

                    Well thank God i got my phone back to working again. In the settings menu, i searched for “airpl” and something popped up and i pressed it. Then the process crashed and i forced closed it, and lo! my phone detected the sim card and got the signal. Accident has made my phone working again.
                    A new mobile odin app has come from chainfire. Can you also work upon that and upload a video on its tutorial?
                    Thanks very much for you spare time to reply on everyone’s comment. I’ve seen many bloggers who dont seem to bother about peoples comments on their blog. But you’re the only blogger whom i’ve found to reply to everyone’s comments and solve their problems. Keep up the good work dude!!!!

                    • Glad to know that. πŸ˜‰

                      Will put Mobile ODIN tutorial in my to do article list.

                    • Samarth Kumar

                      Hey bro can you tell me how can I install a custom bootanimation in my gs2? i’d be glad if u can give me a link to any video related to it. Is installing a custom kernel a good option? I have miui 1.11.25 as i’ve already told ya. One last query, if i update my miui, will the 90 mb installation file save in my sd card and eat up my valuable storage space and should i delete it if it is so?

  • hedson

    I’m from Holland and want to thank you guys. It works on my galaxy S2. This video was very useful

  • hahahehehoho

    Hey….if im from Malaysia…should i choose the Malaysia firmware or can i choose the UK?

    • Restore to your original stock firmware? Of course, Malaysia firmware. But you can install UK firmware too if you want.

  • Daniel

    Hi, so if i’ve recently flashed to a euro stock firmware XKK2? (2.3.6) and i would like to send it to my local service centre i have to flash back to stock firmware?

    • Yes. Better do so.

      • Daniel


      • Daniel

        by the way is there any way of finding out what is my stock firmware and where i can get the files from? i only recall its 2.3.3

        • Where did you purchase your phone? Each region has it own firmware version. Follow the post link to download the firmware.

          • Daniel

            hi, purchased in singapore

            • XWKF1 is the one. Same as mine ~ Malaysia. πŸ™‚

              • Daniel


              • Daniel

                one more question, if i’ve never rooted/flashed custom firmware would samsung be able to detect that i’ve flashed through odin? (XXK2 i think)

                • No, install official firmware won’t increase custom binary counter and won’t have yellow triangle too.

  • isa

    where to dwload stock firmware xwkf1?

    • Follow the download link in the post.

  • isa

    odin not detect my phone why??

    • Do you have Samsung Kies installed on PC?

      • isa

        i dont install kies

        • Odin needs USB drivers from it.

  • isa

    where to download usb drivers

      • isa

        i can conect but after pass at odin message like this = Added!!
        Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
        File analysis..
        Get PIT for mapping..
        Firmware update start..
        NAND Write Start!!
        RQT_CLOSE !!
        RES OK !!
        All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)
        then restart OS not loaded…

  • man

    how to fix baseband unknown??

    • Not sure as I never see this issue before. You can try to factory reset it first. If still cannot, try to restore to stock firmware see.

  • hahahehehoho

    Hey Jayce… SGS2 is using MIUI Rom but now i want to go back to original…..what do i need to download? firmware and stock kernel? or just firmware?

    • Just firmware will do.

      • hahahehehoho

        how about the usb jig…is it a must ?

        • Nope, not a must.

      • hahahehehoho

        and my phone is GT-I9100 XXKH3 …do i must download the firmware that is the same or can i download other like DXKH1?

        • Better use back your original stock firmware.

          • hahahehehoho

            but i can’t find the XXKH3 stock firmware

            • Look carefully. I managed to find it.

  • hahahehehoho

    i found the XXKH3 firmware….but it won’t be able to update to new firmware using KIES…i cant find XXKH3 firmware that can be update to new firmware using KIES…

  • @Samarth Kumar: Install it with CWM.

    Custom kernel has more tweaks. Depend on each person needs.

    You can delete the Android zip after installed it.

  • Madhu Sudhan

    This was my actual version of 2.3.3 when i got my sgs 2 but i found the stock rom in the firmware section. The file was in exe and i have extracted and the pda file was in .tar, fine i have flashed my mobile to 2.3.5 of this version
    when i tried to download the stock rom of 2.3.3 under odin mode all the files got downloaded to the phone and when the phone takes the files to copy it shows error with red lines and shows to reebot after rebooting the sgs 2 logo appears and thats it over stuck over there. The 2.3.5 version file is .tar.md5 checksum file mine downloaded firmware from ur site is just .tar any suggestion pls give reply to me i want to revert to the back indian model.

    • .tar firmware performs the same just without the md5 checksum only.

      • Madhu Sudhan

        But the files downloaded under odin is unable to copy to the phone and shows error with red lines showing cannot copy to e:/

        • Sorry, no idea. Try to ask others at XDA see.

  • Madhu Sudhan

    pls help me in my problem the firmware is not getting updated.

  • hahahehehoho

    Hey Jayce….can you tell me which stock firmware is the best and the newest?

    • Best no idea, latest is XWKK2.

  • Shy14

    do u really need a USB JIG to restore the firm ware on the phone to stock

    • USB Jig is not a must have to restore back to stock firmware. Just custom binary download counter won’t be reset without it.

      • SHYLESH

        Do you have to restore the Kernel as well or just restoring the firmware will be sufficient to have kies recognise the phone.

        Please advice

        • Firmware include kernel already.

          • shylesh


            this is my original firmware

            I live in Aust and which one do i Choose from the list and also there is a link for the Stock Kernal file as well

            Could you please advice.. . thanks heaps for your help….

            • shylesh

              Aust – Australia

            • I believe XSA Australia is the one.

              • shylesh

                Tks Jayce, Does that mean i should also use the Kernel that comes with it or just installing firmware will be sufficient enough to have KIES detect the phone?

                • No. Firmware will do.

  • Mike

    Hello Jayce!
    Great website!

    I just want make sure one thing… Maybe it’s a stupid question: My phone is rooted I bought already like that. Will I lose the root access?

    • Yes, root access will be removed when install official firmware.

      • Mike

        You are quickly to reply lol

        Thank you!!! That’s what I was looking for. πŸ™‚

  • ccfdez

    Hi Jayce.

    My phone details are:

    Android 2.3.5
    PDA: I9100BGKJ3
    PHONE: I9100XXKI4
    CSC: I9100XECKJ2
    Kernel: root@DELL128#2

    After rooting my S2 with CF-Root-SGS2_XW_XEN_KJ3-v5.0-CWM5, wifi is not working properly, it can’t get a dynamic ip address with dhcp. I’m confused for that reason and I’m thinking to restore stock firmware because I tried to reset defaults and it didn’t solve the problem. Maybe rooting felt bad to my S2 or CF-Root file used was not the correct one?

    So, I would like to restore stock firmware.
    I downloaded the following from searching my spanish firmware of Movistar:

    Firmware info: PDA:BGKJ3| PHONE:XXKI4| CSC:XECKJ2

    BGKJ3 Stock Kernel:
    Password: intratech@XDA

    Those give me two files:


    Could you tell me if I should use the first file
    (GT-I9100_XEC_I9100BGKJ3_I9100XECKJ2_I9100XXKI4.TAR.md5) in PDA and without enabling “Re-partition” then I would restore stock firmware?

    After that, would I see the yellow exclamation?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Use the first file will do. Ignore the kernel. Yellow triangle is there when you installed custom kernel.

      • ccfdez

        Does it mean yellow triangle will disappear after installing stock firmware?
        What about custom binary counter? will be resetted after installing stock firmware?

        Can you confirm me that stock firmware would be the correct one for my versions?

        Thanks Joyce!

        • Yes.
          No. You need to use USB Jig.


  • ronaldos12

    hey,i did everything exactly as you did but after i close odin and my phone reboot it shows the s2 logo and then againn reboot!!!!!!!what should i do?????

    • Wipe data / factory reset in stock Recovery Mode again.

      • ronaldos12

        plzzz can you give me a link with an original firmware not carrier firmware plzzzz

        • Download link in the article links to non carrier firmware.

  • ronaldos12

    i wipe data/factory reset again again and again and the same thing

    • Which SGS2 model are you using? And which original stock firmware did you install?

      • ronaldos12

        im using international version of galaxy s2,,,i installed this XWKF3 “XEU (Generic UK+Europe) “

        • Is XWKF3 your original stock firmware?

  • ronaldos12

    plzzzz can we talk together on skype to show you my problem on video call cause i don t know what to do plzzzz

    • Sorry, I don’t provide support through chat or video call.

      • ronaldos12

        ok i will register a video to show you my problem what do you want to know to show you on the video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz im getting stressed

        • Mike

          Hey Ronaldo!
          You made everything by your own risk…
          Don’t force no one to fix your problem.

          • ronaldos12

            but i believe at him.i know that he can help me.

        • I know your phone is boot looping. No need to show video (anyway, I watched it). Please answer my previous question in order me to help you.

          Since wipe data / factory reset in stock Recovery Mode did not help, actually it should solve boot loop issue.

          What is your original stock firmware? And do you know how to boot into stock Recovery Mode?

          • ronaldos12

            i dont know what is my original stock firmware and i dont know how to boot into stock recovery mode. can you tell me how to do this?

  • ronaldos12

    no i dont know.can you tell me how?

    • Step 1 to 5…

      • ronaldos12

        thank you Jayce i love you i solved the problem i knew it that you could help me thank you thank you thank you 100 time thank you

  • John

    I downloaded my stock ROM XWKF3 for i9100 through xda.There I saw link for stock kernel KF3 also.When I downloaded stock kernel from xda,I see that it’s an EXE program.
    Now I want to know-
    1.when and why is this stock kernel required(the restore-firmware guide says only .tar from downloaded firmware is required)
    2.whenever it’s needed,how can exe be used on my android?
    3.At the time of root,I downloaded original and “insecure” kernels for my series XWKF3 from xda.So I wan under impression that this “original” i9100 kernel is SAME as stock kernel.But now I see Stock Kernel on the link you mentioned is roughly 5MB while the original kernel that I downloaded while rooting is 8MB.SO are these two different?If yes,which one is REAL stock (original)kernel?
    Thanks .

    • 1. Stock kernel is needed when remove yellow triangle after installed CF-Root.
      2. Click on exe, it will extract the tar file.
      3. I don’t use insecure rooting method. No comment. Use CF-Root which is much easier.

      • John

        Thanks Jayce for quick reply.
        Few doubts-
        1.My stock kernel version is XWKF3.I flashed it with CF root.Then just for the sake of upgrading I flashed it again with CF root KI4 (as I think KI4 will be advanced than KF3).
        Now suppose I want to install Cyanogenmod,so I downloaded CM7 from your link.Can I install it on my “new” flashed kernel CF-KI4 or I will have to revert first to my “original” CF-WX-KF3 kernel?
        2.I should install all new ROMs from sdcard and only for official firmware update/restoration,I should use “Odin”.Am I correct?
        Thanks again

        • 1. Just install it with CWM. CM7 will replace it later.
          2. Depend on the ROM format ~ zip or tar.

  • Chris

    Hi Jayce,

    When you flash the stock ROM again after wiping factory settings in ClockworkMod Recovery, does this remove ClockworkMod Recovery? I looked around and it seems to be awkward to remove it completely. If I wanted to go completely stock, will this method replace the ClockworkMod Recovery with the official Android system recovery ?


    • Wiping factory settings in ClockworkMod Recovery does not remove CWM. But installing official stock firmware does.

      • Chris

        Thanks Jayce for your quick reply.

        I downloaded a stock firmware off xda’s website and it matches the PDA and PHONE versions but not the CSC version. I can’t seem to find a stock ROM that matches my exact one!

        I am on Gingerbread 2.3.4.
        PDA: I9100XWKI4
        PHONE: I9100XXKI1
        CSC: I9100CPWKH1

        I live in the UK and my phone is unlocked [I assume by dialing *#7465625# and all appeared as (OFF)].

        Could you tell me if the CSC doesn’t match your stock firmware, will this matter later on if I wish to return my phone to stock?


        • My CSC is Europe XXKJ3 now. Mine is Malaysia unit. No issue at all.
          Just restore back to your original stock firmware. And you can get original CSC back.

  • ally

    can i know where to get the usb jig? can i reset the binary counter without usb jig ? thank you

  • Samarth Kumar

    Can I dual boot into 2 roms such as miui and cm7 on my galaxy s2 i9100? plz. tell me about any elaborative procedure to do so and whether it’s safe or not. Any idea when will be the CM9 available for Galaxy S2?

  • ally

    the stock firmware of DXKL3 is no function. that is not a zip file. may i know how can i get the stock firmware for DXKL3?

    • It is exe file, right? Just click on it to extract.

      • ally

        Jayce, nope, it just a blank icon. mean not supported for everything. even it is not a zip file.

        • ally

          and can i know after i put in the stock firmware, can i update it? i tried, it told me update failed.

        • Oh, Intratech use 7z format instead of exe on this one. Use 7-Zip to extract it.

          • ally

            i restore back to the stock firmware with DXKI2…but y i cant update it? it ask me use kies pr pc connect to update… actually after i put in the stock firmware can i update it ?

            • ally

              i have the winzip to extract the KI2 . just the KL3 just like unsupported file..

              • As I mentioned, use 7-Zip.

                • ally

                  T_T…i have deleted it…and now have to download back. by the way, is that use odin to put in my firmware as usual too? sorry for that i am new to learn all of this.

                  • Sorry, I don’t understand ‘use odin to put in my firmware as usual too’…

                    • ally

                      cos i cant update any firmware by phone from DXKI2 to KL3. even i used XWKJ2 also face the same problem, i try too update, it told me no update available, now i use ODIN to put in the stock firmware for DXKI2, i wanna update, after restart it told me update failed, and ask me to use kies to update,. but kies keep notify me to update kies. so i do not know what is the problem.

                      And now i downloaded for the DXKL3 firmware, is that i use ODIN to root it?

            • Yes, use Samsung Kies to update.

  • jamesmeralda

    im having problem reflashing my galaxy s2 to stock firmware
    GT-I9100_SIN_I9100DXKI2_I9100OLCKH1_I9100DXKI1 while performing it using odin.

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    _______________________then it stops here. nothing follows…
    what should i do. i tried booting it many times to download mode but still getting this.
    i even cleared the cache and did a full factory reset

    • There should not have Removed!! Look like the USB connection is disconnected. Try with other USB port. Or on other PC see.

  • @ally: You need to change CSC to the correct one if still can’t upgrade firmware with Samsung Kies.
    Yes, you can install DXKL3 firmware directly with Odin.

  • ivan

    i wan original i9100 not i9100G malaysia firmware, all code i dunno how to see.i wan flash back original firmware and take back to warranty. thx alot

    • Go ahead and download I9100 firmware.

      • ivan

        which firmware is for malaysia original???i confuse.@@

        • Follow my video guide. Mine is Malaysia unit.

          • ivan

            isit this 1?


            Firmware info
            PHONE: DXKF1
            Date: 04/06/2011

            OLB (GLB, MM1, STH, SMA, SIN, XME, XSP, XTC, XTE):

            XWKF1 Stock Kernel:
            Password: intratech@XDA

            • Yes ivan.

              • ivan

                thx alot….i found 1 same as ur firmware

                now my gs2 is rooted and custom firmware, isit also can flash original firmware same as ur video tutorial?coz my gs2 prob, wanna take back for warranty.

                • Yes, just follow above guide to restore back to stock firmware.

                  • ivan

                    thx..successful back to stock firmware, but y my language still didn got chinese??

                    • XWKF1 does not have Chinese Language.

  • ivan

    nope…i flashing this firmware same as ur video.GT-I9100_XEO_I9100XXKG5_I9100OXAKG5_I9100XXKG5

    • XXKG5 is Europe firmware. Of course no Chinese Language. My video is XWKF1 firmware.

      • ivan

        aaargh….u got ur firmware download link???thx a lot.

  • Dev

    i rooted my Samsung GSII, flashed Galnet MIUI ICS stable, the install was successful but am stuck stuck at the mi galnet boot screen.
    The download mode and recovery mode are working, odin detects when connected to pc.
    i wanna go back to stock rom. i have a back up files taken by cwm on my external sd, is there any way i can restore my phone from it?

    Please suggest me, what to do next?

    • Just restore it with CWM.

      • Dev

        But the back up files on my external sd card. Can i restore from the external sd card?

        • Yes with CWM v5.

          • Dev

            Restored it! thanks a lot! This is the best feeling of my life everrrr! phew am relieved!

  • allan

    Hello, your website rocks dude!!! I was wondering if you can help me with a video cuz I change some stuff from my sg2 but it was the issue of boot loop using this rom, I reinstall the rom without the rooting process and no more booting, but it was a issue with some apps, now I used the rom that you posted the gingerbread 2.3.6 and everything is working fine, but I would like to clean all the configuration in order to make sure that mobile will be working properly, thank you

    • So what do you want to do now?

      • allan

        what I mean is that ainΒ΄t sure that all the stuff such as the kernel etc are fine cuz I change some software with the odin, so I want to erase all and install again de gingerbread 2.3.6 what I mean with all is all configuration, themes etc etc etc thank you for your help

        • Just follow above above step by step will do. It will factory reset your phone then install new firmware.

  • Arun

    Thanks a lot! this really helped me revert back to stock. I had problems with a custom rom.

  • Vinceong

    Hai, jay… i wanted to ask you for opinion…

    previously my s2 was flashed bastisa 70 2.8 rom and i faced FC and so i reflash it again with recovery

    and after i finish flashing, i straight go for CWM restore because i dont want bastisa anymore…

    But now my restored stock (KL3) firmware having 20* android os (quite battery drain)

    and i forgoten about the original firmware details

    Android version – 2.3.6
    Basedband version – I9100XXKI3 (i can’t really recall it, but i think not KI3)
    Kernel version –

    Should i restore my phone to stock firmware again? and re cf root to get restore my logs and sms with titanium backup? Or there are other way?

    • What are you trying to do here?

      • vinceong

        I’m here to ask some opinion for my future action to my phone.
        Sorry I know this is too over.

        • My 2 cents… Backup everything with Titanium Backup. Install custom ROM like CheckROM RevolutionHD. Restore everything back. πŸ™‚

  • vinceong

    Okay, tq jay^^
    I take on my own risk

  • Shah

    Hello buddy,

    Thank you so much for this help mate. I wanted to revert the official ROM so desperately after upgrading to ICS 4. It was horrible with uncountable bugs and crashes. Shacks! Official is always better πŸ˜€

    • vijay neehar

      how to revert back to stock firmware…for indian version??please explain briefly

      • Shah

        Hey Vijay

        Just follow the above steps. Most important to get rid of boot loop is to go into recovery mode and factory reset the phone. Then continue with the above instructions carefully. It will be no problem.

  • vijay neehar

    hi jayce,
    whenever i install stock rom on my galaxy s2 indian version it goes into boot loop…
    i hav tried 3 stock roms from xda forum and nothin has keeps going to boot loop…
    i currently hav sensation rom 3…please help me install stock rom…

    • Above step by step guide did not help you?

      • vijay neehar

        i hav i9100xxki4 baseband version and my kernel version is which kernel and which indian firmware version do i hav to use to revert back to stock android???

        • Any India firmware that you prefer.

          • vijay neehar

            anythin i just need stock rom without boot loop….

            • Did you wipe data and cache in recovery mode before install firmware? It should solve boot loop issue.

              • vijay neehar

                yeah i tried evrythin..i wiped d d data before and after installing the firmware also…but nothin is working…can i install other country’s firmware for ex U.K’s…will it work??

                • You can try that.

  • Prateik

    Hi jayse.
    is this an indian firmware?
    What about the mobile network?

    • Firmware in the video is not India firmware. Download it from XDA website.

  • nalbi

    I tried to go back from 2.3.6 to my customer firmware 2.3.3 but it keeps going into boot cycle.
    the 2.3.3 is a single file that i upload to PDA using ODIN : I9100JPKH1_I9100XXKG5_I9100OJPKH1_HOME.tar

    and the one i upgraded to (2.3.6) : alot of files that end with .tar.md5

    now i havce the 2.3.6 running (sadly no arabic support).
    how can i go back to the original 2.3.3 without going into the Boot cycle?

    • Above guide did not help to solve boot loop issue?

      • nalbi

        no it didn’t.

        i downgraded to 2.3.5 without problems and back to 2.3.6 everything is OK
        but when i try to downgrade to 2.3.3 from either versions i get stuck in the boot loop, although i have wiped everything and restored phone to the factory settings.

        strange huh?

        • I have no idea then. Wiping data and cache in recovery solve boot loop issue all the while…

  • nalbi

    Hmmm . . .
    Ok , i did again to make sure wipe is good.

    still the same thing πŸ™‚

  • nalbi

    i guess i’ll wait for a stable ICS release to come out, since i tried the 4.0.1 and 4.0.3 and they had some issues still.

    thanks mate

  • Heey! HEEEY
    I got serious problem with my samsung!

    look at the page! and read!
    Thats how it looks like for me all time…
    What the fxxk should i do?! Please MAIL ME BACK!”!Β½!!!!!!

    • Hi Kevin, above method does not help you?

    • John

      Hey buddy,
      Just try flashing ur original stock firmware by above method.It worked perfectly for me,my phone was stuck in that triangular excl.mark thing,I wiped data and flashed my stock.Working perfectly.thanks to jayce of course!

  • azam

    hey.. i just flashed my SGS2 to 4.0.3 XXLP22..
    but it is just too much bug..
    how can i flash it back to normal OFFICIAL 2.3.5/2.3.6 at here egypt??do i have to download new kernel too?
    does it involve PHONE or CSC?
    sorry too much question..hope u can help me

    • Just download firmware and install it.

  • nalbi


    can i copy a ROM from another SGS2 to my SGS2?
    my friend has 2.3.5 with support to arabic and i have a 2.3.6 custom ROM.

    i know i can downgrade to a stock 2.3.4 then upgrade to 2.3.5.

    but just wanted to know if it can be done πŸ™‚
    would be nice to see a mobile with a ROM that you liked, then copy it from the Mobile.

  • Ben

    Very useful guide. I restore my rooted samsung galaxy note of 2.3.5 to samsung official 2.3.6 firmware. Very clear and useful guide. Thanks Jayce

    • Ronaldo

      Now your baseband version is:i9100XXKL1 or not?

  • Ronaldo

    Sorry for disturbing but which is the official europian and
    unlocked 2.3.5 firmware can you tell me?

    • XXKI4 is one of them.

      • Ronaldo

        I have installed 2.3.6 XXKL1 IS that an europian firmware?

        • Huh? Got XXKL1 firmware?

          • Ronaldo

            Ummmm yes.
            1.Why?it is bad?
            2.i dont know wich is my stock firmware is there any way to find out?

            • 1. I have no idea there is XXKL1 firmware.
              2. Ask your seller.

  • ronaldo

    hi jayce i have installed xxkl4 but at about my phone it shows BASEBAND VERSION UNKNOWN also the flight mode sign is on although it is off and my phone doesnt recognise my sim card any ideas????

  • talha

    I have accidently flashed Samsung notes custom rom on my S2 and now my S2 doest nt boot just white screen apears. i tried to flash stock firmware through Odin but it says failed while the flash process..PLz help..:(((

    • Sorry to hear that. Do you have CWM?

  • mikeyyy

    Soo for my galaxy juz tha samsung logo comes up, nd tryd tha reset likyou sed nd didnt wrk, my brothr erased tha firmware so iz ther nethng i can do

    • Can you still load recovery mode and Odin download mode?

  • mikeyy

    no, as far as i know i tried all types of resets and it stays on the startup samsung logo, and when i connect it with my laptop it says thephone is fuctioning fine….i just know my brother some how deleted the ROM and stock software or firmware…… is there anyway to recover it or download it to my computer and then to the phone. please helpp!!

    • You can’t do anything if you can’t even load Odin Download mode.

  • Khairul

    Hi michael
    do you have Samsung galaxy i8150 firmware
    My phone seem crazy after i install cpu master.but for sure i not running bcoz root required.Need u help buddy.thanks

  • kaybee

    Hey there,

    I’m using the Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, Would this work for it too?

  • navin00

    i am in a bit of confusing situation,i purchased sgs2 from India on October with manufacturing date sept-2011 (manufactured in china exported to India)and earlier this week i updated my phone from 2.3.3 to 2.3.4 gingerbread XXKG3 after update the phone is draining up the battery very early as compared to the previous official stock firmware which was 2.3.3. i wanted to restore my stock official firmware but i don’t know my official firmware baseband or build or kernel version. i want exactly the same version of my official firmware as it worked perfectly with my phone. HELP

    • Sorry, I can’t help much if you don’t know your original stock firmware version.

  • navin00

    then which firmware should i go for? that saves my battery drainage and your download link is not working..

    • I am using XWKK2 custom ROM. Battery life is okay for me.

  • navin00

    Is there any way to find my official firmware by product serial number or something like that..?
    after updating to 2.3.4 through odin can i claim for warranty or restore back to official firmware from Samsung service centre in India.

    and 1 more thing my phone display blips up after every 15 to 20 minutes and loops on for 3 to 5 times without touching the device is this normal or it can be fixed through settings menu.

    • I am not sure about that. You can check with Samsung India.

      No, it does not look normal to me.

  • navin00

    Hey, the above mentioned links are not working (ex.multiupload)can you give me alternate link for this will be really very helpful and appreciative..


    Firmware info

    Build date: 09/06/2011
    XWKF3 Stock Kernel:

  • navin00

    can’t find working link on xda developers also please suggest any site or forum where i can find this firmware..

  • navin00

    Hey i have find out my original official firmware…

    Baseband I9100DDKE4

    Kernel root@DELL101#2
    but cant find any download source can you help me…please its a request..

  • renjith


    I have flashed my firmware to ICS in my SG2 without backing up my factory firmware. Is there a way to get my factory ROM back? I am from middle east region.

    • Hi renjith, please follow this guide to restore back your stock firmware.

  • aditya anchan

    can this unroot my galaxy s2

  • Guy

    I have a problem and I am desperate to get help.
    I have tried to root my phone and used Odin to put a tar file (6mb large) on my Galaxy S2. Now the phone gets stuck at the yellow sign part. I did a factory wipe and now I dont know what to do.How do I get my old firmware back? I dont know what is my firmware but I got my phone from Hong Kong. My girlfriend got the same phone from the same seller and hers says I9100xxkg1 and zskg2. What are the chances that this is the one I need ?
    Where do I get it from

    • Guy

      I have installed I9100_zImageZSKI3.tar and now the phone gets stuck in the “s” animation, showing it over and over

    • You need to confirm with your seller.

  • hey jayce i got a samsung galaxy ace s5030 and locked himself after attempt i don have a google acount what should i do

  • Souvik

    Jayce Will This Stock ROM Work In India ??

    Sorry For My Bad English…

    • You need to install India stock firmware.

  • Josh

    I need help here. I have a samsung galaxy s2 i777, i rooted it and then installed android 4.0.3 (ICS). Now after hating the os and having issues i want to reinstall the stock firmware but cannot get my device into download mode. It was working before but now nothing works. what do i do?!?

  • Amar

    Thanks man, you’re awesome! (me too on miui, love it)

  • varun

    I have my rooted my galaxy s2 ..initially I flashed a custom Rom and later restored to stock Rom using cwm suppose I receive an update from kies and I do so will the root affect the update ???

    • Root access won’t affect the update.

  • adrenalinebro

    My odin Is not get ing the phone in yellow can you please help

    • What do you mean? I don’t get it.

  • Oliver

    Does it matter witch firmware I take?

    • Yes, of course.

      • oliver


        • Different region.

  • anoop

    Dear While upgrading my galaxy s 2 it failed and now my mobile screen shows mobile an error symbol and PC. I restart it by taking out the battery but no difference. plz help

  • anoop

    Interrupted firmware update – phone frozen with warning sign
    Was trying to update firmware for my Galaxy S 2 and this was interrupted. Phone now shows a pic of a phone, 2 dots, a warning triangle, 2 more dots and a PC – and this will NOT go away, no matter what I do – viz try & switch off, take battery out, hold down every key, etc. etc.

    Please help…!??

    • You can try to install firmware with Odin. If still cannot, you need to send back Samsung Support.

  • Ella

    Hi, I followed your steps up to no. 20, which I understand is not necessary to go through.

    I still can’t get Kies to upgrade my phone to the latest firmware, as my phone doesn’t allow it (I don’t get the pop up to press Yes on). I suspect it may still be rooted, as my kernel is named root@DELL103 #2. Is this the case?

    (Needless to say, I’m a noob who just managed to root my phone following your recipes. πŸ˜‰


    • Rooted is not an issue here. You might not have the correct CSC for your firmware.

      • Ella

        Thanks for your quick reply!

        I found out CSC is TEN for Norway, but I don’t have that option in the list. It’s set on NEE which is Nordic. Is that what’s causing my trouble? How can I fix it? I want to upgrade to the newest offiicial Android version.


        • I thinks so. You need to install the correct firmware and CSC for your region then.

          • Ella

            Any tips to where I can find clean upgrade files to download? Every link I’ve tried through your old posts and XDA has been closed for some reason. Thanks in advance, you’re doing a great job!


  • cas

    How To Restore Motorola Cliq to Factory Os after change the Os /How to restore stock firmware on

    • Sorry cas, I don’t have Motorola Cliq. No idea.

  • James Barrett

    Hey Jayce,

    Is it possible to restore a SGII rooted on lightening rom 6.1, firmware 2.3.4 to get the original firmware (factory). My phone was unlocked when i bought it and still is unlocked.
    My baseband is I9100XXKH3, Kernal version is #20 and lastly build number is Lite’ning Rom v6.1 XXKH3.

    I’m a noob at all of this, could you please help me as i am wanting to update to 4.0.1 firmware soon in Australia unlocked.

    • Hi James, it should be no problem.

      • James Barrett

        could you give me the suitable files that i need to download?? is it the same as the video?

        • You need to use back your original firmware. Mine is Malaysia version.

          • James Barrett

            ok.. the thing is that i dont know my original firmware, is it the same when you flash??

            • I don’t think so because yours should be Australia version.

              • James Barrett

                lastly, i bought the phone from ebay when it first came out from hong kong but the phone is european. do i use Australian or European firmware?

                • Oh, in this case, you can install any region I9100 firmware that you want on your I9100.

  • James Barrett

    is there a specific website for this download???thanks by the way

  • Qwerty

    If i wanna restore back my original firmware…
    how i know which one is my original one?

    • Hi Qwerty, you need to mark down it previously. Else consult your seller.

  • moussa

    hi jayce, i updated my s2 to the official ICS firmware using mobile odin but i really hate it and want to return to gingerbread, so can i just use mobile odin without going to this recovery mode thing?

    • Not sure about that because I did not try to use Mobile Odin. You can try and see.

  • salim

    hi jayce
    was thinking about installing the ics remix rom by westcrip watched the video and it looks pretty fast and cool just wanted to know your opinion before i flash as you have always beeen lot of help.

    • Personally, I still don’t like ICS on I9100 yet. But you still can try it. πŸ˜‰

  • salim

    sorry heres the kink to the video ics remix resurrection

  • Riz

    Hi Jayce,

    I really liked your video and it was easy to follow…

    However I need some help to find the firmware you are using as that is what was one my phone before I had it rooted now I need to go back…

    I followed your link to XDA-Developers site, found the firmware I need however it is hosted on which I believe is no longer available and taken down…

    Can you help me find or provide me a link to the XWKF1 firmware??

    Much Appreciated…

    • I think you need to Google for it. Or download other firmware that is downloadable. I don’t have other XWKF1 firmware download link. Sorry…

  • Riz

    no worries…

    Oh what about this site you had mentioned earlier to Ella??

    I saw the PDA file for Australia (where I am located), assuming i can use this?

    • SamMobile provides official firmware too. I did not try them personally. But they should work…

  • Anish

    hi there,
    I have a problem with my stock music player it doesn’t read my songs, but when i use another music player(PowerAMP) it reads all my songs. any solution


    • Hi Anish, make sure that there is no .nomedia file in your songs folder.

      • Anish

        How can i find that file .nomedia i tried to find but i cant locate it.

        • Enable Show hidden file in My files settings.

          • Anish

            Thanks alot it worked.

  • Anish

    i also have another problem i had rooted my phone before, then i unrooted back flashed it back to normal with 1binary count… when i install the CSC manually *#272*IMEI# I cant find anything its just black.

    • Sorry Anish, I have no idea on this.

  • gapoel

    The kernel version changes upon upgrading? cause i cannot find a firmware 2.3.6 for my PDA XXLPQ. Its already upgraded to 4.0.3. and onlhy that firmware i can find.

    • Of course, kernel comes along with firmware.

  • azizi

    what is the official stock firmware for malaysia currently? i wanna send my fon to the service centre.

    • Hi azizi, you can try the same firmware as mine in the video.

      • azizi

        is it compulsory to flash malaysia’s official firmware or any region official firmware will do? mine is currently ics europe.

        • Yes, Malaysia firmware better.

      • azizi

        can i flash with dxlp7 instead? will this make my warranty void?

        • DXLP7 is not Malaysia firmware.

          • azizi

            but in the xda developer web it states XME in the multi CSC

            • Yes, it has XME CSC but not official in Malaysia.

            • azizi

              another thing is,in the about phone,the baseband version is this cause of software of hardware??

              • Should be software.

                • azizi

                  know how to fix it??

                  • Not sure. What had you done until you got it missing?

                    • azizi

                      nothing..yesterday my fon is wet cause of first it wont boot,screen wont lit,cant shut down n always reboot when try to shut down..but today all the above is fixed,juz baseband n imei become unknown..try some method from xda,but still wont fixed..

                    • azizi

                      some said that install new kernel may fix it,but i wanna know what is the real purpose of the kernel??

  • @azizi: Kernel is like the heart of Android operation system.

    • azizi

      so do i need to flash the kernel back??

      • Hi azizi, I have no idea it work or not. You can try if you want.

        • azizi

          nope..stil dont work

        • azizi

          do u have any efs backup that i can use??

          • EFS is unique to each phone. You can’t use other one.

            Just restore to stock firmware. And send back to warranty.

  • Tjecing

    Hi Jayce… After flashing stock rom should i flash stock kernel related separately or it installed automatically while rom was flashing… Thanks

    • No need to install stock kernel again. It comes along with firmware.

      • Tjecing

        That’s great… Thanks

  • kernel00

    Hi, when I bought my phone it had this info:

    1. Android version: 2.3.3
    2. Baseband: I9100BUKG1
    3. Kernel:
    4. Build number: Gingerbread.BUKG2

    What stock firmware should I use from xda-forum thread?
    Is XXKG2 good enough ? Also this means I will loose ROOT and CWM ? Now I have Cyanogen 7.1, and I wiped cache,factory reset in CWM. What else should I do ?

    • Hi kernel00, which stock firmware to choose is totally up to you.
      Yes, you will lose root and CWM after installed stock firmware.

      • kernel00

        Hi, thanks for you response, so it means I can install whatever firmware I want from Intratech’s post ? It’s not like when rooting with CF-Root ? It does not have to match what I first had when I bought the phone ?

        • Yes, as long as it is I9100 firmware.

  • kernel02

    Jayce please tell me, is there any problem if I install a different region kernel on my SGS2 ?

    Also what’s the difference between a Carrier firmware and an unbranded one? Which one do you recommend ? A Carrier firmware is blocked on using a SIM card of that carrier ?

    • Kernel must match to firmware. Else it might have issue. Same region or not does not matter.

      I did not try carrier firmware before. No idea.

  • kii

    Do I have to do factory reset

    • Hi kii, please refer to the guide.

  • Erick

    Hi Jaycee,

    I just want to ask if it is ok to “unroot” your SGS2 using the stock ICS firmware? Do you think you can still claim your warranty from Samsung service centers?


    • Yes, and make sure that you reset custom binary download counter. Else warranty still void.

      • Erick

        I need the usb jig to reset the custom binary download right? Is there any other way to do this with out the usb jig?

        • Yes. No, as far as I know.

  • Rob

    Hi jayce!

    My friend was running on ICS and wanted to revert back to gingerbread so I helped him flash

    the stock firmware. But I messed up because I forgot to do a factory reset. I was stuck on the

    android image wherein you have to choose what language to use and gives me an error

    message so I can’t go anyfurther. After reboot I was unable to turn on the device again. I tried

    using a jig but still won’t go to download mode. I also tried to replace the battery but still

    nothing positive happened. I hope I did not destroyed the device. What can you suggest I

    should do?

    • Hi Rob, can you still power on it? If can, try to load into recovery or download mode.

      • Rob

        Hi jayce,

        In download mode I still can’t do it. In recovery I forgot to do it. Now my friend brought it the

        the sammy service center. πŸ™‚ I hope I did not brick it. Is it possible that I brick it jayce?

        Eventhough the Odin passed the installation of stock gingerbread because I was able to boot

        but can’t go any further because I was stuck with the Android image.

        • SGS2 is very hard to brick (but still can if not careful). Just load into recovery and factory reset it.

      • Rob

        By the way jayce, I forgot to ask, it’s okay to downgrade from ICS and flash the stock

        gingerbread right? Just to be sure because I felt bad on what happened.

        • Yes. It is okay to downgrade. You need to factory reset in recovery first when downgrade.

          • Rob

            Thank you very much jayce. What a relief. πŸ™‚

  • Justin

    Do we need to root first to flash stock firmware or we could easily downgrade from stock ics to stock gingerbread without rooting?

    • Hi Justin, you don’t need root access to install stock firmware.

  • Dev

    Hey Jayce,
    intratech hasn’t uploaded all the stock firmwares at his new site ( so i downloaded the XWKL1 firmware from
    you think this site is good? should i go ahead to restore my phone to stock firmware using it?

    • SamMobile firmwares are okay too. But I did not try them personally.

      • Dev

        i need to send my phone to samsung service centre thats why i am a bit nervous. πŸ™

  • John

    Ok,so i want to do this because i think it will get rid of my battery drain i have one question…Do i need to download just firmware? Or kernel too? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚ BTW,i will give you my about phone information:

    Android version: 4.0.3
    Baseband version: I9100XXLPS
    Kernel version: 3.0.15-I9100XWLP7-CL340913
    dpi@DELL134 #3
    Build number: IML74K.XWLP7

    • Hi John, firmware will do.

      • John

        Ok,but now i have one more question.Sorry if i bored you,im noob in this..:s I have build version XWLP7 as you can see above..That is version for Russia,if i understood good.Now,for my country(Serbia) build version is XWKI4…So,if i download XWKI4 do i need kernel XWKI4 as well? Im telenor network(Serbia)

        • Kernel is included in firmware.

          • John

            Thanks for reply,will follow you from now on! Thanks once more πŸ™‚

            • John

              i dont have power off option,why ?

              • Power off option in Android OS?

                • John

                  Well i see you used power off option in recovery mode,when you did factory reset…i dont have it,and dont know how to turn off the phone in step 6..:SS

                  • Oh, you can pull out battery in this case.

                    • John

                      and turn on the phone normaly?xD

  • John

    Thanks mate so much,did it and it works good! πŸ˜€ THANKS <3

  • Elvin

    I got my phone GT-I9100 (non-G version) on last year July.
    If I need to restore the stock firmware back the phone, which one should I download as refer below?

    PDA: I9100DXLP9
    CSC: I9100OLBLP9
    OS: 4.0.3
    Date: 2012 April

    PDA: I9100DXKL3
    CSC: I9100OLCKL2
    OS: 2.3.6
    Date: 2011 December

    PDA: I9100DXKI2
    CSC: I9100OLCKH1
    OS: 2.3.3
    Date: 2011 September

    PDA: I9100DXKF1
    CSC: OLB
    OS: 2.3.3
    Date: 2011 June

    Thank you…

    • Hi Elvin, it is totally up to you. πŸ˜‰

  • yea

    why is that i cant do step number 11-15. i had open the odin yet there is no yellow color appeared like yours. .and its not working at all. what should i do? 😐

    • yea

      im stock. i dont know what to do. please help me. 😐

      • Hi yea, what are you trying to do actually?


    can u help please
    will this work with galaxy s2 gt-i9000g?
    i dont know which stock firmware i had which one should i use?
    more specificly i have an issue with my camerait says the warning camerafailed each time i try
    to open camera can you help please

    • Hi SELVEN, the process works for I9100G. But you need to use I9100G firmware only.

  • selven

    thanks for reply
    can you tell me which firmwRE is appropriate for my phone please

  • alin

    Hi i followed all the steps but after i have run the firmware with Odin it passed but my screen didn’t load up. i waited for 20 minutes and nothing its stuck on the start up screen i can’t do anything now please i need your help asap

    • Which SGS2 model are you using? And which stock firmware did you install?

      • alin

        I am using GT-I1900 and I have installed I9100XWKJ1. Is it because I have to remove the custom binary download counter with the USB jig? or because of the exiting custom ROOM that i am using now?

        • Did you wipe data and cache in recovery mode?
          USB jig has nothing to do with this. Custom ROM won’t affect it too.

          • alin

            Yes I did

            • Process is correct. Should not have any issue then.
              Try to wipe data and cache again. If still cannot, restart the whole process. And double check your firmware zip is not corrupted.

  • alin

    I tried that already 3 time and same thing happened. I think that there is something wrong with the firmware zip. Can you please send me another link where i can download the firmware file again, one that you know it will work, I will really appreciate that.

  • John Khan

    Hi Jayce! I went to the xda site for the stock roms. Mine is XWKF3. But I’m not really sure about the country (CPW,XEU,INU,etc) because i have no idea where my friend bought it from. I live in India. Which one should i choose? Would choosing a wrong one brick my phone?

    • I am also not sure because you need to consult your friend for that. Install other region I9100 firmware is okay, as long as your SGS2 is I9100 model.

  • alin

    Hi I have installed I9100XWKJ1 firmware 2.3.5 on samsung galaxy s2 GT-I9100but it won’t work to reset the custom binary download counter with the USB jog. any suggestions? However the yellow triangle is not there but the the custom counter binary is 2, will i be able to use the manufacture warranty?.

  • alin

    And if I do that, will the warranty still be void?

    • No, if everything back to stock.

  • Mohammed Zameeruddin

    Dear jayse.

    after updating android 4.0i can not see my USB storage in my Samsung galaxy note under My Files option

    Kindly give me solution what to do.

  • Tony

    Dear Jayce
    please help me
    2 days ago i turned the flight mode on and got to bed when i wake up i found the battery dead knowing that it was nearly 70% charged, then i found the flight mode hanged on the ONmode ,however i down graded the firmware from 2.3.6 to 2.3.5 using ur way ( thanks BTW),
    now the SIM cant be seen by the phone, wat can i do?!!!

    • Hi Tony, try to factory reset your phone see.

      • Tony

        thanks for replying, i did wat ever i can do with the software issues but nothing works πŸ™ factory reset, downgrading firmware nothing.

        • Sorry Tony, I have no idea then. Please consult Samsung Support.

          • Tony

            I did yesterday and waiting for the result, I hope they can fix it πŸ™‚
            thanks so much Jayce for ur support..

            • Tony

              hey, the service center diagnosed that it needs a new mother board !!!! wat do u think abt that?! πŸ™‚ , everything is working except for the unseen SIM card, no water no crash!!!!!!

  • silvia

    My samsung galaxy s2 don’t get the “download mode” screen…it works but its screen is totally black. when I push the 3buttons’combination I don’t see any sgs2 logo…

    any suggestion?

    ps: except for the screen, the phone seems to work and can be connected to pc

    • Which SGS2 model are you using? And which 3 buttons did you press?

      • silvia

        i tried volume up+home+power and also volume down+home+power..

        something wrong?

        • Sorry silvia, I have no idea about I9100P. Try to consult others at XDA website.

          • silvia

            ok, thank you so much!

  • Chris

    hello jayce, tried to do this tutorial as my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100) is under a yellow triangle screen and wont boot. When i get my phone connected in download mode my computer says the device is not recognised. then when i go into odin it cant find it. I got kies and the drivers but nothing. i really need help. (Before all this happened i tried rooting but failed as i used the wrong firmware)

    • Hi Chris, try on other PC see.

  • hamza

    HELLO JAYCE, my current sansung galaxy s2 firmware is 4.0.3 XWLPD updated using kies and now its rooted………..the Q which i want to ask from you is that ill need a stock firmware XWLPD 4.0.3 to restore it or any other firmware and after restoring it will downgrade to GB or remain same ie ICS

    • The Android version will be the same as the firmware that you restored.

      • hamza

        if i use 4.0.3 to restore it will be unrooted or not…………..i want to make my device unroot and also to remove yellow triangle!!

        • Install official firmware will remove root access and yellow triangle.

      • hamza

        and also i want to ask that after restoring ill be able to update my device via kies in future

        • Yes for official firmware.

  • hamza

    my current firmware is 4.0.3 XWLPD pda=lpd, phone=lpb ,csc=lpb…………now im going to restore my firmware back to ics so for RESTORING i need XWLPD 4.0.3 or i can use any other like XXLPQ etc there are many other firmware versions for 4.0.3………..which one i have to use

    • Which one to use is totally up to you.

  • hamza

    if i use any other like XXLPQ will it be installed on my device or i have only one choice i.e XWLPD

    • As long as it is I9100 firmware, it is fine.

      • hamza

        ok thanks

        • hamza

          i have done restoring and my device is unrooted also……..i restore my device to ics XWLPD firmware version but now when i connect my samsung galaxy s2 i9100 with kies via pc it says your device deosnot support software upgrading via kies.please tell me how to solve this problem!!

          • If you still can’t upgrade through Samsung Kies while using official firmware, make sure all PDA, PHONE and CSC combination are correct. Most likely, CSC is not correct.

            • hamza

              according to your video we only choose the pda in odin……so where is this all csc and etc

              • From the website that you download the firmware.

                • hamza

                  im in pakistan and this was my firmware version I9100XWLPD_I9100XXLPW_I9100NEELP4_HOME.tar.md5 to which i restore but i want to mention that i bought my device from france and on the back of my device “orange i9100” is written but it is unlock and any carrier can be used on it………..which csc should i choose

                  • Sorry hamza, I am not familiar with Orange firmware. Try to consult others at XDA website.

                    • hamza

                      ok you are not familiar with orange but can u please tell me that what i should choose for csc ………the firmware which i downloaded is for i9100 sgs2 not for orange device

  • @hamza: Not familiar with other region CSC too. Mine is XME for Malaysia.

  • Rebel504

    Help!!!…noob here tried to flash my sprint sgs2 to boost…and bricked it…a buddy tried to fix and erased the kernal memory…so now I have a true brick…cant enter recovery…says low battery cant download…and now battery wont charge…any ideas??????…thx in advance…

    • Hi Rebel504, can you still load Odin Download mode?

      • Rebel504

        no…going to try another battery tomorrow…won’t do anything, think battery is bad or won’t charge with kernal being wiped…only lights up when pluged in via usb…but when I try to enter download mode it says “low battery!! can’t download!!”

  • Kevin

    Not working! Can,t seem to get any further than wipe data/factory reset. After pressing this to activate the only next option i get is reboot. Which then goes back to the updated firmware.Please Help

    • Huh? Which step did you fail to continue?

      • Kevin

        Got as far as step 4 the next option was there was no yes only reboot. in which i did and it took me back to the same updated firmware.

        • Which SGS2 model are you using? And did you install any custom ROM on it?

          • Kevin

            Hi again No ROM installed.
            Details of Phone if it helps.
            Model: GT-I9100
            Android Version: 4.0.4
            Baseband Version:I9100XXLQ6
            Kernel version:3.0.15-I9100XWLPTCL941023 dpi@DELL169#3
            Firmware update( Downloaded usuing Kies)
            Please note this is the only Download to this phone apart from software from the Google Playstore.
            Hope this helps to resolve problem

            • Since no custom ROM installed, why do you need to restore stock firmware?

              • Kevin

                My apologies for saying no custom Rom installed(not technically expert minded). All I know is i have updated firmware from Kies. And it’s completely different on starting up. I’m just worried that my warrinty will be affected.Maybe this is normal?

                • Upgraded using Samsung Kies is the official way. If you did not install anything using Odin, your warranty is still valid.

                  • Kevin

                    Many Thanks Jayce I breathe a sigh of releif.

                    • Kevin

                      Hi Jayce small problem you might be able to resolve for me which has started to happen.After rebooting thinking that I might need to reinstall original Firmware which I found out I don’t need (if that makes sense) I have now found that if i play a music file on my phone and try to use other apps or settings while music is playing in bacckground, I am know getting noise gliches everytime i touch an app or settings button. This did not happen before.Have I damaged the firmware when I reset Factory settings and rebooted. Tried reinstalling app . still the same. Any help or advice on this would be appreciated

  • Cyril

    Hello Jayce.

    Recently I have upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G (bought in Malaysia) from android version 2.3.6 to 4.0.3 through Kies on my computer. However I find that I liked the 2.3.6 version more than 4.0.3. So I’m deciding to downgrade it myself using Odin3v1.87.
    Here are some of my questions.

    1. I have downloaded the 2.3.6 version firmware (I9100GDZKL3_I9100GOLCKL3_XME) and the flashprograms (GT-I9100G Flasher + Pit) from Is that an official firmware as it came with the box when I bought it?

    2. So far I only had downloaded the 2.3.6 version firmware (I9100GDZKL3_I9100GOLCKL3_XME) and the flashprograms (GT-I9100G Flasher + Pit).

    After unzipping (I9100GDZKL3_I9100GOLCKL3_XME), I get 2 files. I9100GDZKL3_I9100GDZKL3_I9100GOLCKL3_HOME.tar.md5 & SS_DL.dll.

    After unzipping (GT-I9100G Flasher + Pit), I get the Odin3v1.87 folder & I9100G_omap4_all_20110627_CHN_OPEN_emmc.pit file.

    Is it enough for me to start the downgrade process via Odin? Or do I need some other files to complete the downgrade?

    3. Does downgrading via Odin from stock 4.0.3 to stock 2.3.6 will void the warranty? So far I have not rooted or installed any custom roms/firmwares on the phone yet.

    4. Does downgrading via Odin from stock 4.0.3 to stock 2.3.6 increases the binary count?

    • 1. No idea as I don’t have I9100G.
      2. I9100GDZKL3_I9100GDZKL3_I9100GOLCKL3_HOME.tar.md5 with Odin will do.
      3. No.
      4. No.

      By the way, you can go to Samsung Service Center and ask them to do downgrade.

  • Cyril

    Thanks Jayce for the prompt reply. I would consider sending my phone to Samsung Service Centre then.

    By the way if I would like to do downgrade with Odin, do I need to select the PIT file? Or I just need to check PDA and select the (I9100GDZKL3_I9100GDZKL3_I9100GOLCKL3_HOME.tar.md5) as well as Auto Reboot & F.Reset Time and leaving the rest uncheck by default?

    • No need to select PIT file. Please refer to my video if you are not sure.

      • Cyril

        Thank you Jayce for the easy to follow and understand step by step guide, video and of course your efficiency in reply to my questions has helped me very much.

        A few days back I successfully downgraded back to stock firmware on my phone and I’m happy with that. Once again I’m a happy owner of the phone πŸ™‚

  • @Kevin: Factory reset won’t cause any issue to hardware. Do consult Samsung Support for your issue. It might be hardware issue.

  • Kevin

    Hi again Jayce I have gone into Kies to see what firmware I am using to see if I can install Ice cream Sandwich 4.0 to sort out my problem. The Firmware version i am using is PDA:LPT/PHONE:LQ6/CSC:LPA (CPW). After going on Google and finding out the version is telling me it’s a Rom version from CPW (Car Phone Warehouse.) This is where I purchased the phone from. Does that mean I can’t install or upgrade my Firmware?

    • Hi Kevin, I am not familiar with this firmware. But you should be able to upgrade it if that official firmware.

  • Kevin

    Thanks Jayce I have tried to change or upgrade Firmware copying instructions from Video but to no avail. I think maybe because this phone is a contract phone the firmware might be locked. Is that possible

    • Maybe. Not too sure as mine is factory unlocked version.

  • Shumon

    Hi Jayce,

    I followed instructions, and after a Passed sign in Odin I unplugged the cable. However, the phone has been blinking ever since, and setup has not started. Any advice please?

    • Blinking? What do you mean here?

  • man8613

    just to share experience…my sg2 GT 19100G..i hv upgrade ICS OTA,,,then root it…then use CM9…so kinda hate it..i want to revert back to ICS kernel..during restoration its hang… so unpatiencely i FORCE CLOSE it …DO NOT DO THAT..if it hang always remove the battery….1st…. its still can be restart..but CANT BOOT …so i got panic…on the raya EVE already…the SGS2G got brick…so i send it to samsung support in Seberang Jaya Penang…good thing is by Hari Raya ..i managed to get it back after service..and its firmware and rom a as good as gingerbread new 2.3.6…i really appriciate those tech support help and they even open during hari raya..Thanks u guys..

  • Mir


    i am from india and i have upgraded my galaxy s2 to ICS through odin. now when i connect my phone to pc via kies it says “your phone doesnot support firmware upgradation via kies. please let me know how would i restore to stock official firmware and how would kies accept my phone for upgradation. please provide the stock firmware for india as well.
    I shall be highly thankful.

    • Hi Mir, please refer to this guide. If still cannot, you might need to change CSC.

      • Mir

        Thanks for the feedback i gone through the guide and did same. There are no. Of csc codes and i changed to INU since i am from india. Suggestf i need to do anyrhing else of should i check it up with kies now

        • Hi Mir, which firmware did you install?

          • Mir

            Jayce thanks buddy
            It is working with kies now
            Thanks again.
            Now kies says
            I have latest firmware
            PHONE: LPA
            CSC: LP9 (INU)

            earlier ir was saying
            My phone does not support upgradation via kies

  • Ρ‚ΠΈΠΌΡƒΡ€

    ΠΏΠΎΠΌΠΎΠ³ΠΈ ΠΌΠ½Π΅ поТалуйста
    я Π²ΡΡ‚Π°Π²Π»ΡΡŽ usb jig Π° custon binary Π½Π΅ становится 0

    • So what is your issue now?

  • Britt

    Having a hard time with this. I got the phone with cyanogen10 and want to restore to stock. Finally got Odin to recognize my phone but now it won’t move past setup connection… Sorry I’m new to all this and have spent all day trying to figure it out. Any chance u can help?

    • Britt

      And if it does anything it says fail…

      • Hi Britt, which step are you at now?

        • Britt

          It is stuck on download mode. Says it got interrupted. I tried plugging into kies but its not picking up the phone. So back to Odin. It still says file analysis then setup connection.. Then it sits there doing nothing.

          • Are you using stock firmware for your SGS2 I9100?

  • Nice

    Does this mean it is possible, contrary to what we are told, to downgrade from Gingerbread 4.0.3 to Gingerbread 2.3.3? I regret like a dog I did the upgrade this summer.

  • Pat

    hi, do you know which is the latest version of 2.3.6? and how can I download it? I can’t understand the process because it’s my first time to do so.. thank you! πŸ™‚

    • I have no idea too as too many version out there. Download it at XDA Forum or SamMobile.

      • Pat

        Which version of firmware did you use for this video?

        • Can’t you see it from the video?

          • Pat

            Is there a difference between OTA and Odin?

            • OTA = Over-the-air. Odin is a software.

          • Pat

            Do I really have to factory reset my phone?

            • Yes if downgrade firmware.

          • Pat

            Will factory resetting remove the contents of my external memory?

            • No for external SD card.

  • Pat

    hi, I used the method that you did but after my phone reboot, the setup always force close… what do i do about it?? please reply asap.. :((

    • Hi Pat, did you factory reset?

      • Pat

        yes I did that before I changed the firmware.. but I already found a solution, when the setup still force closes I tried to factory reset it again and it sort of fixed the problem.. :)) and my phone’s fixed and I’m so glad!! thanks for all the help! :> keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  • Hemal

    Hi Jayce,

    Please let me know where to find the ICS firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S II I9000GXXKL4.
    This is a unlocked phone from UK.
    Couldn’t find one anywhere.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Hemal, you can try to get it from

      • Hemal

        Thanks Jayce.. :). Will try that.


  • Sarah

    Hi Jayce! Will a factory reset change my Siyah kernel back to the stock kernel? I couldn’t find a download of my model to do it over Odin so this is me grasping at straws.

    • No Sarah. You need to install back stock kernel or the whole stock firmware.

      • Sarah

        Thanks Jayce! I did end up finding stock firmware and now it’s like my phone has never been rooted. Muwahaha >:)

  • ghali

    hey .. i rooted my phone to 4.1.2 jelly bean on samsung galaxy s2 and i want to install back stock firmware of 4.1.2 without rooting [i want it to be unrooted again] ..i can do it via odin by flashing the stock firmware?

  • ghali

    im sorry for bothering again..but i have cwm recovery 6.0 … can you tell me the steps to take to flash by means of odin ?

    • This guide, ghali. And your time to study all my SGS2 guides if still don’t understand.

      • ghali

        ok bro

  • Akshay

    Hi dude I want to know s2 i9100 or s2 epic 4G which is the best?

    • One is GSM model and another one is CDMA model. Depend on your SIM card.

  • tareq demaidi

    volume up+home button +power dosent work to make faactory rest
    any help to solve it
    urgent please

    • Hi tareq, can’t load recovery at all?

  • tareq demaidi

    no cant load

    • Install stock firmware first. Then try again.

      • tareq demaidi


        • Install it with Odin (refer this guide).

          • tareq demaidi

            i have odin but give me the link to install the framewark

  • Mik

    Hey Jayce, I want to reset my firmware to latest official one. Could you recommend any?

    • Hi Mik, you can try the official one for you region. Which country are you from?

      • Mik

        Thanks Jayce~!
        I am from Australia on Optus network.
        Can you direct me how I could do this?
        My IT skills are a bit outdated… πŸ™‚

        • Hi Mik, you can use Samsung Kies to update to the latest official firmware.

          • Mik

            Hi Jayce,

            Sorry about the insufficient info… my bad!
            I have rooted the latest 4.1.2 firmware with odin and wanted to get back to official version same as ghali from your previous post.
            Can you direct me how I could do this?
            Sorry again and thanks.


            ghali says:
            December 29, 2012 at 10:21 pm
            hey .. i rooted my phone to 4.1.2 jelly bean on samsung galaxy s2 and i want to install back stock firmware of 4.1.2 without rooting [i want it to be unrooted again] ..i can do it via odin by flashing the stock firmware?

            Jayce says:
            December 29, 2012 at 11:05 pm
            Yes ghali.


            • Hi Mik, you can do so by following this guide.

              • Mik

                Hey Jayce,

                Did you forgot to put the link on….?
                Appreciate your help..


  • Mik

    I found the followings from the link below but not sure which one to download and install. A little guide would be appreciated. πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  • Mik


    Firmware info: PDA:XWKE7|PHONE:XXKE4|CSC:eek:PSKE4

    XWKE7 Stock Kernel:
    Password: intratech@XDA

    Firmware info: PDA:XWKG1|PHONE:XXKF3|CSC:eek:PSKG1

    XWKG1 Stock Kernel:
    Password: intratech@XDA

    Firmware info: PDA:XWKF3|PHONE:XXKE7|CSC:eek:PSKF2

    XWKF3 Stock Kernel:
    Password: intratech@XDA

    XWKK2: Download
    Firmware info: PDA:XWKK2|PHONE:XXKI4|CSC:eek:PSKK1

    XWKK2 Stock Kernel: Download
    Password: intratech@XDA

    XWLP4: Download
    Firmware info: PDA:XWLP4|PHONE:XXLPS|CSC:eek:PSLP4

    XWLP4 Stock Kernel: Download
    Password: intratech@XDA

    XWLP8: Download
    Firmware info: PDA:XWLP4|PHONE:XXLPS|CSC:eek:PSLP4

    XWLP8 Stock Kernel: Download
    Password: intratech@XDA

    • Hi Mik, either one of them is okay.

  • Mik

    Hi Jayce,

    Sorry for being dumb but what is the difference between firmware download and Stock Kernel?
    Either one is fine??


    • You need whole firmware. Firmware includes kernel already.

  • Mik

    Thanks mate!
    Appreciate your help.
    Have a great day!

  • anas

    tell me official firmware of Samsung galaxy gt-19100 with ssn:19100gsmh

    • Sorry anas, I have no idea on SSN value.

  • assya

    hi jayce ooi

    please help m!i was donloading the software update of Samsung galaxie s2 19100
    and sudenly it turns off the mobile because the battery was down
    when i put it in load and turn on the mobile there was only the name of the mobile and a yellow triangle no home page
    i do not want to loose my baby pictures when she was born
    they are all in mobile memory

    please help

    • Hi assya, can you still load Odin download mode?

  • janggutputih

    Thank you very much…it works !

  • Cassandra D Holmes

    I need your help. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II Phone Model: SPH-L900 (SPHL900GYS) and I’m not sure which firmware to download. Thank you!

    • Look for your model firmware at SamMobile.

  • Hafiz Hamdan

    hi Jayce… my note 2 like this:
    Binary mode: custom
    System status: cutom

    how to repair it?

    • Both custom status is okay. What do you plan to fix?