How to solve boot loop issue on Kindle Fire TWRP 2.0?

I love to try new stuffs. Just managed to install Team Win Recovery Project ~ TWRP 2.0 on my Amazon Kindle Fire. And managed to install CM7 ROM on Kindle Fire too. Play around with TWRP 2.0 Recovery. Backup Kindle Fire stock ROM. Wiping data… And I did one thing that I think it might cause issue. And it did. Selected reboot into recovery in CM7. As a result, my Kindle Fire keep boot into TWRP 2.0 Recovery even without pressing power button. In short, bootmode was set to recovery 5001 by default. So you need to change it back to normal 4000 bootmode.

Set bootmode to normal 4000

How to solve boot loop issue on Kindle Fire TWRP 2.0?

Note – adb.exe is located in Kindle Fire Utility\tools folder or
C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools.

  1. Plug in USB cable to Kindle Fire on TWRP Recovery mode.
  2. Bring up Command Prompt.
  3. Key in adb shell.
  4. Key in idme bootmode 4000.
  5. Finally, key in reboot.
  6. That’s it.

Your Kindle Fire should boot into CM7 OS after reboot. Cheer…

  • Nathan Nevins

    Hey I have to do this everytime I go into twrp on the Kindle. It somehow changes the boot setting each time and gets stuck going into TWRP. And the only way I can get out of it is do this process again. Is this normal?

    • No, just press power button during yellow triangle to load TWRP. Else it will load Android OS normally.

  • Dominik MΓΌller

    i’ve got this problem… but when I try this there is this message on cmd:

    the command “adb” is written in a wrong way or it couldn’t be found”.

    whats wrong?

    • You need to run adb at the folder that you place it. Else set its path at system path.

      • Dominik MΓΌller

        perfectly!! thanks a lot!! πŸ™‚

      • Mitch

        Jayce–Your guides have been a big help, thanks!

        I’m stuck at the TWRP console, too. When you say to run the commands from the folder that adb is in, just how do I find that directory? I’ve been working on this for 24 hours and am getting confused. πŸ™‚ Thanks, again

        • It is in Kindle Fire Utility\tools folder if you use Kindle Fire Utility.
          Or C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools if you installed Android SDK.

          • Mitch

            Thanks, Jayce–After trying all the gui fixes out there, I finally returned to this guide and finally fixed the bootloop hang. I know a couple of basic commandline moves, but this is the first time I’ve ever actualy “fixed” anything with it. It’s been a good confidence builder, even if it’s a relatively small task. I used the cd command until I got to the KU “tools” folder, ran your commands from above, and man, was I a happy camper! Thank you so much! There’s a lot of good info out there, especially on the XDA forum, but I keep coming back here. I rarely ever look at the vid’s because your written instructions are so well thought out and concise. You rock!….Mitch

      • darnel

        i dont under stand what you mean

        • Please take your time to learn it then, darnel.

  • Bob Reyes

    When i try the cmd i get:
    error: device not found

  • Jose

    Jayce. Thanks for your help I try with your instructions but now is freeze in the “kindle Fire” starting words.
    What can I do Now?

    • In this case, you might need to factory reset it with TWRP.

  • JW

    Need your help on this. I rooted my kindle fire using windows; all was fine now i am stuck on the yellow triangle with the message “press power button to go to recovery mode” but I cannot enter recovery mode. what’s more, my device manager is unable to read the device and says ‘unknown usb device’ and i am unable to install the driver again to recognize as kindle or an android device. On top of that, when i use the command prompt, it says ‘waiting for device’ and gets stuck there.

    Please advise, I am worried I have brcked the thing less than a week after buying it.


  • Thanks for Your Help !
    I have problem :
    “adb “is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file.
    What can I do ?
    Thanks !

    • You need to run adb at the folder that you place it.

      • Give me one example plz !

      • Joe

        hey i ran adb in the KFU tools folder as it is and as administrator, but it still says “adb” is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.

        • Hi Joe, are you running adb at the correct command prompt path?

          • Joe

            actually, i don’t really know, how is it suppose to look like?

            • Please google for command prompt guide then. Learn it first. πŸ˜‰

              • Joe

                here is what my system variable value of Path looks like:%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Calibre2\;C:\Program Files (x86)\QuickTime\QTSystem\
                so is this what it looks like? if not, what is it suppose to look like and what the correct value is so i can create one, since my user variables don’t have anything labeled Path in them, just two things that say Temp and Tmp.

                • Hi Joe, each system has different values. Can’t tell what it should look like.

  • JW

    Thanks Jayce, worked like a charm. Cheers!

  • IzKyle33

    UH my adb shell is ANDROID SDK. Whenever i try idme bootmode 4000 it says no such file specified

    • Sorry, I have no idea. Mine is working properly. Or you can try on other PC see.

  • Joel

    I tried first step and it said adb not recgnized?!?!!?!?

    • Joel, you need to run adb at the folder that you place it. Else set its path at system path.

  • freddy

    Everytime I type adb shell I get access denied? I need help I can’t figure this out

    • Hmm… You should have root access since you need it to install TWRP.

  • Jiber


  • Ben

    I unplugged my kindle when it said do not unplug by accident and now it is stuck on the splash screen… it turns on and of repetitively without doing anything at all… any help, somebody?

  • Ben

    Never mind, I fixed it πŸ™‚ thanks anyways, though

  • Coulter

    Nevermind! The kindle wasn’t charged, and when I used booted linux up and did it there, it was a million times easier! Thanks for the help though!

  • dwarf_t0ssn

    Man, this problem was driving me nuts. I wiped everything and went back to CM7 and still nothing. Then I remembered selecting to go to recovery from CM7 before reboot.

    Perfect solution that saved me many hours of BS, thanks.

  • Sheena

    I used this tutorial to fix the boot loop on twrp menu problem. After typing in reboot in the cmd screen, my Kindle Fire rebooted but now it’s stuck on the Kindle Fire logo screen.

    Can you tell me how to fix this?


    • Hi Sheena, may I know what had you done until you got these issues? This will help me to understand better.

      • Sheena

        I have successfully rooted the device before to install the android market. I used the Kindle Fire Utility and also installed the ADB drivers. But a few days ago, the Kindle Fire just rebooted itself and got stuck on the TWRP screen boot loop.

        So I looked around the net and found out that my Kindle is in recovery mode (5001) and used this tutorial to change it to normal (4000) boot. I also reinstalled the ADB drivers since my laptop didn’t recognize the Kindle when I plugged it in.

        • Hmm… By doing so should not causing stuck at Kindle Fire logo screen issue. Anyway, since you still have TWRP, you can try to wipe data and cache. Or install other custom ROM.

          • Sheena

            Also tried wiping the cache but still doesn’t work. Any other suggestions?

            • Install custom ROM then.

  • hey thanks! I got stuck in TWRP loop and your simply steps worked like a charm! now, back to working on rooting my Kindle Fire with 6.3 f/w πŸ™‚

  • Lam

    This tips is really useful. I have just solved my problem with it.

    great job!

    Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  • carter g

    i got stuck like this using kindle fire utility and i accidently clicked twrp recovery.i have my kinddle connected and i have used it connected to the usb before.could try to give me some advice.thanks.
    p.s. i am only 12 so could you make the advice as simple as possible

    • Hi carter, above method does not work?

  • carter g

    i cannot get it to sho wup on my computer as a removeable disc

  • Rob

    I recently accidentally hit the “restore” setting onCM7 and now am stuck in the TWRP interface. I’ve been able to get usb working on my device and transferred the cm7 files and gapps file to it.

    cleared the cache and delvik cache and flashed the cm7 files and also flashed the gapps but cm7 doesn’t seem to be installing all the way. i need help.

    • Hi Rob, above guide did not help you?

  • Osama Rashid

    Hi Jayce,
    I used your instructions earlier and they were excellent. However, I recently accidentally rebooted into recovery mode and since then, it wouldn’t load the Android OS. I didn’t know what to do, so I proceed to install the Kindle Fire Utility and I think it’s stuck in Fast Boot now as the tablet keeps restarting continuously and all I see is the yellow exclamation mark appearing continuously since the starting .It’s gone Loco! Have I bricked my Kindle Fire? I can’t even connect to the KF using ADB as it keeps turning on and off, and the connection via USB keeps getting disconnected. Please help!

    The green light on the power button keeps going on and off, and I once managed to get the orange light but it was gone.

    • Osama Rashid

      It’s the same problem Coulter had earlier (same page). The battery must’ve been zero which is why it’s happening. How do I charge the KF if it’ll keep restarting? ADB used to work fine before, but it doesn’t any more.

      • Just try to charge it see.

  • Osama Rashid

    Thanks. But I’m wondering, how do I charge a device that keeps going on and off? Will it charge? I’m currently using it via a USB cable which is why charging is slow, I’ll try it with a charger connected to the wall and check and let you know. PS, your support is faster than Microsoft’s! Thanks for the assist!

    • Can you load TWRP? If can, charge it there. Use AC adapter to charge it.

      • Osama Rashid

        I can’t load TWRP as it requires the KF to be connected and online, but mine keeps restarting in an endless loop. I did tried loading TWRP and it said Device wasn’t connected. This happened after I tried loading TWRP and it went to Fast Boot, then Normal Boot and went nuts after that.

  • theaney

    My Kindle Fire is stuck in TWPP 2.0 recovery mode and i can’t get back into the Fire home screen, can you help?

    • Hi theaney, above guide did not help?

      • WL

        I have similar issue, the main issue is i didn;t have any copy of ROM inside the SDcard or device. Hence, i would only stuck at TWRP mode. the other strange point is, the power light turn to orange by itselft without pressing it after hard restart. Please advise.

        • Hi WL, above method did not help you too?

          • WL

            I managed to load the ROM into device by mount the flash storage inside the TWRP. However, the “unable to open the zip file” keep tempt to me when i tried to flash it yesterday. anyone encounter this problems before? thanks..

          • WL

            i have forgotten to mention, i am using KF 6.3 and trying to install android 4 into device ( and google apps).

            • Look like your Android ROM zip might be corrupted. Can you extract it on PC?

              • WL

                I can extract it back and fore to PC so far but just unsure why it cannot be run.

                • Then it is Android ROM issue. Try other Android ROM.

                  • WL

                    Ok, Jayce, I managed to install the .Zip file by repeating xx number of times.
                    It was awesome, but the only thing is i couldn’t use kindle books anymore? it is any way to use kindle fire interface but running android ROM?

                    • Nope, unless you restore back stock Kindle Fire Software. Or use Kindle app from Google Play Store.

  • WL

    Can we used Kindle App from Google Play Store? Which on were you referring to?

  • WL

    that is cool, thanks much indeed..

  • WL

    The CM9 ROM is really cool, I can do whatever it is allowed in Kindle except the streaming the Amazon video, but what is the big deal? We used to have our own personnel video, music and some document. In addition there bunch of free app from android which covers most of the staff i need. however, the design with no-microphone is stopping people chating over skype and other social network tools. In a nut shell, the CM9 is still really amazing and perfect tool for Kindle Fire 6.3 i guess.

  • WL

    I still have an another question, how to transfer file from PC to the kindle fire with CM9 ROM? Is there any specific software need to be installed on my PC?

    • Which CM9 ROM are you using?

      • WL

        It is Ice Cream Sandwich

        • There are several ICS ROMs out there. Which one?

  • Deitz

    When I double click on my adb it opens up and scrolls down really fast and closes so I can not type in the command prompts help will be thanked

    • Hi Deitz, load command prompt first. Then execute adb command.

  • Deitz

    Thanks what kindle fire utility did you use

  • frozen

    my kindle fire is stuck on the kindle fire start up screen. i tried the hard reset with holding in the power button then it turns off. when i turn it back on the light turns green for about 15 seconds then goes off but the screen still says kindle fire. please any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi frozen, may I know what did you do until you got this issue?

  • tevin

    ok how do i bring up the command prompt please put this in retard terms cause i have no idea what any of this is saying

    • Click on Windows. Then type CMD in search. Google for detail guide if still don’t know.

      • tevin

        its says ‘adb’ is not recinized as an internal or external command

        • Hi tevin, where did you put adb.exe?

          • tevin

            where would i put it and how would i do that
            ill just tell u what i have done ok…
            i rooted my kindle got lucky got that rite then my stuff started getting messed up after that i tried to factory restart my kindle and when i did i got the yellow triangle and it would auto bring me to twrp… thats what i have done
            now i just want to get my kindle back to how it was the day i bought it

            • Depend how you install Kindle Fire USB driver. adb.exe is located in Kindle Fire Utility\tools folder or C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools.

              • tevin

                that isn’t installed in either of thouse two files so i guess i still have to install it

                • tevin

                  so how would i do that

                  • Take your time to study all my Kindle Fire guides here.

                    • tevin

                      OK i cant understand how that will help me will it tell me how to download the adb.exe to one of the two files???

                      P.S. i thank you for taking the time out of ur life to help me rite now i really appreciate it

  • Koushal

    Hi Jayce… i got a new kindle fire a month back, i rooted it using the kindle fire root access…. But some how i tried some things and it got stuck at the yellow triangle… Fine no BIG deal… i read some forums and found the solution… booted it back into normal mode…. but one thing was even though i followed the correct procedure i didnt get the ROOT access πŸ™ … But thats not the problem here …. Yesterday the battery was at 10% so started to charge it … suddenly i started getting the yellow triangle again ( out of the box πŸ™ )…. but this time i am not able to get out from that πŸ™ ….
    Any idea why its happening? its due to amazon pushing some new update ? ( i was already on 6.3 )…. PLS PLS PLS help….. Do i have to say good bye to my kindle fire?

  • Marcelo

    Hi Jayce

    I’ve used the KFU to root my Kindle Fire. UNfortunately, after the successfull root, I clicked the Reset to Factory option on my KIndle Fire. After that, every time I boot my Kindle Fire, I got to TWRP and I cannot connect the Kindle Fire to my computer anymore (it doesn’t conect using the usb cable). Do you have an idea how can I solve this problem?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Marcelo, above guide did not help you?

  • Fausto

    WOW thanks Jayce so much I’m a newb at this and I freaked out for a sec. I got it resolved with your directions. sidenote thanks mitch used CD all the way.

  • Marcelo

    no, Jayce… actually it now got worst… I clicked the option on TWRP to get “fast boot”, but now when I turn on my kindle fire it just stuckon Kindle Fire logo (that says: “Kindle Fire” with the Android logo)… and nothing else… TWFR says mykindle is offline… I tried many times… turning on and off, but nothing… do you have any idea?

  • Marcelo

    Hello Jayce

    Finally got back to TWRP. But now, how can I get my Kindle back? I can use KFU again… but, what should I do? if I run KFY I got: adb status: online and boot status 4000. If I try to boot my Kindle fire, it goes to Kindle Logo, then the logo desapears and the only thing that remains is the words “Kindle Fire”. I can get back to TWRP, pressing the Kindle Fire button, when it starts… but what shoud I do next? should I install a new image? but when I manually try to copy a image to Kindle folder in my Windows Explorer, the only thing I see is the empty TWRP folder and it is write protected; I cannot copy any file. Do you have any idea? thanks in advance.

    • Hi Marcelo, try to wipe caches and factory reset first. If still cannot, install custom Android ROM.

  • Marcelo

    Hi Jayce

    I installed another room (ICS for Kindle) and it is working fine now… actually the Rom is pretty stable. Thanks for your support.

  • Dee


    When i open my adb file from my platform-tools folder, a command screen pops up and scrolls through all the way but it doesnt stay open for me to use it. It just disappears.. why is it doing that?

    • Hi Dee, take your time to learn command prompt.

  • jonathan

    Hi , here’s my problem .. I’m fairly new in rooting the kindle fire but I decided to give it a shot . So first I installed the drivers provided by the kindel fire utility provided by xda. I performed the root and worked perfectly .. then I installed twrp and that worked great . When attempting to flash a rom that’s wen things went bad … the kindle restarted and now is stuck on the ” kindle fire ” logo and just keeps rebooting ( no yellow triangle) wen I connect to computer it recognizes it for a few seconds as an android phone . I try to use the kindle utility to re enter recovery but it just says offline . I figured it has something to do with the drivers. .. so i reinstalled but it dosent appear on device manager .Please any help is appreciated πŸ™

    • Hi jonathan, can you still able to load TWRP? If can, install another Android ROM then.

      • jonathan

        No I can’t get into twrp. Kf just keeps rebooting

        • Hmm… Please consult ROM chef in this case. He should be able to solve this bootloop issue.

          • jonathan

            Were can I consult him ?

            • The website that you downloaded that ROM.

              • jonathan

                OK thanks

  • Randy T

    keep getting the message that my device cannot be found. I had been working my way through the TWRP process earlier and had been getting messages that showed missing or bad file lcoations. I had been correcting those. Now it can’t find my device.

    When I go to devices it look slike everything is ok. It shows my kindle as an android phone.
    Any help would be appreciated!

    • Hi Randy, did you install Kindle Fire Utility USB driver?

      • Randy T

        Yes I did. It shows that the device is working properly

  • Randy T

    actually it says ADB Status: Offline and Boot Status: Unknow

    ADB SHell and ADB Kill Server appear to run okay

    • I am confused. Your device can’t be found in program?

  • Randy T

    When I hit RUN it says ADB Stus Off Line
    Whne I try ADB SHell from the command line it says device not found

  • Randy T

    Do I really need all the sdk tools installed? All the other instructions make it sound a lot simpler by simpoy downloading a few files and executing them. Heading home in a bit. Downloaded and installed the sdk tools last night. Will make the path environment edits tonight. Just unclear as to why the manual edits are required. Sounds like some folks don’t need to do this. Should I just delete all my files and start over?

    • That’s the hard way. Just consult ROM chef for help. He should know how to solve your issue.

  • Randy T

    Finally got the kindle on line and installed TWRP recovery. Not sure what to do next. It said that it fisnished. what does TWRP recovery do? Next steps?

  • Randy T

    The reboot button does not show on the kindle even though it says the install was a success

    • What are you trying to do in the first place?

  • Randy T

    Managed to get the the TWRP menu I hit backup. What is the file location where the backup files are stored?

    How do I install Jelly Bean now that I have TWRP installed?
    Thanks for the great support!

  • Randy T

    I forgot to mention that I do not get the yellow triangle on boot up. I neet to hit the power button during start up to get to the TWRP menu. Is that normal now?

  • Randy T

    Now a new problem WHen I hit the power button during startup I no longer get to the TWRP menu. Any ideas as to why that may be?

    • What did you do until you face this problem?

  • Randy T

    I made a back up last time I was in TWRP

  • Randy T

    It now says Press Power Button for Boot Menu at the screen.
    When I press the power button during boot up it gives me three options:
    Normal Boot
    Reset Boot Mode
    I can use the power button to cycle through these 3 options. I am not sure what the difference is between Recovery and Reset Boot Mode. They both bring me to the same Kindle start up screen.

    If I use Recovery then it seems to get me to the TeamWin Screen!

  • Randy T

    Sorry for all the questions. Now I get no pop up on my fire giving me the option to disconnect when I plug in the USB cable. My computer sees the kindle but not as a mass storage device.
    Please Help!

    • Try on other PC see.

  • Randy T

    Rebooted PC and all is well.

    Is there a starter pack of apps that you reommend that I start with that includes GMail, etc? How to I install apps now?

    • What starter pack?

  • Randy T

    Next problem!
    When I plug in my USB cable to cannot see my Kindle (runing Jelly Bean) as a storage device. I can see it as a device under Printers and Devices. I tried rebooting my computer this did not help. How do I transfer files like new apps to the Kindle running Jelly Bean? Sorry I have so many problems!

    • I am not sure that Jelly Bean ROM support USB mass storage or not. Please consult ROM chef on this one.

  • Randy T

    So without USB mass storage, how do I load new apps to the kindle when running Jelly Bean? Can I just do it with wifi? If so, how?
    Thanks so much!

  • Randy T

    I don’t seem to have the Google Play app on my fire. Is it hidden as a zip file? I see lots of items in Goomanager but I don’t know what the names mean. Is the Google Play App for of the Jelly Bean install package?

    • You need to install GApps.

  • AmPm

    I attempted at rooting the kindle fire and now it is stuck in twrp v2.02. I don’t know if anything else is installed on it because when I tried to do a factory reset, it said “system not found, preventing reboot”… Is this an issue that will leave me with a $200 paper weight? Can this be resolved?

    • Hi AmPm, you still can load TWRP, right? Just install custom ROM then.

      • AmPm

        Hi Jayce, thanks for replying. How would I install the custom ROM, would I do it right from the kindle or would I have to go through run.bat file from the kindle fire utility on the PC? And is the custom ROM being on the kindle going to still allow me to use the original amazon interface…what of the “system not found” issue?

          • AmPm

            I attempted at downloading the cm7 barebone ROM and followed the steps as you put down, but for some reason, the ROM was not installed. In the video there is a yellow triangle on the screen, which never appeared on my tablet. The TWRP keeps coming back on. Should I just go back to stock kindle and move on?

            • Latest bootloader does not have yellow triangle. This is normal.
              Better try other custom ROM first. Restore back to stock Kindle Fire software will remove TWRP.

          • AmPm

            Okay Jayce, so I attempted to bring the kindle back to stock from following your video instruction, and during the step where I am to turn it back on and hold the power button until it turned Orange, the color stayed at green, so I kept pressing it and turning it on and off, then finally when I turned it on for a final time, the blue Android bot appeared and it was loading in a watery theme, with ripples showing. CyanogenMod… Android version 2.3.7. Currently there is an issue with accessing the web.

            • AmPm

              And apparently I am back to the the TWRP since I tried rebooting the kindle from the custom Rom and then when I turned it off after getting back to the custom Rom, back at twrp.

  • aemc

    Hi, i had a problem with your tutorial:

    After the step of key in adb shell, i write “idme bootmode 4000” but it returns “idme: not found”.

    What should i do?

    Thanks men!!

    • Sorry aemc, no idea here too. Try to consult others at XDA website.

      • aemc

        Is there another way to set bootbootmode at 4000?

        My mistake was to reboot my kindle in recovery mode with the Kindle Fire Utility (i did that because i couldnt enter the recovery mode pressing the button while startup). Ive tried to reboot with the normal mode using that Utility but it keeps making an error of something not found.

        I would be grateful if you could help me, i dont know what to do. I didnt find any more information about this problem in any other website.


        • Can’t you use Kindle Fire Utility to set bootbootmode at 4000?

          • aemc

            No i cant. I also tried rooting again because in that process it sets the bootmode at 4000 (or 4002, dont remember). That doesnt work either, when i do that, the process freezes. I tried by CMD to use fastboot oem bootmode 4000 but i only get “waiting for device”.
            What should i do? is there a way to go back to stock? i know stock software is shit but is better than nothing.. i should never tried to change de operating sistem. I thought that in android was as easy as ios.. ive been doing this with ios devices for years and i never had a problem i couldnt solve. This is my first experience with android (and i think my last), if i cant solve this, i would never buy an android device again, this was my first one and it sucks.

            • Try on other PC then. Make sure that you have all the required USB driver installed correctly.

  • Todd

    Thanks for this article. When you say, “You need to run adb at the folder that you place it. Else set its path at system path.” do you mean go to cmd and change directories to what folder adb is in?

  • Ron


    I understand the issue from the email you sent earlier. However, my XP is not even recognizing the KF. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Ron, please make sure that you have the correct Kindle Fire USB driver installed.

      • Ron

        Hey Jayce,

        It isn’t happening. I reinstalled latest drivers and still nothing. Device Manager isn’t recognizing KF, and without that I cannot even begin to reset the loop. Any other thoughts are most welcome!


        • Sorry Ron, I have no idea then. You can try to consult others at XDA Forum.

  • ezzie hagins

    i turn off kindle fire without powering off. when turned back on cant get nothing. i try system and reboot like you said but only have a stream that says kindle fire booting. been an hour now. how long does it take?

    • Hi ezzie, did you install custom ROM or root it?

  • JanMagnus


    i just spent multiple hours trying to get my Kindle Fire back in business after trying to update to a newer cyanogenmod. thanks to your posts on the many issues i met, it is finally working.

    so, just Thanks!

    best regards

  • Mary

    I just held my power button down for a minute, when it was completly charged. IT worked.

  • parth

    hey i tried to root my kindle fire and it was done properly then i tried to start it in bottmode using twrp recovery ….but it just got stuck onto a screen having teamwin logo…and itz just stuck and stuck…plzzz help me to fix it……

  • Jeff

    When i turn on my kindle i see the kindle fire logo then my screen turns red

  • Kris

    hi jayce. i’m a lay person. my KF was working ok until last night. today when i opened it is showing fire symbol and asking to press power botton for recovery. after pressing power button it goes to TWRP V2.0.0 SCREEN. i tried to chat with amazon people. they are useless. can you post step by step process to bging back MY KF WORKING. thanks

    • Just boot back to OS

      • kris

        Jayce, I want to boot back to OS. But how. can you please give me directions step by step. thanks

        • Above method didn’t work for you?

      • kris

        please tell me how to boot back to OS