HTC One X battery life test revisited

My HTC One X is still running software version 1.26.707.2. HTC One X 1.28 OTA update should improve battery life around 10 to 20%. However, the 1.28 OTA update is still not available in Malaysia yet. Anyway, I still manage to make my HTC One X battery to last for 3 days. On minimum usage of course…

HTC One X battery life test

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Well, this kind of HTC One X battery life won’t happen much. I charge my smartphone almost everyday because I do lot of testing on it. So this should be the longer single charge battery life on my HTC One X…

  • amulya bansal

    I bought a htc one x yesterday….with only moderate usage of facebook and screen brightness set to minimum,the phn lasted only for 4 hours…plz help

  • Keong

    Today HTC got OTA to 1.28.707.10

    • Thanks for the info, Keong. Posted it just now. 🙂

      • mark

        Malaysia already got 1.28 update ota? Coz I’ve been trying whole day and not getting one. I’m in the Philippines, if Malaysia is getting one then the Philippines should be getting it at the same time, right?

  • Paolo

    Hi i got my my htc one x updated to 1.28. But i think im still not getting an increase in battery life. The battery drains about 10% when i play temple run for about 10 minutes. And i get 68% screen use when i use the phone watching videos, internet. Is that normal?

    • 10% battery dropped by playing 10 minutes Temple Run does not look normal to me.

      • Paolo

        But when I watch videos with brightness at 50% and wifi off, i get 20% drop for 1 hour and 15 minutes. And overall moderate to heavy use, i get 3 hours of on screen time. Is that expected on the htc one x?

        • I am getting around this too.