One of the issues that many people face with installing a new NAND Android ROM based on ClockworkMod Recovery ~ fail to boot into Android. You will not face this issue if you have a blank SD card and flashing your first ClockworkMod Recovery Android ROM. However, for those who have ClockworkMod Recovery Android on the phone and wanted to try out other Android build. You might face this issue. Root cause ~ system and data structure are not the same between builds. So new Android ROM crashes with old data. Note – there are 2 major version of ClockworkMod Recovery ~ v1.2 (reside at SD card) and v1.3 (reside at NAND memory).

How to wipe data & cache with ClockworkMod Recovery on HTC HD2?

Step by Step Guide

  1. Power on your phone and don’t let go power button.
  2. DFT MAGLDR Bootloader will be loaded.
  3. Go to AD Recovery (v1.3) or Boot AD SD (v1.2).
  4. ClockworkMod Recovery will be loaded.
  5. Select wipe data/factory reset.
  6. Then select Yes — delete all user data.
  7. Select wipe cache partition.
  8. Then select Yes — Wipe Cache.
  9. That’s all.

After wipe data and cache, you are ready to try out other new Android ROM with interesting features. Enjoy…

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