How to restore stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S3? (Video)

How to restore stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S III? Is that the question you ask before install custom firmware or root Samsung Galaxy S3? There is custom binary download counter in Samsung Galaxy S3 Odin Download Mode which will tell you are using official firmware or not. And by install any unofficial stuffs like root Samsung Galaxy S3, install custom firmware, ROM and kernel with Odin software will increase the counter. Therefore, Samsung will know that your Samsung Galaxy S3 was modified and warranty might be voided then. No worry, there is a way to restore stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S3. And reset custom binary download to No, current binary to Samsung Official and system status to Official. Finally, Device status from Modified to Normal. Everything will be back to stock the way like you turned on Samsung Galaxy S3 for the very first time. What to know more? Just follow below step by step video guide…


  • Triangle Away
  • Odin3
  • Stock Firmware

Step by Step Guide

  1. Power off Samsung Galaxy S3.
  2. Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  3. Press Volume Up button when warning prompt.
  4. Odin download mode will be loaded.
  5. Remember your custom binary download counter number.
  6. Long press Power button to restart Samsung Galaxy S3.
  7. Remove back cover after Android OS loaded.
  8. Go to Settings.
  9. Select About device.
  10. Select Status ~ show status of battery, network, and other information.
  11. Device status should be Modified.
  12. Launch Triangle Away.
  13. Grant it root access when prompted.
  14. Download latest update when prompted.
  15. Double check counter number at Current status is the same as Odin Download Mode.
  16. Select Reset flash counter if everything is correct.
  17. Follow Triangle Away instructions then.
  18. Note – It will boot into Triangle Away bootmode if failed to reset on in Android OS. After reset, pull out battery immediately after rebooting start. Then put battery back.
  19. Power off Samsung Galaxy S3.
  20. Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  21. Release all buttons when you see SGS3 Logo.
  22. ClockworkMod Recovery will be loaded then.
  23. Go to wipe data/factory reset with Volume Up / Down buttons.
  24. Select it with Power (or Home) button.
  25. Then select Yes โ€” delete all user data.
  26. Select wipe cache partition.
  27. Then select Yes โ€” Wipe cache.
  28. After wiping data and cache, pull out battery.
  29. Put battery and back cover back.
  30. Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  31. Press Volume Up button when warning prompt.
  32. Odin download mode will be loaded.
  33. Custom binary download should be No, current binary to Samsung Official and system status to Official.
  34. Connect USB cable to your phone.
  35. At PC, extract firmware .tar (or .tar.md5) file that you downloaded to Firmware folder.
  36. Then bring up Odin3.
  37. Click on PDA.
  38. Select the .tar (or .tar.md5) at Firmware folder.
  39. Click Start then.
  40. Remove USB cable from your phone when you see green PASS! at Odin3.
  41. Android OS will be loaded.
  42. Then follow phone onscreen instructions to setup.
  43. Go to Settings.
  44. Select About device.
  45. Build number should be the same as the firmware that you installed.
  46. Select Status ~ show status of battery, network, and other information.
  47. Device status should be Normal.
  48. Thatโ€™s all.

Yeah… Your Samsung Galaxy S3 should be back to stock firmware after you done everything as above. No need to worry about warranty claim now.

By the way, Triangle Away process is not a must have to restore back to stock firmware or downgrade firmware if you don’t need to send back for warranty claim. Custom binary download counter just wonโ€™t be reset without Triangle Away process.

Download Triangle Away here.
Download Odin3 v3.04 here.
Download official Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware here.

  • Rawan

    So after I do all these steps, I can change the software to Honeycomb or Gingerbread or any other one I want?

    • There is no Honeycomb and Gingerbread firmware for SGS3. I don’t think there will be.

  • Roslan

    bro… so which stock rom region didi you use? is it UK? because of same XLE8?

    recommend plzzz.. so many option to choose in xda forum

    • Mine is Malaysia unit. So I used back Malaysia firmware. Use your own region firmware.

      • Roslan

        no option for Malaysia there…
        so you pick XXALE8 stock firmware?
        if you don’t mind.. can you share your stockfirmware in that video above =)

        • XXALE8
          THL (Thailand) Also for (GLB MM1 SIN SMA STH XEV XME XSE XSP XTC XTE XXV)

          XME is Malaysia CSC.

          • Roslan

            alright then.. thanx ya…

  • Roslan

    one more thing i want to ask.. let see i want to install stock rom without triangle or wanted to unroot the device.. can i just flash to stock rom? have you try this before?

    • Yes. No.

      • Manuel

        I’ve already tried it, and it worked!

  • Adam

    I had a stock rom, and i flashed it, can i just use triangleaway to reset the counter? and restore factory settings? or would i need to reinstall the OS to get back to normal

    • Triangle Away needs root access. Just follow the the guide…

  • simon

    Dear jayce

    Can i ask where can get malaysia latest firmware or original firmware ? because i have custom my firmware but was not happy and wanted to restore back to original Malaysia firmware stock rom

    Hope you can direct paste the link for me or email to me

    Appreciate and thanks

    • Hi simon, please follow the link and get it from XDA website.

      XME is Malaysia CSC.

  • Karan

    If I revert back to stock firmware…with the stock recovery and all..can I update my phone through ota/kies? Right now I’m on the stock rom which I got with the device..just with root and cwm.

    • Yes Karan.

      • Ariston

        I’ve restore back my Custom Firmware (CF) into Stock Firmware (SF) that I download from Sammobile. After restore to SF, on my KIES it said Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies. What does this mean, does it mean I’m still on CF?

        • Is that official firmware (not leaked)?

          • Ariston

            Idk if it leaked, the sammobile site looklike give official stock rom (search stock on xda, they reference me to sammobile site). I use Indonesian firmware june 2012. is there any way detect it leaked firmware, because phone status said normal

            • Official firmware has normal Kies icon. Leaked = dim Kies icon.

  • Karan

    Ohk thanks alot man ๐Ÿ™‚

  • enrekan sugik

    where can i download firmware l9300DXLE8 (Malaysia). I need to restore stock firmware for my S3 after flash ROM CheckROM EvoHD V3.5. Thank you.

  • enrekan sugik

    sorry Jayce,

    I found out the answer for my question after fully read above comment..

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Esmond

    Hi jayce,

    i rooted my phone with this guide:

    and i stumbled when i try to flash the cyanogenmod, i do not get the install from zip file command while in the clockworkmod recovery mode. So i cant seem to be able to find the zip file to install the cyanogenmod.

    What i am trying to do now is to unroot my s3, but seeing that i rooted using heimdall rather than ODIN, is it still safe to unroot using ODIN?

    Please advise, any tips will be greatly appreciated.

    • Sorry Esmond, never use Heimdall Suite before. No idea. Maybe you can consult others at XDA website.

  • remi

    hi jayce,
    should the baseband version and and the build number should be the same to download the firmware… my buildnumber is i9300xxblh1 and my baseband version is i9300ddlh1… which firware i should download..

    • Hi remi, the stock firmware is the original firmware on your phone.

      • remi

        I have rooted my moblie and i want to restore it… i not sure this is the original firmware… my device status is now in modified state

        • Rooting does not change your firmware. However, install other custom ROM / firmware does.

  • remi

    after rooting my device, the s voice is not working… its replying, but the is no voice response… do you have any suggestion for that…

    • Did you install other firmware / ROM or just root it?

  • remi

    i just rooted it with CF-Root-SGS3-v6.2.

    • S Voice should be working then. And firmware version should be the same as well.

  • remi

    its working but the is no voice response available… i tried factory reset but still no luck..

    • Hi remi, please consult Samsung Support then.

  • jeremy leung

    hi , how to do step 19 without the other steps…(1-18)
    because i didn’t root my s3

    • This guide is not for you since you don’t have root access.

  • Alberto Quiรฑones Santiago

    Will this work on AT&T’s S3? (SGH-I747) I need to send my phone in for warranty, GPS sucks on this device, have you experienced any issues with it?

    • This is for I9300 only, Alberto.

  • corrado

    HELLP!!!!! i try to install the custom firmware with ODiN and it says complete (write) operation FAILED!

    • Hi corrado, please consult ROM chef then.

  • Tobias

    Does being on the stock firmware stop the APN settings getting overridden by the carrier defaults when you reboot?

    • Sorry Tobias, I have no idea on this. Please consult Samsung Support.

  • Andrew

    Im stuck on Step 3. When i Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time to turn it back on i never get the warning screen. What am i doing wrong?

    • Andrew, that’s the right combo to load Odin Download mode. Try again see.

  • Scorpion

    Hi Jayce!

    I have Jelly Been on my phone.
    Jelly Bean to stock ICS is it possible?

  • James

    I have got the samsung galaxy s3 and I installed another firmare on it with odin. How do I put the origonal software back onto my phone again?

    • James

      Oh and I am on tmobile from uk.

      • Find your stock firmware and install it.

  • ALfonso

    After all is done before flasing the stock firmware my Custom Status still is “Custom”, what may I have done wrong?

    • ALfonso

      Selfpost: seems nothing, all is well after stock flash

  • Hazim

    is it necessary to restore stock firmware and we still can upgrade when its official rolling out in malaysia??

    • You can install the latest Malaysia firmware directly.

  • Rohan Medagoda

    Dear Jayce,
    I have flashed Poland 4.1.1 to my phone according to your guide. If I need to get back to my original stock firmware can I do the factory resetting? I don’t mind loosing my data. Pl help me…

    • Yes Rohan. Then install stock firmware.

      • Rohan Medagoda

        Thnx Pal…

  • nohtz

    can i use the older version of odin? odin3 v1.85

    • For SGS3? Better use new Odin3.

  • nohtz

    yes. i use hp mini and i cant see the start button at the bottom and i cant regulate also yhe size thats why..while for the older verion the start button is at the top.. cant i really not use the older one? ๐Ÿ™

    • You can try. Not sure it can work or not since I did not try to use Odin3 v1.85 on SGS3.

  • nohtz

    ok..thankz… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nohtz

    hi..why is it at the triangle away it appears at the current status: status cannot be determined we need to reboot into a special bootmode. and then at the reset flash counter it says we need to reboot into special bootmode for this.. WHAT SHOULD I DO? PLS HELP

    • Reboot into special bootmode.

  • David

    Thank you so much! After I accidentally superwiped and lost my backups, I soft-bricked my phone and I was able to restore to stock rom with odin.

  • Joyce Tan

    Thank you so much! Freak me out when I can’t actually remove CyanogenMod. Save my life.

  • Ryan

    Hi, if I root my phone and use this method to install stock Rom even though I’m already using a stock Rom will it gear rid of the annoying carrier welcome screen?

  • Saad

    Hi, i have an international SGS3. I tried to find my exact firmware from many places including the official samsung site and check fus. I couldnt find it at all. Through apps i found that my CSC region is SFR (france) and my PDA and CSC match those of singapore and malaysia. Quite strange yes. I hesitated in downloading them as i am not sure if i am to claim my warranty for any cause, if having the firmware it came with or any other official stock firmware for any OTHER country with different PDA etc, would make a difference and cause the vendor to refuse the warranty as the device they sold was meant for a different country but currently has firmware for another making it obvious it was flashed. Does it matter or am i over reacting?

    • Totally depend on your seller.

      • Saad

        Hmm does it usually matter?

        • Saad

          I also have another question. It is possible to restore your device status to normal WITHOUT flashing a stock rom that we download from the samsung website. I havent tried it this way and i dont know if it will work but in SuperSU there is a ‘full unroot’ option. It completes within seconds and after rebooting my S3 and running root checker it says root access is either not present or not configured properly. After doing this and of course running triangle away lets say we do a factory reset and wipe all those cache partitions and everything. Root will be lost but it depends now if the device status will turn back to normal or not. If it works it would be much easier ๐Ÿ™‚ . I would however like to hear your view on it as well, as im not at all willing to do a hard reset ๐Ÿ˜›

          • You need to follow above exactly. Else your warranty still void even have status back to normal but have root apps.

            • Saad

              But if it works then factory reset anyway. Point being not to download any firmware. As the one i have i cannot find exactly. The region is SFR(france) and brand base etc are of malaysia or singapore as i said earlier.

              • Saad

                But it didnt work anyways :S

                • Saad

                  I am now going to try singapores firmware but ive also found out that if the product code or the IMEI changes the warranty is void anyways :/
                  region can be changed later i know but all that i can keep from cahnging is the PDA and CSC.
                  Knowing my luck i will have to come back looking for a way to change the IMEI and product code…

                  • eli

                    if i recall imei (and some other important details that you should not loose) are stored in the efs folder, and its recomended to back up this folder when flashing other firmwares, more so when it’s the modem/csc your flashing, as incorrect flashes can delete imei info resulting in a bricked device or non functioning phone/carrier access, and can be difficult to retrieve without a backup.

        • As I said, depend on your seller.

  • Sam


    I really appreciate your work, can you please tell me the album name of this video’s background music, Its so touching.


    • Hymns of Praise & Wonder from Our Daily Bread.

  • Sam

    Thanks a lot Jayce..

  • Tor

    Hi Jayce!

    I’ve got another question. I rooted with cf root sgs3 6.2. I’ve not flashed a new ROM or firmware yet. You said that when you root with cf 6.2 your firmware doesn’t change. How do i remove the root? Do i have to download a new stock firmware for my gt 19300 and the flash with Odin?

    • Yes, Tor.

      • Tor

        Thanks, Jayce ๐Ÿ™‚

  • spec

    hye..i want flash stock jb (MY) by odin pc..but always fail?y?
    ido wrong ?

    *now in cm10..

    • Fail at which step?

      • spec

        ops..okay now..i think just my pc cant detect driver..

        • spec

          ops..okay now..i think just now my pc cant detect driver..

          after restore to stock it take long time to boot?

          • Few minutes…

          • spec

            now Stuck in boot animation loop after flashing…..huhuhu

            • Factory reset in recovery.

              • spec


                • Hi spec, didn’t you read the guide?

                  • spec

                    still at boot animation

                    • Factory reset already?

                    • spec

                      after i flash, it loading and now at samsung logo..then stuck..

  • jas_jas


    I have a question, my GS3 runs on a custom jelly bean, stock firmware is ICS,
    if i hard reset this phone will it revert back to the ICS?, i know that it will still be rooted but, will it be back to the original ICS OS version?

    • No jas_jas.

      • jas_jas

        ok, so it will remain with the jellybean OS, thanks a lot ^^

        • jas_jas

          one more thing, do you have a link where i can download stock ICS firmware for starhub issued GS3, Baseband I9300DXLH1, Build number I9300XXBLH1?

            • jas_jas

              thanks for the link, but the checkfus downloader is showing a different baseband and build number when i click on the “Choose firmware option” for starhub? and when i type on my baseband and build number it cannot find it? sorry for the multiple questions.

              • Check Fus Downloader will let you download the latest firmware for your region. Go to to download the exact firmware.

  • Aamer Khan

    Dear Jayce,

    Is the process give above is also valid for removing CYANOGENMOD 10 ROM which i installed on my SGS3 I9300.

    If not then pls. guide me.


    • Process should be the same.

      • Aamer Khan

        Dear Jayce,

        I have installed Beats Audio opn my rooted stock 4.1.1 jg SGS3 I9300. Audio quality has gone worse form bad. Is there any way that i can un-install Beats Audio without damaging the phone.

        Aamer Khan.

        • Hi Aamer, restore to your previous CWM backup.

  • iAndroid

    Hi Jayce,

    i just root my note2 LTE GT-N7105 using the Heimdall something (i Just followed the steps on his video) and i wanted to reset the custom binary to original settings and the device status to normal. Can i just use the triangle away only to reset it? or maybe the triangle away and run the restore to factory settings?


    • The process should be just like this SGS3 guide.

      • iAndroid

        is my data inside the micro memory card will be gone or deleted as well?

        • No by right.

          • iAndroid

            Thanks Jayce! you’re the best! cheers!

  • Yasser

    I have samsung galaxy s3 baseband number I9300XXLFB, my problem is that I still have not get update to JB. what made me worried is that my friend has got it, and he had the same my baseband number.

    I just want to ask, do you know why?

    best regards

    • Hi Yasser, use Samsung Kies to check, see got update or not. Same baseband version does not matter, you need to have same build number.

  • Yasser

    Thanks a lot Jayce, and yes the devices have different build number ๐Ÿ™
    and I used kies as you suggested, but it says I have the latest firmware.
    Jayce if its possible to suggest a JB rom that is compatible with my device.

    Best regards

    • Hi Yasser, you can install other region Jelly Bean firmware with Odin (unofficial way). But better wait for official release.

  • Yasser

    thanks a lot

    I will try to wait for the official release ๐Ÿ™‚

  • saad

    I did all the steps till i get into the screen of downloading where i should connect my phone to the pc. when i connect it says drivers not found and asking for something called gadget serial. and i am stuck in here. please respond asap coz My phone is in download state

    • Hi saad, do you have Samsung Kies installed?

  • Eduardo

    Hi, thank you for preparing this guide. I made all the steps you wrote until 33th. But in my Odin Mode it says:
    Custom Binary Download: Yes (1)
    Current Binary: Custom
    System Status: Official

    But it was 0 and binary was official when I checked in Download Mode, before booting in Recovery Mode. What’s wrong? Please help…

    • Hi Eduardo, you need to restore back to stock firmware. Everything back to stock including recovery. Else you will get this.

      • Eduardo

        thank you to reply Jayce, but cwm recovery isn’t included in any stock rom, how can i advance to next step without cwm recovery? if you mean “root again after installing stock rom”, that’s what i did, before posting my previous message.

        • Hi Eduardo, are you going to send your SGS3 for warranty claim? Else no point to clear the custom binary counter.

          Yes, you need to have root access in order to use Triangle Away app to clean the counter.

  • Eduardo

    I just want to use my device like other ordinary users from now on. So i just want to make it return to its first day i’ve bought. Tried many variations before flashing the stock rom.

    I can root, reset counter, flash a stock rom etc. But after all is done and i start to use my device normally, the system status changes itself to modified from normal, although i do nothing like rooting, flashing something etc.. It happens after 1-2 days of flashing the stock rom.

    For example now it is sometimes Normal, sometimes Modified. It’s like my system realizes that there are something wrong. But not always. Now it is Normal but after I restart the device it says Modified, i restart again and it is Normal etc.

    To fix this issue I attempted to try your method but as I mentioned i can’t see 0 in my counter in Download Mode like you do.

    Do you know any idea about these problems of mine?

    • Sorry Eduardo, I have no idea on your issue. Mine stays on normal status after done above guide.

      • Eduardo

        I understand.. But unfortunately i can’t continue in your guide neither. As I said I my counter says 1 after i boot in CWM recovery mode. For any case it adds 1 even if I don’t do anything in CWM recovery mode.

        • Latest bootloader has auto counter increase feature. It will add 1 counter if you boot into CWM.

          • Eduardo

            I can’t say that I know what bootloader is. How can I install/flash or change mine to any other bootloader like yours? Please can you inform me a little bit?

            • This is quite new too. But you can try your luck to find older version of bootloader at XDA Forum.

              As I mentioned, no point to clear this counter unless you are going to send for warranty claim. Do you?

  • chris leung

    when i after root my galaxy s3, i update to 4.1.1 jellybean.But now, how can i unroot my galaxy s3?

    • Hi chris, follow this guide will do.

      • chris leung

        But after i unroot my galaxy s3 and follow this guide,but in my galaxy s3 still have CMW and super su.

        • Then you are not following the guide properly. Try it again.

          • Chris

            I cannot lanch triangle away,is it still all right for the next step??

            • Yes but custom binary counter is not clear.

              • Chris

                I try again and odin said FAIL, why?

                • Suspect you are using the wrong stock firmware then.

                  • chris leung

                    thx Jayce!!! unroot successfully!!!

  • Christina

    I bought a phone that has the jellybomb domination on it….can that be undone?? Do you know?

    • Hi Christina, what is the brand and model?

  • Sholaye

    Help me! my phone just wont come on, its stuck on the “Samsung Galaxy S III” start up screen, this just randomly happened, its an international galaxy that i bought from london, i cant check the base firmware or whatever cause i cant put on the phone, help me i dont know what to do

    • Hi Sholaye, may I know what had you done until you face this issue?

  • Connor

    Thanks i only needed up to the end part of the process so i can update the official firmware of 4.1.2 from samsung because my device status was modified

  • marceline

    Hi do you have the firmware of the product: GT-I9305?? becuase it said that the: firmware upgrade encounterd an issue…Please select recovey mode in Kies & try again

    • Hi marceline, you can get it from SamMobile.

      • marceline

        can you give me the link pls

        • marceline

          do you do a brick repair

          • No, marceline.

            • marceline


  • marceline

    do you have a link for firmware of the product: GT-I9305

    • Hi marceline, get it from SamMobile.

  • marceline

    umm can you help me cus after my oidin3 pass… my s3 still says that it is modified

    • Hi marceline, did you install official firmware?

  • Nariman

    while my galaxy s3 being recovered from the main option the phone ran out of battery then i tried turn it one but it’s stuck on the samsung brandname, and when i intered a odin mode it didnt shown the product name ๐Ÿ™ , what should i do ????

    • Sorry Nariman, I don’t quite get you. What had you done?

      • Nariman

        i turned my phone off while it was formatting , then when i tried to turn it on.. it’s didnt turned on.. i think the software is deleted ๐Ÿ™ , what should i do ??

        • Hi Nariman, try to install stock firmware with Odin.

          • Nariman

            okay.. gonna try it
            thank you a lot .

  • Nariman

    hii jayce
    it’s me again.. i’ve tried to install the firmware with odin but it’s fail.. ๐Ÿ™ so i searched for the full firmware but i couldn’t find anything.. Can you give me the website so i can download it ?? ^^ i need the middle east firmware..~

    • Hi Nariman, please refer to my firmware download link.

  • mustapha

    hey bro ur video is awesome but i only have one problem what is the firmware for lebanon plzz dude i need ur help

    • Sorry mustapha, I have no idea. Please consult Samsung Support.

      • mustapha

        no problem

  • mustapha

    hey bro its me again i did all what u said but in the end when it was rebooting after flashing the stock firmware its stuck on the samsung start up screen !! what should i do i need ur help plz and i tried removing the battery them putting it but as well it didnt work ๐Ÿ™ help me plzzz

  • mustapha


  • Janick

    Hi. Will CWM Recovery be deleted when you restore to stock firmware? (I am new to android)

    • Yes Janick, it will replace by stock recovery.

      • Janick

        Okay, Thanks for quick answar ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Janick

          One question more… Why do you need u use the Triangel Away to restore to stock firmware and what does it means?

          • Recover warranty back.

            • Janick

              So i Can unroot without reset counter in triangel away? I dont Care about there not is warranty

              • Can, Janick.

                • Janick

                  Hi again. Do i lose root if i update in kies? And will it be stock recovery and reset counter?

                  • Yes. Will be stock recovery but counter still there.

                    • Janick

                      Could there be any problems when i update via kies when i am rooted? Could it brick?

  • David

    I rooted my phone following your instructions but when I boot up I get a red mark on my screen any ideas.

    I want to return to stock. Triangle away resets everything but when I go into recovery it says the binary count is 1.

  • David

    Thanks for the reply. Will the new guide workk for Galaxy S3

    • I did not try it personally. But it should work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • David

    I followed the instructions but when i go into Odin download mode it says the following:

    Custom binary download: No
    Current binary: Samsung Official
    System status: Custom

    The system status doesn’t change to Official.

    Any ideas

    • Did you install official stock firmware back?

  • David

    Yes. I fixed it. I went into settong and done a factory data reset.

  • Dennis

    Hi Jayce. I am at step 39. When i click start in odin it says failed?? I dont know what to do. I did a factory reset and nothing works?

    • Hi Dennis, you might using the wrong firmware. Do make sure that it is official stock firmware.

      • Dennis

        Hi again. Now i fixed it but i am stuck at samsung logo?

        • Hi Dennis, try to factory reset at recovery mode.

  • James

    Why can the phone brick if you use triangle away?

  • James

    When u click on reset flash counter it says that it could brick the device?

    • Oh, that one. Just a warning. So far I did not hear anyone brick their phone by using Triangle Away.

  • John

    Hey. I am from denmark and on i dont know if i should take the Nordic Contries – NNE firmware or DENMARK (3) HTD firmware

    • Hi John, try to remember which one is your stock firmware. Else please consult your seller.

      • John

        How can i know which one there is my stock firmware? Can i brick my phone if i take the wrong firmware?

        • Did you change / upgrade firmware before? If no, the current firmware is your stock firmware.
          Yes, install wrong firmware can brick your phone.

  • @Janick, no. Just root access will be removed when upgrade firmware with Samsung Kies.

    • Janick

      Will it be best to wipe data befor update?

  • Janick

    Hi again. Last question.. When i make a wipe data/factroty reset it is then necessary to wipe cache partition?

    • No need, factory reset will wipe cache partition too. But no harm to do so if you want.

      • Janick

        Now have i updated in kies but i still have SuperSU and the stadus says modified. Will a factory reset revome supersu?

        • Nope, you need to install stock firmware like above guide.

  • Paul

    hi when i update firmware in kies will it then delete my data or keep my data?

    • Hi Paul, data will be intact. But no harm to make a backup first.

  • Akshay Salvi

    Hi Jayce, logged in to say thank you to many users out there… you have replied to all the queries asked by everyone…

    this is very rare in many forums… appreciate the support.

  • Tibor

    What if status after odin is not modified, should I continue?
    Why is not modified?
    I have rooted S3 and ultimarom v8.0
    From Croatia!

    • Hi Tibor, which step your status is still not modified?

      • Tibor

        After step 10

        • Not too sure why it is normal status. But it is okay to continue.

        • Tibor

          And after step 3 custom binary downloads is yes but 1 counts????

          • How many count is depended on your phone… 1 count is okay.

            • Tibor


              • Tibor

                Hm confused, i did all but when i wiped all data and remove battery,then in odin mod still count 1 ,and custom custom.
                Then i was afraid to put original firmware i just reboot.
                I get all the setings like when i first time turn on the phone, but still ultima rom on it.
                So, if I after wipe all the data still get the same from above can I still proceed whit putting original firmware???
                Sorry for my english…

  • Ike Kaarna

    Hello Jayce.

    I ike and I live in Finland and

    my phone was installed in the program I9300XXDLID / CyanogebMod version of the Baseband version 10.0.0 -RCO-i9300

    Whether this program to install original factory setting?

    Thank you for your knowledge and you’ll do a good job

    Best regards


    • Hi Ike, you need to find Finland firmware to install back.

  • Ike Kaarna

    Thank You For The.

    Sorry for my bad English.

    Can you advise where I could find it?

  • Carsley

    how to install triangle away after i downloaded it?

  • Ike Kaarna

    Thank you very much

  • Carsley

    I can reset the custom binary download counter by triangle awayโ€ฆI follow the steps u given but the custom binary download counter still the sameโ€ฆ

  • Alexis_D.

    i tried all of this and it still appears the same. Custom binary yes (1)current binary custom and system status custom. what am i doing wrong??

  • mhd nassan

    all done

  • albasayar

    thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx a lot u are one solve my problem your are best ever thanx once again shall i root after i upgraed??

    • Hi albasayar, root or not root is totally up to you.

  • Surren

    Hello Jayce. I’m on super nexus(4.2.2) custom ROM. I would like to return to stock firmware. Can I use triangle away?

  • manpreet singh

    how to restore s3 .
    (AT&T) SGH-i747 ..
    pls help me .

    i want to restore .

    • Hi manpreet, the process is the same. But you to install SGH-i747 firmware.

  • hazel

    Hi Jayce,

    i have unroot, but when i press down, home button and on/off button to check; Custom binary download is 1 count, current binary to Samsung Official and system status to Official.

    phone status is also Normal when i click on the settings.

    THat means my unroot is yet done is it? I think i pluck out my battery too late, as in when the reboot and screen appear then i remove my battery.

    Can i unroot it again if that is the case? or shall i root back first and unroot again?


    • Hi hazel, newer Samsung firmware will increase counter when you boot into custom recovery. So you have 1 count there.

      You need to root it again. Then follow the Galaxy Note 2 process.

      • Hazel

        Hi Jayce,

        THe link u give me is for note 2, but my phone is S3. Nevertheless, i did tried what was written inside.

        I did a rooted again and then re-root it back, using note 2 instructions. Everything went well, Counter did reset to 0. Upon checking: Custom binary download should be No, current binary to Samsung Official and system status to Custom.
        But when i check the status, it turned into modified, instead of normal.

        I tot something went wrong as the 2nd boot up did not appear as mentioned in note 2. hence, i unroot again bringing up odin 3 and the PDA file. this time, the screen show Failed! but the system just hang there after i waited very long. no choice i got to reset my hp, but upon resetting, it prompt me: Firewre upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kries and tried again.

        However, Kries can’t seems to detect my hp.

        Any help to resolve? THe screen keep appearing there even i on off the hp!

        • Hi Hazel, can you still load into recovery or Odin?

          • Hazel

            Hi Jacey,

            As in can I try to run odin again and? Sorry I dun get what you mean.

            • Boot into recovery mode and Odin download mode.

              • Hazel

                Hi Jacey,

                Sorry, I’m quite new to this. I can’t even on it off the HP. The screen just hang there. Can’t even do press down volume, home button and power button also.

                Do you mean I bring up odin 3, then under bootup, bring up the .tar file?? Sorry, need to be more specific as its my first time using samsung HP as well as android phone.

                • No. Boot into recovery mode and Odin download mode. You can refer to the video.

                  • Hazel

                    Hi Jacy,

                    I can go into odin mode, but what must i press to boot into recovery mode? I can only see the product name, custom Binary download; No, Current Binary: Samsung Official and System setting: Custom.

                    • Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.

                    • Hazel

                      HI Jacey,

                      I just tried pressing up volume, home and power button but it appears as Fireware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again…..

                      Hmm….not sure how to get back the recovery mode.

  • cow

    hi jayce,

    my gt-i9300t is soft bricked (looping on samsung logo). I followed your steps but at step 40 I get a red fail while running odin. what can I do?

    another question, I use a gt-i9300t but in odin mode, my product name is gt-i9300. would that be an issue?


    • Hi cow, are you using your stock I9300T firmware to install?


      • cow

        I tried using the stock 4.1.2 and 4.1.1 to install but both failed.

        is there any way to check which firmware I require besides going into settings? my phone is soft bricked so I can’t do that. the only other information I know is the sticker at the back of my phone and that I bought it from vodafone australia. I’ve used the firmware for vodafone australia for the gt-i9300t.

        • Nope, you can only check in Android OS. Try other vodafone australia firmware see.

  • man

    Hi Jayce,

    I’m Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9305 LTE **
    how to unroot.

    when I The end of tap 29. Custom binary download also is YES(1 counts)
    How can I restore to N0.

    and which firmware i can install?


  • Hazel, try to reinstall stock firmware with Odin in this case.

    • hazel

      Hi Jacey,

      I finally got to restore everything after using Kries by using the upgrade firmware. but the thing now is when i press volume down, home and power button, it reflects; Custom binary download should be No, current binary to Samsung Official and system status to CUSTOM..
      Mhow do i get it back to: Custom binary download should be No, current binary to Samsung Official and system status to Official.

  • Matt

    triangle away says it cant gain superuser power then closes out, what to do?

  • Harveet

    hi jayce…
    I completely followed your video…everything went perfect except one thing…in the odin mode it is still showing binary count-yes 1count

    I used triangle away and reset flash counter but still 1 count is shown…rest is all official

  • adnan

    my s3 is dead.. i root it once.. and i restart my phone and it froze at the samsung logo… all i have is the model: gt-i9300 fcc id: a3lgti9300a ssn: -i9300gsmh made in china by samsung… cant open my phone… please help me… what if i unroot my phone…

  • adnan

    what rom can i use to unroot my phone…

    • Use your original stock firmware.

      • adnan

        how and where… from sammobile… help please…

        • How – refer to this guide.
          Where – XDA Forum or SamMobile.

          • adnan

            and i dont have a triangle away before my phone is dead…

  • adnan

    its possible to install firmware even if i dont know my pda or that number see in about device… example… my phone is made in china by samsung… and im in philippines… can i install firmware from philippines… i9300..

    • Yes. You can use Philippines firmware if bought your phone there.

      • adnan

        thank you.. im downloading it now… this is my first time unrooting my phone… hope it will work….

  • adnan

    thank you so much…. it work…

    • You are most welcome, adnan. Glad that it worked for you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • James

    Hi Jayce, my baseband version is I9300DXEMB1, if I root it and want to revert it, is XXALE8 the correct one, thanks.

    • Sorry James, I have no idea because lot of countries are using same XXALE8 code.

      • James

        For Malaysia, XXALE8 is compatible right? What the difference between difference version?

        • Yes, as long as it is I9300 firmware. No idea as Samsung did not provide change list.

          • James

            Ok, thank you very much. Last question, if i root the phone, my data won’t be erase. What if I unroot my phone? Thanks

            • Data will be intact when rooting. All gone when unroot back to stock.

  • Alejandro

    Hi Jayce, quick question.
    I have installed Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) – latest unofficial Samsung I9300XXUFME7 firmware with Odin on my International S3 GT-I9300 unlocked, and it works perfect. It is rooted and CWM is installed too.

    Letยดs suppose I install a custom rom with CWM. If I wanted to go back to Samsungยดs stock firmware (I9300XXUFME7 which I have already downloaded), all I would need to do is reboot to CWM, Wipe Data, Wipe Cache, reboot to Recovery, conect to the PC and install the firmware with Odin?

  • Roxanne hufana

    Hi! I Rooted and unrooted my s3 but now i have generic imei. Now my phone is rooted with root explorer .nv data bin missing. Can u help me out pleassse. Shoul i restock rom? What rom should do thework?

    • Hi Roxanne, try to restore EFS backup. If don’t have, restore stock firmware see.

      • Roxanne hufana

        I dont have triangle away. Is it still okay to follow your video?

  • Roxanne hufana

    Hi! I already restock it with xxale8. But still have generic imei. I check efs and i cant locate And ive already tried some of the posts on xda developer website. Like using root explorer. Please i would really appreciate if you can save my s3. Thanks!

    • Hmm… Roxanne, what had you done until get generic IMEI? Maybe we can troubleshoot based on that.

  • Trent Saunders

    Hi Jayce

    Wonder if you can assist? I have rooted my phone some time back without any hassles.

    lately, my S3 jsut rebootes itself & sometimes battles to restart. Its very frustrating!

    I`m not sure how this issue developed, & would appreciate your feedback in resolving this issue.

    • Hi Trent, you can try to factory reset to have a fresh start.

  • roxanne

    it always gives me insert sim to access network and i apready sent to repair th sim slot then it worked for 2 days and came back with the same prob. so i did factory reset and hard reset. still not working. so i rooted it. then i got the generic imei. now flashed it with xxale8. i have root explorer. but still. sad.

  • nesgar

    Writing from Sweden.
    Got an 4.3 update on my S3 I9300. It totaly messed it up.
    Did a revert with Odin to 4.1.2
    Can’t find any network.
    IMEI nr. is also different from original.
    Do you have some simple instruction how to get the network back.
    What to download, where ( a link maybe) and how to proceed.

    • Hi nesgar, you can’t downgrade from 4.3 if not mistaken. You can consult others at XDA Forum to confirm.

  • bheybe

    hi good day.i have galaxy s3 i did hard reset my phone without doing anything and now its stock on samsung logo. i try to long press the power button in order to restart my phone to do your instruction above but its still back on the logo again and again what should i do??? pls help…

    • bheybe

      i forgot to tell that i’ve done with hard reset without restoring firmware.what will happen to my phone after all this??i’m stuck on the logo samsung galaxy.

      • Hi bheybe, hard reset should not cause any issue unless your existing firmware already has problem.

        • bheybe

          in that case, can i unroot it? or is there anything i can do in order to revive my phone?

          • Unroot? What had you done actually? You said that you did not do anything…

  • toniv

    so if i follow ur video:-

    will i get the back original samsung recovery? or will it still be clockworkmod?
    will this method unroot my phone?

    thx for the awesome video… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hey I am using karbonn A2 that I want to change ics to cynogenmod how I downloaded the zip file when I install it through recovery mode by pressing volume up power button and install it say error that error is there some missing scatter and OTA package pls tell me wat can I do

  • its A2+

    • Sorry, I have no idea on Karbonn A2+ model.

  • then any other way to change ics to cynogenmod

    • Different model has different method. CWM is the common way.

  • what’s that common way

  • toniv

    i have another question. u use triangle away to clear binary. but u enter clockworkmod recovery to wipe everything right?
    will entering clockworkmod increase ur binary count?? so even when u flash stock rom. the binary count will still be 1 right?

  • mark

    I just was given an S3 as a gift and I think my mom got it on ebay and it has be customized. Is there a way to put it back to factory rom? I have been searching and googling for days. I have tried to use 4.3 update with odin 3.09 as well as other step by steps I’ve found online but nothing seems to do the trick.

    About Device:
    model: samsung-sgh-i747
    android ver: 4.3
    baseband ver: I747ucuemjb
    kernel ver: 3.0.31-2024954
    se.infra@R0210-11 #1
    thu oct 31 01:05:53 kst 2013
    build #: jss15j.i747ucuemjb
    se for android status: enforcing sepf_samsung-sgh-i747_4.3_0024

    device status: custom


    • Sorry mark, I don’t have i747 model. Not sure it behaves the same like I9300 or not. But you can always try to install official Android 4.3 firmware for your model. Else find custom ROM and install it with CWM.

      • mark

        Ah crap. Well thanks for the quick reply! I’ll see what else I can find out there.

  • chang

    just want to ask jayce i lost my backup and i forgot the baseband number so i cant find stock rom coz there asking for the baseband and i try this but the triangle away where can i get that?

  • Vasan

    When not needing to modify flash counters and other stuff to mask the custom rom history, only need to have Samsung OS back, what is the easiest way? I saw on youtube a guy did just in the recovery mode the factory reset, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache and all came back to Samsung Android. Can it be easy as that? I am now on CyanogenMod 12.1.

    • Almost but you still need to install Samsung firmware with Odin after factory reset. Else you still in CM.

      • Vasan

        OK thanks. Can I flash ROM from ZIP on the extSDcard using the Clockwork recovery instead of Odin? Last time I had troubles with Odin. Dont want to take my chances and brick the device eventually.
        Last q. Does country code of the device need to match up with the ROM to flash? *#111# doesnt work for me on CM12.1 so I dont know the country code of my device. Thanks again!

        • There is no official Samsung firmware in CWM zip format. All in Odin format.
          You can install other country firmware as long as the model is the same.

  • Distressed in Zim

    Hi Jayce. I have a Samsung galaxy I9300 that I got as a present from UK. Gave it to some local so called phone repair expert and he said it does not have a Product Name. I have recently downloaded Odin V3.10 and if I turn it on it stuck on Samsung logo. I have taken note of 48 steps that you guided on. And I hope I will sort it out tomorrow when I am back at work. Any advice as to what I may need to look out for???

    • Make sure that the firmware that you install is the correct model.

      • Distressed in Zim

        The firmware took almost half a day to download. I have managed to extract the file from zip folder and I am currently anticipating that something good will come out of it as I have failed twice already on my latest attempt. I have opened the same file(firmware file that I downloaded)on BL, AP, CP and CSC on Odin V3.10 and on Pit it did not pick up any file from the same location that I picked for all the aforementioned. I clicked Start and it took a while before it said failed. The firmware that I downloaded was UFU-I9300UUBUGNLI-. I am now using a trial and error. I am still hoping that I can get it up and running before I throw the phone away

  • Caleb

    I have a bog probelm with me cellphone can you help?
    865 313 8571 contact me and i will tell you my problem

  • Rio Grande

    Do you have a step by step for Samsung-SGH-i337Z

    • Sorry, no. But the process is almost the same for all Samsung devices.

      • Rio Grande

        The only rooting method I can find is King Root. It sucks to have to use this Chinese language rooting tool but there’s no other choice for those with our model.

        • bagr

          Just download kingroot root it and then replace Kinguser wit SuperSU
          I root my Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 android 4.3. and its working good

  • Alex Jr. Singian

    i have problem because my phone is not opening its just only showing the logo. i want to apply it but i cant download triangle away. can u please help me. my phone is samsung galaxy s3

    • Hi Alex, ignore the Triangle Away part. Just install firmware with Odin.

  • Yogesh Madke

    hello sir can u tell me how to restore stock firmware on samsung galaxy star advanced

    • The process should be the same. Just you need to use your model firmware.

  • gilchrist mensah

    hello sir can you help me please to download firmware for samsung
    MODEL: GT-I9300
    FCC ID: A3LGTI9300A
    SSN: -I9300GSMH