How to unroot Samsung Galaxy S3? (Video)

Root access is a wonderful stuff on Android devices. However, it voids warranty on most of the smartphones and tablets including Samsung Galaxy S III. So how to unroot Samsung Galaxy S3? Simple, just install stock Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware. It will remove all CF-Root installed applications like ClockworkMod Recovery, CWM Manager and SuperSU. Will unroot Samsung Galaxy S3 with stock firmware enough and able to claim warranty? Check out video below to find out…

How to unroot Samsung Galaxy S3?
Well, unroot Samsung Galaxy S3 with stock firmware is not enough as you see from the step by step video guide. You still need Triangle Away to reset custom binary download to No, current binary to Samsung Official and system status to Official. Please refer to this how to unroot Samsung Galaxy S3 step by step video guide for more information – How to restore stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S3? (Video)

  • Norman

    Hi Jayce,

    seen you have HTC one X and Samsung S3, would you mind post comparison for these 2 unit. I mean the feeling of both phone not the spec wise (which can google around). something like using the 1X/S3 in pocket, how it feel? or use for long hour, does it feel hot and uncomfortable? and the handling as in malaysia hand, how does it feel when holding it? 1 hand or 2 hand have to be use? when driving, does it feel ok?(you know what mean as in malaysian, we do write/read sms when driving or make call)


    • Both of them are almost the same in shape. So handling is the same too. One hand is okay to navigate it but only reach 70% of the screen with my thumb.

      HTC One X is hotter while playing 3D games, surfing Internet.

      I don’t text and drive. No idea. No problem to make / receive call.

  • hola

    Hey Jayce..
    good guide jayce..
    good for all..
    ur firmware now..

  • wirawan1234

    Hi Jayce, where do you get Malaysian stock firmware?
    In xda-developers i only find Thailand…..

    • Malaysia is using the same firmware as Thailand.

  • mnaik

    Hello Jayce,

    In the video you had a pebble blue wallpaper which is neat, where did you get that, tried to goggle but no joy.

    Can you share.



    • If not mistaken, it is from Omega v4.2 ROM.

  • jhayar

    hi can i apply stock firmware from other country?its does not have effect to my phone sgs3?

    • Yes. No. But warranty is still void.

      • jhayar

        okay thanks

  • Nik

    Hi Jayce,

    What happens to the device drivers when I root S3?
    Will I lose them?

    • What device drivers?

      • Nik

        I mean, audio, video.

        • Root will not delete anything. But unroot will.

          • Nik

            So, is there anyway I can get these drivers?
            Does Samsung provide device driver support via their website?

            • Sorry Nik, I have idea what are the audio, video drivers you refer to…

  • Nik

    Ok Jayce, Thanks

  • cal

    Hi Jayce-
    Can i use your root method for S3 I9309 model?

    Many thanks

  • George

    Hi Jayce
    After rooting my s3 the battery drains fast without heavy use
    please any idea to solve that. I will charge today night and the next day evening it has left only about 17% of remaining battery without heavy use.

  • Red

    I’ve just installed a firmware however, it asked me for a sim network code which i do not have. if i unroot it, will i have the previous firmware before i rooted my phone? galaxy s3gti9300

    • No Red, you need to install previous firmware back.

  • Vince

    Hi Jayce, I want to unroot my samsung s3 but when i got to the procedures you presented, it only stucked me for hours on “downloading…. do not turn off target like”. Your video presented like it only takes seconds to that process then how come mine takes more time. Do you have any idea what went wrong? Thanks

    • Hi Vince, which step are you at now?

  • Vince

    Hi thanks for your reply. I thought, my device has already been bricked (not sure). My phone won’t boot up anymore, all I can see is a splash logo of samsung then the language screen wherein you set up your device (same screen when you unbox your device the first time you open it as I was able to wipe data/factory reset it thru recovery mode but still nothing happens). When it gets to set up language screen, my phone suddenly hangs & can’t do anything about it.) I triend every possible means, flashing & unrooot using SGS3 toolkit via odin but still nothing happens. A bit worried though.

    • Did you manage to install back stock firmware?

  • Vince

    That I do not know how to do it? Can you give idea how to do it?

    • Didn’t you read my guide?

  • Vince

    I did read it but my phone doesn’t have an installed triangle away apps. Is there a way to download it since i can no longer boot up my device successfully? From the time i turned it on, only a samsung splash logo appeared but after that it stucks to language screen (it’s like setting up the phone for the first time), but whenever i pressed language bar, my phone hangs.

    • No need to install Triangle Away. Just factory reset and install stock firmware. Make sure that you install the correct firmware.

  • Vince

    I am gonna need to figure it out.. My binary counts 4 now, does it really look bad?

    • Nope, more than 100 is still okay. 😉

  • Vince

    really, thanks i was kind of freaking out by this thing. Anyway, do you have a firmware? ‘was thinking if you could send me a coorect firmware for my phone blg no. IMM86D.I9300XXBLFB.. I bought the phone in the PHilippines but currently I am here in algeria. Here’s my email address Thanks a lot

    • I don’t have firmware. Please follow the guide to download from Internet.

  • Shou

    Hello, i am confused on how to unroot even after seeing this video. I don’t get which firmware to download (i have the one from t mobile and Sprint) but i don’t know which firmware i should download for these phone. I’m afraid that i’ll choose the wrong one and ruin my phone. can you give a feed back on how to choose what to download ?

    • Hi Shou, is your SGS3 I9300 model?

  • Sho

    I am not sure. I got it from spring and t mobile… Idk where I can find model number. I am really bad with technology

    • Please consult your seller then.

  • Prache

    u saved my phone from losing its warranty man, thanks a bunch!
    Now that its fixed, rooting it again ;D

  • Abdul Majid

    Hey Jayace

    I unwilling pressed unroot in superuser …iam trying to get my samsung galxy s3 to root again but when i spen superuser now it says that there is no binary file installed……and also when i am trying to get root isntalled from the p.c (using odin software) after i get my phone into download mode the pc doesnt detect my phone….shud i use the U9 cable coz i am not usin u9 cable…i lost it a while ago….plz help me to get root back in my mobile

  • seenu

    Where can I get the original samsung firmware for india…do u have one?

    • Hi seenu, please refer to the guide.

  • Carsley

    after i use triangle away to reset the binary and CWM delete data and cache, but my binary still yes and custom…

  • Carsley

    and how am i going to recover back my data?

    • Use the backup method that you performed previously like Titanium Backup, Samsung Kies…

  • Carsley

    maybe my samsung kies having some problem…it can not backup my data…and if i use CWM to backup already then how am i going to restore back the data?

  • Edwin

    Hi Jayce,

    I faced Wi-Fi cannot turn on problem after restore to 4.0.4, 4.1.1 & 4.1.2 stock firmware, is it hardware problem?

    • Hi Edwin, did you factory reset after downgrade?

      • Edwin

        Hi Jayce,


        • It might. Do check with Samsung Support.

  • singh

    Hey mate. My s3 is rooted and has clockworkmod installed. How can I remove clockworkmod and return it to the original recovery?

    • Hi singh, install stock recovery back. Or refer to this guide to restore everything back to stock.

  • Fie

    Hi jayce,

    i have rooted my phone with a build number JZ054K.i9300XXEMA2
    and baseband version is i9300DXELK1 . i feel something is not right with my rooting process.. i want to unroot and root once again follow your step by step process.
    I also have a siyah kernel.

    so can i just unroot using your steps in the video? will the siyah kernel automatically change to stock kernel or is there additional steps to remove the custom kernel?

    Thanks jayce in advance.

  • Jason

    Hi jayce,

    Im currently having a galaxy s3 and would like to root my phone but I really dont want to lose my 2 years warranty. (Now its 1 and a half years). Im a beginner in these rooting stuff.

  • sulman

    hi i used triangle away below is the result is this meant to be like this or should the system status be official straight after the use of triangle away.
    CURRENT BINARY: Samsung Official

    • Hi sulman, this is normal if you are not using official firmware. Restore back stock firmware will make system status normal again.

  • sulman

    can you find me the right stock firmware for my phone please i will tell you all of the unnecessary information because it is my first time so do not want to do the wrong firmware to it?

    • sulman

      is there any problems i could encounter like bricking my phone or anything like that ?

      • Yes, if you did not do it correctly.

    • Hi sulman, I have no idea which one is your stock firmware. Sorry…

  • sulman

    do i restore back stock firmware by using odin and then click pda and open up the stock firmware for my phone?

    • Hi sulman, please take time to study my guides.

  • lawrence

    hi, I already had my galaxy un-rooted but I can’t get rid of supersu. would you pls advise

    • lawrence

      I mean galaxy s3

      • Using my method still cannot remove it?

  • yMt

    jayce im using the latest 4.2.2 jelly bean update in my GS3.. i only have the firmware file of that… can i use it again just in PDA in odin to remove my SU and CWM?

    • Hi yMt, it should be working as per my guide.

      • yMt

        jay are you currently online? cause my triangle away v.300 says that it needs add ons to work in my device GS3

        • Just download it then.

          • yMt

            im at the stage Device status should be MODIFIED jay.. but mine was in custom and not appearing that should be SCANNING… right? how to made it like that.. i follow the video step by step with your text guide too

            • yMt

              and when i repeatingly press the build number i enabled the developer option

            • Sorry yMt, I don’t understand.

              • yMt

                i mean in the first part jay… when going to the ABOUT DEVICE of my samsung gs3, the device status of mine is CUSTOM… but in your video after doing some step it should be SCANNING then it became MODIFIED…

                how can i fix that CUSTOME device status… it doesnt do SCANNING that it should be to become MODIFIED.. to proceed using the Triangle away app

                • yMt, it will turn back to normal after you unrooted it.

                  • yMt

                    ow so the CUSTOM device status is normal to rooted gs3

                    I see… then it will be back at MODIFIED after i unroot it… thats what you like to said jay?

                    • Status will be MODIFIED or CUSTOM if rooted. NORMAL when everything back to stock.

  • yMt

    thanks jayce, i will follow your guide and be back here to say whats the result ^^, hoping for a success

    • yMt

      Jayce your guide is a success ^^ my DEVICE status now is NORMAL when i odin the firmware stock downloaded in your link also..

      it restores everything. SU, CWM, TWRP are all gone… my SG3 is in 4.1.2 EMG4 again…

      THANKS! more power to you! Godbless

      • You are most welcome, yMt. God bless you too. 🙂

        • yMt

          btw my last question is…

          CUSTOM BINARY : YES 1 count .. it is normal is my SG3? even i restore it in NORMAL DEVICE STATUS or it should be CUSTOM BINARY : NO

            • yMt

              its ok now jayce..

              Custom Binary : NO ^^

              thanks a lot man

              • Anytime… 😀

                • yMt

                  why is it CWM MANAGER app is always in the device when you root again your samsung galaxy s3..

                  any tips to make it gone forever or unistall the CWM MANAGER w/o restoring the stock firmware of a device?

                  just a side question btw jay.. not literally related to your AWESOME restoring into stock firmware ^^

                  • It is an application that ease you to perform CWM recovery tasks.

                    You can use Titanium Backup Pro to remove it.

                    • yMt

                      any videos to share too? there are so many topic about that maybe you should post one too bro if it may benefit you and help others too

                      they didnt know you can uninstall the CWM MANAGER w/o restoring firmwares hehe!

  • yMt, no video guide on this.

    • yMt

      if can please make one jayce cause im pretty paranoid with the CWM manager that always appear everytime i root my gs3 again and again.. thanks bro! you’re a big help

  • Deborah

    Hi Jayce,

    Thanks a lot! Now It’s possible for me to fix the phone!

    • You are most welcome, Deborah. 😀

  • melisas

    Do you have a step by step guide?

    • Yes, just refer to the video and post.