How to root Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Samsung Galaxy S3?

Yes, you can enjoy official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S III now. And you might wonder how to root Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Samsung Galaxy S3. Well, the rooting process is the same as Ice Cream Sandwich firmware. All you need to have ~ Odin3 and CF-Root.

How to root Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Samsung Galaxy S3?
Just follow this guide will do – How to root Samsung Galaxy S3 with CF-Root? (Video)

That’s all. Enjoy root access on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • Zai

    Hai jaycee,

    Ij just update my s3 to 4.1 jelly bean and root my device with cf root and odin tesult *pass*. Why my device stil unroot. Tq

    • Hi Zai, try to install CF-Root again.

  • zai

    hi jaycee,

    yes. i have try 2 times but still unroot.

    • Weird… Try to consult Chainfire Developer at XDA website then.

  • hola

    hello jayce n zai..
    zai i want to ask something..
    how u know ur device still unroot

  • zai

    hello hola..

    directory bind cannot work.. clockworkmod recovery CWM not install in my device..tq

    • vodka

      Hey zai, i have the exact same problem as you mentioned above. Did you manage to root your phone?

  • Jay

    Lots of user said JB firmware cannot be root using CF root 6.4,hope next CF Root version will fix it.Other method to try is using SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 TOOLKIT V5.0 by mskip.

  • mao

    hi Jayce,
    i used CF 6.4 and when i open CWM it says “This version of CWM should be used with CF-CWM v1.1 or newer. It appears u are running a different recovery. Various features have been disabled.”

    Plzzz heeeeelp…

    • Hi mao, can you boot into CWM directly?

    • Arvind

      same problem here but i managed to boot in recovery mode and made a full backup…

      • mao

        Yes i can boot to CWM directly

        • Then use CWM to do all the stuffs. It is the same as CWM Manager.

  • zai

    Hai Jayce…

    One more thing after i install JB 4.1. (Poland). My S3 cannot change CSC code.

    • You can’t change if it has Poland CSC only. Unless it has multi CSC.

  • Arvind

    u’re doing a good job 😉 keep it up! u’re helping thousands all over the world…

  • where to?

    hi, jaycee, im wondering when is the sgs3 in ‘our’ region/area getting the official update…
    afraid to use odin n stuff. Or is it our region not considered major market enough to receive it.

    • Should be this month. Else next month…

  • John Morris

    Hi Jayce.. hoping you can help me.

    1. Bricked my s3 sgh 1747M
    2. Can boot into recovery mode or download mode
    3. Wiped all factor data – everything
    4. Tried to install ROM from external sd card – android man fell over dead
    5. Reinstalled CWM 10 and Superuser from external sd card, no problem
    6. Still cannot flash a ROM

    Any thoughts? I am getting desperate, and going slightly crazy.

  • John Morris

    Thanks Jayce, after a nightmarish 14 hours I finally got the phone working.

  • Harry

    tested the jellybean before it was released over here in finland, then decided to go back to the stockfirmware. now the jb is officially released and i can download it fine with my phone BUT, once it starts installing it, android dude falls over looking dead *sad*. Any idea what i can do ? do i have to flash some other countrys jb and what would be the best to keep track on.

    • Hi Harry, can you still load recovery and Odin Download mode?

      • Harry

        yeah. it didnt hurt the phone at all it works like normal … it just didnt update it. pretty odd.

        • Try again then. You should be able to install back your own stock firmware.

  • James

    Hi Jaycee,

    I have installed my Samsung USB driver onto my computer, but the yellow image still doesn’t show up in Odin when I launch it.

    I got the driver from this link.

    What should I do?


    • Hi James, you can try to use Samsung Kies USB driver. Or try on other PC.

      • James


  • azhar

    James, wanna ask u , i`m using s3 lte model GT-I9305. Can it be root?

  • azhar

    really need ur advice….

    • Are you asking James or me?

  • azhar

    My bad. My apologies. I`m asking to you not James… Please guide m. Thank you…

  • Ayozzhero

    Worked like charm. My JB version is: XXDLJ1

  • Rais

    hi jayce, when i want a root my s3 gt 19300…i push 3 button (volume up, home an power) whwn turn phone show option..

    reboot system now
    apply update from ADB
    apply update from external storage
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partiotion
    apply update from cache

    what should i choose ??

    • Hi Rais, please study the guide carefully. You need Odin download mode. Volume DOWN…

      • Rais

        Fyi, i already download Odin3-v3.04 and CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4..

        In your video is Ic different with JB..what should I choose the option before connected with oddin??..TQ

  • Rais

    ok2..sorry my bad…i should push home, power and down button not up button…TQ jayce

  • james


    I have just one more question!

    The samsung auto-software updater won’t let me update now that it is rooted. Do I just update manually or do I have to unroot 1st?

    Many many thanks.

    • Hi james, you need to use Samsung Kies to upgrade.

  • Vikram

    Hi Jayce,
    Greetings from India.
    I had rooted my samung galaxy SIII i9300 yesterday with Odin 1.85 and CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4.
    It was a clean root,I was very happy.I did not have any problem.
    I then started experimenting around.
    I did a backup with the ROM manager app of the present system.
    Then I downloaded CYNOGENMOD 10 nightly directly from ROM manager and flashed it using that app.
    After flashing the ROM,I had a bootloop problem as I did not wipe the date & factory reset (which I read about after the flashing process).
    Somehow I got back into recovery and using the backup I flashed the ROM and my phone started running back in the normal state before the CYONGENMOD.
    Now I have rooted phone running the ROM as before,quite stable.
    Only problem that I found is that I get this error when I open CWM app.”This version of CWM Manager should be used with CF-CWM v1.1 or newer. It appears you are running a different recovery. Various features have been disabled”.
    But I am able to boot into recovery using this app and the ROM MANAGER APP.
    So my queries are:
    1)What the consequences of this problem,should I just ignore it,What are the”various features” that are diabled?
    2)When I flash some other ROM will I have a problem?
    3)Will there be any problem to unroot the phone?
    4)What is the best ROM available according to you out there?

    Thank you.
    Waiting for your reply.

  • Vikram

    Hi Jaycee,
    I have rooted my s3 to android revolution HD.
    The root was successful.
    There are two folders sdcard0 and extsdcard.
    I find that all the programs that I had before root are stored in sdcard0 evethough I have done a wipe data and factory reset.
    Is it possible to remove all the data in sdcard0 so that I can have a clean install of applications.Of course only the data is present in sdcard0 there is no corresponding app installed.
    What should I do?
    Can i remove all the data in the sdcard0.?
    There is also a 0 folder that contains the previously installed apps before root.

    • Yes, you can delete all of them to have a clean start.