HTC One X in the house

The empire strikes back… HTC One X is the Android flagship phone of HTC for the year of 2012. HTC produces lot of variety of phones last year. And it did confuse end users. Furthermore, not much enhancement between them. But in the latest HTC One series ~ HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V. HTC changes the game again…

HTC One X in the house

Yup, I got myself a HTC One X. This is my second HTC smartphone after the legendary HTC HD2. Rest assures that I am going to cover all HTC One X stuffs like tweaks, tips, guides, games and ROMs. Stay tunes…

  • victor

    Wow I also bought this great phone… Now what should do to my s2?

    • Give SGS2 to your family lo. Or sell it. πŸ˜‰

      • victor

        Which colour you having? I got white and love the camera ! But screen have green fine while watching YouTube…

        • My HTC One X is the one in the photo ~ while in colour.

          • nat

            Hows the quad core performance so far? and the price range?

            • Quad core on smartphone is still new. Not all application will get benefit fully from it. RM 1888 to RM 2099.

  • teo

    seen hd2 ……,now one x… I love u
    from I killer

  • vagrante

    Still using my s2, one x being staying at home for Couple of days till my sp and casing the white one too

  • KH Tan

    Read TW blog couple days ago saying that One X has screen shivering problem near the launcher (bottom of the phone screen). Do you notice this problem? Considering to get one also. I am using Sensation now.

    • Nope. So far so good.

  • joshua

    I to have a One X … love it, buttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    the voice recognition in Vlingo is bad… no, hopeless.

    My previous phone is a HTC Inspire 4G ( Desire HD) and Vlingo work beautifully, but under identical conditions the One X tested back to back is hopeless.

    Try with your’s and see if you have any better luck.


    • Hehe… I always have issue with voice recognition apps due to my poor English. πŸ˜›

  • Dexter

    Hi,you bought this phone for 2 years or 1 year ori warranty?Some sellers provide 1 year and other 2 years with the same price.

    • SiS 1 + 1 year extended warranty. So 2 years totally. Need to register at SiS website within 7 days after purchased to get the 1 year extended warranty.

  • hui ge

    hey,guy….got another new stuff ….so quick to change it….what about that pity sgs2? Htc Hd2 here got problems oftenly… an idea to change it ! heeeee…….want to sell ur sgs2?

    • Hehe… I am still SGS2 now. Will ‘give away’ too (but not so soon la. Still got stuffs to write). Stay tuned…

      As for HTC HD2, do you know how to backup with Titanium Backup? If yes, you can install new Android ROM.

  • Sky

    Hi Jayce, What make your mind to get this HTC One X? Anything so special?

    • NVIDIA Tegra 3, 4.7″ 720p LCD2 display, HTC brand, HTC Sense, Beats Audio…

      • Melvin

        Jayce, HTC One X has gorilla glass right? Do you still have screen protector even with this feature?

        • Yes. No. But do remember it is still scratch-able.

  • Melvin

    Hey Jayce, would you think this is the right time to purchase HTC One X or maybe I should wait because HTC might fix some of it’s problems and have a better build after a few months?

  • saleh

    hey dude.i have a question:
    i want to buy htc one x but i get confused about one x and galaxy s3 for which one to buy?
    can you help me for a good compare between s3 and one x?

    • In short, don’t buy HTC One X. Get Galaxy S3 instead. Or Galaxy Note 2… πŸ˜‰

      • saleh

        thanks a lot dude.

  • Pei Chia

    Hey i got question to ask regarding the alarm clock and i dont know where should i post my comment so i am asking at here. sorry about this.

    when i set my alarm clock on HTC one X, i at first thought that when u set for AM, the whole alarm tab (where u adjust the time) will be in white colour whereas when u set for PM, the whole alarm tab will be in black colour.

    But now i found that before 6AM, the tab will be in black colour, and from 6AM onwards the tab will be in white colour. Actually what does this indicate?

    • Sorry Pei Chia, I have no idea too. Please consult HTC Support.